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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we will will take a look at the forecast coming up. our hotspots this morning and i'm on top of some serious crashes. the first in brooksville. in hernando county. a court. a car overturned on northbound i 75 just after cortez boulevard. lanes blocked in both directions north and south. let's go live to sky tend network camera in polk county. there's a fatal accident happened here on i4 still blocking inside lanes both directions east and west. were starting to see some delays so coming up we will have drive times and we will check out bridges into tampa. a tampa woman is behind bars or is being held in jail without bond after detectives say she hit and killed a man on
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county jail were 36 -year-old her. >> that's right. and it happened it happened in the worst way possible. allison hoffman has been to the pinellas county jail quite a few times i should say. when she came here to the pinellas county jail it was because someone was dead. truck driver helping us stranded car on the bridge when authorities say she barreled away. unfortunately she has a history of bad driving. she has been in jail three times for drinking and driving but somehow still have a valid drivers license. license. something that is very common across the state. >> you may not be the person who should be driving but i don't know of another provision in which florida recapture for your drivers
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are more than 113,000 across the state were still on the road driving with your despite having three duis. i've been looking at information about hoffman's social media account. hoffman's social media account. you will not believe what she posted online in november. i'm working to get that together and have it at 6:00 a.m. coming up firefighters are trying to figure out if lightning caused a fire in tampa. it happened early early this morning and went to drive near north of alaska and skipper road. the couple living in the home was able to get out safely. parts of the south including florida are cleaning up after severe weather hit monday. there are reports 16 possible tornadoes touched down. cam from police, florida shows one twister on the ground. another pair tornado plowed through the town of johnson,
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everywhere. i n m i s s i s sippi a storm damaged the roof of the school. icy conditions are making travel very difficult up and down the east coast. this is is video from virginia this morning with lots of light ice on the road. one family driving from new york to florida says they could not escape the dangerous driving conditions. >> every state we stopped and we were like maybe it will stop? and the two seem to be getting worse. >> a spokesperson for the virginia department of transportation says they are telling people to stay home if they can. and if they need to be out on the roads take it slow. if you're heading out to catch a flight in tampa this morning check your flight status go to the travel section of our website, wtsp .com. this is a story that has people fired up on both sides. today a big debate in sarasota county schools. should transgender students be
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they identify with the school. we are live at pineview school in offspring this morning. and the school already changed its policy. and you've just learned some other area school districts can also be making this change as well. >> both hillsboro and pinellas are closely watching what is happening here at pineview and watching what is happening on the campus here with the bathrooms. hillsboro is already working on drafting its own policy that should go before their board members and coming months. pinellas as well they have not drafted anything yet, they want to know what happens here in sarasota so they can figure out how they should go from here. this is the student that is leading the charge. he is 17 years old and goes to school here. his name is nate quinn and today the sarasota county school board will discuss possibly making this transgender bathroom policy districtwide because of him. not everyone is for this. at last school board meeting
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crowded in to speak up. coming up, you won't believe who is the biggest opposition to this change. i was really surprised. s for e-mails from the county to figure out who is e-mailing bathroom policy , and i will show you who's in the biggest opposition. no autopsy will be performed on supreme court justice tran4. the texas judge changed her mind after talking with his doctor deciding it was not mean heated. president obama says he will name a replacement next week when the senate comes back in session. if you plan to vote in the florida primary next month don't miss this deadline. today's last day to turn your application to the county supervisor of elections office. that information is on our website. remember you have to register as a republican or democrat and will only be able to vote for candidates from that party.
