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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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obama will take executive action to close the guantanamo bay detention center in cuba, congress took steps to make sure the pres. must go through them if he plans to shut down the facility. submit his proposal.
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plan publicly. >> pres. obama announced his latest promise, and close the guantanamo bay in cuba. our fight against terrorist propaganda in efforts to recruit. >> there are 91 prisoners still being held. the plan is to transfer 35 of them to other countries. the remaining 56, including the 9/11 mastermind will be moved the administration is looking at 13 different locations, including prisons in south carolina, kansas, and colorado. speemac i do not want to pass this onto the next president, whoever it is. speemac the white house says moving the prisoners to the continental us would save as much is $85 million a year. but it would take a one-time year. but it would take a one-time cost of up to 475 million to implement the planned planned which means getting the approval of congress and that appears unlikely. speemac it would be illegal
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foreign terrorist at guantanamo into the us. speemac congressman matt thornberry, the chairman of the house armed services committee call the more of a pr move than congress. but he crack the door a bit windy said it was not impossible to shut down one tunnel, and that he's willing to hold the hearing on the proposal. speemac pres. obama plans to visit cuba in less than a month. also visiting at the same time is the tampa bay rays. they will play game with the cuban all-stars and the president will throw out the first pitch. 23rd. details on a mars candy bar recall that is affecting 55 countries. the products recalled are mars, milky way snickers, celebration and many mix. it stems from plastic found in it appears the 55 countries are we are mostly in europe.
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recall a wtsp .com and up getting the story as we learn more. there are big changes coming with a storm system that looks to bring a significant threat to the parts of the deep south. by the time it gets there will be weakening. i want to point out what a potent system this is going to be. we see a moderate risk extending through parts of louisiana into the florida panhandle. and with that there is a threat of significant long track tornadoes. this is a system we will be watching very closely. you can see a gathering strength over texas and this will be intensifying late this afternoon and into the evening as a continues to slide to the east. we cannot rule out severe weather, tomorrow when it arrives i will talk about the timing and what we could see with it. at this point not looking like it's can be anything that we will see across parts of the
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i will bring you the latest coming up in a few minutes. voters in nevada get their turn to pick a gop presidential candidate. donald trump has a big lead in the polo senators marco rubio and ted crews are looking to build momentum. and the duo is looking to appeal to voters as a trump alternative. >> donald trump has a message for nevada voters. the polls into a win. the billionaire businessman has a double-digit lead lead over his gop rivals entering tonight's nevada caucuses. senators marco rubio and ted crews are expected to battle for second place. >> it is important to be able to say i am the alternative to donald trump. speemac what an incredible pleasure to be with you. speemac chris is under pressure south carolina and one day communications director for sharing misleading information on social media about rubio.
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something comes out of the and untrue. speemac there's something wrong with this guy. speemac crews says he has conducted his campaign with the highest standards of integrity. speemac none of you have heard me fill the kind of insults at marco rubio he throws me every single day. simple crews and rubio have invested significant time and money in nevada. but it will be up to voters to decide if anyone can slow donald trump. speemac donald trump is also making news for his comments about a protester. trump said he would like to punch him in the face while the out of the rally. the ashley global retail facility open today and ybor city. it is in an area once occupied by movie theaters in central ybor. city leaders say it's a big win for tampa. >> most of you know spy ashley
