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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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your drive home. take a it look, sky ten just flew over arlington road in largo, and the eastbound lanes are closed, so that is tying up traffic through that immediate area. one of the five cars involved in the crash is an unmarked pinellas county deputy cruiser, according to the sheriffs office. no word on any injuries, but rescue crews have been sent to the scene. no drivers are using the emergency lane to get around that crash, and we will let you know on air and online at when those liens may reopen. >> three more big stories happening right now, a car bombing in turkey's capital killed at least 20 people and wounded 61 others. they have strongly condemned the terrorist attacks. plumes of smoke could be seen close to the headquarters of the turkish military and of the parliament. >> the pope is finishing up his trip in mexico, and whereas,
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he sold reading mass and showing support for migrants before he returns to italy. the mac if you travel to countries where the zika of virus is active, efta says do not donate blood. the agency wants to protect the blood supply from the mosquito borne virus. there are now 22 zika cases in florida, including anyone in brevard county. >> a story that will get you fired up. police in washington dc are looking for at least four people who beat up and robbed a marine. christopher marquez served our country for a years. take it look. marquez is the marine on the left, and the no man (-left- parenthesis statue at camp lejeune and camp pendleton. he and another marine was there lives to save 18 reader during an intense battle with
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for his heroic actions. now fast-forward to last friday night. he was eating at a washington group of rowdy teenagers came up and started taunting him. >> they asked me if i believed that black lives mattered. i felt threatened and thought they were trying to intimidate me, so i thought i would just eat my food and hopefully they will leave me alone. because i didn't respond, they call me racist. >> marquez has a hard time remember what happened next, but the manager of mcdonald says it was caught on surveillance video. one member of that rowdy group hit him in the back of his head when he got up to leave. >> i got the sharp pain going straight down my face, and i haven't really slept since it happened. i just want them to get caught, especially if they they are doing this two other people. >> how do you do this to a
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investigator say the suspects took his wallet and it cards which they use right after the attack. marquez says he can't believe this would happen to him at home on us soil, after everything that he went through for us in iraq. >> new video tonight from the moment that multiple tornadoes hit south florida. the national weather service now says a third tornado hit near north miami-dade. one driver capture the video, or the tornado forming along the road in pompano beach. the 3-mile wide twister tossed debris onto cars. in miramar, you can see the wind and rain right here destroying potted plants and tree limbs. the guard gate arm for a gated community was ripped out. >> it was just last month when a couple died when a tornado hit me to manatee county.
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phone alert until ten minutes after the storm had already torn apart their home. >> we had a little warning, and that was better than none. we got in the closet and that was like the most helpless feeling in the world. >> weather radios are much more reliable in a storm. this is kicking off open to keep you safe the next time severe weather hits. emergency officials were passing out free weather radios to mobile home communities. jennifer titus shows you why people who live their say it still not enough. >> emergency officials can't stress enough the importance of one of these. >> and then you would have that specific information from the weather event. >> a weather radio. >> the weather radios were
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layer of notification to people who live in manufactured housing and mobile home parks. >> one was given to each manager or homeowners association president. >> these that is enough for the residents? >> no, i don't do get has time enough to warn us. >> but people living in these communities say one radio for an entire park that includes 200 homes is not enough. >> we have people way back in the corner, and by the time he gets to them, i don't think it is enough. it probably would be better if they had the old-style large horns, the warning sirens. >> while officials say they can't afford weather radios for everyone, this is at least a start. >> they are absolutely right. if everyone owned it weather
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>> if you can't afford it, officials urge you to download our 10news weather app is absolutely free and warns you when weather is coming. >> any emergency room has been bets. crews found small that's living in the ceiling and walls of this east texas hospital and they wildlife expert's tried to figure how to get rid of them and how they got inside. parts of the hospital are closed off and him builds us will be diverted for the next couple weeks. the hospital is about 20 minute drive. >> tim >> tim tebow made a lot of people smile.
