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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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72 by 10:00 a.m. and close to 80 this afternoon. a few showers will roll through our area later today and that storm system that moves across testing texas will be there tomorrow. hotspots at 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday morning. there is a big accident reported in pascoe county and san antonio blocking all lanes east and west on state road 52 at 575 it's blocking the entrance ramp to 75 as well. i'm working to get more details and will bring those to you coming up. before you head out the door to work this is a story you do not want to miss. the government government could soon recall up to 90 million cars.
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be one of them. gandy in st. pete. how do you know if your car is speemac it is easy. online and go to google and google safer car .-dot love and from there you want to click on recall. it will show you what seems like a never ending list of cars affected by this recall, which i'm sure is very unsettling. to keep us safe on the road. so what what exactly is this air bag recall all about? government officials say japanese auto supplier, toccata is responsible for the millions of airbags that have already drivers. the airbags have a chemical in them that can make the airbags explode in a crash and spew metal shrapnel into drivers and the big question is, what are
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? i'm working on that angle and i will have more about that coming up. deeper into the uber driver who admitted in court he shot and killed six people at random. 45-year-old jason dalton has not given any insult as to why he has. he has been charged with six counts of murder. dozens of murder mourners in kalamazoo held a candlelight vigil. >> there's a lot of playing pain in this community and we want to meet here in the midst of destruction and in the midst of violence to be a voice for peace and to be a voice four building something new, something better. speemac two other people were also hurt in the shooting spree. a tampa man is in the hospital being treated for burns after an early-morning highest house fire.
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the time and got out safely. fire. today at the nevada caucus another victory. the gop front runner held a he did not hold back on protesters and began shouting during a speech. speemac i would like to punch him in the face i tell you. >> texas senator ted crews is in florida and florida senator crews are both campaigning as bernie sanders and hillary clinton will take part in a town hall debate this friday in south carolina. a spokesperson for ted crews campaign is out of a job this morning. chris says rick tyler sent a false story about marco rubio tyler accused revealed marking the bible in the video. the bible. critics have accused crews of deceptive tactics. obama will be in florida this
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friday will be in jacksonville and get a tour from zap. they company wanted. congress will talk about plan to shut down guantanamo bay. the pentagon will present the plan to shut down the detention center in cuba. it costs about $475 million to build a facility in the us and transfer remaining detainees. it could save transfer remaining detainees. it could save as much as $180 million per year in operating costs. this is the administration's last last chance to keep president obama's campaign vow to close guantanamo. an investigation is underway in the netherlands after a deadly train cash. one person was killed and several others hurt after a train crashed into a plane and went over the rails. people will be rallying at apple stores across the country
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attempt to put it back door into the iphone. sarah hollenback is live at international plaza where one of those rallies is set to happen this afternoon. so you're digging deeper into what this could mean for all of us. >> absolutely. the people who are rallying today will be holding up virtual signs like this one on the iphones and tablets. they want our our privacy protected. but on the other hand, the fbi says the other way to keep you safe is to be able to hack into iphones like this so they can get information on terrorists. so this is a big debate happening all over the country and it will also happen here in tampa and brandon. as some apple stores those rally years posted handwritten signs like this on apple store windows. apple's attorneys warns that if it cat a creature back door for the company to unlock the iphone of the shooter in california, who is disabled do it again. one big fear is once the back doors built there may not be a way to ensure it is only used by government and law
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by foreign government, terrorists and use against us. white house officials promise they only want to unlock one white iphone. speemac they are simply asking for something that would have an impact on one device. >> the reality is if you put it back door and it's for everyone. the guys and bad guys. >> tim cook, apple's chief executive says you have to have security. and this would be at stake threatening hundreds of millions of us use apple here's what i'm working on now. some of some of the victims in going to be a big force when it fight. i i will explain what they are talking about, coming up. people living on fiji's
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after powerful cyclone swept clear. 29 people have been killed. in one town 1000 homes are believed to be destroyed. winds from the cyclone reached 177 miles an hour over the weekend, making it the strongest storm refugees recorded history. the government says getting emergency supplies to history. the government says getting emergency supplies to remote islands and communities has been a top priority. a new research says see levels are rising faster now than in past 3000 years due to man-made global warming's. scientists studied archaeological sites from around the world and found the sea levels rose at a steady rate until the industrial. began. from about 1900s to 19 hundreds two thousands sea level rose 5.5 inches. a significant increase for coastal areas like florida. there's a new study released showing reducing carbon emissions would we prevent some early deaths and save billions of dollars in the us. researchers predict nearly 300,000 deaths over the next 15
