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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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road rage. and bullets fly. >> he never said a word. he just shot three times. >> this couple under fire. how the gun toting suspect got called. >> you probably have been in a situation before. a driver cuts you off on the road and it makes you mad. >> drives you nuts. but a couple's road rage run-in comes to a terrifying end. tonight, the couple tells 10 news reporter they are grateful they are not killed.
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and then. >> reporter: christian tells me it happened so fast. >> he was driving like a bat out of hell, doing 75 >> reporter: this is where the couple said that another driver them. they admit that they confronted him, never imagining they would work. >> pulled up to him and said, hey, you almost hit my car. he never said a word, roll down his window and shot three times. >> i didn't want to be there. >> reporter: tammy thought, all she wanted to do is get home safely to their five kids. >> i just kept thinking about them. >> yeah, a lot. i'm like, oh, my god, he really is shooting. thank god, he had bad aim. >> the car is now in pieces after bullets hit the side of
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the couple called 911 and metropolitan police at nearby gas station. a short time later, a deputy spotted the accused shooter, harlan osborn and arrested him. >> he had the gun interest and casing and everything. >> they'll hold their temper more now. >> i would not recommend going after someone. >> you have to let it go, i think, is what i learned a little bit today. >> quite honestly, you do have to let it go. we searched through court record and discovered that osbourne has been areported before for driving with a suspended license back in 2010. new tonight, one senator is breaking ranks with gop leaders over the issue of filling the supreme court seat. nevada senator dean heller is
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obama should nominate the next justice court. he believes that nevada should have a voice but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says that the decision should be left to who have is elected president in november. meantime, president obama has made no secret of wanting to visit cuba and now reuters is reporting that he will be there next month. if he does, he will be the first sitting u.s. president to do so in nearly 90 years. apple is fighting a california judge's order to help the fbi hack into one of the san bernardino terrorists' phone. the fbi wants apple to create software to bypass the audio erase encryption the company worries that will endanger people's privacy allowing the government to access anybody's phone any time. apple has five days to appeal. tonight, three of the candidates got a final chance to make a case before saturday's south carolina primary.
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people who know thousand solve problem, not people who know how to talk. >> we are seeing an assault and religious liberty. we need sun who will stand up an i am big unambiguously. >> senator rubio picked up a huge endorsement from south carolina governor nikki hailey. but still a gallup poll has the donned leading the pack with more than double the support for rubio, and cruz and kasich. ground breaking procedure that could save from you going blind or losing your eye. an eye surgeon at the university of south florida has
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nerve into the back of the high. we want to warn you what you are about to see is graphic. >> we have nerves that run to the front of eye and giving us sensation. when the nerve dies off, you lose sensation and worst case eye. >> people come n complaining of red eye, blurry vision. >> usf eye surgeon dr. illian lengold has seen it time and again, patients like this woman lost sensation, surgery, tumor, trauma and little that he could do until now. >> regardless of what we do, people would go blind or lose their eye entirely >> reporter: two years ago, with this patient, it became clear that he had something that could work but could be a risk. >> the only thing that i could think of was to take the nerve from your forehead and put it on the surface of your eye
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>> that's the new nerve that we took from the forehead. >> reporter: he took this large nerve from the forehead and put it on the surface of your eye. >> in three months, she began to retain sensation and her vision improved drastically. >> doctors in virginia had done that surgery three months ago but the proceed our had been -- pardon the pun -- eye opening. >> now, that's something that parents can turn to. >> you can learn more about what it's like to lose feeling in your eye and the procedure in the story right here on time for headlines around the nation and around the world. the university texas at austin will now allow guns in classrooms. a new texas law states public universities can no longer stop people with conceal carry licenses from bringing their
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but they won't be allowed in dorms. that takes effect august is 2nd seattle parks and recreation faced a first of a kind gender challenge. a man undressed in a women's locker room citing a new state room that people can choose to undress in any bathroom based on gender identity. but the man never identified himself. and nike cut dies with manny pacquiao over his comments about gays. pacquiao said in a television interview that the gay people in his words, quote, are worse than animals. nike says in a statement that they will a' no longer have any business with him and that is your 60 second scam. a battle on the beach all over tax money. a record amount of taxes collected from hotel stays.
