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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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eric glasser spoke with the child and has valuable advice to keep your children safe. >> reporter: danny waiter shows me the crawlspace where he chased after cat sunday but instead found... >> a gun. >> reporter: a loaded gun, a revolver that st. pete police think someone hid under the house, sitting on the porch right next to his brother and sister, he pulled the trigger, firing a shot.>> i saw the gun and i couldn't believe what i was looking at.>> reporter: fortunately no one was hurt. danny's grandmother said she couldn't sleep last night, frightened, angry. >> that's dangerous. they did this on purpose. they put it down there.>> i am mad, but i have to get over it. she didn't know any better.>>
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criminals using this neighborhood as a dumping ground. a bullet casing in the grass feet away. experts say whether you go -- own guns are not, it is important to talk to kids about gun safety.>> reporter: look online for resources on what to say.>> you could get a certificate, you can mounted on the wall, you could say i am proud to know that you are responsible. you have to reinforce it. >> reporter: it was described as an old-style cowboy gun. it was unregistered, they say. if you have any information about how it got there, reach out to st. pete pd. eric glasser, 10 news wtsp. we're looking at how to talk to your kids about what to do if they ever come across a gun. first and foremost cover men -- remind them to stop of their
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leave the area and told adult right away. there are many more resources online to help you have this discussion. the search for wtsp in your app store. a developing story, the search is on for a woman accused of slamming into a tow truck driver and leaving him for dead. two people stranded on the howard frankland bridge saw this happened around 2:20 this morning. barroso, a tow truck driver, stopped to help and after he got them to safety, investigators say huffman hit rogers. she has been arrested for dui three times in the past. her boss not only blames her but the system, too.>> rogers is no longer with us. you guys are the ones that allowed him to die. with her record, she should
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ago.>> troopers found huffman's damaged volkswagen in the parking lot of the crown plaza hotel. she was then spotted at the hard rock casino but hasn't been seen since. florida highway patrol launched a new campaign is the number of hit and run cat -- crashes across the state keeps rising. we are asking is that enough? the awareness campaign is called hit and run bad to worse. the messages don't leave the scene of a crash. you can stay and save a life and save yourself jail time. other than this campaign, we asked fhp what is being done to reduce hit-and-run crashes? troopers are focusing on high school and college students. >> we are doing everything we can to educate young drivers so they know immediately what they can do when something like this happens and what they should not do. again, that's exactly why it's
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something bad happens, let's not make it worse. lesbian adult and let stay on scene.>> many of these crashes are the result of people not money over and giving tow truck drivers and emergency responders room to do their job. we investigate the move over law on our a former president showing support on the campaign trail made a stop in florida today. bill clinton campaigned for hillary in riviera beach. chelsea clinton spoke to supporters in cleveland. right now, we are one month away from the florida primary on march 15. tomorrow is the last day to register. there are 17 states including florida with closed primaries meaning you will have to register as a republican or democrat to vote. independents can only vote for president in november.
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that fair?>> reporter: floridians not registered as a republic owner or democrat, listen up. you cannot vote in florida -- florida's primary. for you, it can feel like you are on the outside looking in at presidential politics. that's because you have to register with one of the parties in the presidential primary. the pros are it prevents the other parties from interfering with candidate selection. it solidifies party power in the state. the conn's, it prevents more than 2 million meridians from having their voices heard in the ballot box march 15. is that fair? orr no, not at all. i would register as an independent, but then i would be out. my vote would not count. there's no vote.>> i don't think it's fair to all. i think people should be able to decide when they get there if they so choose to do.>> i am
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people with similar views in mind to select a candidate.>> make your choice, be a democrat, a republican, and let your party know where you stand.>> reporter: we have closed primaries because political parties are powerful. they are powerful because they have the money.>> when the dollars a run for the party, the party uses them to get individuals to run on their platforms. they want to get reelected and the dollars flow through the parties.>> reporter: those money. mark rivera, 10 news, wtsp. all day you shared responses on closed primaries with us on social media. first and foremost, mike fresca rights and on facebook to say it needs to be changed. themselves.
