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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: in the deputy's body cam video you can hear him yell to tiffany to put her hands high pressure her back. >> put your hand behind your back. >> and when she doesn't comply, she is pushed up against the wall. >> oh, my god. >> and then taken to the ground. >> he had a hold of me. he could have just put hands on me. there was no reason to throw me down to the ground. >> reporter: pasco county sheriff chris knocko stands by the deputy's actions. >> she is resisting and fighting. i know people will say she is telling you, even tiny people cause harm. >> reporter: if she would have complied, none of this would have happened. >> she is the one that caused this whole incident to occur from the initial start to the fact that she disobeyed the orders and would not comply. >> reporter: sheriff knocko says this is proof that the body cam shows what happens.
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force taken was not necessary. >> i can't believe that i was arrested. but i can't believe that i got this to go with it. my head injury. i have a head injury prior and they could have -- you could have put me back in a coma or kill me. >> reporter: in wesley chapel jennifer titus. 10 now. we want to hear what you think. we haved video on our web site. new information on a plan st. petersburg forward. >> the project to build more lanes is moving forward. the expressway authority is planning to move forward. it could be done by 2020.
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shooting of 6 people kill in kalamazoo shootings. the uber driver made pick ups and drive offs during the shootings. one person said it seemed suspicious. you problem heard the phrase if you see something suspicious call authorities. there are three ways to do this without using 911. first and foremost call the non- emergency for your local sheriff and crimestoppers and several sheriff's office has smart phone apps where you can submit tips. >> it is better to look at it and ignore it and god forbid something tragic happens. >> we have posted the number for crimestoppers and non- emergency numbers. head to our web site, weekend in. >> guns and weapons in the reach of a 5-year-old child.
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to the arrest of a couple. they are facing charges. deputies say it started when they went to the couple's home on a welfare check. inside, get this, they found 8 rifles, five handguns and two pipebombs and two grenades and hundreds of grams of drugs. police arrested 32-year-old ricardo marquis after he left a gun in his girlfriend's diaper bag when he walked to the shooting pier. the shooting left the ball with a cut on his lip. the good news no one else hurt. investigators are working to figure out what caused a tractor-trailer sudden over the weekend. it cause add traffic headache for thousands of drivers on i- 75 on sunday. crews were back out cleaning
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gallons of fuel spilled on the road and grass. the accident happened near the toledo blade boulevard exit in north park. to give you an idea of how bad it was. at one point signs let drivers know that traffic was backed up, get this, 44 miles. that's right. 44 miles. that's nearly to the sunshine bridge. isabel mascarenas is getting answers about who is in charge of regulating the trucking companies. >> reporter: traffic is moving again along the susan -- southbound stretch of i-75 but hours ago it looked like a parking lot. greg nearly lost control of his tractor-trailer and jackknifed and flipped several times spilling 8500 gallons of fuel. an 8-mile stretch of the southbound lane closed for nearly 20 hours. by daylight a damaged section of the road had been replaced.
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protection says the oil is contained to the ditch. the fuel spilled about 50 feet into the wet land. it will be vacuumed up as much as possible. contaminated dirt will be removed. we checked his driving record. since receiving his commercial driver's license in 2011, fairly has not had a ticket. what about the company he works for. we found only two crashes within the past two years. neither were deadly. the federal motor safety administration regulates the trucking companies. the investigators can't say yet but fmc asays that the top driver violations are exceeding the eight hour driving lim and speeding. troopers expect to know the
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is ready in ten days. in north port. isabel mascarenas, 10 news, w ts p. florida at poly tech in lake land says it is hypocritical, they can take their guns to most places but must leave them in their cars when they go to class. today students held a protest against the police department and the school itself. the reason the group supports the decision to not allow license concealed weapons on college campuses. organizers say that it could prevent crime. >> potential criminals will say i think twice about coming to campus and trying to sexually assault somebody. they may be armed and may be ready to defend themselves. >> we think that a well trained, well staffed law enforcement team coupled with robust mental held services provide us the best opportunity
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students claim the response time for police is far too long. what he want to warm you about a held alert. a rabid cat attacked another cat and bit a man. they have sent out notices. while the actual cause of this rabies case is unclear, a lot of times it is because a cat has come in contact with a rabid raccoon. we have the news county by county where you can learn about the toll lanes this week. the project will be at the planning meeting thursday to talk about the express lanes to
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the idea is to try to reduce the gridlock during peak driving time. a proposal and not clear fit is funded or built. in highlands county there is a special meeting about a sensitive subject, sexting among students, this comes after students in lake placid were found sharing nude and suggestive videos. being held at lake placid church at 6:30. the principal held school assemblies and warning students they are putting their futures in jeopardy. and pinellas county a st. petersburg woman tried her luck on a lottery and won big. she was on 58th street. >> i have been there. >> not winning.
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is taking a lump sum payment of $776,000. >> still to come at 6. dancing the night away with 650 of your closest, closest best buddies. i love this. how those with developmental disabilities got to shake their groove like nobody is watching. first, it is a name, the best beach in the country. and it is right here in our backyard. beautiful weekend. not a bad looking monday and changes on the way. we got your forecast to tell you when you can expect storms coming up at 6:15. all this week make sure you watch 10 news for your chance
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york yankees opening (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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here is a look at what is coming up on 10 news at 8:00. i'm getting into this super girl. >> a lot of people are. >> and at 9, scorpion and at ten ncis los angeles. and join us at 11. stay up with the night show with stephen colbert. big changes coming to clearwater beach. more than a half dozen new resorts and i mean they are gorgeous. under construction on the island. >> exciting but there are big concerns.