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the marketing of the products, the visual, it, e-commerce is the biggest peace here at the center of this location. >> for today's ribbon cover -- cutting the gov. and the mayor were also on hand. ashley furniture furniture is the largest furniture manufacturer in the world. a home in washington state was destroyed by an explosion this morning. the triple wide mobile home is near seattle the city of port orchard. right now the homes to owners aren't accounted for. firefighters try to figure out what caused the explosion. it was so powerful it shattered windows at a nearby elementary school. people will rally at apple stores across the company and here in tampa. they are fighting the gov.'s attempt governor's attempt to put a backdoor into an iphone. sarah hollenback shows you how this could impact all of us. speemac it is all about privacy. that's what the people who are rallying here at international plaza will say as they hold up their phones and tablets with
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to not break your iphone. the fbi said it's crucial for them to protect lives and track terrace. the some say it is too risky. company creates a backdoor for the company to unlock the phone of the san bernardino shooters, who who is to say they won't do it again? and what they fear is once the back doors built there may not be a way to ensure it will only not be used by hackers of foreign governments or terrorists seized by stock is to use our data against us. white house officials say they only want to unlock one phone. speemac they are simply asking for something that would have an impact on just one device. speemac the reality is if you put a backdoor in it's four everyone. speemac there are two rallies today. this one at international plaza and another one of the
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and both of them are at 5:30 p.m. the fbi also just got a pile for all of ally several of the san bernardino victims families are supporting them asking fbi to break into the phone of the shooters. this is the damage a deadly cyclone left behind in fiji. with nearly 100 confirmed cases of the zika virus in the united states, one mom is spearheading tens of millions more vehicles could be recalled because of faulty airbags. well ahead of our main line of storms i am tracking showers moving through parts of polk, and hardy county. we will also talk about the threat we will see with tomorrow's storm system in the full forecast. spring training will swing into action. watch 10 news this morning for your chance to win a pair of for the new york yankees spring
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the government could soon recall up to 90 million cars and there's a big chance he was could be one of them. this would be part of an ongoing recall that is already the largest in us history. >> who would've ever thought all of the high humidity we have in our area would actually work in our favor? i have learned areas along the gulf coast will be some of the first to get replacement for
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it is because officials believe the high humidity can affect crash. japanese auto supplier, toccata has been using ammonium nitrate to inflate the back, and that's if you are in you're in a crash the inflator's can explode and send shrapnel flying, which can cause severe injuries. the problem has become so serious that nine people in the us have already died from it, hurt. some automakers who have cars with the troublesome auto airbags are giving out the repairs if you need them. if the government ends up recalling your car, if you are affected you will get a letter in the mail. a quick way to find out is to go online to safer car .gov. we have a link posted on our website so you can go there to find out if your cars on the list.
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cases of travel related zika virus in the us, of one of the galveston, texas is spearheading the research to find a vaccine. and scientists there have been studying the virus for decades. >> white powder in this last viral is the zika virus. >> until the virus really got to brazil of no one was really interested in zika. times have changed and now we realize how much we don't know. >> zika may be linked to the it's marked by by abnormally small heads in babies and stunted brain growth. brazil is ground zero in the fight against zika. w h e r e dr. sheridan ross he recently traveled, and saw
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effects of the virus. the university of texas medical branch is home to one of the world's largest collection of viruses, nearly 7000 samples are stored at the facility. with the focus now on zika, rossi and the team of scientists are working on a quick test to detect the virus in humans and eventually develop a vaccine. are we closer to a vaccine? speemac yes. every single single day the people like me and my colleagues are on that we are one step closer to the vaccine. speemac the national institutes of health says there could be a zika vaccine by the end of 2017. speemac infectious disease doctors are always keeping an eye out for the next disease that could cause an epidemic. scientist we talked to say the flu bug , the kills thousands of people every are still on the top of the list. the fiji government has released video showing the damage from tropical cyclone winston.
