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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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facing a tougher penalty. >> we are digging deeper asking lawmakers what needs to be changed ? >> it is it is still not clear if allison hoffman was driving drunk. the 36-year-old now admits she was behind the wheel when tow truck operator, was struck and killed. the question for state lawmakers from coworkers and relatives, why was hoffman, with three previous dui arrests even on the road ? >> >> you guys are the ones that allowed him to die because with her record she should of been put away a long time ago. >> we put the issue to state representative sponsoring house bill 555 that would mandate interlock devices be installed on the vehicles of even first time dui offenders. >> wise it we do not have laws that have sharper teeth ? >> by the filing of this bill i'm suggesting we should. >> he calls the bill and move in the right direction. eventually he eventually he would like to see tougher laws
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colleagues are reluctant to pass >> again, this bill is one step towards that. >> this week 32-year-old whitney beall of lakeland two bill of lakeland to broadcast yourself driving drunk using an apt, periscope plea bargained for no jail time, one year probation plus community service. her drivers license reinstated in just six months. but in the court of public opinion ... >> the fact she was broadcast herself was not real smart it's out there forever. >> representative places if you're frustrated by floors dui laws let your representative know it and hold them accountable. his legislation he said is the only proposed law during this current legislative session that would strengthen florida's dui law. >> there's more to this story. it's not just about drinking and driving, it's about distracted driving. remember, the tow remember, the tow truck association showed up at allison's court appearance
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attention so that normal people responding to emergencies don't get hurt or killed. >> weatherby law enforcement or fire rescue or ems, or even a towing operator, people have to pay attention. i mean at two am there is no way you could have missed the lights on the top of that truck >> there is something you can do to save lives. if you find the driver you danger , call the florida highway patrol. it is is easy to do stop and dial *-asterisk 347. it is your choice, 2016 it could be the biggest driver election the state of florida has ever seen. today was the last day to vote in the presidential primary and now more than ever people are registering as democratic or republican so they can have a say. energy surrounding this consequences for florida. >> take take a look at these
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who now have a party since january 1. in hillsboro county there have been about 1700 the switch to be a republican republican and democrat. in pinellas about 2700 unaffiliated voters now have a party. in pascoe county about 1300 switched to be part of a party to vote. and that is just a few of the counties in our viewing area. we are talking tens of thousands in tampa bay and more throughout the state taking a choice to take part in the presidential primary. that is bucking the trend we have seen for years now. voters say goodbye to their parties and registering with no party or independent. so what gives? >> that goes clearly to the fact that voters are engaged and there has been a definitive bars around this presidential primary. >> a big part of that pushed, donald trump and bernie sanders forcing people who wouldn't
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pick a side and get in the game. >> in the primary the higher the turnout the better for sanders, the better for trump. >> . >> the florida supervisor of election association president said he thinks the trend is going republican by a hair. it seems to be predominant were more are switching to republican more than not. >> another reason nonaffiliated voters and independents are getting in the game now, the death of supreme court justice, tran4. >> what this will do is cause one of the greatest turnout elections in our lifetime. >> vocal your seatbelts for what is sure to be an interesting ride. >> you know our primary is march 15 at the candidates are trying to win several other states before this. south carolina's republican primary is set for this saturday. the nevada caucuses are also coming up. and then on march 1 it is super tuesday when 14 states will take off. we want to help you make an informed decision. you can find can find biographies on each
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their wtsp .com is click politics. dangerous weather move through the state overnight bringing rain, wind, and tornadoes to the panhandle and south florida. the national weather service says a tornado crossed the state line from the escambia county to alabama damaging or destroying 50 homes. the sheriffs deputy saw the twister uproot an entire pine tree in front of his patrol car. the storms cost is three minor injuries. in dade county wins from a possible possible tornado were so strong they took to semi over on i-95. the weather services gusts were at 65 miles an hour and all that during morning rush hour. in pompano beach the winds ripped roofs off of a warehouse
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with a good your street. a highway expansion with tough opposition is under scrutiny in tampa. it's a plan for part of i to 75 through tampa to cut congestion. but it comes comes at a price. about 100 homes will have to be locked up by the state, and expressway. tonight communities are getting a closer look at how the project would affect neighborhoods. a milestone in the relationship between the us and cuba, and it could benefit you. this morning the country signed an agreement that jumps starts commercial flights for the first time in decades, and opens the door for dozens of flights to havana for a day. it is an announcement that got some airlines clamoring for a cut of this business. dion is taking a closer look at some of the big players. >> this is a big deal because it means airlines can start bidding on routes for more than
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is more than five times the current number. this is to win those interested. american airlines plans to bid on routes from miami and other airports while aa is offering charter flights to cuba since 1991. jet blue airways wants to offer service between multiple cities in the us and cuba and already offers charter service out of tampa, ft. lauderdale, and new york. spirit and delta, not to mention they want to apply for flights and southwest also says they are interested. we were with congresswoman kathy castor and she let a trip on saturday in sarasota county the school board is taking on new territory, equal rights for chair transgender students. the discussion was was generated by student from pineview school. nate quinn, a transgender boy one of the right to use the boys bathroom. he's now fighting for all transgender students have equal rights in school facilities like locker rooms and dress codes. in the end, the board decided to continue to handle transgender students requests individually and not set a policy.
