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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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man goes on a shooting spree in michigan, killing 6 people. a horrible case of animal abuse in pinellas county. this morning two men are now facing charges. a traffic mess on i-75 as a tanker overturns. when the busy interstate will reopen. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm allison kropff. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist bobby deskins.
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accused of pulling the trigger sits in a jail cell this morning... a community is stunned. many gathered for a church service to honor the innocent lives lost. investigators say 45-year-old jason dalton's crime spree lasted 4 hours and spread across an apartment complex, a car dealership and a restaurant. dalton is an u-ber driver who passed the company's background check. now, passengers are coming forward with their experiences of sitting in the backseat of his car -- just hours before he allegedly went on a killing rampage.
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he was leaving a bar. they say he surrendered without a fight. he's due in court this afternoon. a disturbing crime alert in pinellas county. two men arrested, accused of baiting and fighting animals. deputies say the men basically implicated themselves by recording the fight and posting it to social media. 10 news reporter jonathan petra-mala spoke with one of the men who says he's innocent. a vicious video that went viral. a pit bull struggling to get it's jaws around this caged raccoon. so brutal, the man about to remove the latch and the one filming ended up behind bars themselves. perry says even though he's seen in the video opening the cage, he's innocent of the charges he points to his dog's vaccination records as proof he is a responsible dog owner. but his four dogs as
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to a cousin, aren't in his kennels any longer. animal services took them away. the video stops before we see what ended up happening to the raccoon. perry says it escaped and ran up the tree. but if you watch the video...the signs point to a different ending. in pinellas county, jonathan petramala, 10 news wtsp. we have a link to the entire video on our website, wtsp dot com if you want to watch and decide if perry's story adds up. an important traffic alert you'll want to hear about before you get your work week started. this is along i-75 in sarasota county,
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area, at the toledo blade boulevard exit. one southbound lane of the interstate is shut down. reporter nicole valdes from our c- b-s partners in fort myers explains what caused the traffic mess. that was nicole valdes reporting. remember to download our free 10 news app for breaking traffic alerts.
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see live traffic cameras before you head out the door.## right now police are looking for the person who shot two people at a birthday party saturday night. detectives say it happened just after midnight saturday at the holiday inn express on 54th avenue north, right off i-275. the victims, 17 year old demetrius crawford and 19 year old octavius brown are recovering. police are still working on making an arrest. an update to a shooting at the "smokin bull hookah bar" in tampa. detectives have identified the man who was killed. they say he is 28 year old man-uel or-tiz junior. 3 other people were also hurt. developing this morning, a freak accident has a tampa woman fighting for her life her friends and family are not only asking for your prayers, but they need donations to get her back to the states for treatment. schuyler ara-kawa is a graduate of tampa's - berkeley prep-aratory school - and yale university. her best friend says she's in peru as part of a fellowship, but while visiting columbia for the weekend was involved in a horrible accident
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have predicted. best friend - alexis tsavoussis says they'd like to have her flown back to the u.s. - to miami - for treatment. many of you have already responded to the call - donating more than 100- thousand dollars to a go fund me page in just one day. you can find that link right now at wtsp dot com. it's a sign that will make you do a double take. after doing their research, reading books on race relations, members of a bay area church are spreading a message that's raising some controversy. good samaritan presbyterian church posted this sign talking about white privilege and many are sounding off about it. 10 news reporter garin flowers church thinks it's
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see it. at good samaritan church in pinellas park...spreading their message is important. sophia stringer is a member. sot these are genuine people she appreciates the church.for being welcoming.and the members fighting for what they believe in.this past week, it was spreading this message which has sparked a lot of conversation. sot i don't see it as a racial issue.i look at it as the world may see it that way. sunday, their front sign spoke of community.but last week, it read "if you are white, use your privilege to fight for justice." sot we follow the way of christ and for us that means being willing to speak truth to power. pastor of the church, reverend jen daysa says the sign has come with mixed reactions. many sounding off on their facebook page for it.and against it. white privilege is a topic that has been front and center with recent headlines about police brutality and other injustices. sot little things like whether you teach your kids to
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of their pockets when they go into a drug store and keep their receipts in their hands because you're worried they might be accused of shoplifting. because of threats to protest or defame the sign.they've temporarily removed it. members say the church has a history of stepping up on issues with race. sot i just think it's important honestly to talk about the subject and bring it up. sot you can't take everything for face value when you first read something, you have to stop and think about it. they believe they got their message across of starting the discussion. sot look at what martin luther king said.and it's all coming to pass and it's being administered here at this church. in pinellas park, garin flowers, 10 news wtsp. by now, you've seen it everywhere: jeb bush is out of the race to the white house after a big loss in south carolina. his absence has huge implications for florida and the rest of the republican race. 10news political reporter mark rivera is breaking down what's next.
