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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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without reading an online review. when you google tampa restaurants you'll get the links to a number of reviews. half way down you'll find yelp reviews. >> it is filled with opinions. something you would never think could land you in trouble. a texas couple is learning the hard way that is not the case. they were not thrilled by their experience with a pet sitting company. like many of us do these days they turned to the internet giving the company a one-star review. >> i don't do anything wrong. my husband said there is a police officer coming to the house to serve you. >> the couple good slapped with a cease and assist order and a lawsuit by the company for $7,000 saying their review caused irreparable and slanderous harm. 10 news reporter eric glasser is breaking it down to you know what you are in for before you
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>> reporter: tampa attorney mcguire says it is nothing short of bullying businesses using non-disparagement clauses threatening people who file negative or honest reviews. take them down or be sued for slander. >> if it becomes a problem legally is it the end of freedom of speech. >> it is not helpful to other feel if it is not honest. >> reporter: if you tell the truth in a review it is a solid defense. when many hear it may costs thousands of dollars to get a lawyer. >> most people will feel compelled to comply with the letter threatening them. that does affect freedom of speech. >> reporter: there is a proposed federal law that could outlaw most non-dismarriaging clauses. some businesses say they need protection. 10 news investigation showed out alicia noble's tampa
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posting fake reviews. >> a lot of people coming from out of town go online to look at reviews. >> reporter: lawmakers say the businesses could sue for false or phony. if you believe your review is honest and you don't have to financial means to seek justice or defend yourself there is an go public. >> inevitablely the company will back down because they look terrible. it does not help their business in any way to be known as the little guy. >> reporter: in tampa eric glasser 10 news wtsp. we are taking a closer look at yelp and the kind of power it has for businesses. two former paypal employees started yelp in 2004. today it has 4 million reviews. yelp makes money from advertising from the companies featured in its reviews. a harvard business study found
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helps the sales of a business by 5 to 9%. yelp has come under criticism before because it is easy to fake a review. there are five ways to spot a fake. go to and click on seen on tv. new information tonight about a bay area hospital put on lock down. hillsborough high school students were locked down adventure a projectile broke a window. police don't know what broke the window. parents say their kids texted them about the chaos. we are putting together their reaction of the lock down that had them on edge. we'll have that story on "10 news at 6:00". dozens of people are paying respects to justice antonin scalia. >> scalia's body has been lying
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it will stay there until 8:00 p.m. tonight. groups of four former clerks rotating every 30 minutes are standing beside scalia's flag- draped coffin at all times. here is the video for you. an hour and a half ago president obama and the first lady paid their respects. they will not attend tomorrow's funeral for scalia. they'll be represented by vice president joe biden and his wife jill. after the obama's visit the general public started their steady stream in and out. >> despite all that's going on with the politics going on it was nice to be able to just see something done with a lot of respect and a lot of honor. >> justice scalia's funeral is tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. basilica of the national shrine
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new information about a in libya. the bombing is linked to two terror attacks last year. libya, in northern africa is a growing concern in the fight against isis. terror group is expanding quickly since it is an unstable country with rival groups fighting for power. 30 isis militants were killed in today's strike. while ted cruz is busy in south carolina the debate over whether he can become president is moving from the campaign trial to the courtroom. a lawyer moved that cruz is ineligible because he is not a natural born citizen. even though he was born in canada he can become president because his mother was a u.s. citizen when he was born. republicans want this cleared
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cruz could pull off an upset in south carolina. he narrowed the gap with front runner donald trump. donald trump is 28%. cruz 23%. you might be wondering what south carolina has to do with you in florida. there is a lot riding on this weekend's vote. it could have a big impact on the primary here in florida. we are putting together the reasons why it matters and we'll have that on "10 news at 5:30". developing tonight, the woman charged in the death of a tow truck driver is behind bars. she has been moved to a different jail. allison huffman is held on a $750,000 bond. he is in hillsborough county where she is accused of hitting and killing a tow truck driver with her car and taking off. in court prosecutors argued she should have her bond revoked because she ditched her damaged car and went to the hard rock casino after the crash.
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claiming lives all over the country. >> there is no stopping it. it is relentless. it is ridiculous. the hold it has on your life. she is talking about the crippling effects of heroin. a drug so easy to get it has reached epidemic levels. today law enforcement dealt a huge blow to heroin use in manatee county. 10 news reporter isabel mascareas shows you how a major drug bust is helping save live. >> reporter: the drug nearly killed dana. on june 27th she overdosed in this bradenton hotel. >> i was purple. >> reporter: it wasn't the first time she oded but it was her last. she turned to heroin after the pill mills closed to receive pain from a herniated disk in her back and neck. >> i used heroin every day for years. >> reporter: the track marks on her arm remain from shooting up five times a day.
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alive right now. >> reporter: and alive to celebrate the good news. 15 drug dealers are off the streets. >> i'm so happy. >> reporter: it lasted 18 months. >> we had to start from the bottom and work our way up. >> reporter: street value $400,000 was seized. >> you mix sentinel with heroin and you can a cocktail for death. >> reporter: heroin related 9-1- 1 calls are down in the city. >> we are coming after you. we'll put you out of business.