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lead to heart attacks, lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses. if you have travel plans or making travel plans will cost more to fly this year. fair comparisons major airlines are raising prices for the fifth time in 2016. messick flights on southwest one of about $5 on friday. on monday delta, united and american followed suit. that means and less than two months flights have gone up an average of $22 round-trip with we of a warning this morning for parents. several middle school students get caught up in the 16 scam.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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here's your bridge update things are picking up a little bit but we are still looking great into tampa across the howard frankland bridge. these are the northbound lanes just before kennedy boulevard. still quiet just about six minutes across. the sunshine skyway bridge picking up as well but still very quiet no delays here. this is right right at the hope it is taking 70 no 70 minutes from fidelity's county. we are watching for fog on the skyway bridge after about two pm-3 pm. three-day forecast today, almost 800 out there. but there will be a few scattered but there will be a few scattered showers. especially after about 11:00 a.m. strong storms early tomorrow morning through about midday
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will be cool and breezy as we get into thursday with a high of 65 and lows in the 40s. hazard on the road, safety regulators may decide to expand the toccata airbags recall to another 90 million vehicles. that would that would nearly triple the airbags re-called so far. police say the uber driver accused of a deadly shooting rampage in michigan has confessed to at least part of the attacks. today republicans caucus in nevada to select their party's presidential nominees. donald trump donald trump is a heavy favorite to win again. privacy versus security.
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apple and the fbi, today pro pro apple rallies are planned across the country right here in tampa bay. senators are set to meet today for the regular meet weekly lunch meeting. they will discuss filling the open supreme court seat left by the late justice, and vincent scalia. senate scalia. senate judiciary chairman, chuck grassley has already talked about the center not considering anyone nominated for president. the battle for the seat may be on the presidents agenda for several months. bill and linda gates are calling on young people this morning. they think they should be more involved in solving major world problems including gender problems in finding clean energy sources. the couple are cochairs of the largest foundation the world express their thoughts and their annual letter of philanthropy. new research says eating chocolate may help improve brain function.
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regularly to improve your memory and has been used to reduce fever, increase breast breastmilk production and help you get to sleep. dark chocolate is typically considered the healthiest option. lifeguards in no oahu say this is really where. one is even calling it the biggest serves well in the decade. most people have a been admiring the waves but a few surfers were brave enough to jump in. these waves were so big and strong they've been crashing onto a highway. police had to temporarily close a lane when the waves moved rocks onto the roadway. a road warrior's keeping an eye on traffic out there starting to pick up. speemac we certainly have our own headaches in tampa bay. there's an accident in san antonio on state road 52. were getting reports were getting reports is blocking westbound and eastbound lanes
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entrance ramps to 75. notice. notice along the highway going south pass the exit their delays for the morning rush way. injuries are reported here as well. your best bet is to take state road 54 onto the highway. it is a long detour but i will keep you updated. there's also north of their intake city a crash on i 75 near blending road blocking the left lane. hillsboro county, your major roads are looking pretty good no huge backups just yet. there's a broken bus on causeway boulevard at 66 street south. a live look from our sky tend network camera showing in pinellas county and to 75 and gandy boulevard you can see traffic is picking up as are heading north and south. still looking good from the sunshine skyway bridge up to
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is quiet a little delay on pope parkway near bartow road. it is not horrible traffic is moving at 47 miles an hour. tran3 looking good taking 15 minutes from polk parkway in tampa. sarasota sarasota and manatee county is pretty quiet this morning. construction is wrapped up at i 75 approaching university parkway. all lanes are back open. if you have any problems shouldn't send me an e-mail at road warrior@wtsp .com. we have a few showers in the forecast for today. not not a lot. it is likely after about 11:00 a.m. not a lot on the coast but if you are inland we will see a few more. right now it is dry or least rain free. we had rain and that's why say rain free. this goes back about 10 hours to about 9:00 p.m. last night. you can see the rain moving
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soggy in places. visibility is visibility is actually pretty good. it is warm and muggy. the lake sun is starting to 65 in tampa, 63 in sarasota, lakeland is at 61, 64 newport richie and riverview this morning. 650 out there for the busstop forecast. i don't think the kids will need a jacket as we will go to near 80. there will 80. there will be rain east of i 75 so you want patch -- to pack your rain gear. most of southern polk county could see a shower. we are watching this moisture down south. this is the big system coming our way. the low you can see spinning right there with colder air on the backside. this right here is the cold front and that is what is going to swing through here tomorrow morning.
