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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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all of a sudden, a small team was handling hundreds of extra calls. reinforcements arrived, and, eric glasser is getting answers. >> downtown saint pete medics were on the scene in moments. >> think god is right, because i don't know what i would have done. >> it was like within one or two minutes they were here. >> after the palace county 911 center suffered an outage. a software upgrade malfunction forcing them to switch all emergency calls to the backup center at saint pete pd. >> department handled by the palace to dispatching could interpret springs, largo and pinellas pd were affected the county quickly drove seven of its own dispatchers over to the police department
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about one hour later they were up to speed. the between 1003 and 10:07 a.m., the system was completely down. the they have gone back to look at the window and are satisfied they didn't miss any calls. the palace 911 center has been plagued with problems since moving into its new multimillion dollar home, but inadequate surge protectors and improperly installed grounding cables, a radio console failure and now software issues. >> that is why the backup to the backup is all very
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>> during today's 911 rerouting, and, developing tonight, we now knew who owned the gun found at a citrus county homages school. the gun belonged to a crystal river man who dropped his child off around a this morning. five minutes later, they found the gun near a sidewalk at rock crusher elementary school. the father had a concealed carry permit and told deputies he must've fallen through a hole in his pocket. another parent found the gun and hold school custodian. but instead of calling deputies, the employee fired it into the ground. he told them he thought it was a pellet gun. incorporated flee no one was hurt. but to make sure this doesn't happen again the school district is taking swift action. >> what we would have liked to have seen happen was the area security, law enforcement, and law enforcement make that
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>> no charges have been filed and instead the case has been turned over to the state attorney's office. potholes are costing drivers $3 billion per year, or that is what aaa is telling us tonight. adding to the problem, hillsborough county is short millions of dollars to fix its crumbling roads. that leaves lots of drivers and lots of cities vulnerable. dion, how much money are we talking about to get this fixed? >> right now, hillsborough county has $752 million in maintenance projects for the next 30 years. right there. 750million. to put this in perspective for all of you, that's enough money to pay for more than 6 million tires damaged by rough roads. and this is what you can do to minimize the damage if you encounter one. >> you see them on roads in every state, county and city, potholes.
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repairs more than 3000 potholes per year. >> our guideline is to be responsive in 72 hours, and that is the outside. we would like to be able to respond much sooner than that. >> the majority of complaints are because of something called the eliminating, where a thin layer of asphalt simply crumbles away. >> a lot of it is due to the age of asphalt itself, the end of its useful life. >> they pothole like this can be deceiving. it's about 4 inches deep. if your tire hits that, you could be made in for major car repair. >> you are looking at damaged side walls, then wheels, it could do under car damage as well. >> joe canfield owns high-tech automotive in brandon. he's repaired many damaged cars. >> if the car drives
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issue or something like that, or shaking in the steering will, strange noises, clicking noises when you go over bumps, that's the thing you need to look at. >> 's advice to drivers? watch the road and avoid hitting potholes if it safe to do so. if you can't avoid it, slowdown to minimize the damage. >> if you hit a pothole, here's what you need to look for. on the tire, check the firewall to see if there is swelling or if it looks bruised. then you needed to get it fixed quickly. also, check your rims, there's good chance the good chance that they might be bent or dented. we posted more helpful advice. >> new information on a high profile deadly hit and run crash. teams search for it woman accused of hitting and killing a man on howard frankland bridge, a man
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>> i just want you to come pick her up. >> so she is there now? >> yes. can you please. >> allison hoffman admitted to investigators that she was behind the wheel of a car that driver. she later went to a friends jail. bond. >> new video of a walgreens customer and in a aa robbery with a series of customers. the customer enters the walgreens wearing a hoodie and he towel over his face. he demanded pain pills. but the this customer wasn't having it. he grabbed the suspect and knocked him unconscious. they held anthony robert nemeth until authorities arrived. the bonefish grill will close 14 restaurants this year after
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the bonefish grill was part of the blooming brand which also runs outback steakhouse, carrabba's italian grill and fleming steakhouse. >> county by county, in sarasota county there will soon be something extra to look around at at turtle beach. the typical views will be piece the mac replaced with barges and heavy dredging equivalent as the beach undergoes a renew re- nourishing project. the guardian ad litem program is in desperate need of people to help children in need whose cases are in the court system. >> the way the pledge of allegiance is handled in schools around the state could be changing. as it stands, students are required to say the pledge unless the parent ask for the
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area are arriving in tallahassee to take a stand against anti- immigration bills. they -- we caught up with the group as they left that hamper area. the bill attempts to punish immigrant parents who have a final order of deportation working back to the us to reunite with their families. and living the life of luxury on some else's dime. jewelry seized from the biggest ponzi scheme in history is headed to the auction block. hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of rolexes, 812 ^- caret canary diamond ring and other items. they are the last remnants of former attorney scott wallenstein and his ex-wife lavish lifestyle bit on lies. >> the neatest thing about this stuff is it is so unique and so
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thing you see at auctions. >> the money raised will help pay back those who were ripped off. >> rory smith and david cole schmidt claimed their prizes today when they bought the winning ticket at a publix in melbourne breach. >> i tech the ticket and everything matchup, and i thought she was messing with me. >> the two formed a trust and chose the lump sum payment of $28 million. he waited more than a month to come forward. another reason to pack your sunscreen and head over to their water beach, it was just rated the country's number one beach. the website gave top honors to the beach because of the fine sand, and also making the top ten, siesta beach and saint pete beach. >> a bible study with a frightening end.
