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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this morning. happy friday. out the door forecast is a cool one. there are 40s on the map along the nature coast. we'll have cool starts over the weekend. i'll talk about that coming up in ten minutes. hot spots on your friday morning at 6:00. in sarasota there is an accident on i-75 at jack randall boulevard in venice. polk city north of i-4 there is a crash blocking lanes on moore road at dean still road. coming up in less than ten minutes i'll have drive times for you as we head into morning rush hour. we'll also take a look at your bridges. good friday morning. welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm mark rivera.
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donald trump has a reputation for calling out a lot of people. his latest word battle is with pope francis. >> this all started over a comment trump made about building a wall in mexico to border. >> reporter: some say this is trump's most audacious attack yet. the pope said trump wasn't really christian. trump went on to say no leader especially a religious leader should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. trump later softened his tone at a gop debate last night saying he doesn't want to fight with pope francis saying he likes his personalty and what
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that was after his made this remark about isis. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis's main target. >> trump is being aggressive ahead of primaries in south carolina where polls show a tight race. is ted cruz eligible to be president? you might be thinking it is too late in the game for that. today that question will take center stage in illinois. today thousands will pay final respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. his body lies in repose in the great hall of the supreme court. the president faced criticism
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to attend scalia's funeral tomorrow. >> respectfully he should pay tribute to high profile patriotic american citizens even when you don't agree on all the issues. >> 79-year-old was found dead in his room in a luxury hunting ranch in texas over the weekend. vice president joe biden and jill biden will attend in place of president obama. the woman accused of hitting and killing a tow truck driver on the howard frankland bridge will be in court this morning. allison huffman will face a hillsborough county judge after being held in pinellas county this week. roger perez was hit and killed early monday morning. hoffmann admitted she was behind the wheel and knew she
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to top. >> the fcc wants to stop cable companies from charging you to use their cable boxes. a lot of money will be saved but not everyone supports the idea. >> that's right. i know you are probably wondering who the heck does not want to cut down on the cost of watching television. it is definitely not people like you and me. it is more so the big cable companies you are handing over your hard, earned money to. there is a group out there called the future of tv coalition, at&t, comcast and verizon are part of it. they promise to fight this in court if it moves forward. there is another group out there this could be hurting. that's minority-owned stations. the hispanic coalition put out a statement saying minority programmers lack access like
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this would affect their placement, revenue and future programming. if the fcc breaks up the monopoly on these set top boxes how long will it take before you see the benefits. i'm working on that. we'll have more for you coming up at 6:30. live in st. pete emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. commuters in boston how old expect more delays like this after amtrak deals with a signal failure. it happened wednesday morning. some were stuck at the station for hours. the city is doing the best they can until service can be restored. >> we are trying to help people deal with the morning commute. it is not the preferred way for any of us. i get the frustration. believe me. >> amtrak personnel will be at the station to help guide people waiting around. the faa is investigating a plane crash in north carolina
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it happened at about 7:00 thursday night in marshville. several agencies responded. not many details have been released other than the small plane was found in a wooded area where there wasn't much around. >> i imagine you guys don't here. out here. it is big but it is sad. released. middle aged man. look at this video from honolulu, hawaii. five people were hurt. one critically, when a helicopter crashed in the water at pearl harbor on wednesday. it happened close to the u.s.s. memorial. >> guys came in trying to help the guys bring the people up. >> federal investigators are
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one neighborhood in arizona has a bug problem. it is way too big for fly swatters. they say these midge flies have been swarming homes so badly they can not go outside ating night. the neighborhood sits by a recharge facility where the water is supposed to go back in the ground. lately they have had a lot of standing water. >> we could not access our trash can the other day because there was so many in the side yards and you get attacked by them. they don't bite but they fly in your ears, nose and mouth. it is disgusting. >> the city started a fogging process three times a week. that's the most allowed by the epa. a bill advancing through the floor legislative will give lawmakers more [ no audio ] according to partners at the tampa bay times
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regulators too much power over the land. the bill now heads to the state senate. unseasonably hot temperatures from a warm spell are hitting the southern plains. this is video from oklahoma where grass fires were sparked by the temperatures. national weather service says the heat was strongest thursday in texas, oklahoma, kansas and new mexico. temperatures in kansas were 35 degrees above normal for this time of year. temperatures are expected to be cooler today but still above normal. daytona 500 is coming up this sunday. >> the race kicked off the 2016 nascar season. 40 drivers will compete at the daytona international speedway at 1:00 p.m. if you buy or sell anything on craigslist you'll want to stick around for the next story. >> how police were able to catch a man selling an i-phone after robbing a buyer at gun point.
