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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you see back in texas, louisiana and arkansas, that's headed it way for wednesday. i will have details in less than ten minutes. it is relatively quiet right now. a couple of hot spot, you are just getting ready to head out the door in sarasota county, there's construction around university parkway. in fact it is a three mile stretch you will want to use caution heading in that direction. right now speeds are looking good. no delays at this point in morning. speeds in tampa fantastic from 55 to 70 miles per hour and going ahead to look at the live look at i-275 right around the area of ashley drive. we are seeing more headlights and coming up in less than ten minutes we will look at the bridges to see what your drive times are like. from the station putting the news back in the morning this is 10 news this morning.
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morning -- welcome to 10 news this morning. >> today the alleged gunman who took lives of six innocent people will go before a judge. >> we will go live to news room the gunman was an uber driver. did they check his background before allowing him on the road. >> they cleared jason delineate ton's background and it is true -- jason dalton's background and it is true he doesn't have a criminal back grown. one passenger says -- background. one passenger says he tipped uber off. he was driving and speeding and even sideswiped a car before the rider hopped out. he tried to warn uber this man did not need to be driving people around. he did not hear back from the company which did not release a statement until late sunday morning hours after the
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>> dalton was arrested shortly after taking three men to a downtown kalamazoo bar. >> it is crazy to think someone could have gone out and done all of these crazy things and came in with a straight face like he's going to work just doing his job and didn't say much autoall. >> they said we are horrified and heart broken at the senseless violence in kalamazoo. we reached out to the police to help anyway we can. >> we heard from people who took rides from dalton the night of the killings but what about people who actually knew this man, what they had to say about the accused killer coming up. 6:02. developing an investigation is underway in tampa after a deadly shooting at a liquor store. it happened at north 15th and 26th avenue. police say two armed men walked in and shot back and forth with
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shooting and killing a suspect. the other suspect took off and police are still searching for him this morning. the clerk clerk, by the way, was not hurt during the shooting. all lanes in sarasota county are open but the right shoulder is still closed. all southbound lanes were closed at the toledo exit after a tanker crashed early sunday morning spilling all over the highway. the driver lost control and try today correct the position of the truck causing it to jackknife. aaron andrews will be in the courtroom today seeking $75 chain. he says they were negligent -- and film her changing clothes when she was staying there in 2008. happening today, cosby's wife will be in court to
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lawsuit by seven women. the -- defamation lawsuit by seven women. to delay the deposition but a judge denied the request. an investigation is underway after a family of six was found dead in michigan. police say carbon monoxide may be to blame. there were two adults and four children found dead in different areas of the house. the kids ranged in age from two to eleven. the grandfather say it is family's home lost power friday night. that was the last time he heard from them. >> the battle between the fbi and apple continue this is morning. james says his agency owes it to victims in the san bernadino shooting to gain access to the cell phone of one overshoes shootings. his comments -- of one of those shooters. >> farook along with his wife killed the people. once blueprint is made to hack into the phone, everyone is at risk. donald trump and clinton
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victorys in south carolina and nevada over the weekend. cruz and rubio fighting for second place, as the republicans turn their attention to the nevada caucus. both are courting the latino vote. >> each generation before us confronted their problems. they didn't leave their problems for their kids. they solved their problems. >> if you look at the hispanic community right now, few community versus been hurt harder by the disastrous obama- clinton economy. >> on the democratic side, clinton has gained momentum after a solid victory in saturday's caucus. she's hoping to solidify on supertuesday. >> the time is 6:05. a huge new resort will open on clearwater beach. there's a huge boom in new construction and a lot of concern about traffic tie ups and parking problems they could bring. we will go live to clearwater beach. they're working to build a
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filled up there are few other options; right. >> that's right. they're working to build that one garage but really that's the only space they have on the island the reason you are going to see a lot more of these resorts and they're taking up awe lot of the vacant lots here on clearwater beach. we also have this renovated pier walk as well as roadway only having two lanes. it is a big concern here. there's only three open lots right now on the entire island. yes, you heard that right, just three open lots. as hotels get bigger and taller and a record number of tourist continue to flock to the limited supply. i found out the city is now looking into building another big parking garage in downtown and enticing them to hop on a bus or ferry to get across the island the big problem that goes hand in hand with all of this is the traffic, even though these big hotels are building parking structures
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going on to island, thousands more people. i just got an e-mail from city leaders. ly dig into what they say and bring that to you -- i will dig into what they say and bring >> 6:07. developing out of syria, a us is claiming responsibility for a series of atalks that killing 130 people and injured 170 others. it happened during schools on sunday. the u.s. and moss cow have been trying to negotiate a cease fire in the country. >> we have learned a death toll from a cyclone in fiji has reached 18. you can see the devastation, winds tore through the nation reaching 170 miles per hour. they are also still looking for survivors. >> the damage has been widespread, home versus been destroyed.
