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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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won the right to use the boys bathroom. and since then, it's a lot better and i feel comfortable and i feel like i am more accepted. >> nate is is now fighting for all tran students equal access to manassas bathrooms but all facilities including locker rooms and dress codes. >> i'm not going to give up right now. >> is the school district ready for policy covering transgender students.? the board learned while the department of education and civil rights has a clear position on trans rights, the courts do not. after much discussion, the sarasota school board decided to continue hearing trend student request on a case-by- case basis to learn more about trans issues and wait for some court cases to be resolved for making any policy changes. >> i don't want to make policy
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based on reality. >> it's kind of upsetting right now. >> still, macy's today's school board talk as a win. speemac, we are starting to look at these issues is a big step forward. >> hillsboro and pinellas counties are also considering changes to rules regarding transgender student. hillsboro already has its agendas being >> a lot of people weighing in. rest in writing, all building should transition to the single stall or unisex family restroom instead of group bathrooms. this would solve all privacy issues. you go in, lock the door, no one bothers you. sue dalton on the other hand, says you are better off building a one stall bathroom for those situations. kids are so hormonal at that age don't you think they will
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to get into the girls or boys bathrooms? just in writing you should use the restroom that matches your physical makeup. a lot of people weighing in on this and you should share your opinion on her story searched ted news wtsp. new information about the woman accused of hitting and killing a teletype driver, and then driving off. the florida highway patrol says allison hoffman admitted she was the run driving and knew she hit someone but was too scared to stop. hoffman was in court today were a judge gave her $750,000 bond. the victim's sister was just there as well. >> he was a very kind humble and genuine man. very hard-working. very family man. just like what he was doing
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was on his way to help someone else. >> hoffman has an extensive criminal history that includes three dui charges. another case making headlines tonight. a woman who drove drunk and got caught because she live stream the whole thing on social media. just yesterday, whitney bell pled guilty to her dui charge. her senses 12 months probation, 150 hours of community service, 10 days of work released and her license will be suspended for six months. that was her first dui arrest. but as her punishment appropriate for putting lives in danger ? some say her son's doesn't some say her sons doesn't go far enough and it is shocking how many people are still on the road after several dui charges. so so what are lawmakers doing to toughen dui sentences? moments ago most election offices in the state of florida close their doors.
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register to vote in the presidential primary. mark rivera is in hernando are switching their registration to vote on the republican ticket. >> you have never seen a primary election quite like this in hernando county. what are you and your husband doing here today ? >> changing our affiliation >> from what to what ? >> from democrat to republican >> we are switching too >> from what? >> from democrat >> to change affiliation from democrat to republican. >> democrat to republican. >> more than 750 than 750 hernando county democrats, 15 lifelong that i spoke to today have switched their registration from democrat to republican. that is outpacing outpacing switches to democrat in hernando by more than double. and those numbers are just since the first of year. the reason most voters gave ... >> donald trump >> i really like trump >> i like what he says.
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we need some honesty. >> i found one independent switching his registration from >> republican to democrat >> all the negatives and bad words and the blaming i'm not there , they have gone too far for me. >> but the vast majority, even even if they will not supporting trump motivated to vote in the republican side on march 15. so it is a movement. hundreds of people filling out this form and switching their party affiliation in hernando county. i'm gonna tell you about a bigger movement that spans tampa bay and the entire state of florida. i'm working on that story coming up at 6:00 p.m. the first day into the hearing of the cargo ship, el farro just just wrapped up. back in october you will remember that should left jacksonville for puerto rico but sank into the bahamas after staring into the path of a hurricane. all 33 crew members were killed. the public green board is
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including what led to the accident. if the el farro crew did anything law -- wrong that may have led to the tragedy and whether the coast guard did anything during that search and rescue operation. experts say the company that owned the ship will probably not face charges. >> i think they've had enough time to look this over that if they were considering criminal charges they would have already made an announcement and the officials would not be appearing at this hearing. the very fact they're providing witnesses to testify indicates to me criminal charges are likely off the table. >> even the weather was a huge factor in the tragedy that will not come up during the nine day hearing. there will be an entirely different hearing later with weather experts. another ship they got caught a nasty weather assailing again. royal caribbean's -- caribbean's anthem of the sea is making a stop before heading to the bahamas. it was clear to sale after close inspection was done after
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senator nelson is asking the ntsb why the ship sailed right into the storm. royal caribbean is reviewing how it provides guidance when it comes to whether corvette forecast. gas prices could stop dropping, but they could stay this cheap for quite a while. saudi arabia, russia and other opec members have agreed to freeze oil production of january levels as long as other oil-producing countries do the same. experts at least one country, iran will probably not cooperate. an oversupply of oil unless global demand has sent oil prices plunging. you are still talking about favorite moments of the grammys. looking around social media there were three parts of the show that had a big impact on you. first of there were a lot of tributes to artists who have passed away. a lot of you say the show organizers missed a few and that includes singer, natalie cole.