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people in one australian town are buried under feet of tumbleweeds and the city won't help them clean it up. spring training is about to swing into action. next week watch 10 news this morning for your chance to win tickets to the opening game. that's game is next wednesday
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it is february 19th. this is your eye opener a look at today's headlines. >> a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful.
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the republican front runner blasts pope francis to suggest his plan to build a wall at the border is not christian. >> it is still the greatest country in the history of the world. presidential canidates are making their final pitch to voters ahead of south carolina's republican primary and nevada's democratic caucus. today president obama and thousands of others will pay their respects to antonin scalia as his body lies in repose in the supreme court. the 79-year-old supreme court justice died over the weekend. his funeral is set for saturday. we are putting the news back in the morning. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. attorneys for subway pitch man jared fogle have until today to file a plea for his 15 year prison sentence. this sentence is longer than what prosecutors have been asking for. today ethan couch known as
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transferred to an adult court after a hearing today. he could face 120 years in jail for violating his probation. today it will be unvailed at the space port in the california desert. the new spacecraft will take the place of the one that crashed in october 2014 killing pilot. torrential rains in peru mudslides. 90 homes have been destroyed. 300 people have been displaced and cut off from access to trees and rocks. army soldiers had to rescue people hurt and others had to cross rivers to get help. in australia homes in the northeast town are trying to
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the weeds covered homes, gardens and cars. people say they have had tumbleweed problems the last few years. the dry weather has made it worse. because those weeds are not considered a fire risk the city council says homeowners must clean the mess up themselves. how are our cars looking on the roadways? >> we are dealing with morning look at the sun coast approaching veterans expressway. not majorly though. good. ehrlich road is still closed in hillsborough county for construction. this is at veterans expressway. you'll have to take gunn highway south of there for the time being. tampa this weekend.
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this weekend. you have roads closed. for the evening commute you'll see congestion at the tampa convention center. 4:00 is when registration takes place. live to your sky 10 camera. we are seeing delays going west at branch forbes road towards tampa. your drive time is picking up in polk parkway in lakeland towards i-75. it is taking 16 minutes. a one minute delay at this point. back to our maps in pinellas county. all of the majors looking good. no significant delays just yet. if you are going to the clearwater sea blue festival this weekend or if you are going to be in downtown clearwater area this weekend heads up. court street will be closed 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. for repairs at myrtle avenue. you'll have a lot of congestion in the area. definitely leave early if you can. in sarasota county real quick
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northbound at jack randall boulevard. it is pulled over into the shoulder. if you have any problems on the morning commute let me know about them. i'm your road warrior hilary zalla. i'll take care of any traffic issues you have out there. if you are seeing a safety issue whether it is speeding or a traffic signal causing congestion let me know about it at the weather is going to cooperate with all of the outdoor plans. pasco county fair, we have the gasparilla race, we also have a lot of seafood out there at clearwater. that's going to be awesome. wesley chapel toyota is showing great visibility. you can see the highway in the distance. we are looking good all over the place. we had a patch of two of fog yesterday morning in the st. pete area. could see it again this morning. most areas will stay clear. it is cool. 53 in river view. 54 in sarasota. 50 for carrollwood and land o'lakes. the 40s in northern pasco, hernando and citrus counties
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winds north and east five to 10 east of i-75. higher towards the coast. we'll generally keep this. a northeast to east wind around 15 knots for the boaters. only change in the forecast today is a few high clouds. well, low clouds coming through, excuse me. these are on the surface wind picking up moisture across the ocean. no rain coming out of those for us. 54 at the bus stop. most areas in the low 50s. a jacket for the kids. just like yesterday back in the mid 70s for daytime highs. we made 74 yesterday. closer to 75 today. here's the forecast model. i want to show you the low level clouds coming over from the east coast. that trend will continue all weekend long because winds will go east northeast today. then eventually east and southeast by sunday. that will keep that flow coming. it means a few clouds midday into the late afternoon hours.
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only a stray sprinkle or two out of that. the race on sunday in daytona should be fine weather wise. for us today we'll go 75 degrees. sun is up at 7:05. down at 6:24. boating is looking decent. bumpy with a moderate chop on the bay. less wind this afternoon north and east. tonight we are back down into the 60s for your friday night plans. for the race tomorrow morning 55 degrees to get started and climbing through the 50s. the weekend looks fantastic. a degree warmer tomorrow at 76. a degree warmer than that on sunday at 77 degrees. basically sunny to partly cloudy both days. now monday just as warm. if not warmer. close to 80 degrees. late tuesday there will be a few showers and thunderstorms rolling through into wednesday. it looks sporadic as far as coverage goes. we'll track that closely and let you know if we expect
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could one republican presidential canidate be knocked out of the race? >> court case that court determine where senator ted cruz could continue to run. starbucks is serving up a special beverage that has "harry potter" fans excited. live look from downtown tampa this friday morning. good morning. we hope you are off to a great start. we have your top news stories plus weather and traffic every ten minutes. stay with us.