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10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck shows you more. >> if you have not been to the beach here you would not recognize it. there is a lot of construction and opal sands is opening today and means thousands of more cars at a time when we are seeing a 15% spike in tour im. all of it is bad news for traffic tie-ups backing up right now to belleair beach. >> we have always had spring break traffic but now we have it all year. >> reporter: right now city leaders are working to come up with a solution. more trollies and fairies and a parking garage downtown and open air gondola and one plan for a bus to pick up visitors from the airport to the beach. >> we can build more roads on clearwater beach but we can
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>> reporter: during spring break this causeway will have ten thousand cars a day, that's three times more than during the year. the opal sandsoaps at 4:00 this afternoon and another resort coming in 2017. a wyndham grand will be double that size. reporting on clearwater beach. if you haven't been out there, it is off the chain. these resorts are absolutely gorgeous. you can guess the beach is going to be extra packed for spring break. coming up but you do have options to try to beat the traffic. catch the trolly for one buck or the ferry for two dollars. tracking storms. protecting your family, it is time for 10 weather. making this beach water, great. >> gorgeous the last few days
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some of our prettiest day with low humidity. changes coming our way. >> what kind of changes. >> big changes. let's talk about it. beautiful, last couple of hours the sun getting over the horizon. sky 10 network and notice clouds starting to build in and that is ahead of some rain that we are tracking here. these showers are offshore that are very light that we are talking tonight. this is not the cold front that we are tracking. that's off to the west. i do want to show you there is a couple of sprinkles we are keeping a close eye on moving to the north at 15 miles per hour and will clip some of the barrier island. this one to the north around anna maria. also a couple of showers, my clip around the pinellas county coastline in the next 10 to 15 minutes and watching showers county.
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nice little rainfall in arcadia. this will get up around sebring and another hour-and-a-half or so. we are looking at about 7:51, an hour-and-a-half or two hours in northern highland county. this is just the opener. the cold front that we are tracking onto the west and southern louisiana. moisture being pull up and maybe patchy sea fog in the next day or two and the front off to the west for one more day. big impacts for your week. the evening in the 70s. quite warm in the mid-70s from land o'lakes and lakeland and clarendon. 78 in polk county and around clouds to the south.
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and we are expecting an isolated shower possible. it does look like most anything we will see will hug the coast or be in the southern counties for the next couple of hours. the better rain chances for tuesday as we begin pretty warm in the 60s and seeing wakeup temperatures in the low 50s. about 10 degrees above average and look for highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. more clouds for an entire day from sun up to sundown tomorrow. in fact we will call it partly cloudy to partly sunny. on the water, southeast winds in the morning will be fairly light and they will turn to the southwest at two to 12 knots and a chop for the day, low tide at 8:30 in the morning. the allergies getting people. oak trees. you see the yellow on your cars, that's it. and pollen is a high counsel.
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pollen getting washed out of the air on wednesday. tomorrow showers looking at a 30% coverage. i-75 will be the most likely spot for this widespread storms. timing of that is looking to be shortly after the morning commute or the back end of that, 7:30, 8:30 time frame. and then through the middle of the day. up until wednesday morning. straight showers in the mix. late night and tomorrow. there is the front. strong storms will be likely anywhere from around 7:30, 8:00 in the morning to get started. we will wrap it up at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. as the front comes through, we will be in a slight risk for severe weather for the bay area north. that's from the storm prediction center and you can see where the slight risk is located. central pinellas northward for the entire northern half of the viewing area.
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wednesday and behind that, the cooler air moves in. in fact we will get a cool down with mornings in the 40s for the week and looking at high temperatures in the 60s for thursday, friday and saturday. but 70s will return for the
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now from the sun coast dealers sports desk time for sports. >> a lot of talk about chris archer calling out pitchers
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arch did it in front of the media. that may have been over the top but the point was spot on. blake snell get here early and start working. a lot is expected of rays. arch won't predict. >> guys can have breakout seasons and then not up to their normal standards. it is hard to make predictions. i don't look into that too much. but the guys that we have in camps right now are elite. >> david ortiz showed up early in the red sox camp and looked for david price. the sox ace they embraced and
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6-inches was the difference in the daytona five hundred. listen to the espanol call of the race. this is something else [ speaking spanish ] >> denny hamlin is the same in any language, isn't it? so is daytona 500 champion. >> pretty priceless day. 10 news for a special event in tampa. 1-2-3 we love best buddies. rosy delgado gave out a hi to you.
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>> the bed buddies friendship ball. they get to mix and mingle with 650 attendees and the crowning of the king and queen apt court. bed buddies do so much good in our community and nationwide. also they are a nonprofit and they help people find jobs with developmental disabilities and so much more. >> so much fun. 650? >> young people, yes. >> wow. >> and they dance like nobody is watching. because it is a place where they are all accepted and they get to do their thing. in. >> incredible. she had the moves there. >> it was a wonderful time. >> shout out to every person there. i have to say they have a friendship walk in april and still raising money for. check it out. the information is on the that's it.
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>> pelley: an uber driver is charged today with six counts of murder in a saturday night shooting spree. also tonight, a top aide is fired for posting a bogus video of rubio. >> every single day comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> drew: why did this mega-bus with 40 passengers burst into flames? >> the bus boomed and then boomed again and you see sparks and flames fly everywhere. >> pelley: and virginia mclaurin waited more than a century for this moment. >> it was the greatest time of my life. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs


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