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sinking of the cargo ship , alfaro. the coast guard is looking into weather misconduct or negligence over safety inspections contributed to the shirts sinking the obama last fall. the ship was heading to auto recall while hurricane joaquin was churning and atlantic. the team cap team tried to out run the storm and the lost power. pope francis is in mexico city after spending the day on mexico's southern border. today he will will visit more yellow which is a hotspot of drug violence. tens of thousands are expected to hear him at the stadium gather. tomorrow he will amass along the us - mexico border. the 50th annual grammy awards showcased more the music with artists using the spotlight to make a statement and pay tribute to music
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trophies including the next most prestigious award. >> a really big night. taylor swift is the first woman ever to win two album of the year awards. and she shared the ninth big win with two of her friends and musical collaborators, kendrick lamar and ed sharon. taylor swift open the 50th annual grammy awards and ruled the show, winning the top prize with 1989 her second award- winning grammy. she urged young women not to let naysayers get in the way. >> focus on the work and don't let those people sidetrack you. uptown funk one record of the year. stevie wonder teased song of the year nominees before announcing ed sharon's,
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and best new artist, megan trainer couldn't hold back tears and thanked her fat family. this year's grammy stirred up up a lot of emotion with performances the pay tribute to some of music's reduced icons. others use the mic to make a statement. kendrick lamar sent a powerful message about racism,. the audience was brought to its feet by tributes that honored earth wind and fire's morris white. eagles cofounder, glenn frey and blues legend, bb king. and lady gaga brought the late david bowie's words back to life. living up to the show there was a lot of buzz about adele performing.
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plo mike's actually fell onto the piano strings which may the performance sound out of tune. her follow-up 22 that was that before because of it she was going treat herself to an in and out burger. >> shed positive thoughts coming out of that. a flight from washington dc to seattle was forced to make an emergency landing. >> we will tell you why the pilot turn the plane around 15 minutes minutes after taking off. why research says climate change could mean longer overseas flights. let's go live outside to the roads this morning we are looking at i275 and mlk boulevard. but if you're going back to
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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still looking great 55 miles an hour. going into tampa on the howard tran2, the gandy, and the courtney campbell causeway. we are not seeing any delays. it is 49 miles an hour on the gandy. let's go live to the skype tend network camera on the courtney campbell. this is at the memorial highways are getting off the bridge into tampa drivetime is about seven minutes. no more tornado watches, showers and thunderstorms are ending and there is clearing. basically we of the clouds clearing out of here so you will need your sunglasses as we head into the afternoon. the next three days incredible weather. today even behind the cold front we will still make about 720 with sunshine. same thing sunshine.
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warmer toward the weekend. arrested, a woman with a history of dui is now accused of hitting and killing a tow truck driver on the frankland. this morning she is answering to investigators. reports of at least three possible tornadoes being investigated in the florida panhandle and mississippi. one apparent tornado slept through swept through the rural town of century damaging about 10 homes and destroying the school. we are one month away from the florida presidential primary. today is is the last day to
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this morning a new civil aviation agreement is expected to be signed between the us and cuba. this will allow regular airline service between the two countries for the first time in five decades. once the agreement is signed airlines can submit applications for daily flights into havana and nine other cities in cuba. researchers say changes in the climate could mean flights from london to new york will take longer. researchers say changing temperatures will make the jetstream faster so flights from new york to london will be quicker than ever at five hours but the return trip could last about seven. the additional hours spent in the year means about $22 million for fuel costs. take a look at this video out of snoqualmie falls raging in washington state. their flood alerts for several rivers after flood alerts in the area. crews are working to open several roads in the area that were forced to close because of the flooding. an investigation is underway after a garbage truck landed in miami part.
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i-95 and landed right there. witnesses who heard it's a sound like a bomb went off. the driver was thrown to the truck and taken to the hospital and is listed in serious condition. a couple of cars were damaged in the accident but no one else was hurt. it is still unclear what caused the accident in the first place. i have a new accidents tell you about this is in pinellas county on belcher road at bryan dairy road. it looks like there's a lane blocked as we head north on belcher. you will definitely have to take it slow move over out of the way of the scene there. we are not sing a big delay at the intersection but i will keep an eye on it. where we are starting to see some delays on i 75 in brooksville. brooksville. there's a serious accident just after cortez boulevard in the northbound direction. the inside lane is blocked north and south. a car overturned and someone is seriously injured so make sure you are slowing down while you
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yourself some time. polk county, then on top of the fatal accident for the past couple of hours. because someone did pass away in this crash on frankland i4 in lakeland it is an extended investigation. you do have a lane blocked going west on i 4 east of polk parkway east. we are starting to see some delays as traffic is picking up for morning rush hour and we are down to 44 miles an hour there. let's go live to our sky tend network camera right now in hillsboro county. this is state road 60 memorial highway coming across the courtney campbell causeway getting off of memorial not seeing any significant delays on the veterans expressway. traffic really is not picking up just yet. i will let you know what it does. let's go back to the mac because i want to take you to sarasota county where an accident brought down a power pole and effective power in the area of you us 301 and 12th st. for the specific intersection is not working. treat that as that as a four-
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if you're seeing the light link either yellow or red make sure you stop looking in both directions and move along. if you have any problems on the roads let me know. or if you're just curious about a construction project, white is taking so long ? they? they and a e-mail me at road warrior wtsp .com. we have some tornado watches still over on the east coast, butt even those should be allowed to expire. we have them for pinellas, hillsboro, polk county southward for a time this morning is that line came through. but it is moving out of here and we are basically done with the rain. in fact the clouds are even clearing out. the back of the clouds move through polk county. this is a little bit of low cloudiness and even that will be out of here momentarily. have your sunglasses ready to go. still a few wet roads this morning and comfortable temperatures behind the cold front.