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another of the biggest money makers is the charge to change or cancel a ticket. that can cost $200. consumers paid airlines more
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cancellation or change fees just last year. that's triple what they paid in 2007. "harry potter" fans are testing starbucks limited edition spoked butterscotch latte. >> it is probably going to taste like butter beer. >> coffee chain makes no reference to the movie. many "harry potter" fans believe the drink is a butter beer inspired beverage. >> do you know why one is green? >> i'm not sure. why? >> i don't know. >> i really wanted to know the punch line. >> sorry. it is not that funny. >> maybe she changed it with her magic to green. >> that must be it. are you getting enough sleep? probably the answer is no. a new study tells us how many hours we are supposed to get. we are live streaming through the show. you can join the conversation by liking us on facebook.
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you can see us all there.
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when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums happy friday. we are in the upper 40s and lower 50s today. we are clear and dry.
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mid 70s for daytime highs today. there is not much fog out there. we'll find one or two small patches. talking pollen in ten minutes with your weekend forecast coming up. hot spots at 6:30 on your friday morning. good morning. i'm road warrior. in polk county i'm learning new details about the accident on moore road at dean still road. a semi overturned spilling fuel on the roadway. a hot spot in hillsborough county. there is an accident on dale mabry highway at fletcher avenue. this is blocking lanes. coming up in ten minutes we'll look at drive times heading into morning rush hour and the bridges into tampa. good morning. it is 6:30. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm mark rivera. today marks the start of the race for the white house. last minute preps are underway
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republican primary and nevada for the democratic caucus. 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live in the satellite center. is it too a little too late for ted cruz? >> you might be thinking should we have determined that years ago? this will take center stage in cook county outside chicago today. first thing on my mind is think of the time and money ted cruz put into this campaign. it is not surprising this all started with donald trump about a comment he made about why cruz would not be eligible to be president because he was born in canada. an illinois voter lauren joyce took that and is taking this center stage into a courthouse in illinois. cruz argued he is a natural born citizen saying his mother is american-born. no matters what happens with cruz south carolina look important for these candidates. they need the weed out the
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we have several of them still in the running for the campaign. sarah hollenbeck 10 news, back to you. justice antonin scalia will lie in repose at the supreme court today. president obama will not be attending his funeral. the 79-year-old passed away over the weekend. battle against zica continues this morning. world bank offered $150 million to fight the virus and provide medical care. more funding may be made available in the few for if needed. the virus will slow the region's economy and decrease gross domestic product this year by $3.3 billion. more economic losses could happen in the caribbean where the economy depends heavily on tourism. for cable subscribers the government has a plan that could help your bill go down.
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developers to make their own boxes to increase competition and lower the prices. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live outside of the studios. this could take some time. >> reporter: that's right. it could be as long as three years before we see what the fcc has to do with wanting to change this plan and how it could affect how we watch television on our tablets as well as on our televisions. and making that cheaper and more convenient. it is probably costing you about $200 a year to rent your cable box. we have been seeing people in our area complain about this because bright house just dropped the e channel from its lineup forcing customers who want to see it to rent another cable box for an additional $10 a month. fcc officials say it is things like this that is leading help make your tv watching experience more economical. >> instead of the fcc mandating
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they are saying make this available on an open standard that the consumer electronics industry can understand and work with. we'll see what competition brings people instead of dictating a single outcome. >> reporter: the big cable companies like verizon and at&t are pushing back. consumer advocacy groups say this is great for people like you and me. if you want to read more about the fcc's proposal we have it posted on our website at live in st. pete emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. it is a craigslist robbery you need know about. deputies say this man robbed a guy at gun point. the victim tells 10 news he met him after seeing his craigslist add for an i-phone 6. the two met tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of a tampa apartment complex. he said he was leerily but met him anyway.
