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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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if he had anything to say and the judge denied bail. investigators cast find any connection between the victims other than dalton. they are a 17-year-old high school senior and his father. also four women, 60, 62, 74 and 68 years old. another victim, a 14-year-old girl is in critical condition. now, as this situation was not scary enough. dalton was working as uber driver during his alleged crime spree. the kalamazoo sheriff says uber is helping to fill in the gaps. >> reporter: we are breaking down how the shooting unfolded. 6:00. a woman was shot in an four miles later. investigators say he shot a dealership. less than 20 minutes later, police say dalton shot five people in a cracker barrel parking lot.
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police say he was pulled over and arrested after leaving a bar parking lot. spree. dalton picked up passengers. they say that they recognized inside. >> somebody said this is not the guy, are you? and he said no. it is crazy to think somebody things and came in with a straight face like he is going to work doing his job and didn't say much at all. >> reporter: dalton has no criminal history. uber said he passed the background check but one wrong. >> we were in the car and we got a mile from my house and then he got a telephone call he started driving erratically and blew stop signs and side
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i was pleading him to stop. i felt unsafe and wanted to get out of the vehicle. basically he would not stop and said don't you want to get a ride to your friend's house? >> just another reminder that up can't be too careful when reporting someone that appears suspicious or who's acting strange. >> your call could be the one that prevents a tragedy. jenny dean takes a closer look at the best ways to take action. >> reporter: you probably heard the phrase if you see something, say something. asking you to report suspicious activities to the police or sheriff's office. but who do you call? since 911 is only for emergencies. >> here in our agency, we answer about 140,000 calls per mon and about 40,000 are 911 calls. >> there are three ways to report something this is a not an emergency. first, all law enforcement agencies have a non-emergency number. find that number and program it
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just understand that you may have to wait since emergency calls take priority. >> that's monitored 24 hours a day. and the same dispatchers that handle the 911 calls. >> you can call crimestoppers if you see something suspicious. you don't have to wait until after a crime happens. >> the additional benefit with crimestoppers is that you may be eligible for a reward if it ends up leading to an arrest or assaulting after crime. >> finally several local counties have asked you can download our smart phone to submit tips if you live in hillsborough or pasco, you can store. dispatch center. >> it is up to the sheriff's office to determine how to handle it. >> it is always better to let us look at it than to ignore it
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>> we made it easy to find the right information. go to and click seen on tv and click on the link and when you scroll halfway down, you will find the number for all non-emergency lines for every part of our area all the way from sarasota to poke and we also have posted all of our local crimestoppers hot lines and we will stay on top of the kalamazoo rampage and you can find the latest information right here on our home page. remember whenever there is breaking news, you can get instant alerts by downloading the 10 news app. it is free. happening right now. family members of the sandy hook shooting victims are fighting for their day in court. the issue is whether a gun maker should be held responsible for that shooting that left 20 first graders and 6 adults mad. bush masser is being sued by sandy hook family members. the gun maker says it should be thrown out protecting gunmakers from lawsuits.
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should not protect the gunmakers used in the attack, they say the rifles are dangerous and battlefield weapons marketed as manhood. >> people are saying they are not a man unless they have these weapons. they are making the knowledge likely. >> the families of the victims were in the courtroom and said this lawsuit is about accountability and seeking unspecified amount of damages. >> developing in hillsborough county. video of a shoplifter being taken down by a sheriff's deputy. it happened in wesley chapel. witnesses tell 10 news that woman was thrown to the ground right there and visibly hurt after viewing the body cam video from the deputy. the pasco county sheriff says
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the suspect would not obey behind her back. when we give somebody orders and they fight us, we have to take the steps necessary and in those types of situations such as this, you know, i asked the citizens to put themselves in the deputy's shoes, if you were called out to the scene, i ask to put themselves and how would they react. we did track the woman down in the video only on 10 news and hear what she has to say about the arrest that left her with four staples in her head. we have her story all new at 6:00. a group of american researchers have launched that own story on the zika virus. the group from the centers for disease control is working in brazil to find out if that virus really does cause babies to be born with devastating birth defects. so far the links have been suggesting by scientists in brazil.
