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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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unlocking your cable box. how the feds hope to save you money cutting ties to those pricey devices. it's a craigslist robbery you need to know about before meeting someone to buy or sell something. open for business. a big celebration as orlando gets a new burger joint with some celebrity ties. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm allison kropff. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist bobby deskins.
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break on your cable bill and a choice. that's the message from the federal communications chair, pushing for more cable competition. the f-c-c estimates you pay an average to rent a cable box. reporter kendra conlon explains how the commission hopes to bring that cost down. who doesn't like to save your hard earned money - but cable boxes... can really add up... the fcc says averaging about 20 bucks a month. the fcc wants to grow that competition... just approving a plan that would let
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for cheaper 3rd party devices or apps. jacob harris already cut the cable cord - and watches everything on his computer monitor. he's not alone... want that cable connection. the plan could allow one box to deliver your cable... premium and streaming tv... on apple tv.. boxes like amazon fire...and roku.. while offering a similar experience as cable or dish. kendra conlon, 10
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don't throw out your cable box just yet! the plan is now up for comment from supporters and critics, like many cable companies. a final vote is expected by the end of the year. what do you think? you can weigh in to the fcc just head to our website.. wtsp - dot com. this just in, ted cruz's eligibility to run for president will be challenged before a judge later today. an illinois voter, who objects to cruz's name on the primary ballot, will have his lawsuit heard before a judge. this comes after donald trump threatened to file a lawsuit against cruz, claiming he is not eligible to run for president because he was born in canada. cruz maintains he is a natural-born citizen because his mother was american. today's hearing is just before the south carolina republican primary on
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in baltimore, the officers' trials in the freddie gray case are on hold right now. maryland's highest court has agreed to take up a key issue. that stops everything, including a trial that was set to start monday. at issue is whether an officer whose trial ended in a mistrial, could be forced to testify against the other officers even though he is awaiting retrial. freddie gray died from injuries he got while in police custody. new information this morning about the crash of a civilian helicopter near "pearl harbor" in hawaii. the five people on board are recovering. and now we're hearing from the witnesses who jumped into the water to help rescue the passengers. witnesses say a bunch of people jumped in to help. the crash happened near the "u-s-s arizona memorial visitor
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3-of-the-5 were taken to the hospital. one of them, a 16- year-old boy is in critical condition. "f-a-a investigators" are on their way to hawaii. tours to the "pearl harbor memorial" have been suspended until further notice. we're just a day away from the south carolina primary. and as the clock winds down for voters, the candidates are sounding off. donald trump, jeb bush and john kay- sick got their turn last night in a south carolina town hall. south carolina
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polls tomorrow for the republican primary. the state has 7 districts, with 3 delegates at stake for each. plus -- the candidate who wins the entire state gets an additional 29 delegates. the winners of the south carolina primary who eventually took the g-o-p nomination include ronald reagan, george h.w. bush, bob dole, george w. bush and john mccain. we will have all the results for you tomorrow right here on 10 news and wtsp dot com. developing this morning: a 13-year- old girl is behind bars after police say she crashed a stolen van. police say they spotted the girl minutes before the crash at the pinellas park subdivision, but she took off when they tried to pull her over. she drove all the way from pasco county, more than 25 miles away! she's charged with grand theft auto and leaving the scene of an accident. a shocking story
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sheriff chris nocco says a man tried to set a deputy's house on fire after noticing his cruiser in the driveway! he says "daniel hall" lit some porch furniture on fire while deputy ryan lennox, his family and "k-9 jango" were sleeping. thankfully no one was hurt. hall is facing two felony charges for arson and burglary. his friends say-- hall has mental problems - and needs help. time now is . let's take a look at around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. in philadelphia, an investigation is underway into a chain reaction crash that sent an s-u-v smashing into a bank after colliding with a school bus. police say about 14 people were taken to the hospital, all with minor injuries. no children were on the school bus and no one in the bank or on the sidewalk was hurt. more than one million s-u-v's are being recalled because the seat belts might not work in a crash. the recall covers toyota rav 4's made between 2005 and 2014. apparently, the seat belts don't "lock" properly in certain types of crashes. the problem has been linked to two crashes, one of which killed a
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toyota will fix the problem for free. rescued from a 16-foot deep hole! this seven-year old golden retriever is one happy dog. skye went missing on monday near her state college, pennsylvania home. her owners heard barking thrusday morning and tracked her to the hole. skye seemed fine, but did get checked out by a vet. a warning about a crime trend we're seeing far too often here in the bay area. a craigslist exchange turns into a robbery. many of people have either bought or sold something using the popular website. but this story is a reminder to be careful after a tampa man says his deal, took a scary turn. 10 news reporter courtney robinson shows you how the suspect got caught. :15-:24 courtney robinson tampa :31- :37 debbie carter hillsborough county sheriff's office fortino ramirez just wanted to buy a new cell phone. he found one for the right price on craigslist, but deputies say he was dealing with the wrong person. on tuesday, ramirez says he met javario funches in the