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gun. >> he robbed me at gun point. i wanted to punch him. >> he post had the same ad again, if you can believe it. they set up a sting and hillsborough county sheriff's office has a program to keep you safe when you need someone in person to buy or sell an item. you can use any district office where deputies are present. to learn about operation safe sell go to two georgia women are safe after their car slid down an embankment and landed upside down in water. the women were able to unbuckle their seat belts and bust out of a window to escape. firefighters in oklahoma are keeping an eye on this industrial building after it burst into flames on thursday. you can see the thick, dark smoke. firefighters are the main concern is the flammable
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crews have had to go back and forth between a neighboring town to refill on water. in denver, colorado i-25 is back opened after high winds damaged an ikea sign near the highway. cracks were visible on large sections of the sign. highway reopened two hours after it happened. officials said no one was hurt. in health news you may want to get more sleep these days. one in three adults do not get enough sleep according to government statistics. sleep experts recommend adults 18 to 60 years old sleep seven hours each night for their health. cdc says south dakota had the highest sleep rates. hawaii had the lowest. spacecraft that delivered 7,000 pound of cargo to the international space station in december will leave there today. this is a picture astronaut scott kelly tweeted when it
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it is expected to leave at 7:25 this morning. if it does it will return to earth's atmosphere and burn over over the pacific ocean. you are going to see incredible images from yosemite national park all over social media this morning. >> we'll show them to you and why the phenomenon won't last much longer. a child save her grandmother's life thanks to a cool field trip. that's coming up at 6:44. a live look on the roads this morning. sunshine skyway bridge everything moving along nicely. road warrior hilary zalla will have a bridge update and meteorologist bobby deskins is back with a check of your
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we are picking up out there. sunshine skyway bridge is quiet.
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let's go live to our sky 10 camera on one of our busiest bridges during the morning. the howard frankland bridge. i'm showing you the northbound lanes into tampa. we are seeing slower moving traffic. backups before kennedy boulevard. the kennedy airport exit is slow. over all it is a good time to cross the bay. this is the weekend for the clearwater seafood and blues music. incredible out there this weekend. it is a great time for it. we'll be looking at lots of sunshine. pollen levels will be on the higher side. keep that in mind. a lot of folks will be out this weekend. rain tuesday into wednesday should knock it down a little bit. weekend forecast. mid 70s both days. lots of sunshine. cool in the morning. we'll talk about the rain
6:42 am
with my full forecast. president obama and first lady michelle pay their respects to antonin scalia as his body lies in repose in the supreme court. >> 79 year-old supreme court justice passed away over the weekend during a hunting trip to texas. president obama is facing criticism for not attending tomorrow's funeral. >> going to cuba but somehow obama can't find time to go to justice scalia's funeral. >> scalia's death sparked a fierce debate in washington and the campaign trail over who should replace him. hillary clinton holds an eight point lead over bernie sanders nationally. the two are neck in neck in nevada. trump continues to hold a commanding lead over the gop field with john kasich and marco rubio in a tie for third place. more cable competition may save you more money on your bill. >> fcc estimates you pay $231 a year to rent a cable box and hopes a new plan to bring down
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it will allow you to swap your cable boxes for cheaper third party device us. a final vote is expected by the end of the year. take a look at this. these gorgeous pictures of what is called a fire fall. wow! oh my gosh. it is at the horse tail fall in yosemite national park. this is not lava. this is due to the sunlight catching during sunset perfectly on the waterfall creating an incredibly beautiful fiery effect. weeks in february. if you want to see it for yourself you need to get the ticket now. if you want to see the photos now go to my facebook page. this before. it look looks lava. the pictures. seeing it on tv is difficult.
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a 5-year-old louisiana girl used the skills she learned in school to help save her blind grandmother's life. she visited her local fire department on a field trip a couple months ago. they taught her what to do when there was a fire in her house. when her kitchen stove caught on fire and set off the fire alarm she knew what to do. >> she said hold on to my shoulder and they got out of the house. >> she made sure her grandmother and dog were okay. firefighters say thanks to this little girl paying attention on the field trip she was able to save her grandmother's life. >> that is incredible.
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let's head over to road warrior hilary zalla. >> on the sun coast parkway going south you are backed up to where it connects with the veterans expressway back to lake fern road. drive times 31 minutes from state road 52 in pasco county to the veterans expressway. this is all thanks to construction blocking a lane there. give yourself time if you are heading that way. south of there on dale mabry highway at fletcher avenue there is an accident. you can see it from sky 10. it is northbound of dale mabry highway at the intersection. because folks confused at how they are supposed to get around this we are seeing a delay. you also need to slowdown as you are passing this crash. we are hearing injuries reported here. i know the tow truck is on scene. hopefully this will be cleared out shortly. let's go back to our maps now. i want to let you know that this weekend is the gasparilla distance classic.
