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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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us. we begin with breaking news out of tampa. hillsborough high school is on full lockdown for what we're being told is because of a "projectile in the classroom." 10 news reporter jennifer titus is live at the school. jenn do we know any more on what type of object this was? author harper lee has passed away in her hometown of good afternoon. i'm allison kropff.
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school being locked down the school. jennifer titus is joining us live from the scene. >> reporter: there is a huge police presence out here as they investigate the type of object this was. the good news is nobody was injured. down. meaning nobody can leave the building or enter the building. you can see parents are out here worried, wondering what type of object this was. many parents say their child has texted them saying something is going on. something went off in a classroom window. it sounded loud. we talked to the parents and we are trying to gather more information on what is happening at the school. we'll bring you the latest. live in tampa at hillsborough high school jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. author harper lee passed away in monroeville, alabama.
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1960 with the publication of to kill a mockingbird. it remains in print in every school in america. until last year was her only book. she recently published ghost set a watchman, the sequel. she was 89 years old. it is down to the wire in south carolina for the six republicans left in the race for president. [ no audio ]. >> religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: donald trump's war of words with pope francis seemed to soften at a town hall thursday night. >> the pope is a wonderful guy. >> reporter: that spat with the leader of 1.2 billion catholics made headlines around the world after the pope criticized trump's focus on building walls as not christian. trump and his five rifles for the republican nation are
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state for one last day before voters head to the poll. >> south carolina and texas share a tradition of fighting for freedom with everything in it. >> we want to do for america what your governor and your legislator has done for south carolina. >> reporter: marco rubio has five rallies today. first one here in columbia where some voters are waiting for the last minute to decide. >> i think a lot of people will make up their mind tomorrow morning. i frankly do. >> there could be surprises tomorrow. >> could be. >> reporter: in the midst for votes this moving moment in a town hall on thursday. >> i was in a dark place for a long time. >> reporter: a young kasich supporter spoke of job loss and divorce in his family. >> i would appreciate one of those hugs you have been talking about. >> reporter: the polls open early saturday morning. craig boswell cbs news south carolina. >> the race is tightening.
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cruz is five points behind him. a judge will hear arguments today from an illinois voter alleging ted cruz is not a natural born citizen and should be disqualified for party's nomination. this comes after donald trump threatened to file a lawsuit against cruz claiming he was not eligible to run because he was born in canada. the woman charged in a hit- and-run death of a tow truck driver is held on $750,000 bond. allison huffman faced a hillsborough judge this morning. prosecutors argue she is a flight risk because she fled the scene, ditched her car and hung out at a hard rock casino before going to a friend's house. that's friend turned her in. roger perez was helping a couple with their disabled suv on the howard frankland bridge
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lying in repose in the supreme court. his body will remain there until the funeral tomorrow. president and mr. obama will be among those paying respects today. you can see the casket as people continue to pour through to pay respects. his funeral is tomorrow. the public was invited in after a private ceremony this morning. justice scalia died from a heart attack over the weekend. his body will remain there until tomorrow when his funeral will take place. the president will no be there. the vice president will be there in place of mr. obama. american warplanes struck an isis camp in libya overnight killing dozens of people. the airstrikes likely killed an operative linked to attacks last year. new information about this helicopter crash in honolulu. this video is terrifying. it was a sightseeing helicopter with a family of four and a
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it crashed in the waters off center. a 15-year-old boy is in critical condition today. his parents and brother and pilot were injured. we have a traffic alert if you plan on driving in tampa or clearwater over the weekend. road warrior hilary zalla has areas you may want to avoid. >> with all the events this weekend we'll have heavy traffic. i want to start in downtown tampa with the gasparilla distrance classic. during evening rush hour they are doing registration at the convention center. tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. roads start to close. the main ones affected gandy and florida avenue. we have all this on our website and parking information. clearwater folks expect a lot of traffic downtown for the
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what is not helping the situation is a road closing for railroad repairs. court street at myrtle avenue will be closed today at 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. sunday. detour is myrtle avenue to pierce avenue. you can get on court street from there. if you are trying to head across the clearwater memorial bridge to the beach or anywhere downtown clearwater i would leave 15 minutes early, if you can. we have all this information at click on traffic. join us this weekend for 10 news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. there will be lots of questions after the south carolina primary. sunday morning we'll bring you the winners and losers. job, job, jobs is florida governor scott's motto. 10 investigate's mike deeson sits down with an economic to discuss the jobs, transportationing light rail and gondolas. next on "10 news at noon," why tons of dirt is being
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it is that time of year again. have you caught rays fever? coming up a couple baseball bargains you should know about. in health news millions of dollars are pouring in to help in the fight against zica. meteorologist bobby deskins is joining us now. it is a gorgeous start to the afternoon. >> it is friday on top of it all. this weather will continue into the weekend. beautiful outside. one change today. we'll see a few extra clouds. we are in the lower 70s. we'll warm a couple more degrees. there is rain in the extended forecast and cooler air. that's coming up. spring training is about to swing into action. next week watch 10 news this morning for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the new
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battle against zica continues. world bank offered $150 million to fight the virus and provide medical care. more funds may be available in the future if needed. the virus is likely to slow the region's economy decreasing billion. more losses could occur in the depends heavily on tourism. check this out. right now amalie arena is going 3,000 tons, 170-truckloads of dirt are dumped on the floor show. if you have never heard of it it features dirt bikers showing
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if you like to learn more go to if you have not had it already watch out. baseball fever is about to hit. rays are gearing up for another season. 10 community's kathryn bursch explains if you want to see the first game now is the time to act. >> joining me today is brian richardson. you may have guessed already has from the rays. we are all getting excited for baseball. spring training is around the corner. pitchers and catchers already at it. >> they reported today. today is the day single-game tickets go on sale exclusively at rays i could encourage your viewers to check out the games coming up this year. >> especially opening day. >> opening day is a huge game. normally it is on a monday, tuesday or friday. this year it is on a sunday. sunday april 3rd. we worked with major league baseball to be part of the big
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it gives people enough time to come out and make an entire day out of it. it will be a big day of baseball celebration at tropicanna field. >> there is a great event coming up. fan fest. >> fan fest is next saturday 11:00 to 4:00 at tropicanna field. it is free parking. and free admission to get in. with that comes autographs, photo opportunities and a lot of different interactions with players. ping-pong with evan longoria was featured last year. we look to take advantage of this for our players to show their personalty and interact with fans one-on-one and create memorable experiences. there is a ton of free activities for the families to come enjoy with the autographs, photos and interactive games going on. it is 11:00 to 4:00 at tropicanna field. >> this is a chance for fans to
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>> all the players will be there right up close and in person. we have alumni players making visits and we'll have special surprises. i would encourage people to get there at 11:00. allow yourself enough time to get in and feel your way around and decide what you want to do. a lot of options for everybody. >> i know this is a tremendously busy time of year for you. you are looking forward to the season. these things are a few of the give aways during the season. >> that one has gotten a lot of national attention for one of the greatest bobble heads of the year as well as a chris archer in a fedora hat that contributed to a sellout game last year. were thrilled to have these three. if you want more information on this go to rays they are all laid out.
