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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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thanks for joining us. developing now i want you to take a look at the florida state troopers. they think this car is involved in a hit-and-run crash at the howard frankland earlier today.
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found parked in the porking lot near west shore mall. this was about 2:30 this morning. he was hooking up a broken down sufficient truck when the driver slammed into him and took off. we're talking to the family and they say he's 43 years old and lives in tampa. troopers want to talk with this woman of riverview. investigators want to know if she was behind the wheel when the tow truck driver was hit. if he you where she is called the state troopers. hit-and-run accidents continue to rise more than 92,000 last year. florida highway patrol kicks off the hit-and-run awareness campaign. their message is to stay and help instead of leaving the scene of an accident. you can help save a life and
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sanders was killed back in halloween of 2014. life. be. my wife and i had lots of plans. we were trying to stay fit and walking every morning was part of our staying healthy plan so we could have a long life together. >> the driver in joyce's death was arrested a year later. a man fighting for his life after participating in a possible street race. he lost control and slammed into a traffic light pole. this was about 3:30 this morning. the driver is in critical condition. vehicle. tampa police arrested a woman for dui.
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red light about 3:00 this morning. next the officer says she turns on the i-four exit and pulled up to the wrong sign and drove ramp. the officer says she showed signs she had been drinking. she was arrested after taking a breathalyzer. hundreds of flights have been cancelled. most big airlines are waiving fees to change reservations. western new york could get up to eight inches of snow today and when it melts some worry flooding is another issue. snow on the east coast but we have somes also. >> it's quite warm and quite humid outside but we'll see the potential for stronger storms moving in the area tonight.
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moving in the north atlantic especially into roanoke virginia. i'll show you a time lapse coming up in a few moments. seeing some showers out in the gulf and that's all we get this afternoon. overnight a strong isolated severe thunderstorms in the mix and i'll talk about when this line moves into your neighborhood coming up in the forecast. antonin scalia's funeral is underway. he passed away during a hunting trip in texas. burial plans have not been announced but they are sure to be grand marking the passing of court justice. a white hearse carried antonin scalia over the weekend for a return home to virginia. antonin scalia died while on a texas. a county judge determined the 79-year old passed away of
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>> one of the things i did ask the sheriff and the marshall that was there if there were any signs of foul play and they said absolutely not. >> reporter: antonin scalia was a con sefrn tive ruthlessly defending his interpretation of the constitution even though his opinions sparked controversial. >> he could be charming and combat tive at the same time. with liberal justices. four conservatives. president obama says there's replacement. but many republicans including the senate majority leader say the appointment should wait elected. >> scholarship scholarship's
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has died while still serving on the bench. antonin scalia served on the supreme court for three decades and was appointed by ronald reagan and the first italian american justice. his family declined a private autopsy. pope francis continues his tour of mexico and making a stop this morning. thousands of have gathered at a celebrating a mass. a number of folks gathered there and the pope was already speaking. officials opened the doors at 1:00 this morning for the mass which is aimed largely at state's indention nous communities. george w. bush makes his first step at a rally in south carolina tonight. they have been good to the family. they won each of their
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air strikes in northern syria today destroyed a hospital killing at least seven people. russian war planes targeted the minutes apart. in the neighboring providence a missile struck a children's hospital including several children and a pregnant woman. the attacks come days after world powers attempts a cease fire to begin later in the week. keeping a close eye on this recycling plant. about 8:00 or so this is the waste management facility in north east tampa 6789 hilsboro say a spark from a welding started the fire. one person had minor injuries but refused medical treatment. a multimillion dollar expansion project is complete. a new concession area is unveiled.
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before you catch a flight. >> this is the most hi tech center around the parts of the country. they will be received and tracked by computers the brought period. also at a karen tall center near the airport entrance, a people mover and expansion at the main terminal. the music's industry biggest night of the year is tonight. you will see it right here on ten news and cbs. live to los angeles for a preview of the night's acts. ll cool j will join us for his take on the show. >> tracking warm temperatures
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less than eight hours you awards. down to the final hours. what's it look like now? >>reporter: it is a big night. there's a lot of hustle and bustle below us. people getting ready for this big show tonight. it is eight hours away and you know what? the grammy's are a great show to cover because you never what you will get on stage and on the red carpet. there's a lot of tributes to people who we have lost in the
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legends so expect this to be a wonderful night of music and surprises. >> what are you hearing about david bowie tribute? >>reporter: this is a very anticipated tribute today individual bowie who passed away january 10th at the age of 69. it will be be lady gaga so that will be spectacular. it will be directed by nile rogers who is a long time friend and collaborator. he said it's going to include about nine med ly mediallies of his biggest hits. they were big stars and big names so look for him to one of
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>> we heard a plan to honor bb king as well, correct? >>reporter: yes bb king as well who passed away in may. you will see an all-star tribute for chris staple ton and gary clark. my friend was a long time friend for bb king and she said he did more for blews and rock and roll industry. that will be a touching tribute. also a tribute to the cofounder of the eagles. the manager said expect something simple and elegant. us. . allison talked with host ll cool j about tonight's show.