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excuse me temperatures in the upper 50s north of i4 and lower 60s south of there. and will basically hover there for another hour starting to see the sun come up at clearwater beach. that is the back of the clouds. watch for some patchy fog in some locations. visibility has been up for the most part. this will burn off and we will get all the clouds out of here the rain is gone. but the rain will even clear the east coast in the next couple of hours. and look for a few low clouds along the coast we will call partly cloudy but most areas sunny with light west - northwest winds and relatively warm when you talk about the the average now has jumped up daytime high so we are right boating was pretty decent even with the front coming through 10 - 15
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little bit today two for-3 foot seas and a light chop on the bay. water temperature is at 590. it's going to be won the next several days. so i think the water temperature should. so i think the water temperature should come up to the low to mid 60s by the weekend. the average low for this time of year's 55 tomorrow morning we will be about 53 with upper 40s in upper 40s in the cool spot. gradual warming trends thursday, friday, saturday. here's your weekend. great weekend ahead. make plans now, it is going to be fantastic. upper 70s both days away from the water. a little cooler at the beaches and looks to be partly cloudy and dry all the way through. this is about as good as it gets. they could as we get to enjoy some average temperatures for this time of year. of course it's a little above average for next weekend. next chance for rain is tuesday about 30-40% at this point. does not look severe and point. does not look severe and does not look all that much colder behind that front. you can catch our forecast
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catch on magic 94.9, one of 5.5 the dove also ws are cute, 106.9 fm. from tornadoes to snow, the severe weather hits the south and east coast. >> video from damaged homes in florida and icy roads cause major trouble concerns in south carolina. star wars fans you want to stay right here. the next film in production. we will tell you when it's expected in theaters and show you a possible preview. developing out of pinellas county. an arrest has been made in the howard frankland bridge on monday. we have a reporter a reporter
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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let's go to polk county there is a fatal accident on i4 going west, east of polk pkwy., east. this is affecting the drive time. on i4 going west between polk parkway east and west it is taking 14 minutes and it is down to 25 miles an hour. also, hillsboro county you are in the green of all of your major so far. if you're in tampa on 275 or i4. all the storms move from west to east and are out to the east at this point. this afternoon mostly sunny and a beautiful day. coming home there will be no rain and issues. there will be sunshine and the 60s. coast storm. most of this is rain and that is the good news. most of the big cities will be okay , lake affect snows. but west of us looks really
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here's a recall to let you know about. several auto makeovers are expanding the recalls when it comes to the defective airbags. more than half a dozen are adding vehicles to the recall including volkswagen , audi, and bmw. just one high one - latest star wars movie starts to dwindle there's lincoln's fans a big surprise. >> the first teaser trailer was released for season 8. it has been revealed that oscar winner have joined the cast. it will hit theaters in december, 2017. the biggest night in music did not disappoint. >> winters and highlights from the grammy awards coming up. we are live streaming throughout the 6:00 a.m.