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the first time for her makeup. the first time for her hair. >> dance all night. >> this night to shine is about a lot of first. >> it started to any special needs person ages 18 and up, it's meant to give abram night that they will never forget. >> harborside christian church is one of several churches to host a problem friday night complete with dresses, limos and paparazzi, all for eight group of people who had never seen anything like it before. >> what are you here for? >> for the problem. >> you go with a boy. >> i hope you are having the best night. why? because this night is about you. >> the foundation organize all of this. his night to shine event
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success in just 44 location one year ago. everyone participating had a disability. >> she went to a special school that didn't have prom. so this is her first one at age 22. >> it seems like sometimes the special needs community can be forgot, tonight they know they will be loved on and taken care of, and they are just grateful. >> on valentine's day weekend, the special needs group got the message loud and clear. >> dance the night away, and god bless you. >> how nice is that? harborside christian, i've been there for services before. it is wonderful. >> those guys were looking sharp, the ladies looked lovely.
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400 simultaneous problems. the mac proms. >> our parents reading too much into their kids to school assignments? plus, why a spring breaker star could face jail time after a romantic getaway. >> another gorgeous evening in the works, and temperatures dropping quickly. once the sun sets, dry air will be even cooler.
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we've been staying on top of, he spelled lanes are back open after a crash involving a car there. no word on any injuries, but emergency crews were headed to the scene. >> the colorado woman who had her unborn baby cut from her womb testified in court against the woman who she says attacked her. dina lane lord leeward her into her home with a craigslist ad for maternity close. the captain of the alfaro shifted not send out any warnings about the hurricane.
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killing 33 member crewmembers. the fbi is still processing the scene of a standoff that went on for weeks in oregon. they found firearms and exposes. and actress vanessa hudgins and her boyfriend austin butler are in the trouble for and instagram photo that appears to show that they carved their names into one of sedona's precious red rocks during a romantic getaway. it is illegal to damage those rocks and they could face a fine. >> parents, often do you check your children's homework assignments? one mom did after it upset her third-grader, and then posted it online to warn parents. if isabel massacring us getting mastering is getting fish from the school principal. >> totally, totally inappropriate. >> just let the teachers do their jobs. >> cranberry elementary as at
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>> it makes me wonder whether they achieved the goal of the assignment area. >> the story is described as they modern-day ansell and gretel. the father abandoned his two children at an orphanage after their mother said she didn't want them. the children are later adopted and live happily ever after. this story had a happier ending than the original, but some found it emotionally disturbing for kids. >> they would probably go home and clean to their moms and dads and say, i won't get in the car or go to camp. >> some parents see it as they teach will moment. >> this pc stuff going around now is ridiculous. you have to give your credit some credit, let them grow up, this is life. it came from an approved
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of the schools a third-grade teachers. but, after the one parent complained -- >> we pulled it. we can pull that and teach the very same skill without that material. >> i think there is lots of bigger issues in the world to worry about. >> in northport, isabel massacring us. >> i'm dion lim. ache computer glitch knocks out 911 centers. we talk about what went wrong and whether it figured family in danger. >> if you drive a car, it's something you need to be aware of. potholes and how to avoid them. >> and devastation at a local church. a fire tears through the park during ape bible study.
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help them rebuild. >> right about now we are saying, all that cold weather was worth it because we are seeing some gorgeous weather now. >> it is pretty, and it wasn't a one day fluke. we are going to see this through the weekend. we have several days. if you have to work this weekend and you have the couple days here, even monday is looking okay before the next round of potential thunderstorms rolls in. right now we look over this potential area, and eventually we will be tracking our next system, but like i said, we have a nice stretch or we won't be worrying about umbrellas or heavy coats, we just get to enjoy the gorgeous weather.
