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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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woke up to after that stolen car slammed into their neighborhood. police say a 13-year-old girl stole a vehicle from pasco county, drove it to pinellas park before crashing into the subdivision walls. bayou point is located along 82nd avenue in pinellas park. 10 news reporter jennifer titus is digging deeper into how this young girl traveled so far and walked away without serious injuries. >> reporter: the owner of this home tells me it sounded like her roof was caving in when a car slammed into this sign throwing hundreds of these bricks into her yard. >> it was just bang! then another huge bang and then you could hear glass shattering everywhere. >> reporter: donna says it was 11:00 p.m. wednesday night when this minivan came barreling into her front yard. >> all of these bricks are part of that wall. >> reporter: the impact through bricks and debris through her
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>> it broke the window. there is glass inside. >> reporter: here's what is surprising. >> the shocking aspect is we are looking at an unusual circumstance not only with a juvenile, 13, and a female at that. we don't normally see that. >> reporter: the 13-year-old making her way in a stolen car from pasco county to pinellas park. that's more than 25-miles. >> it was very, very scary and upsetting. >> how did she get the car? >> right. my understanding is she is from pasco county. how did she get here? >> reporter: police spotted her minutes before the crash. she took off when they tried to pull her over. >> that brick came from over here? >> yes. >> reporter: now madison is left picking up a mess while the 13-year-old is in juvenile detention. >> none of us know how she survived it.
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a man wanted a set a deputy house on fire after noticing his cruising in the driveway. daniel hall was on a mission to get arrested. the sheriff says hall lit the porch furniture on fire. while the deputy and his family and k-9 were sleeping. the good news no one was hurt. tonight he has a serious warning for anyone targeting law enforcement in their home. >> our deputies and their family members will be trained on how to protect themselves. if that means using deadly force so be it. >> hall is facing two felony charges for arson and burglary. his friends say he has mental problems and needs help. crime alert. a warning if you are looking to sell on craigslist. hillsborough deputies arrested a man who used craigslist to attack a victim. he placed an ad for cell phones.
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he took the $60 and pointed a gun at the men and demanded the phone back. he got caught when he placed the ad again. most parking lots and sheriff's offices serve as a safe meeting spot. construction project this weekend is triggering a traffic alert. between the gasparilla distance classic in tampa and the seafood and blues festival in clearwater you can expect the roads to be a mess. tonight we have 10 news team coverage on how to beat those road closures. first, we are digging deeper into why construction is cutting off one of clearwater's main roads during the busiest time of the year. 10 news reporter darren flowers is getting answers about why all of this work is still scheduled for this weekend. >> reporter: you come to clearwater beach to have fun, relax and defendantty to enjoy the weather. it could be a headache just to get there. this road is one of the main
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shutting down for an already busy weekend. >> it is definitely going to be a headache. >> i'm glad we are not coming through that. >> people will be frustrated. >> reporter: as clearwater's busiest tourist season flows in, some major roads to reach downtown and the beach will be closed. >> it will be a challenge. it is workable. >> reporter: this railroad crossing is shutting down for construction friday to sunday night with the 2016 seafood and blues festival coming to town some believe it will be a nightmare. >> we are at the mercy of csx. >> reporter: traffic manager for clearwater asked the company to do the construction in august or september. >> they have a lot of crossings to do. this is one they could fit in. >> reporter: we called csx for comment but got no response. the city is working to help make your trip to festival or beach easier. >> this detour will work if people just follow the signage and chill out.
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alone. traffic and parking could be an issue in tampa with the gasparilla distance classic races this weekend. as for the beach, plan your detour route ahead of time and avoid 4th street and chestnut street next weekend. >> stick it out. there is nothing better than being here in clearwater on the beach. >> reporter: in clearwater darren flowers 10 news wtsp. >> we know the roads could be packed this weekend. we are not here to present problems. we are talking about solutions. our team coverage continues with road warrior hilary zalla showing you when and where the closures are and how you can avoid them. >> i want to start in downtown tampa with the gasparilla distance classic. registration starts tomorrow at 4:00 at the tampa convention center. starting 3:00 a.m. saturday morning you'll see roads close. bay shore boulevard, florida avenue, gandy boulevard being the main one.