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showers and thunderstorms are out of here. we are drying out. we are not really cooling down all that much. we are in the upper 50s and low 60s. the sun is coming up and will warm us up to the low 70s today. we'll take a look at the
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plus we will take a look at the pollen forecast. the rain will help a little bit at least for today. but little bit at least for today. but it will be on the high side. hotspots at just about 6:30 am. i am on top of two pretty serious accidents right now. the first. the first one is in pascoe county on eastbound state road 54 and call your parkway down to 19 miles an hour there. let's go live to sky tend network camera i'm on top of this fatal accident being investigated on i4 a polk parkway east in lakeland. the us directions of i4 east and west the inside latest a blocked as they investigate this incident. we have new details about
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truck driver dead on the howard frankland bridge. we are live at the pinellas county jail where huffman is currently behind bars with no bond. and emerald, she apparently she apparently posting on social media that may raise eyebrows. >> this is exactly why officials and authorities, and anyone and anyone will tell you, be careful what you post on sites like facebook or any other social media sites. fhp official son of this picture you are looking out on the screen on an account under the name of allison huffman. this picture was posted in november. take a look at it, you see her posing for a selfie in the car. the caption reads, maybe this caption reads, maybe this is why i've been accused of not concentrating on driving. she makes a joke of what has become a serious issue for her. she has been arrested for drinking and driving three times and now someone is dead
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man and ran. there are definitely lots of questions about whether or not this woman should have been on the road and whether she should have had a license. these these are questions that are now in the courts hands and she will be in front of a judge this afternoon. a couple is out of their home after an early-morning fire that may have been caused by lightning. it happened on winter drive near north nebraska and skipper road in tampa. firefighters are investigating the say the fire started near the roof and that's why they believe it may have been caused by lightning. the national weather service will work to confirm reports of as many as 16 tornadoes touched down across the south on monday including in florida's panhandle. that's were where sheriffs deputies caught a tornado on his dash cam. 10 homes and century, florida were seriously damaged and three people were reported with minor injuries.
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country also experiencing severe weather. snow and ice making dangerous travel conditions out east. see what those folks are dealing with. several flights on monday at reagan airport on monday were canceled because of the weather. icy roads roads have been blamed for several accidents in south carolina. this is in statesville. cars and semi's were stalling out and ending up the sideways. in a few hours a controversial topic will take center stage in sarasota county. school district leaders will consider allowing transgender students use the bathroom they are done with that school. sarah, the idea is getting a lot of support and a lot of backlash this morning. >> surprisingly the biggest opponents to this are actually local pastors. they have been watching what happened at the school and the changes that were made. now they are making their voices heard. but they are not the only one.
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e-mails with support e-mails. across florida, transgender folks have faced their share of backlash. listening. that was a protest inside the state capitol in tallahassee where laster a bill was consider that would punish anyone who uses a public bathroom that does not match the sex they were born into. the bill is not passed. but now sarasota school board members will consider extending a transgender bathroom policy across the district. today's the first time these board members will talk about the policy change. students are pretty divided >> it makes me feel uncomfortable. it's nothing against trans people whatsoever. i'm not transfer begin the slightest. it's slightest. it's just them being in the restaurant he was an uncomfortable feeling. >> i think to fully be seen as
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you have to have all the same access. >> is not just sarasota, hillsboro and pinellas county could be next. in fact hillsboro already has its at attorney drafting a new policy for board members to vote on soon. pascoe county says they've not yet discussed it. there's a board meeting at 9:30 am in in sarasota and told him would come out and closer to 11 un secretary general says some of the victims were children. the attacks some days after several world powers agreed to start pete cease-fire in syria earlier this week. despite the agreement russia says there will be continued strikes.
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monday after the pilot reported the smell of smoke. the plane took off from dc's reagan airport head for seattle. that turned into a short 60 minute flight when the plane was diverted to dulles airport for an emergency landing. the pilots s fire crews to meet them on the runway. one passenger told cbs she noticed a burning smell just after takeoff. both pilots were checked out by doctors. the airline is still looking for the source of the smoke. passengers who were removed from a small plane at orlando international airport will be put back on flights this morning. they were taken off the plane before takeoff after the crew found flames coming from under the engine. thankfully engine. thankfully no one was hurt. the flight was preparing to head to tallahassee.