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is long from over. the sheriff [ no audio ]. >> dana found help for a women in manatee county. for a closer look at drug resources in the bay area head tv. she spent her life out of the spotlight. work. harper lee, the author of to kill a mockingbird passed away this morning at 89 years old. her iconic novel was publicked in 1960. to kill a mockingbird has sold more than ten million copies. it is still caught in schools it even influenced civil rights changes. a big day in polk county where dozens of people are financial help. this event called prosperity
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moderate income people across the country. there is home buyer education u credit counseling along with other resources. >> they can get all preparation done here. what better way is there than to take their refunds and put it towards paying down their debt. >> medium household income for polk county is $46,000. that's one of the lowest in the state. that's why catholic charities have been hosting this event for ten years. take a live look at the sky 10 traffic network camera. your regular back up, you know how it is at the tampa end of the howard frankland bridge. >> meantime a beautiful afternoon wrapping up. temperatures, as you can see, in the mid 70s. the question though is how long is this weather going to stick around? download the 10 news app. search 10 news wtsp in your app store. they are being blamed for $2 million in damage.
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this close call with a
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new video from houston shows a close call between a school bus and a train. watch this. one of the students on the bus posted this on youtube. you can see the train going by right there. it is inches from the school bus. we muted the sound because, as you can imagine there are a lot of bad words. these students were yelling they could have died and they thought for sure the train was going to hit them.
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district started investigating. is out of a job. >> we show you what the driver did to get fired and how she explained the close call. >> reporter: cameras on board the bus and this video shot by a student, which was then post today posted posted to youtube is what did the driver in. >> reporter: as stop sign here. the bus had to stop as the train was going by. the two were literally butted up to each other. >> i know it is a pain in the
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with our kids on the bus they have to do a better job. >> reporter: in a statement cline isd reported the students were too loud. the district says that was not the case. the driver broke protocal. >> that's what they need do to make sure it sends a message to the other bus drivers to make sure they are doing their job. >> reporter: one bad decision can lead to dangerous consequences. >> school district says drivers are supposed to stop 15 feet before the track then open the bus doors to look and listen for the train before crossing. investigators say the driver followed none of those rules in this case. it really doesn't get much better than this. it is friday and gorgeous. >> i really can't take to much credit but i'm happy to bring you the message. it puts a pep in your step when
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the sunshine and feel the comfortable temperatures. a little taste of spring headed our way. right now winds east southeast at 10. clearwater 10 miles per hour sustained winds. lovely late afternoon on this friday. 74 currently in tampa. 72 clearwater. even crystal river you are nice and mild. 73 degrees. that's the current temperature we are finding in sarasota. look at the heat in the southeast united states and corn plains. texas is 86 degrees. st. louis 72. the reason we are seeing all of these warm it weres is we have a ridge of high pressure in place across the southeast united states. that is giving us that nice, stable air mass. dry air. we'll stay rain free all the way through your weekend. our winds today out of the east.
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get a little more of an east southeasterly component. that will heat temperatures up by a degree or two in the afternoon hours. this evening if you are heading out and about maybe doing dinner you probably don't need anything early in the evening. if you are staying out late you might want a jacket or sweater. we'll see mostly clear skies tonight. patchy fog in the morning east of i-75. keep that in mind. your low temperatures saturday morning 49 degrees crystal river. 49 brooksville. by the coast more moderate. 56 st. petersburg. 55 carrollwood. that patchy fog possible because we'll have mostly clear skies. a little low level moisture and with the light winds that's the stage to set up possibilities of fog. by the afternoon mostly sunny skies. a light breeze. 76 degrees. nice and comfortable. we start your saturday evening quiet and calm with a
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mid to upper 70s across the nature coast. 76 thonotosassa springs. 78 brooksville. wesley chapel 77. palm harbor 74. st. pete 74. across the cultural coast bradenton 75. sarasota 76. polk county upper 70s. dry on our future cast model. our winds will be out of the east to start in the morning. a little east to southeast flow. a few mid and high level clouds possible east of i-75. the beach is staying beautiful for you. if you are taking the boat out seas one to two. bay waters a light chop. tide time early in the morning. last high tide will be late tonight. chance of rain once again late monday night tuesday into tuesday night and the first half of wednesday. looks like we'll see two waves of action there. on and off. your seven-day forecast shaping up like this. warm through the weekend. in fact by monday 79 degrees.
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starting early tuesday right through midday wednesday. dry and cooler by thursday. you can keep on top of the weather. just download our 10 news app. it is new and improved in the apple and android store. you'll have access to the temperature maps and sky 10 network cameras. if you think you won't fall for a tax scheme think again. i'm mark rivera. all new at 5:30, thieves have already stolen $30 million from your neighbors. what you need to know to protect your information as these scum bags get more creative. they are calling it the wheels of freedom. a tampa man paralyzed in combat will get to drive where ever he wants to go. is your tv tracking the every click. a new lawsuit claiming a major brand is collecting information and selling it to third
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lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday.
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happy mother's day. it is a sound most of us are familiar with this time of year. that hacking cough. (coughing). >> i heard this a couple times in the news room today. what do most coughs mean?
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most of us have a cold and cough from post nasal drip. >> what starts out as something like a cold with nasal congestion and a mild cough gets deeper in the upper part of the chest and causes a drawn out illness. coughs that are concerning would be coughs that are associated with the difficulty breathing. >> the other coughs is a dry cough that gets worse when you lie down or you eat. that can mean reflux disease. a severe hacking cough followed by a high pitched cough could be pertussis. coughing up blood or experiencing pain when trying to breathe indicates a need for immediate medical attention. something cool to share with you that you probably won't see any florida. these pictures on instagram are
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you can see it looks like lava coming down from waterfalls. it is just an illusion. it is that phenomenon called the fire fall. you can see it a few times a year when the sunset is at the right angle to illuminate the water in orange and red. a weekend packed with big events and a major construction project is sure to create a traffic nightmare. our road warrior is helping you get around the mess. >> i went to sleep. when i went to sleep i didn't wake back up. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy
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share your story.
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it is your choice 2016. it is down to the wire in south carolina.


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