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anymore. augusto perez writes, that is how it should be. if you vote for a party in primaries, you should be registered to that party. finally, debbie poelman writes, i actually vote for who i think will be great for america, not the party. tomorrow is the deadline to register. we have made it easy to sign up. you can find links to get the job done on our new information in a recycling fire. it turns out a spark from welding started the blaze. this is at the waist manage it -- management facility. firefighters quickly managed to get everything under control. one was hurt but decided not to get treatment. county by county, the city of venice updating it system that lets you know of an emergency. the city says the system did not work in the tornado like it
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now they have updated the code red system. all you have to do is sign up on the city of venice website, even if you signed up before. in madison county, there is a new way to travel around town in the annamaria island area. bike share stations have been installed where you rent a bike and then return it. to free up the words -- roads, texas picking up customers into tina beach making stops at four restaurants from two customers into tina beach making stops at four restaurants from 2 pm-10 pm at night. the city of lake alfred, water pumps to save money. the commission will consider replacing aging pumps at a water treatment plant instead of fixing them up. the city says it's cheaper to get new ones with savings of about $50,000. the current pumps are more than 30 years old. it's one of
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tampa international is offering travelers something new. this morning, tia cut the ribbon to a new concessions area. it has options for food, drinks, and shopping and it's powered by this distribution center. it gives passengers what they want when they want it.>> this will be the most high tech concessions center around this part of the country. the goods will be received on a just-in-time basis contract by computers, then brought to the vendors within a 30 minute period.>> some offerings, hard rock cafe, p.f. chang's, and merchandise for the home shopping network you can find a complete list of those concessions you can find a complete list of those passengers may be spending more time at the airport as a storm pounds the east coast with ice and snow. flights are delayed and hundreds have been canceled.
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power outages. 10 news is keeping track of flight delays. you can check our findings with our always up-to-date airport tracker. head to and click airport and traffic delays on the left. coming up, a consumer alert. >> are you paying for something that is free? how to spot the warning signs. thunderstorms in the gulf are set to move into your backyard.
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programming note tonight. at 7:00, is the grammy red carpets live special. wheel fortune, jeopardy will not air tonight. at 8:00, the grammy awards followed by 10 news at 11. stay up for the late show. >> we just went on vacation together.>> steven colbert. tonight's guest, craig ferguson. it is a 10 news consumer alert you can't afford to miss. would you pay good money for something that is free? it is an offer that has put a company under the microscope.>> we show you what to look for the next time you check your mail.>> reporter: -- >> it looks like something that came from the county. >> reporter: take a good look what homeowners have been
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records office, offering a copy of your homes need for $95. >> it's very deceptive. it looks very governmental.>> reporter: a senior citizen tipped off the tax collector's office. the atty. gen.'s involved. >> they quickly took action.>> you don't need a copy at all. >> reporter: sherries says she warns homeowners all the time about this type of letter.>> these people are going to make an offer -- off a lot of money offering a service that is not necessary.>> reporter: if you need a copy, go to your local property appraiser's office or clerk of courts. you may have to pay a small printing feet. most documents are available online for free.>> according to the office of the eternal -- attorney general, the company is not licensed for business in florida. they received multiple complaints. i tried calling its 800 number
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asking to leave a message.>> i am a reporter with 10 news wtsp.>> it's definitely a scam. they have a tallahassee address that doesn't exist and they are california company.>> reporter: casey cumley, wtsp. we made it easy to report fraud. look under this seen on tv section on protecting your family in time for 10 weather.>> i would take this great day over new england any time.>> especially with all the snow and sleet. >> negative temperatures.>> -8? >> that's not even windchill. -12 and western massachusetts.>> how do you survive in that?>> you moved to florida. on that note, let's track the
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gorgeous saturday and sunday. the cloudy skies that you see on the 10 network are sign of changes coming your way. you can see how messy it is from atlanta approaching mobile and collins and moving towards skies. it's the same system that is producing heavy snows in the nicene make sure around the nation's capital. a pretty heavy snow coming down in new york city right now. lights from there to tampa very likely delayed and baby getting up there as well. a heads up their. here is the cold front. this low is in a better spot than if we have this in the middle of the gulf. we would likely be talking about a bigger threat of severe weather than what we're about to talk about.
