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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> good afternoon, and thanks for joining us. developing right now, the pinellas county 911 system is down. the saint pete communication center is serving as a backup. the county system is down due
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and dispatch calls are being routed through saint pete police. the are told that 911 operators are answering those incoming 911 calls. even with the extra operators, we are told there could be a delay in some response times. we just got off the phone with cp police and they tell us that the tarpon springs and key largo areas are having problems as well. a loaded gun went off, and deputy say a step member found the abandoned gun before school started this morning. they secured the weapon and in the process, the gun went off. and federal investigators said they are missing key evidence
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bernardino health facility. bernardino health facility. the fbi has asked him bolt help decrypt the cell phone of one of the attackers, but apple says it plans to buy the judge's order. >> federal investigators say they carefully planned of their bloody rampage, but the couple's whereabouts leading up to the attack into they spoke to remains a mystery. >> we still have one of those killers phones that we have not been able to open. it has been over two months and we are still working on it. >> federal judge has ordered apple to help the fbi hack into another the shooters' encrypted iphone. >> apple would have to figure out a way to disable the feature so that investigators could try an unlimited amount of passcodes to mock the phone. >> in an online letter to its customers, apple ceo tim cook says the us government has asked us for something that we simply do not have.
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consider too dangerous to create. they explain the program in a 60 minute interview with charlie roads last year. >> the reality is if you put the back door in, the good day is for good guys and bad days. >> pope francis will become the us/mexico border. blessed two months preparing for the holies father's historic visit. >> pope francis will celebrate mass before hundreds of today, about 50 >> the plan is that after the mass, he will walk up and offer a personal prayer for the migrants. >> on tuesday, the pope
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they person pulled his rope so hard, the pope told the person twice not to be selfish. earlier the pope addressed 45,000 young people in morelia. the pope says he knows it's hard for the youth to feel valued when they have lost so many loved ones to drug violence. >> but not everyone is happy that the pope is here, some call his visit a diversion. >> and they think the money should be in other areas. >> the hashtag i don't want the pope to come has appeared on twitter. the estimated 21 million spent for his visit should go to education, health and employment.
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whereas, mexico, this afternoon. the tarmac. it just landed a few moments ago and whereas, just south of el paso, texas. this is the final part of his five-day trip to mexico, and he is set to leave in just the couple of hours. and they will have a live feed set up there this afternoon as well. >> people are arriving in tallahassee to take a stand against the anti- immigration bill. the bills attempt to have a final order of deportation. and they message of this afternoon in the area, how prepared are you if a tornado or two hit for home? the emergency management announced new initiatives.
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donated and officials say that hopefully it will help residents get to a safe place before tornadoes hit. >> it gives them up to date information about what is going on, and that is more quickly than even our other notifications in our system. >> and while one weather radio for the community it is a good enough? >> don't forget, you can also download our free 10news app. you can also send out weather updates and alerts, check live radar and search for updates. the owner of the texas ranch where it supreme court found dead saturday is clarifying how he found the body after several conspiracy
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into high gear after the owner told investigators that he had a pillow over his head. it was over his head, but not over his face as some have been saying. it went on to say that pillow was resting against the headboard. three days now until the state's primary, and republican presidential candidates are focusing on south carolina. craig boswell is in boston, south carolina, with more. >> donald trump answered questions before 500 invited guests and offered his, get out and vote, message. >> it doesn't matter who you are voting for, just go out and vote. >> the latest quinnipiac poll shows trump ahead to-one over marco rubio and had crews. in buford, rubio calls for the party to unite behind one candidate. >> if we are still fighting each other in september, we lose.