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will track down mothers with babies with zika virus and test for more. soldiers are being sent to get rid of zika virus. they will spray breeding grounds. there is big changes in the race to win the republican ticket. by now you have seen it everywhere. after a last ditch effort in south carolina jeb bush is out or is he. what it means when candidates suspend and not end their campaign. >> i am suspending my campaign. >> it is time to officially spend the campaign. >> i have to tell you that i'm suspending this presidential bid. >> suspending it is chris
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and bush is on ballots florida. this is a simple from pinellas county with jeb bush at the top and chris christie and carly fiorina below them. if donald trump somehow the candidates -- >> political cover in the rare instance that someone may want to reenter and this being a crazy year, you never know. >> but there is a bigger story behind it. these folks are keeping the campaign suspended but open because of this. money, most of them have tremendous campaign debts that they need to repay. ask yourself this question. why would you donate to a candidate that is not seeking public office. >> these people have run for the highest office in land have a rolodex and key contacts that will allow them to utilize that
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>> and that amounts to back deal favors and legislation with little to no scrutiny. >> for a look at the candidates, go to w ts and click politics. >> the clean-up continued in sarasota after a cruel tanker crashed and cause add major mess over the week. you may have come across this closure at the toledo blade boulevard exit. 85,000 gallons of fuel spilled over the highway when that tanker flipped. the florida department of environmental protection said the fuel is contained to the ditch but some spill in the wetlands. water and soil samples will show the gas leaks impact on the environment. troopers say that driver lost control and overcorrected. so who regulates drivers and trucking companies? we are putting together that part of the story all new at six. all right. taking a live look at the traffic.
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smooth sailing and no major backups. hillsborough and let's take a live look at storm tracker 10 when you can expect that severe weather week. good instant alerts by downloading the 10 news app absolutely free in your app store. their ride to milwaukee went up in flames on the side of the road. the bus boomed and boomed again and you seen sparks and flames. pretty much. passengers on this mega bus are lucky to be alive tonight but now they want to know who is going to pay up for their stuff. a common mistake could cost a dog like this its life.
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new tonight. something you need to hear even if you have ever thought about adopting a dog. hundreds, maybe even thousands of dogs are put to death each year for no reason expect a bad jam call. a recent study uncovered case after case of canine expected identity. eric glasser is digging deeper into something you probably never realized about our animal shelter. mislabeling breeds. if no one adopts oliver you may be put down. his chances of survival reduced because oliver is part american staffordshire. sometimes mistaken for pitbulls.
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breed on there. >> a recent study says that nearly half, 48% of dogs labeled by shelter workers as being a pitbull or pitbull mix are not actually pitbulls after all. dna tests showing otherwise. that's important because some of the dogs may have been adopted. but there are entire city ordinances outloading the breed. the apartment rules banding them. in barbara's case, her insurance company would not issue her a homeowner's policy because she has a pitbull. >> i think it is horrible. i think it is horrible. >> reporter: three weeks ago the hillsborough county did selective dna testing hoping to improve the numbers. well worth the $60 per test and every test ruled out a pitbull mix has been adopted. >> it is cheap enough and safes us money. >> reporter: with as many as 70% of the dogs in florida shelters some labeled as a
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should be reconsidered. >> we don't have an accurate way of knowing a dog's breed by looking at it. >> reporter: hillsborough hopes with a sponsorship program it can expand the dna program cost effective and accurate and quite possibly the basis for a life or death decision in tampa. eric glasser. 10 news, wps p. miami-dade is the only county in florida allowed to have pitbulls. courtney, i think you said it best. what did you think jim for? >> the beautiful weather. gosh, i hope you got to enjoy >> gorgeous. but we are tracking changes. cold fronts and rain chances and let's talk about it.