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could move in mid to late evening. here's an example around st. pete, that's how your evening will go with temperatures in the mid-60s and fairly dry. as we get into the overnight hours, we are likely going to track a few storms around the area. in the middle of the night, most of the more calm. a slight risk for severe weather from tallahassee to just these of around the beaumont area in port arthur. as we are looking for all of the 10 news viewing area to be in a marginal risk, two things i will be watching for as this line of storms comes in. i will talk about the timing in a moment. on the north end i can see a squall line in the way things are set up. that could produce straight- line wins back -- winds. possibly minor damage. overhead, strong jetstream. that means a chance of an isolated tornado. there are a lot of things working against the system. we don't have a very cold push the heinz a. mid-level winds
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there are several ingredients that tell me this will be just rain. it is looking to be the timeframe from crystal river to get out of here around sebring and sarasota, two-7 am is what we're looking up. ramping up around two-3 am, likely to be getting the bay area between four-6 am. most of the rain and thunder and heavy rain, you'll likely wake up to this and not the alarm clock overnight. we will be tracking it for you all night. if warnings come out, we will get on tv to talk about it. i look for this to wrapup by seven at the latest. the majority of your tuesday is actually sunny skies and a very pretty day. we will see temperatures and you'll see not much cold behind it, but straight-line winds, and isolated tornado possible. more than anything, it's a heads up of what we will keep an eye on. we do expect most of that to
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gone by 7 am leading to sunny and low 70s. a good-looking tuesday, if not a great-looking one. mornings will be a little bit cooler wednesday and thursday. we are in the mid to upper 70s for friday and your weekend. the next storm system after the orderly morning rain not until a week later. it will be a great news to have the 10 news app on your phone that way you can get alert. coming up, the work of art that stands out.
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live from the hyundai sports steelers -- car dealer sports desk, it's sports. >> with a trade deadline approaching in two week's, eisenman said he would not trade stammer before the deadline. he said i am stating that he will not be traded before the deadline. i have said repeatedly it is our hope to reach an agreement with stevens on a new contract and we all want to focus on making the playoffs. he also said no more comments on the negotiation. a tough loss for the lightning's. with two minutes, look at bergen kick in the goal. the winning goal was waved off because it looked like he kicked it in. the call was reversed. the goal counted.
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from usf. the reports that have been out there say that willie taggart is going to hire shaun king's assistant coach. he played for the box for five years, started for them in '99 when he quarter not -- quarterbacked them to the championship. he is from st. peter's big, played football again side. he has no division i coaching experience. my favorite moment for the weekend, the nba slam dunk contest. aaron jordan grabbed the ball from the mascot on a hoverboard. around two, gordon watch him here, he will jump over and slam in an even better don't. only to lose to zach levine. at least the slam dunk contest was really good again. a new heads. the big attraction is obtaining of a 16 foot high giraffe feeding the trees leaves.
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exhibit by david collins using exterior home paint. collins says it took him a week to finish painting the giraffe. he also painted a tortoise, and ostrich, and two macaws. he says his biggest challenges he is scared of heights.>> only my fear of failure and my ego combined trump my fear of heights. >> collins says paintings like this tend to last a year if conditions are right. if you want to join the fun, there is a contest to name the draft>> collins says paintings like this tend to last a year if conditions are right. if you want to join the fun, there is a contest to name the from taylor swift to lady gaga -- lady gaga, the 58th annual grammy awards is coming up.
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bowie, b. b. king, glenn frey.
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by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) >> pelley: the supreme court after scalia. with a senate battle brewing over his successor, will the court be gridlocked? also tonight, trump and cruz keep firing at each other. jeb bush looks to "w" to put him in the win column. first the freeze, then the storms and plenty of accidents. and the odd couple. opposites on the bench, best buddies in life. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff. we do. ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff.


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