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in low lying area versus been flooded and in people are stunned and confused about what to do. >> the prime minister says more than 6,000 people are in shelters. gas prices remain low but we may start to see increases in the coming months with the rice in oil cost. the national average has gone up to $1.71. the florida is above that at $1.75 but here we still enjoy $1.66 a gallon and some stations even lower. >> some stations down into the $1.50. >> i bought it for $1.59. i did a double take when i first pulled in. >> it is a little easy tore go to the gas flight the supreme court is back in session for the first time since the tenth of scalia. >> coming up the issues that could have a different result now that justices are split. a massive sinkhole, where this is and how big we are
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>> a new plan in massachusetts has some people rattled, why wild life officials want to move rattlesnakes to an island there. >> you are looking if sunshine sky way bridge, traffic starting to pick up. you know it will start to get busy.
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your drive across the bay area bridge is looking great this morning. if you are traveling north from 75 all the way across the bridge here. more head -- more headlight's cross the bridge this morning the courtney campbell, it is ten minutes to the veterans expressway and howard frankland ten minute the begandg bridge, 15 minute. >> >> 6:12.
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show at least some changing getting here. partly crowd di, 78. tomorrow close to 80 before we cool off in the afternoon with a couple of showers, rain chances 38. storms and strong storms will roll through on wednesday. we will still make the mid 70s but it will be almost 15 degrees colder by thursday behind the cold front the cold air is just pushing into the great lakes area. that's right, international falls about four degrees. that's leading edge. that goes south ward. how long it sticks around here in my full forecast in less than ten minutes. >> time now is 6:13. it is monday, february 22. this is your eye opener a look at the top story at 6:00. >> shot her once and she was still running and shot her again and she fell. >> six people killed and two injured in a mass shooting in kalamazoo, michigan. this morning, uber driver, jasontal tear is in custody. police arrested it married
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motive in this case. >> when you win, it is beautiful. >> on the campaign trail, the presidential candidates are turning their attention to the next contest, in the south and the west this week. staff respective primary wins over weekend, hillary clinton and donald trump home to cement their status as front runner in race for president. >> we have always had a spring break, but now we have spring break all year round. >> and get ready for more traffic, on clearwater beach. today, a large new resort, officially opens for business. we are putting the news back in morning. here are other stories making head lines in 60 seconds. the supreme court hears arguments in two cases today. the first action since the death of justice scalia. he could have been a deciding vote which center on the rights of criminal defendants. he was laid to rest saturday at the age of 79. president obama has not yet name aid replacement.