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"bush ends his bid as trump cruises" clinton, trump win, jeb drops out. jeb bush has been humbled...and it shows... donald trump still on top after south carolina, but here's what bush's absence means for the rest of the field in marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich and even ben carson. you would think that bush's florida support would go to marco rubio, but that may not really be the case. yeah take a look at this washington post breakdown. most of bush's breakdown. most of bush's voters could go to kasich...then rubio and down the line.
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most to gain if carson drops out as well. what's next for the final florida son depends on if he can outright win a primary state by super tuesday. mark rivera 10news wtsp. to get a look at the remaining candidates and where they stand on the issues that matter to you, head to our website w t s p dot com and click on elections 2016 on the left hand side. new video shows a deputy in the right place at the right time! "martin county deputy matt fritchie" walked into a convenience store to buy sunflower seeds and stumbled upon an armed robbery in progress! the deputy noticed the
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nervously. he realized something was going on and he rushed over to the suspect with the gun and put him in handcuffs. the suspect is a violent, convicted felon. he told deputies he was driving south -- randomly stopped at the store and then decided to rob it. the gun the suspect was carrying turned out to be a fake. for too many children in the bay area living with hunger has become a sad reality. over the weekend there was a big push to make a difference to change that. on sunday, around 250 berkeley prep- aratory school students, parents and faculty took part in family service day in tampa packaging thousands of nutritious meals that will go straight to families in need.
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the hillsborough education foundation. 10 news out in the community over the weekend for a very special event in tampa. it was a night of dancing, friendship and so much happiness at the best buddies' friendship ball sunday night! 10 news anchor dion lim not only got to mix and, mingle and get her groove on with the 650-plus attendees but she helped crown the ball's official king, queen and court! best buddies does so much good in our community and nationwide. the nonprofit builds friendships with those with intellectual and develop-mental disabilities and helps them find jobs. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning, all eyes will be on bill cosby's wife today as she is expected to be in court to testify against her husband. chaos still in fiji this morning after a cyclone tore through it, killing 18
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an investigation is underway this morning to figure out what caused this bus to explode into flames on a busy illinois highway. still to come here on 10 news early morning, facebook users, get ready for some unwanted ads. what you could start seeing in your facebook messages, ahead. but first, a big turnout for the gasparilla half marathon in tampa. toss to 10 weather
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video to show you from lake superior -
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this video shows ice stacking up over itself, shattering over and over like sheets of broken glass. experts say this sight is common every year. however it's particularly strong right now because the lakes went from barely iced-over to heavily frozen - all over the course of a couple days. it was a big weekend for runners in the bay area. sunday was the publix gasparilla distance classic half marathon along bayshore boulevard. as you can see, we had another big turnout this year. we even had a few 10 news employees in the mix! in sarasota county, more than one thousand people came out to celebrate the grand opening of the siesta beach improvement project over the weekend. the project has been developing on the island for more than two years, costing the county more than 21 million dollars. so for you that means more restrooms, concessions, and hundreds of new
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commissioners say the county was able to add several wish list items along the way like more palm trees and picnic areas while staying within the original budget. in your consumer news, facebook plans to soon launch ads in its messenger app. that means businesses will be allowed to send you targeted, direct ads in your messenger. in a leaked document, a tech website says, if you've ever interacted with a business in the pastthey'll be able to send you an ad. some critics say-- this'll open up your phone to "text spam". more than 800- million people use the app. a couple has been reunited with the wedding ring they lost thanks to a oregon woman. mary and david jeffries went on a trip to hawaii in 2013 where david lost his ring while snorkeling. luckily a woman from portland found the ring about a year later.
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campaign, the couple got the ring back.## still to come, a cool story you don't want to miss... a tampa woman's school project - she can actually live in! coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s primetime.. supergirl kicks things off at 8:00.. followed by scorpion at 9:00 and n-c-i-s: los angeles. then catch 10 news at 11. talk about living
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a usf graduate student can easily sit on top of her 145-square foot- house any time she wants. stephanie henschen - built a "tiny house" with the help of her family and friends as part of her thesis towards her masters in architecture from usf. she says her professors are pretty impressed! admits there's still
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the "inside" of her tiny house she created a go fund me account to help with expenses. the focus of her thesis is the "tiny house movement" and the communities associated with them. coming up on 10 news this morning, devastation in fiji after a record breaking storm pounded the island. a big new luxury hotel is getting ready to open today on clearwater beach. what that means for traffic and parking in the area. and trying to lose weight? the simple step that may
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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. the michigan uber driver accused of killing six people and hurting two others during saturday's shooting rampage in kalamazoo will be in court today. 10news reporter emerald morrow is on top of this story. she's live in the newsroom. emerald, neighbors say the suspect showed signs of paranoia in the weeks leading up to the shooting. yes, and the people who took uber rides from


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