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off that money for law enforcement >> reporter: the only thing better than sunset is the beach it's setting over florida beach wa rated the best beach in north america. >> i can see why. it's the best beach here >> now there is a fight not nearly as adorable like this over the tax used to market it. >> over the years, little by little, it has been chipped away. >> the house bill would have language that would allow coastal divergence from up to 10% using it for law enforcement. >> tour rhythm wants to continue using the bed tax for its origin purpose, tourism. >> tourists come here to use
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some help pay for beach renourishment. >> it's essential to support our industry. without the beaches, there would be no industry >> reporter: the state's largest industry that is anxious to share its beauty does not want to do the same with its tax money. recognize that? everybody recognizes that happy boat. we have a link to that finance committee bill on our website,, also linked to the travelers' choice, america's best beaches for trip advisor. still to come. >> a thief with a con offense why he had a change of heart. are you short, skinny, overweight? that might affect how much you pay to fly and you see drivers but what if they are behind the wheel of your kids' school bus. and speaking of best
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phenomenal for all of us. what changes are coming your way? we'll talk about it next and make sure that you stay
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become, picture this. your child's school bus driver on the cell phone. >> florida school bus drivers are allowed to use their phones while driving. some bay area districts have policies banning phones, but few are enforced. >> reporter: remember this video? it went viral three years ago showing a hillsboro county school bus driver texting. >> that makes me not want to put my child on the bus >> reporter: catherine berra and stephanie rodriguez both have children in the hillsborough public schools. they are also members of the tampa bay mom's group. >> you have the most important thing in the world to me in the back of that bus, and if you can't appreciate the responsibility that comes with that and your cell phone is more important, then you probably should not be a bus driver. >> reporter: every district in our area bans its bus drivers from using a cell phone but the drivers can keep the phone
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i started asking questions and i found that complaints are not being recorded and i found that, in some cases, bus drivers are not held accountable. check this out. county by county, cell phone violations in the past three years. polk county reported 21 violations. they are strict and disciplined. polk suspends drivers for five days for the first offense. now, sarasota county has zero. the district tells me it has complaints but none proven. the reports in most cases show the district questioned the driverif he or she was using a cell phone. if the driver says no, case close. this is the pinellas county dispatch center. this is where the call comes in when you report a complaint. s that hard drive. video from inside and outside the school bus. they can review it right here and see if the report is legitimate. the hillsborough district
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it always reviews the video. in three years, it had four violations. its reprimanded four and one quit. >> i think that's inaccurate. i can't imagine it the case of it nothing being enforced or not reported and en foyersed. >> there were records of violations and not complaints because it can come in different ways, we don't actually log the complaints that come in but we do note that and pull the bus video and call the driver. >> hillsborough county spokesperson tanya arda says that all complaints are taken seriously but not all drivers are disciplined the same. >> if there is a driver that's been with us 10, 20 years and has very clean record, exemplary employee and use the cell phone and violated the policy, we would take that into consideration >> reporter: every district considers either suspension or
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>> you know, if it comes to safety, no problem bit. i want my children safe. >> if you need to report or file a complaint, report it to make sure that you note the time, location and bus number and she put all the cell phone policies right there on the site for you. check this out. a porch prowler caught on a camera stealing a package. and this little person has a change of heart. the package contained $3300 worth of birthday girth for a 12-year-old nearly atlanta. the thief apparently had second thoughts about his crime because, yesterday, the homeowner found the returned package and a note outside his home which reads, so sorry. hope this helps. i know i can't make it right, but i want to try. so far, no one has been charged. tracking storms. alerting you, protecting your family in time for 10 weather.
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>> just change before you steal the package. >> right. >> i got some mazing video to show you, dion. this is what it looks like when reggie and i come to work and the boss comes after us. >> hey. >> kidding. >> that's not fair. i love you, klink. we have known each other for decades. he has put so much with me. isn't this cool? juneau beach. >> is it like mating season or something? >> i think they are just hungry. >> that's the wrong place to go swimming. >> black tips every one. regg, you know that, they are all over the place. >> yes. >> to see so many in such clear water. great video that i just wanted
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beautiful look at the moon rice. waxy gibbeth is the term. that means that we are headed towards full moon. that's all it means. 77% full right now. 55 carolwood. 60 in sebring and bradenton. cool spot, 49 in brooksville. a little bit of a chill as we head towards the morning hour but about where we were this morning much won't be much colder, won't be much warmer. almost identical. areas where, again, we talked about patchy fog. i think tonight and into the morning, it's a lot less likely. we'll still have a chance of isolated patchy fog east of i- 75 but for the most part, it is not bad. seasonal temperatures, this is where we should be for this time of the year, around 50 to 51 degrees from river view to brandon to around palm harbor.