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establish a colony of venomous rattlesnakes in the state's largest body of water but that has hiker, fishermen concerned they could move to a wooded area on the mainland. a meeting tomorrow will allow the public to ask the division of fish x-ray wild life about the plan. >> few you are u.s. women are -- fewer u.s. women are entering adult hood with the papilloma virus, who are now in their early 20s. they believe they're beginning of a generation that should see fewer cases of cervical and other cancers in future. 6:15 is the time of building and germany after a sinkhole opened up. it grew bigger tore weekend. it is about other meeters deep. no one was hurt. the cause for the sinkhole is still being investigated. >> crew versus been sending drones inside to give video of the damage. >> look at is this video from illinois shortly after a bus
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flame's long highway 41. the bus was heading to minneapolis with 40 people on board. all those passengers were able to get out safely the driver got out to investigate a pop sound and smoke started pouring out of the bus. thankfully all 40 people were safe. 6:16 is the time. let's go back to laura. she's keeping an eye on the roads for us. >> this is a live look at i-27 a. that's hillsboro avenue. this is a brands new crash we were just made aware of this is i-7 a. we will keep a close eye on this, but there are reports of a road block. down to sarasota county, i-75 southbound at university parkway you will run into a lot ofc here. we are getting reports of -- a lot of construction here. we are getting reports of one to two lanes being closed. use caution through that area, right now no significant delay, another new crash we just got word of from highway patrol. i-275.
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not blacking traffic but again use caution as you drive by this area, be aware you're coming up to that, overall we are in green, no slow downs, in fact the average speeds about 60 miles per hour on 27 at -- and 55 miles per hour on 275 around the area of dell mabry. no significant crashes right now as you are just getting ready to head out the door. 53 miles per hour on u.s. 19 in country side mall and you are on the downtown exits, not too bad, but speeds are down to 16 between the roosevelt. no crash there. drivers are just moving a little more slowly this morning. . all right. 6:17. let's look at the forecast, and beautiful moon set out there at the beach this morning. this is leslie chapel, honda toyota and you can still see the moonlight out there. florida southern college showing great visibility, no
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patches toward arcadia but performing artings hall and up toward clearwater beach, tomorrow, midday and into the afternoon, we will see fog rolling and look that's the moon, guys. beautiful setting out there over gulf of mexico. 59 degrees right now in tampa. 62 st. pete. those with the warm spot, most of us are mid to upper 50s. 55 from new port ritchey, and 55 kind of cool there in sarasota. now, light winds this morning, we will go east to southeast and then more southern as we move through the day today, see this moisture down south. one or two of these will roll through tomorrow and on -- yeah, today i should say and tomorrow. but then we have a frontal boundary back to west with rain, that will come through on wednesday. >> so bus stop forecast, this morning, cool for the kids but still nice, upper 50s and upper 70s for daytime high, a light jacket this morning and they
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it will be basically crime rain chance is 10 to 20%, south of i- 4. so rain gear is not a big necessity for today. here is forecast model showing a beautiful start to the day and in fact by 11:00, 10:00 we are already about 70 decrees and 73 by 11:00 a.m. it is going be a quick warm up today and then we will see a few more clouds roll through, partly cloudy skies especially south of i-4. you can sew these showers popping up, polk, hillsboro, monday sea at that -- it is only about 10 to 20% chance for rain but it is there. we will track those for you today. no severe weather expected today. >> 78 for a daytime high. sun set at 6:26. boat as good pretty good. east winds at 5 to 10 knots. one to two foot seas but watch for sea fog tomorrow. tomorrow we will have a patch or two of fog but it is during
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late tonight n warm front this is moist air. that's going to form fog along the coast. see that, that's fog, extending all the way down along the coast and by tomorrow night, into early on wednesday, it is pushed on shore. we will have a couple of showers today a couple tomorrow and that's the big line that comes through as we get into wednesday midday. there could be some strong storms with that the main threat is gusty winds and only an isolated tornado. we will track it for you. thursday into the weekend. 65 on saturday. 70 if we're lucky on sunday, we will warm things up, the next couple of days if you like this above average temperature, keep that in mind, we will get rid of it as we get toward the week. >> you can catch the forecast, magic 94.9. wsrq, 106.9 p.m. and here is the weather in spanish on 92.5.
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pair of tickets to the yankees spring training call the number on your screen. if you are the tenth caller you win. good luck. burden of proof. >> a tampa woman is recovering after a freak accident while traveling in columbia. >> this is really strange. coming up at 6:35, we will explain what happened and how you can get her out.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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. >> goods in, we are not showing any significant slow downs. i-75 southbound it is a 15 minute driver with your average speeds about 62 miles per hour which is fantastic but that's going to quickly change here as we get ready to head into the rush hour the veterans expressway also looking good.