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not severe weather or strong storms most of it will just be rain. with a thunderstorm or two. that will start after about 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. a few showers popping up and wauchula, arcadia, polk county and eastern pascoe county. by 4:00 p.m. most of it is out of here. then we start watching for fog along the beaches pinellas county, manatee, sarasota county some pretty thick see fog and that's why we are watching the skyway by 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. tonight. today of 800. it will only go downhill because we of a deal watch in effect for tonight and tomorrow. today 10-15 kn with two foot-3 tomorrow we will be mild in the mid-60s but we will be tracking showers and we will be tracking showers and storms right here when you wake up. so tune in because some of these a will be on the strong to severe side. am.
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cannot rule out an isolated tornado. this will be isolated tornado. this will be out of here by the time we get to about 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. but that's bringing breezes in front of it and winds behind of it and much cooler air with 65 on thursday and low 60s on fridays with lows in the 40s. listen of baseball fans now's your chance to win a ticket to the new york yankees spring training opening gave game on march 2. call the number there on your screen (727)577-4357 if you are the 10th color you are checking out some baseball this spring. people nationwide will protest the fbi order to break into an iphone. speemac coming up a local i store work demonstrators are expected today.
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coming up find find out which breed was named the most popular dog. this is a live look from beautiful downtown tampa. his body mentioned you do not need a jacket today we are in the mid- 60s.
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drive times are looking a little heavy. we could see to 75 live from sky tend looking busy as we head south into tampa. drivetime on 275 going south at busch boulevard it is taking 15 minutes from the apex down to i4. we will see some delays.
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we will be looking at see fog that will likely affect the beaches in manatee and sarasota and also the skyway so we watch that. travel weather today will be a problem in the question part of the state. we of a health alert if you have children who. research is a netherlands say nervousness and anxious parents could be the cause for picky eaters children. if you shop online amazon's free shipping may actually cost you more. you now pay $49 to qualify for free shipping, that's a $14 increase. if you are at amazon prime member and you pay the annual fee don't worry you look at the annual free shipping. looking to add a pet to your family but can't decide
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>> the top radar the laboratory tree for, german shepherd, golden retriever, bulldog and beaver bagels round out the list. akc officials say the list shows easy to care for family fun dogs. you may have another
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morning and warm. low to mid 60s to get the day started. rain overnight last night, nothing out there now. warming quickly to the low 70s by 10 am and near 80 by the there's afternoon. through overnight with well roads left over. i will track a big storm system texas.
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we have a big accident in san antonio and pascoe county on state road 52 and i 75. it five. it is blocking all lanes on state road 52. it's go live to sky tend where right now 75 and state road 54 you can see traffic is picking up the morning rush hour. our chopper is on the ray to that crash at state road 52. presidential candidates. republicans caucus in nevada to presidential nominees. south carolina and new hampshire, front runner donald trump is looking to win his rivals ted crews and marco rubio again. crews is going going into
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aide after firing him out for salt of the viral. candidates are focusing their attention on south carolina. hillary clinton is hoping to keep our momentum from a big win in the nevada caucus over clinton is leading sanders in several polls. investigators are trying to figure out what led an uber driver to go off on a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. six people were killed and two others hurt. 45-year-old jason dalton admitted to shootings in court. police and prosecutors believe the shootings were random. a wake-up call this morning for parents to talk to their kids about tran5. 11 students at lake placid middle school are being disciplined for taking and sharing naked photos and a sex act on video. the sheriffs office is investigating in the six through 8th graders should face fines even felony charges for child pornography.