6:46 am
headaches if you are heading indo downtown tampa saturday or sunday. today for your evening commute at 4:00 registration takes place at the tampa convention center. you will see delays during evening rush hour in that area. lots of people will be around. polk county in lakeland we are seeing delays on bartow road near lakeland high school. also a semi overturned here on moore road at dean still road in polk city and spilled some fuel on to the roadway. injuries are also reported here. watch out police are on scene and lanes are blocked on moore road. pinellas county seeing some delays on i-275 through downtown st. pete. this weekend, with the clearwater ski blue festival you'll see heavier than normal traffic. that is not just because of the people heading to the festival.
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at myrtle avenue. sarasota and manatee county you are quiet this morning. really good traffic conditions so far. i-75 running smoothly. if you have any problems on your commute or any time you are on the roads let me know what you are seeing. i want to know about safety issues. my e-mail is 6:47. your forecast looks great. dry on storm tracker 10. should stay that way all weekend long. there will be an isolated shower on the east coast. florida southern college showing the sun coming up in polk county. look at the sunrise in west chase from tampa bay downs. it is gorgeous and it is friday. 49 in crystal river. 50 land o'lakes and dade city. river view 54 with bradenton
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58 warm degrees in st. pete. we have a little wind to keep the northeast wind for the first half of today. let come out of the east later today. this morning around 16 miles per hour in st. pete. that's our high spot. most areas 5 to 10 miles per hour. it is not a big deal. we have had blue skies the last several days. those are some low clouds. those will get blown over into our neck of the woods later today. mid to late morning we'll go partly cloudy. atlanta afternoon they'll start to mix out with a little more sunshine. partly cloudy at most for today. dry, as we mentioned, all the way through. watch the winds try to turn around towards the east through the late afternoon hours. only thing that will do is bump our dew points up a little bit. they are in the upper 40s to 50 now. 50s later tonight and tomorrow morning. that's more humidity. you don't get the uncomfortable feeling of the humidity until
6:49 am
great looking forecast today. morning commute looks great. chilly out there. motorcycles or convertible perfect no problem. great day to wash the car. 75 degrees for a daytime high. tonight we'll go down through the 60s for your friday evening plans. anything outdoor looks great. dry and cool. after midnight we'll get down in the 50s. tomorrow morning this time we'll be 55 degrees. i want to show you your planner for saturday. we have the fair in pasco. we have sea blues in clearwater. we have the gasparilla race tomorrow morning. starting mid 50s and climbing through the mid 60s through 10:00 a.m. with lots of shine. we are about 76 for a daytime high tomorrow. it is coming back down to the 60s for your saturday evening. i could put sunday on this map, as well, too because it looks almost the same. we'll see a few extra clouds each day. we'll call it partly cloudy. that's saturday and saturday night into sunday. you can see it is still consider quiet weather wise
6:50 am
through. there is cooler air. this is tuesday of next week. there is a frontal boundary. that will push through here with showers and cooler air will get in here. it is not cold by any means. temperatures will drop back down into the 60s for highs. it looks like now on thursday into friday. we'll see how chilly it gets. i have to say we could get strong storms tuesday night into wednesday with this front. right now it looks sporadic and not that much rain coming through. stay tuned we'll track this closely for you. don't forget you can catch our forecast in the newspaper. make sure to join us this weekend for 10 news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. there will be a lot of questions the morning after the south carolina primary. sunday morning we'll bring you the winners and the losers. plus, jobs, jobs, jobs, you
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governor rick scott. governor rick scott. mike deeson sits down with tampa bay times business columnist to discuss the economic state. the jobs, construction, transportation, light rail and gondola. from the fine arts to gently used furniture and clothing to a place where you can enjoy good music and seafood. we'll share a few places you'll want to explore. ashley batey and i will see you there at 8:30.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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over the weekend starting
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mid to upper 70s. we are just learning into our news room that american warplanes struck targets in libya overnight hitting an isis target. we don't have anymore details right now. a warning for you this tax season irs says e-mail and texting scams to trick taxpayers have gone up 400%. when consumers click on the phishing links they are sent to websites that ask for social security numbers. orlando's biggest burger joint is creating a lot of buzz this morning. whalburgers is the first in florida. 80s flash back.
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it was a green colored citrus flavored drink. it was promoted in the 1986 cartoon series the real ghost busters. coca-cola renewed the patent sealing speculation the drink
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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump fires back at the pope on immigration and faith. a new poll shows his lead narrowing in south carolina. breaking news. american war planes target a major isis operative linked to two terrorist attacks.


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