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parkway to tampa international. our average speed about 58 miles per hour. other miles per hour, on u.s. 19 southbound it is an 11 minute drive. >> if you get a chance head outside and look toward the west. a full snow moon is setting6:37. >> it is gorgeous. >> your ride home, beautiful, partly cloudy skies, we will have mid 70s for most of the commute. it is an isolated shower chance, it will be a few extra clouds the best chance of rain is only about 10 to 20%. most of rain today if you are travel as good from dallas through louisiana, arkansas and then into atlanta. that's the one main airport that's a connection for us. out west it is fairly quiet. just the mountain snows in colorado,. >> sea world announceed it departure of the chief park operations officer chief so logical officer and -- part of the continuing effort to
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it announced it would end the killer whale shows. the most admired company list, top spot was taken by apple followed by alphabet which is the parent company of google and amazon. it is compared by revenue and corporate reputation. a female bald either 18 back in the wild after spending time in a refuge. look at her release the either was found found earlier this month tangled in a fishing line. the injuries were minor but situations like this can be avoided if you simply clean up after yourself near river banks and camping areas. >> tampa is ready for st. patrick's day -- st. patrick's day celebrations. >> let's take you live to your monday morning. it is starting to get a little lighter out there. we have news that's convenient
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good monday morning. mainly in the 50s, we are warming quickly. 70 by 10:00 this morning under partly cloudy skys and topping out in tupper 70s for today. how about that -- in the upper 70s for today. how about that full snow moon. it is a gorgeous set. get a chance to look at that. we are tracking a couple of
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out there in texas, louisiana, arkansas i will let you know how it affects our weter and the weekend forecast come -- weather and the weekend forecast coming up. >> i-75 is part of your morning commute, there's some construction around the area of university parkway that's blocking one to two lanes right now, not impacting the flow of traffic but use caution as you drive-thru that area heading into work and school this morning. another crash that we have heard word on i-75 southbound, not blocking traffic but speeds are moving about where they should be about other to 60 my. overall we have a bit of slow down as we get into the morning commute. i will have much more coming up in just a few minute. >> from the station putting the new back in morning this is 10 news this morning. >> it is 6:30. >> thank you so much for joining us. this morning, safety questions resurface about the ride share service uber after one of the
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weekend in michigan for killing six people and hurting to others in between picking up passengers. 10 news reporter joins us live this morning, people who knew 45 year-old jason dalton describe him as a family man. >> yeah, that's right and being an uber driver was something he did on the side. neighbors say that during the day he worked as an insurance salesman but they also said that he was a man who loved guns. but up until saturday, dalton was someone who did not have a criminal record and there's no evidence at this point that the semiautomatic gun that officials found in his car was illegally owned. still this is a horrible story for everyone involve. the six people who were killed, the two others who were shot the people who took rides from dalton that night and the people left to mourn the loss of their loved ones. so the question is: what should you do if you're ever in an uncomfortable situation, with an uber driver? well, we have all of the information you need to know posted on the web site and of
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>> back to you. unfortunately, this is just one of several recent mass shooting 50s cross the country. >> -- shootings across the country. >> it is the fifth in the last 21 months. >> on december 22, farook and his wife shot and killed 14 people at a social services center in california. police killed both of them hours later. detectives say he pledged his allegiance to isis in moments before the attack. >> two months earlier, christopher harper mercer killed people at umpqua. he then exchanged gun fire with police. >> dylan roof shot and killed nine black church members during a bible study in south carolina the attack was racially motivated. >> in may of 2014, community college elliott rogers killed six people in a shooting- stabbing attack at the university of california santa barbara. he later shot and killed himself. >> police officers are search