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heart of a church. >> at least 20 people were inside this church as it burned. now another church is making sure they have a place to meet. >> you have to be loving that beautiful florida winter weather today.
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>> tonight on cbs and 10news, 8:00, something special. the premiere of survivor. 9:30p.m., big bang theory,
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10news at 11. tonight on stephen colbert, jason hudson. >> they church realizes the church is on fire as its members are having a level study. >> fortunately their pastor jumped into action. this all happened at the arauca church. marcus grayson found out that no one was hurt, but they are still trying to figure out how to rebuild. >> it was a side he hoped he would never behold, the image of flames leaping from his church and it moved pastor chris paul to put his faith into action. >> i went inside and told the parishioners they needed to get out. >> 20 members were inside having a bible study, unaware of the fire that started around
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emotions today are still high. >> it is a big loss. >> the state fire marshal's office was here sifting through the ashes, looking for the cause of the fire that destroyed this 80 -year-old building. it was not insured. >> the pastor says, this church is the anchor of the haitian community. churches outside of the community have already stepped up to make sure they had a place to meet. >> embers of the southern at this convention descended on their brethren, offering help. >> you won't be without a place to worship. >> the pastor says he is comforted knowing he can lean on others right now. >> it was so good for my brothers to reach out to me in the time i needed them the
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>> the pastor said 150 people attend the church. they have set up a go fund me page to help rebuild. if you'd like to help, go to >> beautiful. gorgeous. >> this is what it is all about. >> what did you do? >> well we went outside, with some stuff up and threw it out in the atmosphere. and this is what we get. [laughter] that is the property for you in arizona. look at that sunset my friends. this is what you go through, september and august 4. the payoff is right here. snow birds, i have to give it to you. you guys were smarter than the rest of us to live here all year long. it's getting out little bit too hot out there. we wish you a good wednesday friends.
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sebring in lake wales, 60's closer to the gulf waters that are running right around 60 degrees, and give or take either side by a degree or two. and east of temple terrace, low 70s and upper 60's to start, and there's the range of colors in the sky right now, if you grab a nice shot, shared with us. just a heavenly, lovely evening. fantastic weather for tonight. couple of things that we are watching, another cool start to the morning, but nowhere that we haven't already done this year. 40s in lots of the suburbs north of tampa, but the bay area and temperament tampa
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50 to 52 early in the morning. 40s would be more common for citrus in pascoe county, low 40s around crystal river and inverness. out on the barrier islands, upper 40s from bartow and lakeland, over to auburndale and haines city. that first hour, the rest of the day is just wonderful. another thing that we will know tomorrow, but the wind still calm today, we will see a northwest wind, about eight or 10 miles per hour which will be pretty common. and, we might notice it if we are on the water or the wind affects what we do. just a touch, but very manageable.
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how richey and reggie and i, that's how we fish. how many pulls did we put out last time? northeast wind, two to 12 knots for fishermen, light chop and it was in the 50's at couple days ago. high tides around 1:17 a.m., and it the little bit cool but this is where the morning low should start for us. highs for the next several days are seasonal, and then above average for the weekend. mid- 70s for saturday and sunday, and the next system we are tracking, that pushes it back in little bit. as you know with all these storms all winter long, we will
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watch 10news for your chance to where it. tickets to the new york yankees spring training opening-day game. the game is wednesday, march second at steinbrenner field in tampa. >> how soon you will (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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>> welcome to ten sports. the rays are wasting little
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over two dozen players and fort charlotte are at work. pitchers and catchers aren't even slater to report until friday. the sound of spring. 60 a years those clouds have been popping in clearwater as they go into spring training. and 29 -year-old former rays germy hallux and is an older statesmen and the pitching rotation, and he is looking to utilize to build team, rodrigue. >> well, even when nieman was there and waited, i learned a lot from those guys. so i guess i don't see myself as a veteran yet, but i will try to carry over what i learned from those guys. >> the pittsburgh pirates set sail at spring training down in braden ten. you will hear from them coming up on ten sports at 11. the lightning will be on the outside looking in. one of 26 games remaining and
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look from within. both are averaging a diminutive two goals per game, but it is the lack of defense that is proving to be costly. >> we are on the wrong side and trying to do too many things, picking we thinking we should try to go and win the game six- five instead of going back to the old adage, it's not how many you score, it's how many you keep out. and workers are working on cobra curse. today, we got a behind the scenes sneak peek which was in the middle of a mysterious egyptian archaeological adventure. it will feature trains that's been forwards and backwards, and a 70-foot vertical lift, like an elevator. >> we are combining family thrills with stories of legends, animals and historical precedence to create an
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seen here before the park. >> there will also be mock snakes as part of the ride. it will be traveling at top speeds of 40 miles per hour. they special special system allows more than one third the mac 1000 people to ride per hour. gardens will not say exactly when it will open. and the snakes, you get to pet them. [laughter] i'm just kidding, no snakes on the ride.
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>> pelley: the battle lines of privacy are drawn. apple refuses a court order to hack the phone of the san bernardino terrorists. also tonight, criminal hackers have seized a hospital's computer system, and they're holding it for ransom. trump talks up torture to fight terror. >> torture works, okay, folks. >> pelley: and a veteran who saw so much death get the gift of life. >> probably the best wake-up call in the history of wake-up calls.


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