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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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getting ready for the start of school. you can only imagine how dangerous it could have been. with even scarier, a staff member accidentally fired the gun before telling the school resource officer. casey is getting answers about what the district is now doing to make sure that this does not happen again. >> you don't dig it will happen at an elementary school so, it was a shock. >> parents are concerned after learning a loaded gun was found on the campus of rock crusher elementary. >> a parent first spotted the weapon during the morning ymca drop off right around here. she notified staff, and then a custodian came and secure the gun thinking it was a pellet gun. >> he's fired one shot into the ground. >> dangerously close to massive fuel tanks.
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detectives believe it was likely someone who owned the gun legally but asked atlee dropped it while coming and going from school. >> we are trying to see who exactly left the gun. >> citrus school says all campuses are gun free zones and there will be district wide handling of the future of the gun. >> and parents and staff are just think, one was hurt. >> we just got this update from the citrus county sheriff's office. they have found the owner of the gun and they tell us, he is the dad of a student at the school and he does have a concealed carry permit. and in no criminal history. he didn't realize the gun had fallen out of his shorts
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so far, no charges have been filed but the case has been handed over to the states attorneys office. and remember, this is a good time to talk with your children about gun safety. posted a link to help you out. panola penalty county after a glitch shutdown the 911 system. called had to be rerouted to the call center at the st. petersburg police department. the counties had seven of its own dispatchers to the police calls. the problem was traced back to a software upgrade. even so, the problem was just the latest in the series of issues plaguing the pinellas call center. eric lasser is digging deeper into those problems tonight, all new at 6:00. one of the big stories across the country, the battle between the us us government and the massive company behind this, the iphone. several investigators are
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about the san bernardino terror attacks from one of the suspects phones. at first, that sounds like something apple would want to cooperate with tim cook is looking at a much bigger picture. he wrote an 1100 word letter to all apple customers, asking you if you own one of their phones, laptops, ipads or ipods, he explains that the us government has demanded apple taken unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. the opposed this order which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand. mark albers shows you why the suspects want to search through the phone and that could expose your information. >> investigator say the two carefully planned their bloody rampage which killed 14 people in san bernardino, but the couple's whereabouts leading up to the attacks and who they spoke to remain a mystery. >> we still have on one phone that we have not been able to open.
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we are still working on it. >> now if federal judge has ordered apple to help the fbi back into one of the shooters encrypted iphones. >> every iphone has an optional auto erase feature that would erase the phone if there were too many incorrect passwords entered. apple would have to figure out a way to disable that feature. in on all my letter to its customers, apple ceo tim cook says, the us government has asked us for something that we simply do not have and something we consider too dangerous to create. they want access to build it back door to the iphone. he explains the problem in 860 minutes interview with charlie rose last year. >> the reality is, if you put a backdoor in, that backdoor is for everybody. good guys and bad guys. and here's another reason why
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digital experts say it raises questions about who can make this kind of demand. if the us government can force apple to do this, then why can't the chinese or russian government? there is an article that every apple user should read and it explains why breaking into an iphone is such a big deal. you can find it on our website right here at, the link is on the homepage. new tonight, we are hearing the phone call that tipped police off to the woman accused of hitting and killing a toe truck operator, howard frankland bridge. police started looking for allison hoffman when she went to a friends apartment. and he didn't want her around. she took her car and she hit someone. she was on the news, she hit someone and left. >> that guy told investigators that have been mentioned a crash when she got to his apartment.