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some of us to be able to bring it together. >> the furthest behind is jeb bush, holding three town hall meetings today trying to win over south carolina voters. >> who has leadership skills i have been tested to make sure that you know that the person has a steady hand to be able to deal with challenges going forward. >> ted cruz, go rubio and ben carson will face off in a town hall tonight with jeb bush, donald trump and others tomorrow. >> two planes collided on a taxiway at the detroit metro airport. a southwest jet and an american airlines plane clipped each other while taxing. no one was hurt, but the southwest jet has been taken out of service. potholes are costing drivers cross-country about $3
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that's because repairs to cars that are damage from running over holes in the road. a big promise from the council, education majors are turning around failing schools. we found out what is being done to turn around the worst school in the district. >> the rally here at melrose elementary is meant not just to inspire the teachers and the parents but also the kids. every kid got a new book to take home today, to look at and read with their parents. >> give yourselves and shout for being here. >> across the country, schools are celebrating a day of action and the hopeless kids will see how much the parents, teachers and community leaders care about them and to inspire those kids
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>> we need to invest in our future. >> the union president and councilman both agree, while everyone is pitching in to help the struggling schools, we as a community are not doing enough. >> the time for pointing fingers and casting blame has passed. now it is time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. >> over the next couple years, the school will be rebuilt. the idea is, once the school was brought back up to speed and the test scores go up, the community is really going to be proud of the school. about an hour and half, we will find out who in florida one an historic one and half million dollar powerball jackpot. the winning ticket was sold in january at this melbourne beach publix. the lottery says several
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we will stream that live on our website, but you can also see it by downloading our free 10news app. coming up on 10news at noon -- >> nothing could prepare me for the truth that has now risen. >> the story of jesus is back on the big screen, and this time the story is told through the eyes of a nonbeliever. tour mac [indiscernible] and first in health news, popular prescription drug for teenagers is sending more and more people to the hospital. and, we have another bright and sunny day across the area. the pattern is still in place but i am tracking some big
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>> with the health alert this afternoon, for you and anyone prescription drug adderall, use of the stimulant and er visits are up dramatically among young researchers found the problem is mainly in 18 to 25 -year-old who took adderall without it prescription after getting the drug from family and friends. a big screen staple for hundreds of years and, with risen in theaters friday, it's putting a different spin through the eyes of a nonbeliever. >> when the messiah comes, rome will be nothing. >> that's of joseph fiennes looking all tradition and roman as the warrior clay flavius. he also announced he would be
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upcoming film. but there will be no moonwalking here in risen, the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of jesus. >> the body has vanished. >> there's was appointed which it was sitting there and drinking of slurpee and eating about seven or the or something and thinking, what is going on on the screen? is that proper? >> it is a different moviegoing experience. >> yes, but i think it's entertainment. and you are allowed that. take things away whether you are able we are, or nonbeliever. >> it follows this sort of
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body of the man who was crucified, and then was placed inside. >> i remember going to see mel gibson's passion of the christ, some elements. do you think the viewers are coming to the movie with a different purpose? >> well, if any films have dealt with so much, and there is an enlightenment, and there is a quality of the film that leaves you on i think they contemplated note but much happier and higher. >> good afternoon. we are off to a great, gorgeous
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look out over tampa bay downs. other areas, you can't even find that. wall-to-wall sunshine out there with the passage of frontal boundary earlier in the week, that is now long gone and we are pretty quiet across much of the south. florida. so some high clouds will continue to stream in and we will having west-northwest the coast, slightly cooler temperatures that we are seeing inland, but not by much. we are more consistent today. 65 in newport richie, new port richey, 70 degrees in tampa. the reason we stayed cool along the coast yesterday, those westerly winds were pulling in that modified air. inland, we were getting more sunshine because of this, because of less cloud cover,
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that as time to modify as well. >> by 4:00, we are right around 70 degrees in tampa, but we cool off quickly once again during the overnight hours. so keep that in mind that we will warm up nicely but cool down quickly once again. 68 in homosassa springs, 72 near davis island, and we will get an extra degree or two out of this. so just gorgeous across the board, good excuses to get outside. the wind will be light as well, so if you have a light lunch as well, you're napkins will get blown all over the place. and notice how light the wind is stays even through the overnight hours tonight, but mostly clear skies allow temperatures to drop off quickly. noticed low 50's once again in the forecast as you are heading out the door tomorrow. now if you want to look at for
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gasparilla distance classic. runners will start off with temperatures in the upper 50's, and we can basically copy and paste our forecast for the half marathon and a katie coming this weekend. we will track our next storm system, and we are going to state dry through monday, temperatures warming up over the next circle days. thursday morning is a cool start, and that is when our driest air filters in. we see those overnight lows filter in, and a nice dry stretch after storms role in the next tuesday and wednesday. >> busch gardens newest ride is
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will tell you what it looks like today. and we have that new survivor kicking off tonight at 8:00, followed by the big bang theory at 9:30 p.m., code black at 10:00 p.m. and the tonight show includes
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tonight is the night, season 32 of survivor kicks off promising to be the fiercest show yet. stephanie webb talks to the survivor host about what makes the season so unique and have so much staying power. >> in the very beginning, the year 2000, was watching humans behave. we wrapped it around they really cool game, and it's super fun to watch the strategy and at its course, survivor is still a game about humans having to interact each with
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each other and do so in no away that people can win. >> it is a 90 minute the soda. the wait is almost over, at bush gardens, for theme park and dizziness. we got a behind the scenes look on the work at cobra's curse. >> we are combining family thrills with stories of legends, animals and historical presidents to create an attraction that we have never seen here before at the park. >> the right puts guests great in the middle of a mysterious egyptian archaeological adventure. it has a 70-foot vertical lift just like an elevator. there is also, we are told, live snakes. >> i'm out, i was right there with you until the end, but i'm
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>> you wouldn't be that close. >> they know. >> busch gardens will not say
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>> dylan: patty wanted to warn me. that's why she broke out of fairview the night of the fire. she wanted to warn me. and when i asked her what it was that she wanted to tell me, if it had something to do with why she killed dr. anderson -- >> paul: d-dylan, look, i appreciate you looking for some reasonable explanation for what happened. but patty's beyond reason. she's beyond logic. she doesn't even remember being in dr. anderson's office. >> dylan: okay. all right. but if patty had a reason to be worried or frightened -- >> paul: she's always frightened. listen, her mind, her brain, has been attacking her for years, torturing her, turning her in to this person who does these


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