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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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for supreme court justice, tran4. loved ones will say their final farewell on saturday in dc. in the meantime, his bench seat is draped in a black crjpe. a trail of debris after tornadoes hit south florida. the national weather service says to hear from 1 tornadoes touched down. look at look at the damage. they were about 3 miles long. caught up in the nasty weather, a tractor-trailer was overturned in i-95 in miami garden. forecasters say there were 65- mile an hour winds blasting through neighboring timber pines. >> it's incredible. i mean to pick a trailer up that is a four horse trailer. that is easily five or six times. to pick it up like it is a peace of >> horse trailers were tipped and at least one horse hurt in pompano beach.
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getting thrown against the door hinge and needed stitches. take a look at other damage in broward county. a letter from this goodyear blimp hangar ripped off the side of the building. the winds tore the roof off of the storage units and smashed cars with debris. no one is using the pool today at this house. and you can see why, there's a basketball goal, pieces of the fans tossed in the water and beach chairs were turned into a pile of metal on the sands of port everglades. or than 30,000 people were without power. cleanup is underway in florida's panhandle after a tornado hit near the alabama state line. cam video of a car for sheriffs deputy shows another twister on the ground. this is one of 16 tornadoes reported in the south on monday. homeowners are sifting through the rubble in century but downed power lines are making some areas inaccessible for now. the emergency manager says
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but does not think it is bad enough for the federal government to declare a federal disaster. a viral photo setting off a firestorm and social media. a student is standing on an american flag , while another student is flipping the bird. it was taken in a pennsylvania classroom and has been sure thousands of times on facebook. the aclu's pennsylvania legal director says the boys action is protected speech. he could however , be disciplined for vandalizing flight if it turns out to be school property. the district spokesperson calls it unfortunate and unpatriotic and promises appropriate legal discipline. . a new peace of crime- fighting software is helping police gather data about potential criminal suspects. but some say the program called, the where goes too far and could lead to people being unfairly targeted. it searches public social media post and public records from
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reports it is giving police a heads up about who officers may encounter before they even go to a call. upstart warns of prior crimes which could prompt officers to respond differently. the controversial software also assigns a threat you level of red, yellow, or green. have that is scored is unclear if the two police. >> people want to be free to post on social media without fear of government profiling or harassment. >> when you look at the amount of technology out there today that criminals are using, it is important for law enforcement to access the same tools. >> one police department is testing beware and opted out of the color-coded system and out of social media screening after public backlash. it's a known fact women still get paid less than men. this is something that might
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women may also be paying more essentially the same thing. a recent study from new york's department of consumer affairs looked at 800 items that have clear male and female versions. on average, the female version cost 7% more. 10 news reporter, tammie fields fields found it is easy to find the so-called pink tax in action. >> it is really not hard to find this if you are looking for it. but this is what got me. something as simple as deodorant. look at this pack. a double pack for men and this is a double pack for women. you get more in this product. but this 14 women, $1.60 more. it is not just deodorant. we found two stools softener's that are essentially the same, except the softener's that are the price. one labeled pink is $1.50 more. razors can really set women of their extreme 3 disposable.
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impact both have aloe and three blades but they don't have the same price. >> these are are $1.50 more than the men. >> why? >> because they are women. >> right. that's not right. >> gender pricing gender pricing knows no age. we found soccer shin guards forced girls were $.10 higher than the boys version. and if your kids want a disney bike helmet you will spend almost $5 less for the mickey version rather than minnie mouse. that's not all we found. take a look at these t-shirts. abercrombie and fitch, for men $18. women 25. and something as simple as a white one pocket shirt for men $45. four women, $68. 501 genes. of course the cut is little different butt for men the genes the genes will set you back $79.50 and four women $88. are you kidding me ? how do manufacturers and retailers get away with kidding me? how do manufacturers and
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they know how men and women shop. >> men tend to view shopping as a competitive game. so for a lot of men the way to win this game is by getting the cheapest price. women are more involved in their purchases. they will care more about the quality of the product and the uniqueness of the product, the social value of the product. >> how do you fight the pink path ? call up the price differences when when you see them or follow britney's lead. >> i actually use men's razors. >> i'm saving money. >> yes i'm saving money in the shade better. so women's women should just start buying men's razor, save money and get a better shave. >> that's so eye-opening. you said are you kidding me ? they really are kidding me question mark >> we were card for the money. >> we do work hard for the money it seems unfair and it is unfair , but is it legal ? >> a lot of people have that
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in a couple places it is not legal california, new york city, miami-dade county we've reached out to our friends on facebook because as you can imagine women are not happy about it. look at some of the comments so far. allen writes this. from what i see, most women are afraid to challenge or salesperson. i think most businesses know this and capitalize on it. women need to speak up. madonna says, everything for women is more. i have no problem going in to amend section getting a deal for the exact same product. i've done it many times, but we should not have too. now we should not have too. so again, what can you do? a lot of people wanted to know. be aware. shop around. if you spot prices that are a big difference in our significant don't take it out of the sales clerk or the cashier, ask to see the manager and tell them about it.