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we have ticket specials for seniors and military. there are 81 games of promotions out there. go to rays baseball and check it out. >> lots of fun times ahead. you can find out more information on our website. go rays! if you would like a tour of 10 news call 727-577-1010. or e-mail community at 10 i'm kathryn bursch for 10 commune. cool in the evening hours. breezy at the coast with a northeast to east wind but dry. we'll have a great weekend weather wise. 72 degrees in february. this is where we should be. 73 is the average high temperature. 55 is the average low.
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finally we are getting the weather we should be getting for this time of year. thank goodness. this is some of the best weather we get across the year. 70 lakewood ranch. 72 lakeland. sarasota 74 degrees. we have 69 degrees in new port richey. it is going to be a little cooler on the coastal areas because of the water temperatures. it is in the lower 60s. the wind is generally out of the east. that won't keep us too cool but in the st. pete area that wind will be coming across the bay. temperatures are still in the 60s. not a lot of wind. coast. 5 to 10 inland. tracking clouds for you today. that's it. the radar is turned on. you just don't see any rain falling from these. there could be a sprinkle or two on the east coast. this trend continues through the weekend. i don't think it is enough to cause a problem with daytona for the race on sunday. things look good there. that's what we'll see. clear skies at the coast.
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to make friday the east coast to the west coast. i think it will be more than anything else, sunny at the beaches and on the breezy side. 73 to 76 for daytime highs today. warmest numbers will be inland east of i-75. 66 degrees for the evening hours. if you have friday night plans it is dry and we are pulling into the 60s. maybe a light jacket or sweater. tomorrow morning we'll wake up in the 50s. dew point are creeping up back up with the easterly winds. you may run into a patch or two sunday morning. it will not be wide-spread at all. planner tomorrow, this might as well be sunday, too, both days are similar. mid 50s to get started. low 50s in the nature coast. we are going to the mid 70s towards the afternoon hours.
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we keep the easterly wind. east southeast late saturday into sunday. here are the low clouds coming across. there will be thickest in polk county. thinner towards the west. both days, 76 to 77 degrees for this weekend's forecast. that is fantastic. that's a little above average for this time of year. monday we could hit some spots near 80 degrees. sunday we could see it inland. this is tuesday evening. showers and thunderstorms on tuesday. latest model trends are not showing a lot of moisture with this. it is showing cooler air. we'll be warm ahead of it. cooler air getting in here wednesday night thursday and friday. monday. then we'll go down to the mid 60s for thursday and likely on friday, as well. we will track this frontal boundary and a chance for severe weather. it looks slim at this point.
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we'll update you on my facebook page. you can do it on the app, as well. you can get our forecast and video and hour-by-hour forecast, radar, traffic cameras. i use the traffic cameras for weather cams, at times, as well. check out our app. it is awesome. and absolutely free. search wtsp in the app. cast store from the original full house joins us at 10 news to talk about the show and getting back together and her experiences on the family sitcom. former secretary of state collin powell is in tampa today
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in a week a favorite tv
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today a cast member from the original full house stopped by to talk about her experience and the great message the show always carried through in its story lines. >> it was a great time for television to have that show. it was such a good family value. you left feeling happy and you got a good moral out of it. even now, often times my three kids will run me crazy and i would think what would danny >> fuller house premiers on netflix february 26th. the cast except for the olson twins will return to the show. >> john stamos looks younger. today in tampa retired general and former secretary of state colin powell spoke to hundreds of college students.
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any aspirations i could have. >> it is part of the four-day black brown college summit. it colin focuses on challenges college. >> great speaker. wonderful to hear from him. beautiful weekend. great start to this friday. fantastic. there was the old st. pete pier. the water temperature is 62 degrees. it will warm up. it has been warming up. weekend. man, all that beautiful wear sunscreen. it is hard to say that because it is cool outside but you can definitely use it. temperatures will get in the mid 70s all weekend long. slightly above average. overnight lows will be near where they should be. right now the rainfall for tuesday looks more sporadic. i imagine there will be a decent line of storms coming through.
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>> thank you for joining us today for "10 news at noon."
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>> nick: hey. good. you're awake. thank god. >> noah: what -- what happened? what happened? >> nick: hey, listen, don't worry about it. you're gonna be fine. they had to give you a sedative before you got on the flight. that's why you're groggy. >> noah: flight?


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