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the school board and try to get something changed for the future. >> the board has agreed to learn more about transgender issues and wait for court cases to be resolved before moving forward. and polk county in lakeland police need your help honoring officers who gave up everything to keep you safe. according to our partners at the ledger the department launched a fundraising campaign in december with a goal to raise $300,000 to hold a memorial. so far they've raised about $50,000. the lakeland police are counting on your generosity to create an everlasting remembrance, which is more important now than ever before. >> that has become very evident in the last two or three weeks where we have lost in this country another eight police officers who have died in the line of duty. >> police hope to have the memorial finished by december to commemorate five years since the shooting death of an officer.
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the city's mayor swore and melanie bevin , the new police chief comes from the st. pete police department where she was an assistant chief. the new chief will not live in brayton for a while. she has two has two sons that she does not want to move until the previous chief retired. new information on the proposed school boundary change the district is tweaking a proposal to reassign students from one elementary to three other schools. a portion of that plan will be put on hold until next year. students that would've been stay at that school. the boundary change was originally proposed to balance out school enrollment in a the plan still needs board approval. us congressman, david jolly is pushing to take a florida it would require all gas stations to place a take a number on each card. that way way when a driver with
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easily call for assistance. in 2011, hillsboro county was in 2014 florida was the first thousand 14 florida was the first and only state in the country to adopt the program. spring break is almost here and summer is inching even closer. >> if you are looking for a vacation rental to get away the three things you need to know before handing over your money.
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will consumer alert for anyone planning to do some traveling. >> the beach rental you find online may not be the real deal. ted news reporter, jenny dean has the three things you need to do to make sure you get what you pay for. >> do a quick search of craigslist and find dozens of vacation rentals right here in the bay area and they look like great deals. but are they ? >> >> from january through june i see anywhere from 15 - 30 cases a month. >> detectives say criminals will post vacation rentals using pictures from legitimate websites per day take your deposit and you shall to start your trip only find that you've
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>> of two suspects right now via email they are trying to get me to send thousands of dollars one to ohio and another to oklahoma. so so they will do bank transfers. >> clearwater detective, back rob lazzaro regularly goes online to try to catch these crooks per but there are too many and it is too easy to set up. he said there are three things you can do to make sure the rental is legit. one use a local realtor who knows the area. and get the address of the rental go online to find the owner call for yourself before sending any money. and three, if it is a condo call the management company to verify there are short-term rentals. if you are you are local, booking a staycation detective lazzaro says their nose no reason you should fall for these misleading ads. >> i would deftly go check the building out or have someone may be a relative lives close by. >> finally for seems too too good to be true, it is. there's no way you're going to get a four bedroom, 5000 square-
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beach for $200 a night. >> it's like that old saying, if it sounds too good ... if you think you have already been ripped off contact the federal trade commission and if you have wired the money in the process call the company that sent your payment. if the money has not been elected you could possibly get it back. absolutely gorgeous. >> it just want model today. >> >> can you bottle? >> i do >> i like the way you think. >> at the path of those early- morning storms that woke a lot of you up. with a beautiful start to the evening. 72 in polk city, 75 in sebring as we wish you good evening of course storm tracker tend is
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around 68 in early-morning storms. around 60 in crystal river, 64 in sarasota. storm tracker tend is quiet now that we were definitely watching things very closely last night, just from the storms that woke you up. bobby and i were in your tracking a rotating storm for three hours last night in the golf coming onshore. our hope is that by the time you hit the really cool waters on the beach is that it would let up a little bit and that is exactly what happened. but had things not done that, southern pinellas county could've been in some real trouble around three am-4 am. 4:00 a.m. but thankfully that's what player for us. we are tornadoes around miami, tornado warning in brevard county and also it confirmed tornadoes in century florida. yes, it was noisy but at the most, wind gusts were around 50 miles an hour on the sky tend network through that is below an hour.