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away after the crash because she was scared to huffman is behind bars and palace on us $750,000 bond. at some point she will be transferred to hillsborough are that crash happened. >> a new poll shows which candidates are pulling ahead with some important races coming up. donald trump and her clinton are leading their respective parties. and the republican primary is saturday, the democratic primary is one week later. he is in dominating and he pulls but jeb bush is hot on the web tonight. you have probably seen this all over the place today. it is a picture of a monogrammed gun. bush tweeted this out to his supporters, what it means. >> it seems like desperation right now to play to the party one last time. he's trying to play to the republican segment that is pro-
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to play for any votes that he can get. >> the twitter verse got pretty creative with this one. this is the original, but take it look at this, mashable having some fun and changing the monogram, because of what he said in a rally at his audience. also some big names, edward snowden saying, delete your account, and other users tweeting contacts at the florida governor. and another user having some fun thing, also ran, instead of the governor's name. and this last one, political expert doctor laura after tells us it could be the last ditch effort. >> it's one constituency to try to get that segment of the voters of south carolina to pay attention to him and support him in the high marry. i think there is also a little
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donald trump hasn't really relegated him to be weak and low energy, and of course, showing a gun, that is to show strength and it was was his one last effort to show he was a strong contender. >> he's averaging only about 10% in south carolina with donald trump ahead of everyone else, bye 17 points at 35%. >> more of the political creativity, had to our website, >> confusing and lingering questions about the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. some wild speculation and even some conspiracy theory. skeptics including donald trump want to know why the judge was declared dead over the phone. that is legal in texas. but experts say an autopsy could have put lots of those questions to rest.
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that death is a homicide until your investigation proves otherwise. if the death scene was handled in eight appropriate manner, we wouldn't be having this discussion. be mac he kept his health issues private. president obama is visiting the supreme court on friday to take his respects. the white house says vice president biden will attend the funeral on saturday. >> finally we have an answer to who hit the massive powerball jackpot right here in florida. >> first when he brought the ticket to me and said, are you messing with me? what are you doing? and i knew they were my numbers. and i ran and looked online to make sure they were correct, and we didn't believe it. >> it's hard to believe. maureen smith and david schmidt said they have lost sleep sensei found out they won.
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maureen but the ticket, and they chose that lump sum payout of almost $328 million. the couple waited more than a month to come forward, but they are not alone. they might be taking their time. and and it kind of rot back memories of the war and stuff. >> the question that this merino was asked before he was beaten and robbed. and, you put your trust in their hands, but wait until you hear investigator say that a florida teenager posed as a doctor, and even saw patience. >> you must be loving that afternoon out there. beautiful in the wesley toyota chapel sky ten network.
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staying on top of breaking news in largo, two eastbound lanes of owens and road near belcher remain closed right now because of a crash. deputies tell us five cars are involved and that includes an unmarked deputy cruiser. still trying to hear if anyone
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having to use the emergency lane. >> and it teenager accused of posing as a doctor is out of jail. the story is just wild. >> an 18 -year-old was caught at a medical center in west palm beach when he gave in under cover agent a physical, and even medical advice. alki love robinson had that office where he was seeing patients, and even her website set up. he bonded out of jail this morning and it this is the first time love robinson got caught playing doctor. last are laster you was cited an investigative or wandering the halls of another hospital wearing a lab coat and stethoscope. his grandfather, a pastor, says love robinson has good intentions. >> i want everyone to pay -- pray for him. he's sick right now, he has
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>> but this is a good reminder to do your research. if you suspect anything strange, it is easy to verify a doctor's license and do a background check. we have that link at, just click the scene on tv section. break. >> can we do field trip outside. >> it is kind of an accurate description, so it's heavenly. the sky ten network, you can see, i love it, from the intercoastal, looking gorgeous tonight. temperatures in the mid- 70s for us in the ring, lake wales and closer to the gulf waters which
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upper 50's to the low 60's, by the beaches and obey. mid- 60's, crystal river, newport richie, and as we zoom into the tampa and bay area, 56 around the clearwater to the tarpon springs area, review 69, same for downtown saint pete. we are 71 in panels park. the wednesday planner for the evening, thumbs-up, friends. light winds, clear skies, seasonal temperatures and absolutely beautiful. we are looking for a chance of patchy fog in the middle of the state, but not as widespread as we had this morning. temperatures will be cool again first thing in the morning. 43 and crystal river, 48 in newport richie and has we take a look around riverview, upper 40s in
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corridor, 50 in plant city and 51 in largo. 50 and lakewood ranch, 51 in sarasota and upper 40s over the heartland in the middle of the state. so a chill in the first thing in the morning, not unlike today, give it about two hours and will start to rebound by midmorning pretty rapidly. headed into the low 70s, look for the northeast wind tomorrow to be just a little bit stronger than today. not a huge difference but a little bit of a heads-up, especially if you are by the water or the wind affects your plans. two to 12 miles per hour will be the pocket, nothing that's much of a problem but we will notice it more tomorrow. highs in the low and mid 20's, and light to moderate chop with offshore waves at the peak, to to three. but much of it will be flat to around two to 3 feet. high tide will come in shortly after lunchtime, around 1:17 p.m. low tide about 4:18 p.m.