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they were called to the liquor store at 11:00 on sunday night. they stay two suspects walked in and started shooting back and forth with the store clerk but one suspect was shot and killed the other suspect has not been seen. >> all lanes of i-75 in sarasota county in north point are back open following a fuel tanker crash. this happened near the exit early as you understand morning. the driver lost control of the tractor trailer, attempted to correct the position of the truck causing the trailer to jackknife. he was taken to hospital with serious injuries. it is a story that in of you are going to find horrible. two men are behind bars for baiting and fighting animals. deputies say the man basically incriminated themselves by recording the fight and posting it to social media. the two were arrested for fighting and baiting animals. perry says he never fought his dogs. >> they act like he was
6:34 am
my dogs don't have no scars on them. >> animal services took ten pit bulls from his property. he said it was to test them for rabies. new this morning bill cosby's wife will be in a courtroom to testify. over the weekends she filed an emergency motion to postpone but a judge rejected it. bill cosby is facing defamation after several women say he called them liars. today a connecticut judge will hear arguments from the people who made the sandy hook elementary massacre. families of the victims in the 2012 shooting have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against freedom. they say they're protected by a law that shields gun manufacturer over criminal use of the weapons. the company is asking for the lawsuit to be dismissed. we are on top of a developing story out of new york this morning. the fbi's joint terrorist task force has been asked to investigate the shooting of two nypd officers.
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morning while responding to a call in brooklyn. both are expect today make a fully key rev. the suspect who was also shot is now expected to -- for the kaw case tomorrow. donald trump is -- caucus tomorrow. donald trump is on a roll but he isn't underestimating his republican rivals. >> i am dealing with very, very talented people, smart people, good people, and you know, i think they will be competition. >> the candidate pool is a bit light they are morning, jeb bush dropped out on saturday. >> needs your help after a free accident put their loved one in the hospital in columbia. they need donations to get her treatment. sky letter's best friend says she's in peru as part of a fellowship but while visiting for weekend she was hit by a boulder.
6:36 am
punctured lung. . >> in of you have already helped by donating more than a hundred thousand dollars to a go fund me page. you can find link at >> more than half a dozen new resorts are under construction on the island in one resort we first told you about, officially opens today. 10 news reporter is live this morning and there's one concern issue. >> allison, absolutely. there's already a ton of these barricades and as these new resorts that you see there come in, that means thousands of more cars at a time when we have already seen a 16% spike in tourists, it all spells bad news getting on and off the island is going be a nightmare, especially as we move into the spring break time. now traffic already backs up to bell air beach and right now,
6:37 am
feverishly to come up with allusion. more trolleys, more ferry, an open air, one idea even calls for a bus that would pick and you drop off tourists and bring them here: but everything, as you know, takes money. >> we've always had ray spring break traffic. but now we have spring break all year around. >> we can't build more roads on clearwater beach but we can, with people's cooperation, you know, manage the situation. >> now, during spring break we will see, we will face an even bigger situation, that starts off next month where we see 10,000 cars a day coming on to the causeway. that's three times more than the amount we see during the rest of the year. now, this resort here, pal sands opens at 4:00 this evening for guest to check in. it is a huge new resort one of
6:38 am
reporting on clearwater, wtsp. >> three people safe after they guard. the video you are looking at shows crews hoisting water off the state coast. we don't know why they to be rescued but they were holding on to a surf board before they were eventually taken up in a helicopter. >> 7 people recovering after being involve the an avalanche in british columbia, canada. according to the canadian press, people were -- >> it happened not too far from where an avalanche struck four snow mobile riders as well. if you are trying to lose weight, the bath room scale with sometimes feel like an enemy. you shouldn't fear it so much after all. a study found that freely weighing in as much as once per day with help weight loss effort for overweight adults. average weight adults can see the weight change as much as five to six pounds a day based
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of day they decide to step on the scale. >> if you are trying to lose weight without gathering this information it is a little like driving your car in a new town without the gps. you might stumble on to your destination. >> the doctors do warn the number on the scale is just one piece of data. they say a waist measurement and how your clothes fit are just as important for creating an overall picture of your health. >> st. patrickers day just around the corner to celebrate downtown tampa. like you see here, they will dye the river green as they test for annual river of green fest. the environmentally safe color will be used between the bridges. it is always cool to see that. >> impressive they can do that. >> how much would you pay for a piece of beatles history. >> coming up how much one more paid for a piece of hair.