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meeting on monday night for shocked parents. during the investigation the school discover 20 other students have taken racy pictures and shown them off campus. the schools are the parents. for talking points about sexting and social media apps you may want to monitor go to wtsp .com. the protest is planned today at stores across the country including tampa and brandon. people are jumping on board with apple to force the fbi to back off on their demands from apple to create a back door to the iphone. the fbi just had a powerful group join their side. sarah hollenback joins us live the international plaza one of the rallies will happen today. and the victims families in san bernardino are now joining the fight. >> yes. it is going to be interesting
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dynamic of what is happening. here at international plaza they will rally for privacy. in the meantime the victims families will argue that that iphone needs to be unlocked , and we need to know why that terrorist came into san bernardino and why he shot innocent people. this is a big debate happening all around the country today. at 5:30 pm here at the international plaza as well is at the west filled brandon mull, they will be talking about this issue , holding up the phone saying the fbi should not hack into our phones. this will be very interesting to watch as it unfolds later today. before you go to work we have a safety alert this morning. the airbag in your car could be one of up to 90 million and what is already the largest car recall in history. it's thanks to a chemical in some of the airbag that causes
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emerald, drivers in florida could be some of the first terry's actually get some help. speemac that's right. who would've ever thought that the high humidity we have an hour area would work in our favor. we are learning areas along the gulf coast could be some of the first to actually get help for this airbag situation because of the high humidity that we have in the area. it is because officials believe the high humidity can affect how the airbags reacted a crash. the problem is with a chemical that causes a forceful explosion and can send metal parts flying into you. some automakers who have trouble with the airbags are giving loaner cars to drivers. all of them them are making repairs if you need them. the government does end up making more recall. how do you figure out if your cars on the list ? we have a list here here and if you go to safer car .-dot love you will be able to figure out if your cars on the list. of course we have you covered
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that link on our website wtsp .com. disgruntled drivers from a popular rideshare company are trying something new. they are creating a new rideshare company called drive design. it is is currently under development. drivers frustrated with it was rate cuts say they are ready to drive for someone else. speemac i believe right now the time is right for something else to come about. >> drive society has a website promising driver perks like roadside assistance and free vehicle maintenance. the founder of the company hopes to pick up for striders forced the mac sometime this summer. look at this video from los angeles. an investigation is underway to find out what caused this fire at a commercial warehouse. thankfully no one was hurt and firefighters fought the flames of the 160-foot tall building. it took several hours but they eventually got it under control.
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this morning. a victim of last week's helicopter crash in hawaii has passed away. video. a 16 -year-old boy was in critical condition that died from his injuries on monday night. he was one of five people on board. the helicopter went down near the pearl harbor visitor center last sunday. an investigation is underway to find out what caused this fire at a historic high school in north carolina. firefighters fought for hours to control the flames but had to pull back for safety when the roof started to collapse. sadly. sadly the building that was almost a century -year-old could not be saved. a pilot is safe after walking away from this plane crash. he took off from a small airport in los angeles on monday and for some reason try to turn back. the people who sought happen say before he could land the plane plunged into the street. there is a new survey
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percent of americans have more emergency savings than credit card debt. bank rate .com says that number is held steady the past five years you know the economy improved. the study found one out of every five americans had no credit card debt but also do not have savings. a major highway project is getting the green light this morning. monday night in tampa hillsborough expressway authority voted to spend about $2.5 million for an elevated highway over gandy boulevard in south tampa. it will be an extension of the dominant expressway from the dell maybury to the gandy bridge. it will help separate south tampa tech traffic from anyone crossing the bridge. a daytona beach mom claims she was discriminated for breast trading -- feeding her child at the farmers market. speemac things changed when management approached her about it on friday. speemac he said we've been getting some complaints about your breast-feeding. and i look to him and i said before, i can breast-feed anywhere i want.
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away. speemac when she returned the next day to get the same booth she was tonight the space. the daytona beach flea and farmers market released a statement in part sing it got complaints from vendors that the woman was using loud and graphic language. they also said she was smoking which is not allowed. don't you love getting facebook post on your birthday? now there's a way to make a little more personal. if you belong to starbucks reward program , the company is making changes and not everyone is happy about it. let's show you how the sunshine skyway is looking this morning with our road warrior and we will have an update on the bridges. also we are tracking wet weather ahead and a cold front. weather and traffic coming up next.