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around van waynesville. a beautiful start. here is a look at lakeland. partly cloudy skies ten network and we are tracking clouds, you can see what looks to be a couple of showers. the atmosphere starting to change on us. and after a fairly clear day, both from the west and the south, starting to see clouds move in as we await our next cold front that we are tracking. temperatures running around 76 in tampa and 68 in panama city and 70 in miami and 73 in jacksonville as we zoom in closer, you can see the clouds hugging the coast and a few theey warm. 72 to 73 degrees. and as we begin the evening, we are are coming off of 80 in sebring and polk county and 79 in land of lakes. the evening forecast, quite warm tonight and although we are going to see increasing
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cost may clip the counties in the bay area and no widespread storms. a shower is possible otherwise temperatures ten degrees above average. as we go through tuesday afternoon we will see the cloud cover for tuesday than we have seen for today. call it variable clouds between partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies. southerly wind will keep the temperatures up in the upper 70s and start from the southeast and eventually turn southwest two to 12 knots. low 80s for highs from the bay area from booksville and dade city and newport richie. on the water tomorrow, the winds start to kick up from the south. what starts as light chop in the morning will be moderate if not heavy chop by late in the afternoon. as you take a look at your
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looking at oak, juniper grasses. showers possible tuesday afternoon, late day, about a 30% coverage and see them in the golf and along east of i- 75. there is the main front and this we will have to watch closely. a slight risk of severe storms. there will be more cold behind the front as it moves through. and so a little better chance of seeing limit in the atmosphere. back to the west and a few stray showers for tuesday and here comes the frontal boundary, late wednesday or tuesday night into wednesday morning. in the panhandle for us. most of us look to be dealing with it anywhere from around the morning drive to lunchtime is the most likely time frame and then the storms should be east of us and out on the atlantic side by the dinner time hours. again, anywhere from mid to late morning we ramp up storms and cover through the midday hours. cooler weather behind it.
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and as we head into saturday, too, 70s will return for the second half of the weekend and next week. don't forget to download the 10 news app. with rain on the horizon i think it is time to get the app on your phone so you can keep up with storm tracker 10. flu cases are up and we got you covered when it comes to protecting you and your family. i'm reginald roundtree. all new at 5:30. many doctor offices out of the flu shot but don't worry, we are tracking down where you can go to get one. >> my thoughts, he ought to be strung up. that's my personal opinion but the law doesn't allow us to do that unfortunately. >> one of more than a dozen people have been ripped off by a bad contractor. what you need to know so you don't become a victim. thomas cummings goes to his
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showed up this weekend he waited 70 years to receive. tears. >> those stories and much more 5:30. but first, has your grocery yes. food prices are going up. taking the most out of your wallet. >> don't forget watch ten news this morning for your chance to
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this will save lives. here is a look at what is coming up tonight. we got super girl follow by
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and join reggie for 10 news at 11. drug smugglers keeping police on their toes by getting creative. health care -- check this out. police uncovered a major bust with drugs inside fire extinguishers. three men arrested. a big bust but not anything compared to what happened last week when officers in australia found one billion dollars of meth in bra inserts and art supplies. >> they are crafty. >> yes, they are. >> where your money is going. maybe you notice your grocery bill is getting bigger. overall inflation has not gone up, basic food items have increased by half in the last few years. these are the top five culprits hiking up your bill.
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and rice and pasta and hot dogs. >> i know courtney those are staple foods. >> minus the hot dogs. >> for a look at more products head to just ahead. it might be a cheap ride but see how this ride could cost passengers hundreds if not thousands of dollars. sneezing, coughing, hot with fever, you probably have the flu already and it is too late to get a flu shot, for everybody else though, we will
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you can't deal with something, but that's how some seem to be dealing americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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right now. good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. >> and i'm courtney robinson.
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the pilot of this plane is very fortunate. hit parked cars and crashed near a small northeast la airport. no one hurt. a boulder county jury is trying to find whether to find donnell lane of first degree murder. accused of trying to cut an unborn baby from a woman's wound. she could face 140 years in prison if convicted. adding fuels to the fire between apple and the f.b.i. ceo tom cook sent this memo to employees saying the case is about more than a single phone or investigation. cook wants congress to create a mission for civil liberties. there will be a court brief appealing to apple to unlock the phone. a consumer alert that could impact each and every one of you.


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