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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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warnings are hitting the southeast. a new study suggests heartburn medication could raise risk of dementia. german researchers found those 75 and older who regularly used prilosec, nexium, or prevacid, increased their risk of dementia by 40%. [ music ] the biggest names in music are about to converge for the 58th granule -- grammy awards. danielle nottingham is live with the city peak at what to expect. danielle?>> reporter: the red carpet is open, the celebrities are flying by as we get closer to showtime. this is the fifth year ll cool j will host. musics favorites will return to the stage. the stars are arriving on the
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for tonight's grammy awards. taylor swift opens the show with a song from her grammy nominated album 1989, one she has never performed live before. kendrick lamar leads the field with 11 nominations.>> i expect -- respect him so much. i love the incorporation of jazz and funk into his music. >> -- >> reporter: andre day will team up with ellie goulding in a duet. [ music ]>> reporter: adele will give a much-anticipated performance from 25. tonight's awards will also be filled with tributes to some music legends who passed away in the last year. lady gaga showed off her new tattoo of david bowie ahead of her tribute to the icon. bonnie raitt will join gary
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honoring b. b. king. >> he meant so much to so many. it's nice to have this moment to be able to honor him.>> reporter: the meekers -- eagles will honor their cofounder, glenn frey, who died last month.>> also look out for johnny depp. he will be performing tonight with his band on the grammy stage. a big night ahead, probably a lot of surprises in store. i can't wait for the start of the show. live in la, danielle nottingham.>> i have to tell you something. first, i want to find out your favorite musician. you look absolutely fabulous. >> yes, she does.>> you should be on stage.>> reporter: thank you so much. i missed my calling. i can't saying, so i am doing this. it's fun to play dress-up once in a while. i am looking for kendrick lamar to win tonight. he is one of my favorite
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of course adele and also the weekend. >> danielle nottingham live for us. have a great night.>> thank you.>> you can watch the grammys live here on 10 news. they start at eight. you saw her at super bowl l and now you can see beyonci at raymond james stadium. tickets for her concert go on sale tomorrow and it is probably going to sell out fast. if you have tried to get tickets for any big show lately, you know it can seem impossible. that is because of presales and automated programs. thousands of the 50,000 seats for beyonci were already snatched up last week. beyonci's fan club, american express cardholders and live nation app users had early access. automated programs go through stub hub and ticketmaster to get tickets. if you're trying to see beyonci or big ask in the bay area, the
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hours to find your seats when there is less demand. gas prices keep falling. a gallon of regular costs $1.67 right in the bay area. you can find it cheaper at other gas stations. that is probably putting a lot of us miles on faces as you fill out. low gas prices are hitting businesses hard like the recycling businesses. with oil prices low, is cheaper for plastic makers to make new plastic from oil instead of recyclables. it's hard to find companies that want to buy be cyclists products especially for low grade items like plastic bags.>> what happens if you can't find a market?>> we will send plastic bags to a landfill. environmental consultants say the drop is costing recycling centers billions of dollars. you should keep recycling,
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up, so will the value of recyclables. toss those unwanted tires and help fight busy cub virus. water accumulates in tires, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. cleaning up means less opportunity for mosquitoes that spread viruses. hillsboro county has taken in -- taken in truckloads. if you live in unincorporated parts of the counties, you can get rid of 12 per year at a community collection center. more than 25 tires were dropped off at a similar event in tampa. global health emergencies can breed fear, panic, and sometimes wild claims. one theory that may have ended up in facebook caught the attendant a pundit facts. allison kropff teams up with the fact checkers to put the rumors to rest.>> reporter: we have heard a lot about the zika virus in the past few weeks, especially after concern of its link to birth defects. there's conspiracy theory that
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zika is caused by genetically modified mosquitoes and this is what happens when man tampers with nature. the idea seems like it first appeared and a red it conspiracy thread, but it was also circulated along the -- among the mainstream media like fox news.>> they were released in brazil in 2012 to help stop the spread of fever.>> reporter: one glaring error has to do with timing. it was first documented almost 70 years ago. the mosquitoes modified in released by the company could not have started the last outbreak.>> it is really concentrated in brazil. that's several hundred kilometers away from where the mosquitoes were released. it's not as if mosquitoes could go infect people where the