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it wasn't on the weekend for me got over -- over an inch in avon park could've made for some good sleeping weather for others it was a little too too noisy for a lot of us with all that funder pretty nice thing about this is we get some water on the lawns and the plants and the dry season is always a win this time of year. now you can see the beautiful glow of the sunset here in downtown st. pete we start the evening in the low 60s and cool off a degree or two from where we are for the next hour or so. 50s the rest of the evening mid to late evening and we will bring in a little drier air hour by hour overnight. the one difference i have for you in the days ahead, at least the next couple of mornings it will be a little colder than what we have seen the last few mornings. there's no where we haven't already been this winter but i want to give you a heads up if you are up early daybreak hours
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or sweater to get out the door. 44 wesley chapel, 46 in dade city, 49 in sefton are but most of the in software but most of the tampa suburbs, riverview, new tampa, carol would 51 , 520 will be more common. st. pete will start around 54 low 50s brayton, sarasota and look for 40s around lakeland, polk city and auburndale. as soon as the sun comes up the heat follows right behind it with light winds. a phenomenal wednesday in the low 70s for high temperatures. and why not keep that rolling. thursday and friday , the morning is a little crisp and cool the next three days. each afternoon gets a little warmer. then the seven-day forecast, that is right about were a lot of you would like to be in mid to late february. 76 on saturday, 77 on sunday. next storm system we are tracking for morning and midday tuesday. but until then up for february, can we make it any better for you ? >> you have a bestseller on your hands.
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see you in a few days.
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this is how tight it has gotten. the bolts are tied with pittsburgh for the last playoff spot in the east. at. at the same time there just three points out of second place.
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trade talk about stephen santos for the next two weeks. it will be good for the players not to have that talk in the room. and to his credit, he has been accommodating to all of us through this. he said himself he has been as professional as he can be. >> that is all i can ask my for is to come into the rink every day and try to prepare myself to help their team win. obviously i feel like i have more to give and want to do you know now maybe this helps bridge is coming to the rink and focusing on my game and what i have to do to leave this team and help this team and continue our plan to push. >> professionalism i like that. . to raise opener 19 spring training on sunday with the first day of workouts for pitchers and catchers. but we couldn't wait. >> i try not to use your get because sometimes when you simply use my gut it comes off as being unprepared. so i'd rather just be as prepared as possible.
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on-one with 10 sports chris fisher and they talk about managing, analytics, and all of those off-season trades and free agent signing tonight at 11 pm on 10 news tran1. a very odd injury wtsp. a very odd injury other girls basketball game in wisconsin. a four teen -year-old eighth- grader is going to be okay after a peace of wood from the floor and lodged inside her after she fell. she went sliding on the floor. that was a peace of wood. the wood plank split, a peace of that was sticking up and she caught it. it did not it did not hit any internal organs, and she should be laying basketball very soon. ouch. a lakeland police officer has a special bond with a boy with a disability. he called zachary coburn a brother from another mother. zach said he is bullied at school by quote unquote the cool kids. so so officer preston chapman took him under his wing. now they go to sporting events
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of the lakeland swat team. >> he gave me this squad shirt and a badge this says special tactical weapons. >> preston has been such a blessing to our family. he's helped zach build his confidence a realize what a special young man he is. >> he's so happy to be at the police department, i couldn't not smile. >> sometimes you just need a friend and a mentor. the city recently honored the pair. the best part is zach said he's no longer bullied at school, he is now the cool kid. >> it's good it's good to have
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>> pelley: an election prediction from president obama. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> pelley: also tonight, violent weather in the south, including a tornado on an interstate. >> it was, basically, like the "twister" movie. >> pelley: extreme weather is being fueled by el nino, and tonight we'll look at the effects from the u.s. to africa, where millions are threatened with famine. >> people haven't been able to survive. >> pelley: and it's show time for america's top dogs.


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