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over the next couple of hours. so up bit of a plunge, drier air cool is pretty efficiently, and the cooler start of the week tomorrow morning. at the beach during the after noon, and it's breezy but it should be coming down around midday and then we see those picking up. not super gusty that a really they really great day to get out on the water. and with this nice stretch of dry weather, if the car is getting yucky, you can run it through the car wash. we will see several days where we will be tracking those rain chances. temperatures are climbing, and up onto the nature coast, we could see some low 40s in the works. from the bay area right around 50 degrees, and east of interstate 75 we will see some low 40s. then everyone climbs to around 70 degrees ring afternoon and in many of our inland areas we will
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few degrees above that as well. we will see clear skies and north winds, it will be chilly out during the overnight but at the same time we warm up during the day. we break it down, right around 51 in tampa international. warmer in our southern zones and we will stay right around that 50-degree mark and cool off just a little bit more for our inland spots once again. a pattern of cool starts flows over into the weekend. we will be in great states and we will see an almost identical forecast as we head into sunday for the half marathon there. but, we have a picture-perfect weekend coming up, highs in the 70s, and staying nice and sunny both days. heads up, we will be tracking the system. the timing has shifted, it looks like it will be primarily tuesday evening into wednesday morning event.
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will have more details. you can get that forecast any time id. letting our app. >> a marathon can be grueling, a but a pediatric oncologist says he is finding inspiration. >> if they can go through therapy, then i can make this
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>> this is prime time for those training for the infamous boston marathon. they have two months to get into tiptop shape.
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fifth boston marathon because a little boy support is all he needs to keep going. >> roses are red, violets are blue, thank you for honoring me by running 26.2. what a unique gift. >> doctor howard weinstein is reading from a unique plaque even to him by harry burns and his family. >> it was very special. >> special because weinstein is not only treating harry for leukemia at the general hospital for children, he's also paired with the five -year-old for his boston marathon challenge. >> first he was my patient and now he is supporting my marathon running. >> we first met doctor weinstein training during a sloppy winter selected this one. >> one another doing at ten or 12 or 14-mile run, i think about harry and i think, if harry can go through treatment, i can make
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kerry has been getting chemotherapy for the last ten months and he has done incredible he well. he is what we call in complete remission. >> but harry who also has down syndrome has two more years of chemo to endure. the money raised by the marathon team will support his research and care. here he comes to the clinic every week for that care, sometimes with his twin and older brother. >> i think it's great because they are running this entire marathon just to raise money for cancer. it's amazing to us because he would do this just for harry. >> we are all very excited about it. he gives us an opportunity to do some payback. we've always wondered what we can do to help, and this is our way. >> we did the marathon. [ cheering ] >> don't you love them? and we were talking yesterday about why people run marathons.
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$12 million to fight cancer. >> harry and his family will be at mile number 20 to cheer on his runner.
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>> a switch whites out the
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and if anyone was hanging in an emergency. >> potholes seem to be everywhere. we are finding out why and what to do if your car gets damaged. >> a fire sparks in a church filled with people. how they get out alive and how the community is starting to rebuild. good evening everyone, i'm reginald rountree. >> i'm jan limit. >> they have five car crash in largo is no longer impacting traffic. ellerton road is back open in all directions your culture road, and this is video of the crash that shut down parts of the road for about an hour. or medics were on the scene but there were no reports of serious injuries. >> another big story tonight, when an emergency strikes, you pick up your phone and dial 911, but what happens when the system breaks down? a software glitch took the
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all of a sudden, a small team was handling hundreds of extra calls. reinforcements arrived, and, eric glasser is getting answers. >> downtown saint pete medics were on the scene in moments. >> think god is right, because i don't know what i would have done. >> it was like within one or two minutes they were here. >> after the palace county 911 center suffered an outage. a software upgrade malfunction forcing them to switch all emergency calls to the backup center at saint pete pd. >> department handled by the palace to dispatching could interpret springs, largo and pinellas pd were affected the county quickly drove seven of its own dispatchers over to the police department


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