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reporter: epidemiologists say the claim does not hope up. one other point, the mosquitoes in question were specifically engineered to self-destruct for they can spread viruses. allison kropff, 10 news. what would you do if you saw someone driving erratically and then figured out a kid was in the driver seat? the houston-area driver says a blue f-150 was swerving. when he got closer, he spotted a child sitting in someone's lap and steering. others are weighing in.>> that is nuts. i would call 911. there's obviously two children in the pack -- in the cab. someone is not making good decisions.>> a peace officer says beside the traffic violation, the driver could be
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face to a troubling trend on our roads. what he wants you to know about owning up to your mistakes. but first, the back story behind an eclipse that sidelined the nfl career. we're tracking big changes. overnight thunderstorms are possible. are they just going to be rain,
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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stories making headlines this across the nation and
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francis travel to the southern border of mexico today. this is an area where residents live in poverty. hundreds of thousands of people passed through trying to make the journey through central america to the us. a virgin atlantic flight had to turn back to london after someone been delays or into the cockpit. airline said it was better to turn around rather than make the entire trip across the atlantic. passengers were offered hotel rooms and an apology. gmc paid more than 100,000 gmc paid more than $100,000 for videos showing ray rice attacking his fiancie in our -- and elevator. he has not been assigned to a team since the ravens cut him. payton manning facing questions about a 1996 alleged sexual assault. the daily news said a female athletic trainer's claims he puts -- he put his genitals on
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60 that was your 62nd scan. it should be eye- opening for every driver. last year there were 92,000 hit- and-run clashes -- crashes in florida. isabel or macarena talked to a survivor whose life will never be the same.>> reporter: mark had bocci thought the day he would stand among troopers would be as one of them.>> one of my dreams was to be a hat -- highway patrolman, and that will not happen because of this.>> reporter: he speaks out as the victim of a hit and run driver.>> i am not able to do 90% of the things i used to.>> reporter: he was headed through sarasota and saw this suv swearing. >> he was in and out of my lane more than five times in the blink of an eye.>> reporter: mark pulled away from him but
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him he hit me, i opened by eyes and i was in the media. the guy was just laughing at me and he took off. and he didn't care.>> reporter: mark says he has constant back pain since the crash. >> i can't do my job, i can't lay with my nephew. this braces the only thing that keeps me standing up straight.>> reporter: mark became a statistic that day, one of more than 19,000 injuries caused by hit-and-run drivers in florida.>> reporter: monica saw the same suv.>> the driver kept going and kept hitting cars.>> reporter: she took photos and called highway patrol. >> it is extremely irresponsible.>> just know you affected me more than you know. the rest of my life is altered because of you.>> reporter: isabella macarena, 10 news.>>
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surgeries ahead of him. the hit-and-run driver has been identified. he has not been charged. we asked highway patrol what is being done now to keep you safe. that story will be all new coming up. i am dion lim. also new at six, a discovery leads to a dangerous situation. a conversation you'll want to have with your kids after a four-year-old finds a gun and fires it. tomorrow is the last day to register to vote with a political party so you can vote in florida's primary. is the system fair?>> homeowners being asked to pay for something you can get for free. how to spot it in your mailbox.
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-- that's at 6:00. no excuse yesterday not to go outside with your lovebird. >> at the state fair, every field, there could not have been one space open.>> a lot of people out enjoying it. is warmer here. up north, not so much. >> -8, that's not a windchill. over the weekend, we saw temperatures in western massachusetts, -12. what do you do? you find the hot coffee and you don't get out of the car. that's how you do that. they are actually warming up, believe it or not. 20s today in the northeast. it's a heat wave. we are watching heavy snows in new york city tonight. we're looking at the showers and storms making their way up
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of new england tonight, looking at a nice make sure. this is around dc. as we are watching behind us, rain and snow -- rain is what we're tracking this evening. most energy will track with a low which should be just north of where i would be concerned for severe weather outbreak. that is good news. if this lower down about here, i think we would have a different overnight forecast than what we're talking about tonight. the worst weather is going to be around i tend to atlanta. we're looking at an isolated threat of severe weather. it's still the overnight hour. we want to get you ready for it. cloudy skies on the sky 10 network, that is a sign of those changes coming. although the warm air temperatures are not going to drop much with the cold front. it's weakening overnight. in the morning we will stay warm and sticky tonight.