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course you can clip coupons, shop for sales. but the best plan of action is to let a manager know that you are not happy with this. >> i'm just curious were you able to speak with any managers question mark >> many of the managers want to shift the blame and say it is the manufacturer. but either way, shoppers what we say , green speaks. so if you talk in your complaint and enough people complain you'll see changes. what is unfortunate is many of us, many of the women are the ones who buy everything anyway. >> it's the dry cleaning that is next. >> yes. we really need we really need to look into that. a lot of people very upset by having to pay more for women's the men. >> the entire stories on our website wtsp .com. c can see the mix match prices on things you buy every single day. if you find more examples we would love to see them. upload your photo to our facebook page search 10 news wtsp. it is a guessing game at love.
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how they fell for each other at bug spray sales are storing. up? we are seeing a beautiful temperatures will be dropping quickly. we'll talk about how cold it's tomorrow morning and how long this beautiful sunny stretch of weather will stick around. here's a look at the sky tend network traffic camera and i'm going to take a wild guess, this is probably the howard frankland. am i right? i to 75 at the end of the howard frankland. avoid getting stuck in traffic jams like that.
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dancing, cheering, and, and excitement for the pope's mass for mexico's clearly. it is the hotbed of two -- drug trade. pope francis -- francis urge priest to get out of their comfort and help parishioners 54 their flock. the three americans abducted in baghdad last month or free. iraqi officials say they've been handed over to the us embassy in good health the shiite militias accused of kidnapping them. an implosion outside of talk -- tulsa , oklahoma. crews from the department of transportation blasted way to nearly 70 no bridge of the grand river. the.
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next to a car $16 million. pest-control companies and bug spray makers are seeing it takes bike in sale because of fears over the scandal transmitted zika virus. bug spray spray sales were up 11 percent from last year. cutter bug spray sales soar between 30 - 150% especially here in the south. the >> the florida state fair has moved on but a love affair moves on -- lives on. >> the first thing i noticed were her eyes i just told her she had the most beautiful eyes.
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the fair in memphis, before they fell in love, and before they decided to team up. their job at the booth is simple. guess the contestants weight, age, or birthday. when it is your job to flatter, and presume who knows knows if you are telling the truth. they both light to each other about their ages when they first met. >> she thought it was 17 at half >> i'm only 19 is a good because i'm 19 two. >> at least least we both light lighting get in trouble. >> who would've guessed six months ago they met at the fair and fell in love and plan to get married in june and they are both guessing it will work
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>> he's great. i haven't met a guy like him. he is something completely different. >> even at the fair it is hard to fool your feelings. >> i love the state fair. >> i know. and those guessing games. every time i see them i'm like how do they know? >> next up the couple is taking the show on the road to like week in daytona beach. >> they will be married this summer and then plan to enlist in the air force together. coming up on 10 news at six pm. a driver admits to being behind the wheel when a man man was hit and killed on the howard frankland bridge. why was she on the road after three previous dui arrest? what lawmakers think needs to change. the consumer alert you need
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are looking to book a vacation rental. we are booking breaking down three things you need to look out for. on the last day to register record excitement around florida's primary. what it means for party front runners coming up on 10 news at 6:00 p.m. this is a gorgeous sunset as we look out over sand key right now you can see the reflection bouncing off the water. it's very, little different than what we see ahead of that storm system that is now well for south of miami but that is where we saw a couple of tornadoes early on and still the northern edge of the system bringing a lot of snow along the us-canadian border. i will be tracking another clipper rapidly heading toward the carolinas. for us we are quiet and we stay that way. it will get chilly tonight so these comfortable temperatures
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a few hours, you'll notice a difference. right now we are looking at 68 in tampa and st. pete, 69 newport richie and 71 in seven, 67 in safety harbor. the numbers will come down overnight pretty rapidly between now and nine pm when we p.m. when we see the temperatures well down into the 50s and we will breaking -- waking up to the low 50s and upper 40s. but then we warm up really nicely. so wednesday at the beach looking pretty good. if you have a vacation day you're going to be in good shape. 754 high. the water temperatures are still a bit on the cool side around 600 in the golf as well. not a bad day to get out of work on your golf swing. the winds will be significantly lighter and the winds will be significantly lighter and of course we are not tracking any rain or thunderstorm chances. we are expecting pre-much wall- to-wall sunshine throughout the day and that will allow temperatures to climb as we head into the afternoon.