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another round of heat. the national weather service reports cities all over the state including la and long beach have record highs are records tied for that day on monday. if you you did not get enough of the rides in florida's sarasota failed fair. you can check out the pasco fair today. the fares up until sunday the 21st. ticket prices start at $8.04 adults and $5 for kids eight through 12. biggest names in music took the stage at the grammy awards last night. >> it was a jampacked night. mark langston and bruno mars walked away with record of the year for their smash hit, uptown funk. taylor swift kicked off the
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that. album. five. they both lost song of the year to add sharon's ballot, thinking out loud. a dell saying on the grammy stage for the first time in four years. the grammys also paid tribute to several music legends who recently passed away. >> lady gaga honored david bowie, stevie wonder honored boris white from earth wind and fire. >> it was incredible and people collaborated that you would normally see together. it was really a cool night. we have a lot of highlights on the website. >> we talked about a dell performing. but there is some talk that a fellow little flat. >> a lot of people talking about the performance trending this morning. fans are not happy about it. today is an important deadline for anyone wanting to vote in florida's primary.
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know to make sure your vote counts. we are keeping a close eye on this deadly crash on i4 and the polk parkway. our road warrior is tracking the morning commute. you can see some of the backups and we will have the latest on the investigation.
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the sunshine skyway bridge is looking great so far. bridges into tampa are starting to slow down a little bit. the gandy's down to 40 miles an hour to get off into tampa. the howard frankland is in the green and the courtney campbell causeway's taking about seven minutes to cross the courtney campbell. let's go live to the sky tend network camera , this is the gandy bridge on the pinellas side. you are still looking at about five minutes to cross but seeing that delays you met -- head
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we have pollen out there as you know, juniper, maple, and oak are little lower just because the rain and wind and it will come back up to high in the next several days. we have almost 10 different types of oak in the area and they will go for two months and that's one of the ones it affects people. a little bit of fog for hernando and citrus county watch you us 19 and parts of 75 as well, that will, that will burn off between about 8:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. we can forecast is fantastic and so was the seven-day. the woman who police say hit and killed a tow truck drivers in jail. >> 36 rolled out an husband was arrested a few hours ago. this is her being taken into the pinellas county jail. around nine pm monday night st. petersburg police found her after getting a tip that she was at a friends place read she's accused of hitting and killing roger perez prado on the howard frankland bridge and driving off. as many as 16 tornadoes touched down across the south
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>> a large section remains without flout power. the sheriffs deputy captured one of the twisters on his cam as he followed her down the road. at least 10 least 10 homes were destroyed or severely damaged and destroyed. to today marks the deadline for anyone who wants to go to next month florida primary. >> you must get your voter registration application in by the end of today. you must register is either republican or democrat. or than 1 million ballots have been set out statewide. election offices say say they expect a larger than normal turnout. big moments that a lot of people are talking about, odell's performance. there was a technical problem after a microphone fell into the piano during the performance. so they turn the audio off on a sound system to try to switch it over and there was another problem. there were a few seconds you
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great. she kept singing. she tweeted about it afterwards and said, because of the problem tweeting myself to in and out so maybe it was worth it. s h e d i d g r e a t . >> it's the first time she's performed in four years and it messes up. >> but still she kept on going. on monday we told you about nearly 50 skiers rescued rescued from a ski tram remember after got stuck day going in the air. among them was this couple, george and sabrina lewis every -month-old daughter. they were trapped midway up new hampshire's can amount. crystal them that things will be up and running a few minutes and an hour went by and the sun started to set. >> i'm like it's 200 or below on this thing. i don't remember anything else
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was how to keep this baby warm and safe ? >> george and sabrina say the other passengers helped by giving extra jackets and feet warmers. two hours later hope finally got there. the family was among the first family hop in the basket in the lower to safety. >> especially when the sunsets you know the temperatures can drop to radically. >> and to have your child with you. it's scary enough to be stuck up there but to have the baby with you. it is busy this morning. let's start in polk county with a fatal accident been watching for the past couple of hours. it is it is really causing a delay westbound i four east of polk parkway. it's go live to our sky tend network camera. you can see that inside lanes both east and west. we are seeing significant delays in both directions.
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direction during morning rush hour. make sure you leave at least five minutes early because that's the delay we are singh at this point. let's go live to sky tend in pinellas county. this is a look at a situation on belcher road at bryan dairy road. this is is actually in the westbound direction of bryan dairy. and i am hearing this could possibly be a hit and run accident. you can see a a car off to the side. it looks like they had to block that direction on bryan dairy. you're really going to have to give yourself some time if you're headed this way because traffic really cannot get through. i will work to get some detours coming up. you can also follow this incident on at 10 news traffic on twitter. again no injuries reported so far. let's go back to our map in pinellas county and getting word of 3500 duke energy customers are without power and that is affecting signals along gandy boulevard. that's where the power outages located.