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apartment complex on mariners cove court. he says there were red flags, but funches was going to sell him an iphone 6 for $60. he says after he got the phone and handed over the money, funches pulled out a gun and robbed him. as hillsborough county deputies were investigating on wednesday, they say funches re- posted his ad for the same phone. deputies set up a sting. funches showed up with his gun and they arrested him. they say he confessed and now deputies are working to see if there are other victims. to learn more about operation safe sale in hillsborough county go to wtsp dot com - click on this story in seen on tv section. new video shows an 11-year-old boy in
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he slipped off a chairlift at a ski resort -- in whistler, british columbia. you can see him dangling about 30 feet above the ground. he says he was holding on by his arms -- trying to keep from falling. it took about 6 to 7 minutes for lift operators to get a net underneath him. and eventually he had to let go. his mom missed the whole thing! she was inside the cabin at the time. she says she's glad he wasn't hurt -- and thinks it'll be a great family story to re-tell over and over again. orlando's newest celebrity burger joint is open for business! wahlburgers had its grand opening thursday night. the restaurant is off church street downtown. chef paul wahlberg and his brothers, actors mark wahlberg and donnie wahlberg, own the chain. mark and paul were at the opening. wahlburgers orlando is the first florida location for the chain. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning, mourners are expected to pay their respects to the late justice
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the supreme court. preparations are underway this morning to help an arizona neighborhood get rid of a massive swarm of flies. a little girl is being called a hero this morning for using the skills she learned at school to grandmother from a house fire. still ahead here on 10 news early morning, looking for a new ride? see which ones top the list of most- a hint: it's not just
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spring training spring training teams are flocking back to florida. a lot of history was made here but there are questions about where the longest homer happened. 10 news reporter bobby lewis is on the road looking for "the babe's" big swing. every spring... baseball returns to florida where it belongs sot dennis scharder "baseball grew up here. the stars that went through here, especially al lang field in st. pete is tremendous." and the biggest star. was the babe. sot expert but the site of his longest? nobody really knows. su bobby lewis "place to take a
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"well this was probably the approximate location." will michaels wrote a book about st. pete history. and says babe's biggest blast was actually there. sot "he hit a whopping homerun believe to be for sure the longest he ever hit. and he hit it from this particular site right here to what used to be the west coast inn" 624 feet. that is if you believe. this sign on the st. pete sidewalk it's hard to tell where his longest hit landed. so the
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every player in the baseball hall of fame has played on the fields of florida. there are nine babe ruth signed balls on display at the st. museum of history. the next time you're in a rush in the morning and don't have time to make a cup of coffee, a new piece of jewelry could help. the "joule caffeine bracelet" comes with a patch that allows you to absorb caffeine through your skin. each patch is equivalent to one cup of coffee. it's 29-dollars for a bracelet and 30 patches. that means you'll be spending less than one-dollar a day to get your caffeine fix. the bracelets are expected to be on the market this summer. they say a dog is man's best friend. well that certainly may be the case for one man in australia. he had a close encounter with one of the world's deadliest snakes and lived to tell the tale, thanks to his dog. you can see the eastern brown snake make its way onto the patio, slither underneath the table and right by the man's foot! the dog alerts his owner before the snake has a chance to make a sneak
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second-most venomous snake in the world. it can cause victims to collapse within minutes of an attack. do you get a lot of traffic tickets? turns out, your car may be to blame. now we all know it's the driver who gets ticketed and not the car, but certain ones are actually more prone to traffic violations than others. a survey by insurance dot com shows the lexus e-s , tops the list of the most ticketed cars. rounding out the top five -- the "nissan 350 z" -- "dodge charger" -- "volkswagen jetta g-l" -- and the "chevrolet monte carlo". and these are the cars with the lowest percentage of tickets. the "buick encore" is the least ticketed... followed by the "lexus i-s-350"... the "acura i-l-x"... the "cadillac a-t- s"... and the "chevrolet express". still ahead, it's the heartwarming video you won't want to miss! as a little girl surprises her big brother with a big gift. here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, the amazing race 28,
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five-o at 9:00. at 10:00, blue bloods.
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video shows the love between a young brother and sister. watch as "6-year- old abby" surprises "9-year-old daniel" with the gift he desperately wanted. daniel has wanted a hamster ever since abby got one for her birthday earlier this month. but, his parents told him he had to save up the money himself. so daniel was going above and beyond doing extra chores. then, abby decided to use the birthday money she got as gifts... and buy daniel the hamster! the video now has more than 1 million views and has captured the hearts of the
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coming up on 10 news this morning, donald trump has a new challenger. how the presidential candidate is responding to what the pope said about him. and are you tired this morning? there's a new study showing just how much sleep you really need. and harry potter fans you may want to head to starbucks. there's a new drink it's testing out that you're going to like. whether you have 30 minutes, or 10, we have everything you need to start your day. we're be back with more weather and traffic than anyone else, in three
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lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary.
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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm mark rivera, in for ian. today kicks off an important weekend in the race for the white house. many of the republican candidates will finish up some last minute campaigning today in south carolina, while democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle it out in the nevada caucus. both kick off saturday.


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