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here is your bridge update. if you are heading across the
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across the howard frankland bridge coming into tampa. this is at kennedy boulevard. you can see traffic is pretty airport exit. so far it is not a huge delay but it's a good idea a good idea to cross the bay right now the gandy and courtney campbell looking good as well. a live look at the sunshine skyway traffic is picking up the southbound direction. drivetime it is still just 17 minutes from pinellas point drive down to 75 in manatee county. we will be watching that county on our app search wtsp in the app store and get the traffic cameras. i expect see followed by close to the skyway by late this afternoon so the right on could be foggy. your pollen forecast for today high today. a little lower tomorrow because of the rain coming through but gusty winds thursday and a little bit into friday will really blow the pollen around. add some fog here in parts of bartow, wanita and toward legoland and winterhaven. now it is starting to break up
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a cold front comes through tomorrow strong storms but much cooler air behind it. look at this weekend, in the low to mid 60s all low to mid 60s all week including saturday. a little warmer sunday closer to 70 degrees. day three of the race started at 9:30 a.m. a poor charlotte. firestone grand prix fever hits this. it's the sixth annual media car competition was several poll pro drivers in st. pete mayor. and a lighting, 7:30 p.m. with the counties. republicans caucus in nevada today to select their party's presidential nominees. >> donald trump is looking for another win against rival ted crews and marco rubio. crews is going into today's contest without a top aide after firing him over misleading video suggesting rubio insult of the bible. speemac i have been clear this
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this campaign with the first very highest standards of integrity. that's how we have conducted it from day one. speemac cruises campaign has been accused of playing dirty. a warning before you get in your car this morning. >> investigators at the ntsb say that the toccata airbags recall make spent another 90 million cars. speemac this would nearly triple the 29 million recalled so far. the airbags have been linked to nine deaths in the new os. as many as 120 million toccata inflator's in us vehicles have the same volatile chemical, money and what nitrate that automakers have already recall. illustrators are expected to stage rallies at apple and across the country. >> this is as the company gusts are better with the fbi. they are refusing to comply with a court order to create a back door that would allow the fbi to access data from the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrace.
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due by friday. if you have a friend with the birthday coming up. instead of of posting happy birthday on their facebook wall and you can now send a video. facebook is launching a birthday video camera. you'll see a prompt on a friend's profile when you want to wish them happy birthday. then it will record 15 seconds of video. it is on ios on monday and with android coming out in the next few months. if you want to check it search for allison croft on facebook i have a link and i will show a demonstration to see how it works. speemac i would be cool instead of getting hundreds of happy birthdays you get hundreds of videos probably singing happy birthday. coffee lovers listen to this one. starbucks is changing its
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right now 12 transactions gets a free item. in april the reward system will spend. 125 stars gets a free item. that's about $62. free item. that's about $62. some customer say they are not happy with the change. >> you introduce the rewards in mind and then to change it again. speemac starbucks says it had over 1,100,000,000 loyalty program members in the us in january. and even and even though customers are not happy about the changes , starbucks predicts the new program will lead to higher spending. there's an accident blocking all lanes on state road 52 and i 75. let's go to our sky tend network camera to get a breakdown of what we're dealing with.
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you can see people are diverting onto southbound 75. this also means you cannot get on the northbound 75 ramp from eastbound state road 52. and westbound lanes are affected as well as vehicles are moved around to clean up this accident. this interchange is a bad one to be at for morning commute especially if you're trying to get on the highway. you can get on going south of state road 54. that could be a good alternate. be a good alternate. injuries are reported in this one as well. let's go back to the maps. manatee county. there's an accident on state verna road. this one involves a semi the spilled fuel onto the roadway. east on state road 70. looks like the westbound lanes are clear you will see a delay hillsboro county singh major. to 75 going south down to 25 miles an hour.