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weather in areas we talked work with. everyone watching tonight has a marginal risk. most of the should be rain, but an isolated severe storm or two is possible. when are we talking? it looks like around two-3:00 of the morning we will ramp up north of tampa, pascoe, hernando, citrus county, hillsboro county. north end of this, looks like formed. that means along this line around 4 am, strong to possibly damaging straight line winds are possible. south of that where we can get cells developing, be watching that for the chance of an isolated tornado. i don't want to be alarming because of what we've gone through in the last few weeks especially around sarasota, this would be more the exception than the rule.
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it's done by 7:00 in the morning. again, there is still a couple of things out there that have my eye that we will want to watch. we will be here all night. sign up for those alerts, down no -- download the app. that we you can rest easy. if a warning comes out you will get it on your phone. we will be on tv talking about it. i think it's an isolated set up in its some nice rain in the dry season, it will be good to get it. although thunder may wake you up, that's really about it. for the rest of your tuesday, it's fantastic. back in the low 70s. wins around '10 -- 10 miles an hour. we will track the storms in the early morning hours. you will have a good-looking tuesday and a fantastic looking week. mid to upper 70s through the rest of the week. the next storm system is not until a week after the following tuesday. again, just a reminder, if you don't have the news app, it is
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out in the overnight hours when it's hard to see storms. 10 news, wtsp, search in the app store. sisters and their parents attic fine decades of (donkey sound)
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there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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if you got chocolates on valentine's day, you're not alone.>> it's not always about the chocolate inside. tonight, we show you why.>>
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of two types of love stories. one, mushy. and one that better describes bud and phyllis. larae actions in georgia dineen, the greatest generation loved their own way. the daughters figured that out when they emptied their parents attic. they found something. unexpected.>> one inside of another inside of another. we blew the dust off.>> reporter: dozens of empty valentines boxes, representing 68 years of marriage. no hugging or kissing in front of the kids, but look at what they did. >> i can't believe she saved them all. >> it warms my heart. >> reporter: this is what happens when you make it to
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that first date feel.>> i get home one day and she said come down, i have a good-looking girl working with me. do you want to meet her? he didn't lie. >> reporter: arms crossed, hands folded, hearts intertwined.>> blue eyes. >> there you go, dead. >> that is a pretty one. >> reporter: pay attention, millennial's. it's not the suites that indoor, it's the heart behind them.>> i bought that big one.>> reporter: why did she saved? are you ready for the best answer ever?>> i didn't have the heart to throw them away.>> reporter: phyllis always knows
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sweet is that?>> reporter: -- >> that is so sweet. here it is right here, another heart-shaped box that bud gave her yesterday. >> there were 52 boxes in the attic.
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loaded gun and fires it. a big question remains, where did that gun come from? a tow truck driver hit and killed. troopers think they have found the car involved. the hunt is on for the woman behind the wheel. new arrivals at the airport with a twist. how the airport is going high- tech. 10 news at six starts right now. good evening. i'm reginald rountree. that>> i am dion lim. every single day, police try to protect your family. you never know what dangerous situations people can get into in their own backyard. >> what did you find?>> i do know the gun was under the house. i am in this house every day.>> you heard correctly. that four-year-old not only found the gun, he fired a shot
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eric glasser spoke with the child and has valuable advice to keep your children safe. >> reporter: danny waiter shows me the crawlspace where he chased after cat sunday but instead found... >> a gun. >> reporter: a loaded gun, a revolver that st. pete police think someone hid under the house, sitting on the porch right next to his brother and sister, he pulled the trigger, firing a shot.>> i saw the gun and i couldn't believe what i was looking at.>> reporter: fortunately no one was hurt. danny's grandmother said she couldn't sleep last night, frightened, angry. >> that's dangerous. they did this on purpose. they put it down there.>> i am mad, but i have to get over it. she didn't know any better.>>


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