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>> nascar history made at the daytona 500, the photo finish you have got to see, the people are still talking about this morning. >> about 6:40. let's take you back to the sunshine skyway and show you how traffic is shaping up on this monday morning. we have more traffic and weather coming up in just three minutes. >> here is what is coming up tonight, supergirl at 8:00 followed by scorpion at 9:00 and ncis los angeles and then stay up even later in for late
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>> we are starting with a live look at the -- the howard franklin bridge, and we are starting to see traffic pick up and no significant delays. let's look at the drive times on bridge it is 11 minutes on the courtney campbell, the veterans expressway. you can see 17 minutes on the howard franklin from gand i-4. >> your forecast for today is going to start on the high side
6:44 am
there's not a lot of rain to knock that out of here. juniper and grasses now, so the gas also start to affect you a little bit. i put it on the moderate range. that's because we have a lot coming through midday into the afternoon and that should help knock some of it out. number one could bring a couple of strong storms and 60 for thursday, friday and you see the weekend forecast still in the -- but a little warmer about 70, 71. the news is back in the morning. here are some stories. a michigan man is expect today be in court facing multiple murder charges. >> jason an uber driver shot and killed at least six people at three separate locations on saturday. police arrested it 45-year-old married father of two early on sunday morning. they have yet to figure out a motive. . >> there's no connection that
6:45 am
different sets of victims, to each other or any of the victims to mr. dalton: they appear to have been chosen at random. >> a vigil was held on sunday. >> the wife of bill cosby will testify today. she will be forced to testify in a defamation lawsuit against her husband. over weekends she filed a motion to postpone the deposition but a judge rejected it. attorneys say her testimony serves no purpose but to quote harass and embarrass her. it has been brought up by several women who accuse the comedian of sexually assaulting them decades ago. >> include august big hotel hoping in just a few -- including a big hotel that opens in just a few hours. in others are expect today open in 2017 this is thanks to zoning change that is allowed more building 50s long the coast.
6:46 am
lock of john lenens hair was purchased by a memorabilia collector. a hairdresser kept it after giving a hair cut before he and the beatles starting filmed back in 1967. there were several other item that is went up for auction. a photo of the band signed by all four members that went for 42,000. a sealed copy of the cover for the yesterday and today album that went for 125,000. but, that lock of hair, 35 grand right there. >> when you think about it, it is just a piece of hair. >> they were thinking 10 or 12,000 it would be a good day. >> they did very well. >> absolutely. >> if you missed at this time daytona 500 finish was the closest race in history. >> here they come to the line. >> oh. >> the finish of the daytona 500. >> unbelievable. >> such an exciting ending.