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the apex down to tran3. the veterans expressway going slow as well at 29 miles an miles an hour. polk county no accidents reported in lakeland but there are some delays on polk parkway. it is really right after bartow road. however, you can see i4 still looking very quiet with speeds of 70 miles an hour. if you're going into tampa from polk parkway on 75 you're holding on 60 minutes for drive times. if you have the problems on the roadways send me an email, i'm your road warrior and i look at traffic safety issues across the bay area. e-mail me at road warrior wtsp let's talk about the tampa bay bay downs is showing a beautiful sunrise. low clouds this morning. day. what you you will notice is
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the rain that went through last night and pretty good coverage that was 9:00 p.m. - 12 am last night. so the rain moves through now we are dry nothing to worry about now. that was a warm front. it is not to the north so we are on the warm and muggy side and that means low to mid 60s right now. 63 in carol what, tampa is at 65 same in brayton, newport richie and clearwater above and 64 and 63 in sarasota and it's a warm a warm and muggy star. the sunshine will get through with partly cloudy skies and he does a pretty quickly today. that means we will go into the low 70s by about 9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. that is when we will turn partly cloudy because of the heat. then we will see some pop up showers 12:00 p.m. - 12: 30 p.m.
6:50 am
those areas especially in the polk county about 40% chance coast. and mainly from noon until - 5:00 p.m. and that that time we will the coast. and then you can see belleair manatee and sarasota counties. it should hang out there for the rest of the afternoon and that's why we will watch the commute. 80 degrees for high temperature today. upper 70s along the coast and 80 inland. that is the next storm system heading our way. it will be here tomorrow morning at this time. so we will have showers and thunderstorms rolling through the area. this is 9:30 am-10 am. some of these could be on the strong side. the best chance for severe weather would be tampa northward. then it goes down by about 1:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. then we will cool down. today late this afternoon and tonight there's about a 15%
6:51 am
orange area that is high for forecasting. severe weather mainly goes to the north of us tomorrow. at least the strongest chance. we still have a strong chance here and i think our main problem is going to be gusty winds although we watch for isolated tornado or waterspout. lightning and winds about 60 - 65 miles an hour are a bigger threat. and in behind the cooler air comes in for the rest of the week and most of the weekend as well. 79 today, 75 tomorrow, low to tomorrow, low to mid 60s for the next several days including saturday's with lows in the 40s and closer to 70 by sunday and warmer on monday. a different rescue missions for deputies in jacksonville. >> the quick thinking skills they used to get this beach 12 free. let's go live now to tampa. a beautiful start to the morning. very calm outside.
6:52 am
notice it is a little warm. 650 at the bottom of your screen. if you are out and about this morning you will want to take some photos of a good sunrise
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if you're headed out the door it is almost 7:00 a.m. and we are making sure that your commute is good. 25 minutes from suncoast down to tampa airport. also, i'm on top of this accident live from sky tend in san antonio were state road 52 is closed going east and 75. i will be on top of this all morning long and of this all morning long and let you know when it does appear. a big bright full moon was out there this morning pretty was technically full yesterday. it's called snowman.
6:56 am
today and a quick warming trend through the morning hours. watch for a few showers starting around lunchtime especially east of i 75. he gets a little breezy today south-southwest winds about 15- 20. if you've noticed your grocery bill has increased over the last couple of years. not a matching. the consumer price index shows for automatic. the consumer price index shows for prices have gone up about 31. 5 percent of the last decade. during that time experts examined more than 300 goods and services that increase your bill. eggs, tobacco, smoking products, margarine those typically are the top issues that is made the items go up. to see more more go to our website wtsp .com. asleep turtle is suing freely in the atlantic ocean thanks to deputies. speemac two members of the jacksonville sheriff's office swung into option would actually saw the sea turtle struggling in the water. the deputies were able to cut the ropes so the turtle could be free. >> it took them a minute
6:57 am
and able to help the turtle. >> sea turtles are so cute. you never get to see them in person but it's so fun when you do. speemac thank you for joining
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good morning. it is tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz fires his spokesman over a video involving marco rubio. donald trump intensifies his attacks ahead of today's nevada caucuses. an uber driver admits to the shooting spree that killed six in michigan. the 14-year-old miracle survivor shows signs of progress. artificial hearts keep thousands of people alive. the new technology that could replace transplants. but we begin this morning


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