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county, around 53. inverness. 44 to 47 degrees. south of the bay over to the cultural coast, 51. sarasota, bradenton. heart leaned i 49 in lakeland and 49 around haines city, auburn dale and bar tow about 54 in lake we'll. thursday, if you liked today, we'll keep it on roof for you. winds will be up just a little bit more. and i do mean just a little bit. they were fairly palm today, 2 to 12 miles per hour from the northeast. low 70s are back. mostly sunny skies are whack. phenomenal weather is back for the entire day. highs range from 71 to 76 degrees. chris call river to arcadia and everywhere in between. water, if you are going out fishing and you do it like you do, you put several poles, right.
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high tide around 1:17. low tide at 5:42. as we have been talking about, the mornings are cool but that is where we should be. we are a little above average in your seven-day forecast for saturday and sun day mid-70s for highs. 78, 79 on monday and still tracking another storm system but not for another week. it looks a little lighter, too. keep checking back. we'll have more on that forecast when we get started on 10 news in the morning and you can get an update on the app at the app store. next airplane ride may one day get a lot tighter >> is that possible? >> yes. >> airbus has filed a paternity to add more storage underneath the seats while that sound nice and great, that would get rid of leg room all together the company filed a patent for adjustable bench seats. you can cram as many people
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pay based on your side. airbus filed those patents in the past for saddle seating and this seating configuration stacking passengers on top of one another. the boys are back in town. teams reporting to spring training in clear water and braden ton. we'll take you to philly and pirates camp.
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(vo) making the most out of
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that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. welcome to 10 sports. rays are at the yard already.
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slated to be here until thursday, but some are already in camp. ah the sound of spring. for 68 years, the sounds of phillies gloves have been sounding here. 29-year-old former ray, jeremy hellicson is considering the elder statesman of the rotation. and he wants to learn what he learned with the rays to bring camaraderie. >> david and shield and even when neiman was there, you know, we learned a lot from those guys. i don't see myself as a veteran yet, but good to teach what i learned from those guys. >> the buc owes are eyeing a trip past the wild round card adding an arm in ryan vogelsong. >> everybody else is pretty
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it's completely changed. the front office is different. they are doing good things here. i'm excited to be a part of it. switching gears to nascar, the speed week schedule returns to action in daytona with practice this afternoon. preparing for tomorrow night's pan am duel which will set the field of the running for the daytona 500. two open spots remain open but dale earnhardt, jr. is a lock to contend. he has finished in the top three in the past three daytona 500. >> you take stock into what you are doing and you think, am i in a position to win? if you are, you made some good choices that day. >> i know somebody that will be wearing his t-shirt on sunday. jim van fleet. >> really? >> you can really -- >> he loves him. >> the shorts and cowboy boots. >> those are jean shorts.
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>> really tights? >> oh, stop. you're going to give people nightmares. >> i know. >> too much information. >> real quick, congratulations to the academy at the lake state runner in 3a girls basketball. >> kudos. >> outstanding as chris mentioned, spring training is swinging back into action. all next week, your chance to win a pair of tickets to the new york yankees spring training opening day game. the game is wednesday march 2nd at steinbrenner field in tampa. all you have to do to win tickets is to watch 10 news
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finally tonight, we have an answer to who hit that massive powerball jackpot here in florida. >> i hope i'm related to them. >> look at them.
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>> i see a resemblance. >> warren smith and david kaltschmidt claimed -- maureen smith and david kaltschmidt claimed their jackpot. smith rarely play the the lotto, has played the same number for years. they brought their winning ticket at a publix in melbourne beach. weren't you there? >> yes. they are cousins. >> they spent just $3. >> and these guys are going out and spending thousands. these guys bought 80,000-dollar worth of tickets. >> you can buy a whole lot of jean shorts with that. >> yes. >> with that, thanks for joining us.
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the
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