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awards on cbs and for a fifth awards. he joins us from los angeles. thanks for talking with us. >> thank you for having me. >> five years in a row. are you getting excited? >> i'm very excited for the show. i feel connected to the show. the passion will be in the air and the energy is electric. the enthusiasm and the whole crowd will be fired up. we got great performances lined up from taylor swift opening to a tribute to glenn fry and john henley and mr. smith along with jackson brown.
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bonny ray. something for david bowie with lady gaga and justin bieber and skril ex. lamar. vampires. >> who are you looking forward to seeing? >> the whole night will be crazy. it's the whole ride. >> so you mentioned the tribute to glenn fry. or he's going to be honored. do you know anything about the performance? >> yeah, actually getting the remaining eagles together along with jackson brown and they are going to do something very special for him. >> that will be wonderful. a lot of people looking forward to that.
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for lionel ric hey. you have luke bryan and megan trainor. a lot of fun and great energy i think a night all generations can crowd around the tv for great live television. you know, moms and dads will be able to introduce their kids to the eagles. the kids can introduce mom and dad to diplo and skrillex and middle. it will be a great night. >> it really is. such a fun night. you. thank you for talking to us. thank you very much allison, i appreciate it. here at 8:00. if you want to see the nominees for this year's grammy's, we
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click on the "seen on tv section". >> we're off to a cloudy start and looking out over clear water beach you see a lot of gray air but still an improvement over what some folks are dealing with. some folks see heavy snowfall working its way on through. the tail end of the system that's moving in our area, we have tornado watches out in advance of this. right now we're dealing with cloud cover and we largely expect this to be the pattern that holds through the afternoon. as we get into the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning, we will see the line move through and there's a marginal risk for severe weather. not going to be a large scale but one or two thunderstorms could really pulse up. so something we need to stay aware of during the overnight hours tonight. . we're up to 70 degrees in tampa
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checking in riverview at 69. mid 70s this later noon so we're going to continue to warm things up. 64 degrees for much of the bay area and cooler in the morn spot and we see more stray showers followed by the line of storms overnight hours tonight and very early tomorrow morning. let's break it all down for you. we really turn our attention to the main line here. shortly after 1:00 a.m. moving through the bay area between 4:00 and 5:00 tomorrow morning. long before many alarms are going off and very possibly you will wake up to thunder and that continues through the southeast. by 9:00 aside from a couple stray showers this system will be at a close for the bay area but as it moves through, an
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strong or severe thunderstorms. our main threat is lightning. any thunderstorms no matter how strong is also straight line winds. we rule out small winds. straight line winds are the biggest factor here. rainfall totals stay below. there are pockets where we can pick up more than that. not expecting it to be a widespread flooding event. everything moves out monday morning. high pressure builds back in the forecast and we can look ahead to a nice part of the week and the same true for saturday and sunday. you can get the busy overnight forecast any time. download our app and you get news ten at your fingertips. coming up next a monkey looking for a date. where he was captured and how he
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the mystery monkey. tonight on cbs of course
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we talked about the legacy of having a whole new generation of musicians. >> it's probably the main claim to fame, we have influenced a lot of people. >> you really have. >> it's an honor to have that. being inducted into the fall of fame is for that reason certainly not popularity. we didn't sell as many records as a lot of people but a lot of it has to do with the influence. >> cheap trick is being inducted
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you can check out the grammy's right here at 8:00. a wild monkey captured sunday. >> a fitting name. >> valentine the monkey was captured after being hit with a tranquilizer. the mystery monkey was captured back in 2012. they claim valentine was trying to find a date after being kicked out of his troop by a dominate male. odd story there. interesting video. >> we were talking about the snow we were seeing in roanoke. you can see how fast that's coming down and it's piling on the roof tops and near white out conditions.
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of the north east. >> check the flights because travel may be difficult. another check at 5:00.
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