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end of the in memoriam segment. another controversial moment the politically charged performance that included depictions of slavery and being locked up, and the condemnation of american justice. >> remember the guitar sound when adele was singing? it turns out the technical glitch was a microphone of fell into the piano during the performance, making it sound out of tune. tony dundee is not just an nfl legend, but an active member of our community. there he is reading to children that lopez elementary school this morning. it's part of his community giving with the dodgy family foundation reading program. this morning's book spoke at a special message for the 2nd graders. >> we have been reading for a number of years to the students. and we ask what we should write about in what we should talk about and three or four years
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about bullying and being nice and being friendly and making the atmosphere great. >> each student also got to take home a book their own all thanks to the foundation. we will show you the damage done by two tornadoes. is the toy industry going too far? we will show you the newest gadgets listing to your kids voice and reading their minds. if you've enjoyed the sunshine after an early-morning stores i think we can wrap that up for your forecast for wednesday. we will talk about the changes ahead. the i thought a lot of you were going back to work?
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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new video of a joy ride through the florida keys and of course the bizarre florida trip. check out this guy who was driving a backhoe. backhoe. you can see him driving along the 7-mile bridge throwing up sparks and tearing up the pavement. deputies tried to follow him but it was too dangerous. they did catch up with him when he left the highway and ran over spikes in the road. deputy say at one point he even through boulders out the window
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parents have you want to check this out. a preview of the crazy toys your kids will be asking for come december. to them acres are showing off their creations at the annual toy fair in new york city. >> if you probably guessed toys are getting high tech. >> from robotic dog that can chase the ball ... to drones that respond to your voice. at the international toy fair in new york, rick threes in technology are pushing the industry to new heights. this star wars tway allows kids to use their mind to control the game. >> what they are thinking happens over here. >> what happens is these sensors behind my ears will pick up my beta brainwave as i am concentrating and thinking about moving the holograms within the force trainer. >> the toy market is a 24 early
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up 7 percent in the last year. but it is not just high-tech driving the increase. what is big in the toy world? >> what his biggest variety. >> toy industry association president and ceo says, surprisingly low-tech is also making a comeback. this year family board games are a big hit. whether it is brand-new games, or a new take on old classics. >> there's a desire thing to get away from the tv on the computer and bring the family together and have some fun. >> but he says the toy market has become an entertainment industry, not just for kids but the whole family. >> this was the 113th annual toy annual toy fair. which means the first one was in 1903. some of the first toys featured were liable trays and teddy
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as a kid i had a box like a cardboard box. >> those are the most fun gifts no. >> it was brutal overnight jam ? >> we were very fortunate we track the rotating storm for three hours in the golf and write as it came on shore it let loose. we were very lucky and given what we've seen in other parts of the state where thankful that the cooler waters off the beaches helped us out. a beautiful day. as you know we are looking around the wesley chapel area in pascoe county nice and clear. just some high clouds streaming overhead this evening as we began our night. we'll show you some the wind gusts are pretty impressive on top of the lightning you saw that was out there waiting a lot of us up. 30 - 50 mount hour wind gust clocked on our sky tend network. rain totals about a half-inch to just under an inch and a quarter avon park leading the way with some of the heavier
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quarters of an inch , same for lake alfred. as we head into the night a beautiful sunny sky right now and comfortable temperatures for a february day. upper 60s low 70s not bad. in sebring upper 70s right now and low 80s earlier today in the middle of the state. storm tracker tend is quiet and the sunlight is thankfully quiet from what we had earlier. notice we talked about this being a front they came through. so you would think colder air is on the way. if you look up in the panhandle the temperatures are pretty much the same, maybe a few degrees cooler than what we are seeing here. there is here. there is no cool behind this front. so again as we track dangerous storms across the state, thankfully for us it is loud and noisy and severe weather kept to the east, south, and north of us. we were surrounded by severe weather. i'm glad to see that at least in the ted news viewing area we got through that much quieter.