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this weekend the exit ramp to florida avenue will be closed. now i want to take you to clearwater. we have the seafood and blues festival this weekend. that will cause a lot of congestion. what is not helping the situation is railroad construction on court street. they are shutting down court street tomorrow 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. sunday this weekend and next weekend. this coincides with the seafood and blues festival. it is a good idea to leave 20 minutes early to avoid congestion. especially if you are trying to go across the clearwater memorial bridge to the beaches. you'll want to give yourself extra time. we have all this information at walk. -- -- and click on traffic. >> if you are not near a computer you can check traffic on the go with our free app. search and download wtsp from your device's app store. new information tonight in a push to decriminalize the
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today city council decided on a date to vote on the issue. under that proposal anyone caught with a small amount of marijuana will be fined and will have to go to drug counseling. right now offender go to prison and get probation. adults with 20-grams marijuana or less will face a $75 fine with a maximum fine of $450. a group of mothers in support of decriminalizing marijuana made a case against the current rules, which they say are too harsh. >> it is a big step for children or teenagers, not children, but teenagers who live in the area or young people having their entire lives ruined over small amounts of a plant. >> a vote is set for march 4th. if approved it could go into effect in months. more people want to visit our state than ever before. 2015 was a record-breaking year
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tourists soaking in our sunshine. to put into perspective that's more than trillion the population of texas. the previous record was 95 million. taking a look county by county. in sarasota erosion along lido beach could be at the worse levels in decades. resident's association says the beach went from 300 feet to 100 feet. a that is a lot erosion. a sarasota engineer says the city is working to get a permit and money to fix that problem. they are looking into a dredging project. county by county f you noticed commotion in lakeland don't panic. workers took part in a full scale emergency drill at lakeland regional airport. organizers tried to make it look as real as possible. more than 150 people participated and showed their skills of a plane being forced to land off a runway near the airport. >> we appreciate all the
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participating today to help us be better. we want to run the safest facility possible. this helps us do that. >> 15 agencies took part in the exercise. each is evaluated on their response. faa requires airports to conduct a full scale exercise every three years to make sure they are equipped to handle a real emergency. prom season is around the corner. in pasco county there is help for some girls looking for the perfect dress. cinderella project provides new and gently used dresses to girls in financial need. we posted directions on how to take part at a treat for passengers at tampa international airport. it opened two of the newest concessions today. auntie annie's and bay coffee and tea are serving customers. it is the first of 65 new shops and restaurants coming to the airport as part of the expansion.
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fights even harder against the zica virus.
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using your tax dollars to fight the zica virus in hillsborough county. but wait! there are no locally contracted cases of the virus here. >> county still approved increasing the budget of mosquito control by half a million dollars. 10 news reporter jennie dean is getting answers about where the extra money came from and whether it is a necessary expense. >> reporter: you are going to see more of those around hillsborough county. mosquito traps. designed to help mosquito control focus their efforts where they are needed. that's part of the added expense to help protect you from the mosquitoes that carry the zica virus. >> it is not one source-type solution. it is multiple pronged.