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the hair cast, it is a day to talk about amazing hair. low dew points, light winds, no chance of rain. now, go rocket, ladies. and guys. we still have red tide going on around some of the sarasota tennessee beaches, but if you wanted to make it a beach day, it looks wonderful. water temperatures around 60 degrees mark, and while the next couple mornings are crisp and cool, the afternoons are right where we should be this time of year, 53 degrees for the next couple days. the weekend is warmer in the mid- 70s, and we are still tracking the next system. it's looking later today which would mean tuesday night into keep tracking that system, and of course any of those morning ahead.
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on the go, you can get it for free. >> incredible new video as tornadoes touched down in south florida. i'm reginald rountree. all new on 10news at 5:30 p.m., the rare a driver caught this video of a massive storm creeping towards a major highway. >> they controversial homework assignment at a sarasota elementary school starts debate after one parent complaints. she overreacted? >> tonight, everyone is getting the red carpet treatment. i'm on the road in safety harbor where a very special group of people is going to their first palm ever. >> those stories and more coming up next on 10news at 5:30 p.m.
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something to watch for tonight on cbs and it 10news, the season premiere of survivor. this one is promising to be the fiercest yet. 70 web talks to the host about what makes this season so unique and where survivor gets its staying power after 32 seasons. >> in the very beginning, in the year 2000 was watching humans behave. erupted around a very cool game and it's super fun to watch the strategy and idle and blindsided. but added core, survivor is still a game about humans having to interact together, rely on each other and build
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and doing so in eight way that people the people you vote out will come back and vote for you tonight. >> don't miss the premiere tonight at 8:00, it is a 90 minute shows so be sure to adjust your dvr. and here's look at what else is coming up tonight. after the premiere of survivor at eight, the have the big thing. 9:30p.m. and black at ten. then join us for 10news at 11. a wild story out of houston, texas. a $1500 student loan came back to haunt a man nearly 30 years later. a group of us marshals showed up at his house last week, through him on the ground and hold them off to jail. all from a debt from 1987. >> so much firepower to announce to someone that you owe a debt, not a huge debt, just a debt of
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i was accosted like i was a criminal. >> the man claims it has been years since he heard anything about the lawn but the us marshals service says they have been trying to get him to come to court since 2012 and that is why they arrested him, his refusal to show. just ahead, a degrees marine talks about a violent attack. why he says a group of teenagers taunted him and then started throwing punches. >> and emergency officials
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should
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of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pn >> good evening. i'm courtney robinson. >> i'm reginald rountree. we are staying on top of
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your drive home. take a it look, sky ten just flew over arlington road in largo, and the eastbound lanes are closed, so that is tying up traffic through that immediate area. one of the five cars involved in the crash is an unmarked pinellas county deputy cruiser, according to the sheriffs office. no word on any injuries, but rescue crews have been sent to the scene. no drivers are using the emergency lane to get around that crash, and we will let you know on air and online at when those liens may reopen. >> three more big stories happening right now, a car bombing in turkey's capital killed at least 20 people and wounded 61 others. they have strongly condemned the terrorist attacks. plumes of smoke could be seen close to the headquarters of the turkish military and of the parliament. >> the pope is finishing up his trip in mexico, and whereas,


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