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changes coming your way as the humidity drops a more, the overnight temperatures will actually get cooler. as we go into the early part of the evening not bad low 60s but it is a wake up temperatures in the morning. they will be will be colder than we have had in a few days. but just a heads up. 45 in crystal river, 44 daybreak in wesley chapel, 52 import richie, 49 in sumter, two import richie, 49 it's after, 51 in riverview, across the bay 54 in saint pete and in the heart of tampa about 540. 49 in lakewood ranch and 52 in sarasota with 40s covering the heartland of the middle of the state from sebring, winterhaven and lakeland. as the sun comes up, so does the warm weather. we are looking at an amazing day around 70s not only for your wednesday. the next three days get a little warmer each afternoon.
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but after that, as we get into the weekend we are warming up. take a look at the seven-day forecast. the next five days i don't think tend weather could make it any better for you. upper 70s by sunday. next chance of storms like we talked about yesterday tracking on the horizon morning and midday about 60% coverage. if you want to head outside and track the temperatures can take a look at our weather cameras we have them all on the ted news app search wtsp in the app store. a controversial picture is now under investigation. coming up at 10 news at 5:30 pm. the big question, are these students just acting out ? or should they get in serious trouble for stomping on the american flag in class ? it is being called a cool new crime- fighting tool but some say could be used to target the innocent. we will show you how work so
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if you had to name a place where love would grow, would you guess the fair? these guessers did. their story coming up. those stories and more coming up next on ted news at
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marco rubio's team calls it a good catch. his new campaign ad has a big mistake. take a look at the commercial cold morning in america and see if you can spot what is wrong. chances are you cannot tell what is un-american about morning in america. that shot is from canada. if you look closely, that is vancouver's lookout tower in the background, and a canadian flag on the road at our videographer from vancouver said he shot the video back in august and had no idea it was being used for an american campaign at app. hillary clinton is going viral after getting a little bit of wacky on the campaign trail and nevada. she told a story about about an old radio commercial with the
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she ended the story with her very own impression. the internet took that soundbite and ran with it. it has been remixed into dozens of videos on youtube's and fine. no comment about comment about the barking from clinton's campaign or her twitter account. a little girl with a big fight. see what it took for one of the worlds smallest babies ever born to finally make it home. paying more for pink. we are breaking down how much extra money you are spending
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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we are staying on top of three big stories happening right now. rancher, clive and bundy is asking in oregon judge to let him out of jail while he awaits trial. federal prosecutors say he is lawless and violent and should stay behind bars. he was arrested while showing support for the armed occupation of the national wildlife preserve in rural oregon, led by his son. the national naacp is giving michigan's governor 30 days to clean up the flip water crisis. the group wants all the pipes replaced or there will be disruptive civil disobedience. the the governor does not want to rush the pipe replacement wants to study how many
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for supreme court justice, tran4. loved ones will say their final farewell on saturday in dc. in the meantime, his bench seat is draped in a black crjpe. a trail of debris after tornadoes hit south florida. the national weather service says to hear from 1 tornadoes touched down. look at look at the damage. they were about 3 miles long. caught up in the nasty weather, a tractor-trailer was overturned in i-95 in miami garden. forecasters say there were 65- mile an hour winds blasting through neighboring timber pines. >> it's incredible. i mean to pick a trailer up that is a four horse trailer. that is easily five or six times. to pick it up like it is a peace of >> horse trailers were tipped and at least one horse hurt in pompano beach.
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