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money is spent on educating you. you are the key to stopping these particular mosquitoes by multiplying by removing standing water from your home. >> education is the most important thing to do. >> reporter: the commissioner says allocating the money is a proactive step. they don't want to end up like brazil fighting a virus that's out of control. >> it was in a reserve account in our general fund for emergencies. it was set aside already for an emergency. >> reporter: even though they are using county money now, they do plan to ask the federal and state government for reimbursement because we are under a health emergency. sometimes relying on the county to keep mosquitoes away isn't enough. bugs can breed in a small amount of water enough to fill
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even if spare tires and buckets and flower pots. we found the best mosquito repellants to fight the zica virus posted at click on seen on tv. seeing that kate wentzel is here in the weather center. jimbo is out somewhere on a fishing boat. i don't know what he is doing. i have to give praise. this is a chamber of commerce forecast. can i get an amen? >> amen! >> this weather is off the chain. >> if there was a way to bottle up this weather and sell it to the country it would be great. it is about sunset time in five minutes. hooters president clearwater beach looking good. i know anyone visiting from up
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the season, they are really enjoying this. as well as our local residents, too. dade city 65 degrees. the temperatures will drop over the next 12 hours with mostly clear skies. we'll see good radiational cooling. surface heating from the sunshine this afternoon will be allowed to radiate nicely back in the atmosphere. overnight lows in the low range of the 50s for much of the bay area. with high pressure in control we are seeing nice, stable air. winds out of the northeast. breezy for friday. but over the weekend those winds are going to die down. that ridge of high pressure settles down to the south and southeast. overhead we'll have a light wind. it is a quiet day across the country. we are tracking an area of low pressure there across southern montana. some coastal showers for the pacific northwest. washington, oregon, northern california and some snow and ice in the higher elevations.
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are heating up late february and it is 84 degrees in el paso, texas. 76 degrees oklahoma city. topeka, kansas 77 degrees. they are enjoying that quick preview of springtime. colder temperatures will be working in the region over the next few days. at home however, we are going to enjoy mild temperatures tonight. a little cool for your friday morning. just about average for this time of year. maybe a light jacket. a sweater as you head off to work or get the kids ready for school. during the afternoon if you can work extra hard in the morning and take off early friday afternoon you should do so. it will be lovely with a high of 74 degrees. breezy at times. high temperatures nature coast mid 70s. crystal river 74. across the bay area 73 st. pete. seminole 74.
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river view 76. 75 bradenton. mid 70s for polk county. 75 lakeland. bartow 72. nice, quiet conditions. our winds out of the east northeast for friday. little bit of a pressure gradient giving us breezy conditions. nothing more than a few low clouds during the afternoon. you can leave your umbrellas at home. maybe you are running in the gasparilla distance classic. it will be cool for runners. 55 degrees. mostly sunny skies. if you are wondering if you should wash the car i think you should. we are not looking at rain until next tuesday. here comes the next system. few showers possible monday night. most of the rain tuesday into wednesday. then it moves off to our south. we'll be watching it for the possibility of strong to severe storms. seven-day forecast showing gorgeous weather through the weekend. perfect for the jazz festival and the gasparilla distance classic. it is monday night into tuesday you'll want to keep your
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you can always track the showers and storms just download other 10 news app in the app store. all next week watch 10 news this morning for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the new york yankees spring training opening day game.
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they have more hitting. the rotation looks strong. the bullpen has question marks. matt sillerman and kevin cash held annual eve of spring training address today in port charlotte. several players have begun workouts. the weather is great. one air i can't have of surplus has to be 1st base. >> probably have one too many guys, if the season started today. but we have 7 weeks to go before opening day. a lot takes place. both with us and throughout the industry. so, we dealt with this dynamic before. we have a bunch of professionals and veterans who will get ready for the season. >> there is the matter of injuries, too. right now tonight for the lightning they have been
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they lost four of the last five. that's will not do into tonight's home game with winnipeg. fors. tonight a lesson on giving back to the community. students at tampa preparatory school are volunteering with meals on wheels and preparing to deliver meals for children without constant meals during their long summer break. we caught up with students this morning. tampa prep senior class and staff are delivering 100 meals today on ten different routes.
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for what i have and that i have this opportunity to go with my fellow classmates and help other people in the community that need the help. it is a good feeling. >> if you are interesting in volunteering for meals on wheels we have a link at
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between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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>> pelley: now it's a holy war between trump and the pope. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> pelley: also tonight, two days before the nevada caucus, a personal side of hillary clinton. >> my mother met me at the door, and she said, "there is no room for cowards in this house." >> pelley: a hospital pays ransom to hackers to get its computers back. and from football to footlights. >> i got good feet.


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