6:47 am
martin, theruex by 1/100th of a second. >> it was a special win for he and his boss. >> the first win in years for my boss, jd gibbs. he thought he messed it up a can youal of times but came out on top. this is really cute. in second grade, he said he wrote himself a letter wishing for a daytona 500 victory. he made his childhood dream come true for sure. >> an exciting end to that race. >> let's head over to laura keeping an eye on the roadways. it is getting busy out there yeah, look at i-75. we are starting to see the southbound traffic pick up. another look at i-275 right at hillsboro aver as you drive into tampa -- avenue, as you drive into tampa. no significant crashes that's really going slow you down. but we do have an update by the way in saturday toe at that
6:48 am
the shoulder is now open so you will have no issues getting by this area. of course this the result of that closure from yesterday where the gas tanker crashed and spilled a thousand gallons of fuel as you can see, no troubles there at all. and just heads up for the one who is drive in downtown tampa, between ashley drive and franklin street. it is now a two-way street. be prepared far. some people will be confused as we drive-thru downtown. look at this a lot of yellow and red appearing. you can see 25 miles per hour, southbound on 275 around 15 on i-4 as you wake that approach on to 275 right around that area of downtown tampa. just give yourself a few extra minutes this morning especially if you are driving in tampa but not bad at all, 52 miles per hour, u.s. 19 around the area of country side mall, and -- or -- let's see, the people 5
6:49 am
no issue there is for you and sarasota, manatee counties no trouble. >> all right. 6:48. we are looking pretty nice. we have got temperatures across the area that are basically in the 50s. you can see we have got 54 right now in carwood. 57 in river view and 58 in bradenton. that's about right, mid 50s most locations a couple of 50s, crystal river in low eroses. winds, they're right -- lower 50s. winds are light but they will go a little east-southeast as they work through the afternoon and a little more out of the south as we get going through later this afternoon. satellite and radar, fairly quiet but you can see some of these clouds are a little bit thicker over the nature coast. citrus county there's more back offshore and they will stay to the north but some of these will come in later today. there's no rain right now and only an isolated shower later today. it is about 10 no 20%. that was -- 10 to 20%.
6:50 am
if you have a flight out, nice, light winds. it is not a big deal for bumtiness, at least not down here. a little bumpy. 79 for a daytime high today, upper 70s for just about everybody. you are really going notice between about 9:00 and 10:00, 10:30, that's when the warming will get going and we will jump ten degrees at that point. for this afternoon, an isolated chance for a somehow beer the early evening, best chance is -- shower in the early evening. falling out of the 70s and into the 60s. mild tomorrow morning at 63 with some fog and that's because the dew points come up as this moves by tonight. that warm front will move to north and we will be in that humid atmosphere. tomorrow at 1:30 a good 30p% chance for showers, east of the water, east of the beaches: you can see that gray right there. that's fog, guys. that's sea fog developing.
6:51 am
on shore tomorrow night and that could be thick for the evening commute on tuesday and then wednesday moshing this is 10:30. showers and thunderstorms and much cooler air behind it the rain is out of here by the late afternoon hours but the wind will puck up and will cool things down. the chance for strong storms, tomorrow, really across louisiana and parts of the deep south but by the time it gets here on wednesday, we do have a slight risk the main threat at this point will be gusty winds, mainly straight line winds. isolated tornadoes possible but it is isolated at this point. it is gusty winds with them. you think see where it is warm all the way through but 60s for highs and generally 40s for lows through the extended forecast beginning on thursday. >> all right. don't forget you can catch the forecast in the news paper: we have teamed waive and give up the tampa bay -- we teamed up with the tampa bay: we have the forecast right there. >> we will show you sun rise
6:52 am
it is really nice outside so far. this say look at clearwater, not too bad. if you are out there and get a picture of the sun rise or beautiful photo, share them with us, ride with 10 and a look at downtown tampa at harbor island on this beautiful start to the work week. we are back with new, traffic
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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>> we know you are headed out the door and it is getting busy. >> leave early, give yourself extra time. 23 minutes right now on i-275 from 75 to i-4. also headed westbound from 75 to 275, it is going to take you 16 minutes, that is our other slow spot. >> weather looks really good. we have partly cloudy skies out there. we will see a few more clouds the further you go, but a nice
6:56 am
winds out of the south to south south west by the afternoon hours. >> face into account working on a new future, the site has normed a team to create social interactions in virtual reality. facebook will work along with -- and others to explore the possibilities. ceo says he believes virtual reality is the next after people. >> 6:56 is the time. we have a story that's going to put a smile on your face this morning a woman made a trip to white house she is never going to forget. >> >> no you are not. you are not. >> you slow down. >> no you are not. >> oh my goodness. >> i want to be like you to when i grow up. >> [ laughter ] >> she says dancing is the secret to a long life. that's what she told them. that's virginia. she's excite today meet the president and first lady.
6:57 am
history promonth: -- black history month. >> she has so much energy. >> it is so cool. >> that's great. >> thank you for joining thus morning: hope you have a great day.
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