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fourth street. you could see signals not working treat those as a four- way stop. also heads up in pascoe county on state road 54 going east. there's 54 going east. there's a crash on call your parkway causing a delay down to 12 miles an hour there. if you have a problems on the road send me an email i'm your road warrior and i will look into any traffic problems you are seeing. if you're seeing a safety issue or if you just won a construction update e-mail me at road warrior wtsp .com. there is also a power outage in the clearwater area, north through street south south of sunset point were little over 2000 people without power just off the intercoastal waterway on the eastern side of course. keep that in mind as well. we think both of those are likely weather related equipment failures because of the lighting that came through this morning. the tornado watches out of our area but we had a good line of showers and thunderstorms come through this morning. most of that is out and we are rain free.
6:46 am
that are left over are still pretty strong in west palm but that's moving off the coast. when wind gust this morning about 40 miles an hour sarasota bradenton international and that was pretty much on par with most of the things we saw. but there was a tornado reported over alligator alley just north of a by florida highway patrol officer lost track of it. miles city is the area was in. there's there's not much out there will have the damage reports. they are looking at the fire new the apex. this is just south of bears avenue and they think it might actually be lightning related. so. so i wanted to run back to about 230 this morning. there's lightning strike, there's where the fire is. this is likely because of the lightning strike. it is not always exactly on the spot it should be as far as location goes when they get that lightning hit. some thinking that could've caused that. there was a lot of lightning with it. there is a tornado east of four myers so that is all moving out over the waters and thing
6:47 am
60s right now. and we are are on our way to the 70s for today. winds are out of the southwest of light and variable throughout the day they will be a little more west - northwest around 5-10. here comes the here comes the sun. a couple of low clouds with fog in hernando and citrus county but i just showed you. that should bird off 8:30 am-9 am and then we will have a lot of sunshine for today with mostly sunny and how about 72 degrees? the average high for this time of year is about 73 so we are right there. tonight the average lows 55 pretty think we will be about 52-530 with some upper 40s for a cool spot. and for the next seven days and the incredible stretch of weather. 72 tomorrow, cold start on thursday, chilly for sure. upper 40s start on thursday, chilly for sure. upper 40s to near 50 and then look at the warm-up to get started thursday afternoon goes all the way through the weekend in the mid and upper 70s.
6:48 am
away from the water. next rain chances not until tuesday. only a few showers and storms but not all that much cooler behind the front. justin bieber had a big night, winning his first grammy award >> but it's his post grammy performance have people talking this morning. let's go outside and take a look at downtown tampa. it's a beautiful shot. if you're up maybe taking in the sunrise take a picture sent it to us with the # rise with 10 on facebook twitter and
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we have a few incidents out there. >> let's go to pinellas county because there's a pretty large power outage right now. especially in gandy boulevard near i275 the traffic signals could be affected. we are hearing about 3500 duke energy customers without power. it's also happening in clearwater as well. so it's frustrating if you don't have power in your home but also be careful on the roads because that can affect the signals. this is us 19 and is traveling along there. we are on a way to an incident so we will get an update coming up. if your power goes out, you can always stream our show from your cell phone. just get the ted news app search wtsp in the app store. there's are planet for the day.
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it's beginning of the great week. keep in mind it is probably not a cold issue that you have it's probably pollen. wind is becoming a drink that is not just for your mom and dad. new research shows millennial's drink nearly half of all wine in the us last year. that is more than any other generation. the report, drink with a 150 million cases of wind averaging two cases per person. drinkers of wine are mostly 30 above women. and above 30 - half. justin bieber help dames courtney get back to television city hosted episode of the late late show. >> the two talked about the grammys. of course big highlights of the night. >> they are also dressed
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>> even got an ipad and head home phones >> neighbor cat afford an ipad and headphones it's good he got them as a gift. >> . >> the one he's done before we justin bieber really funny. thank you for joining us this morning.
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good morning. it is tuesday, february 16, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the bush brothers reunite on the campaign trail amid new taunts from donald trump. we'll talk to jeb bush. teachers accused of thanking, shoving, even luring kids for sex. how are they finding new jobs in the classroom. kendrick lamar makes
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