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to enjoy in the 70s tomorrow. let's take a look at these temperatures as they drop tonight with light northwest winds. that's the key. when we have light winds we don't see his much mixing so temperatures can officially drop off. and certainly in the way of cloud cover during the overnight hours as well. that's what you are going to expect for the morning run tomorrow with temperatures in the 50s and very light winds. speaking of upcoming running we of the distance classic coming up this weekend. if you were running the 15 k on saturday morning we will start that race around 570 a 7 degrees a mostly sunny with cool temperatures in the morning. really prime running conditions. and then if you're running a half marathon on sunday we can pretty much days temperatures will climb quickly. gorgeous on saturday we will see temperatures in the mid to upper 70s and a little warmer as we get into sunday. we will start to see the winds turning just a little bit by
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light southeast wins and we will see a little more cloud cover than what we track on saturday. the on that still a couple of days until our next round of rain moves through. we will watch the system develop and move into our area on tuesday. jim will have more on that coming up and then don't forget you can get the forecast any time download our ted news cast on the apple store or google play. less than 1 percent of all
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born 10 ounces and inches, one of the world's smallest babies is absolutely medical miracle. >> tonight she is out of the hospital and a home with her family. she was at the charlotte hospital with a miraculous milestone. >> i'm nervous, have anxiety but this moment is here and i'm excited. >> it is the moment all parents way for, butt, but it is a little sweeter for megan smith and eric mcghee. back in september, a leia was born 14 weeks early. just to keep her alive and breathing drs. came up with a special combination of formula and breast milk to feed her and made a special oxygen mask that weighed more than she did at the time. now even doctors are amazed at how well she has done. and they say nutrition was a key part of for growth and health.
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she has been able to breathe on her own , and she looks around. she pays attention to her surroundings. she knows her mom and dad's voices , i am amazed she has come this far and is able to go home. >> i want to see who she is. i want to know who she is because she is feisty. she fought to be here since she was conceived i mean she was moving up something. so i'm ready to see what is in store. >> she is so sweet and what a fighter. a later let now ways nine times her birth weight which as you said 10 ounces. doctors admit she will likely face challenges in the future. but overall, her prognosis is good. >> good. >> she has more than lived up to her middle name which is, faith. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there
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can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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who are you sharing the roads with? dui offenders allowed back behind the wheel. we want to know, are the laws tough enough? the rush to regret -- register. more voters switching party ahead of the presidential primary. we are breaking down what it means for you. a consumer alert before you plan your next vacation , the
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list so you don't get ripped off. new information about a deadly hit and run crash on the howard frankland bridge. we are now know allison hoffman admitted to investigators she was behind the wheel of the car that hit and killed a tow truck driver. she told them she was scared, but didn't say whether she was impaired. she's behind bars facing several charges for this recent case. but with three dui arrest in her past many still want to know why she was allowed back on the road in the first place. remember this. lakewood woman made national headlines after police say she was drinking and driving, and broadcasted on the internet using periscope. she took a. she took a plea deal and will not be spending time behind bars.
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facing a tougher penalty. >> we are digging deeper asking lawmakers what needs to be changed ? >> it is it is still not clear if allison hoffman was driving drunk. the 36-year-old now admits she was behind the wheel when tow truck operator, was struck and killed. the question for state lawmakers from coworkers and relatives, why was hoffman, with three previous dui arrests even on the road ? >> >> you guys are the ones that allowed him to die because with her record she should of been put away a long time ago. >> we put the issue to state representative sponsoring house bill 555 that would mandate interlock devices be installed on the vehicles of even first time dui offenders. >> wise it we do not have laws that have sharper teeth ? >> by the filing of this bill i'm suggesting we should. >> he calls the bill and move in the right direction. eventually he eventually he would like to see tougher laws


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