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a poor workers are warning of the possibility of zika and it's home to about 900,000 people. aid workers are still trying to get in touch with some of the damage. it is a beautiful day speemac right around the bay area we are starting to see a east few more showers popping up east of i 75 and we will see some big changes with the storm system moving through our area tomorrow. already we are starting to see some tornado watches popping up across parts of the western gulf of mexico. so let's first talk about the showers we are seeing right now. everything is very light at this point. everything east of i 75 right around the bay area we are looking fantastic. i want to put a tracker and some of the heavier rain we are seeing moving through parts of highland county up toward sebring. of highland county up toward sebring. these are moving off to the north. sebring about 12:26 p.m. you'll start seeing rain and then we will get into nielsen
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of heavy rain until this big storm system gets here. but i want to show you the high particular system from anywhere back into parts of louisiana and into the florida panhandle. be about a 15% chance we get tornadoes in this area. there is already a tornado louisiana and we are starting to see some of the storms begin to fire. closer to home, that threat lessons significantly by the time it gets here. however we we are still under slight risk right along the i4 quarter northward that does include the tampa bay area. the biggest threat is not tornadoes but damaging straight- line winds as the line comes through tomorrow morning. ducking out on the sky tend network we start to see more cloud cover is that system gets closer and we pull in more moisture with southerly winds. 77 now in tampa, 81 in
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land o lakes. where we are is about where we will stay through the afternoon with some isolated showers that will briefly cool things down. but we will stay in the upper 70s and cool off slightly through the evening. we will still have the southerly winds and much higher moisture levels to contend with. highs today upper 70s to near 80 and a lot of spots. upper 78 in tampa, 70 in palmetto looking in lakeland, mulberry you could top 800 coming up later today. it will be a warm when thanks warm one thanks to the path of this morning's warm front to rebut it is also bring in a lot more moisture. we'll see see the stray pop-up showers through the afternoon and into the evening. writing down a little bit for the overnight hours. but that that is when we tend to see more fog starting to see can from the gulf of mexico very because we warm those two
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will see some patchy fog throughout the morning hours as well. so heads heads up, special if you are along the coast. once the front comes through we will dry things out and cool things out. we will be tracking thunderstorms from about six am into the nature coast tomorrow. about eight am-9 am into the bay area and then it will move east by about two pm it should be over and done. this will be a morning event and from there we will see the temperatures dropping off back into the upper 60s for 60s for a high. as they look ahead to the weekend we have 40s in the mix to start. it will be chilly even as we daytime temperatures will gradually start to warm back into the mid- 70s early next week. we have a very busy situation coming our way tomorrow and across the gulf per it make download our ted news app for your iphone or android. get access to storm tracker tend 24 hours a day and if your area you will be notified driving
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the stage in the bay area. the lead characters talk about reuniting for the play years after the start on walker texas rangers together.
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driving miss daisy is a comedy drama stage play that explores the evolution of a character named daisy over 25 years. the lead characters are together again after their walker texas ranger days. >> this is not the first time you've worked together. speemac it's not our first rodeo.
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>> we grew up together. >> we had a plus glorious years together. it works very well when you pick up friendships where you left off. speemac the performance is set for tomorrow night at 7:30 pm at the lakeland center. it's a special day in hillsboro county's pet resource center. take a look. it looks fantastic does not? today county commissioners and others celebrated the grand reopening of the newly reopened lobby and customer visitor center. the $500,000 project expanded and transform the lobby and pet adoption area making it more bigger, colorful and comfortable. >> when people realize it's more of a family community atmosphere they will value the pets more. they will spend more time. and if you spend time here
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>> another reason to check out the new building, there is a february adoption special. for $14 you can adopt a cat or dog that has already been spayed or neutered, vaccinations, microchip and hillsboro county tax license check tag. we know you have been enjoying the really nice weather. speemac it is is kind of coming to a close now. we still of the few hours that we will be tracking showers through the afternoon. especially east of i 75 but i want i want to take a moment in time out the main event that is coming our way tomorrow. as we look ahead to tomorrow morning about six am we could see some storms popping up along the nature coast. it looks like the mainline move into the bay area between about eight am-10 am and 10:00 a.m. and then will be exiting quickly. but with this we could see some strong gusty winds that will be coming to a close as we had about two pm-3 pm but an
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>> nikki: elise. you're looking well. how is your husband's reelection campaign coming along? >> elise: nikki, you made it very clear in the phone call that this conversation wasn't requested, but mandated, so why don't you just cut to the chase and please tell me why i'm here? >> nikki: quite frankly, judge moxley, you can be of use to me. >> natalie: [ gasps ] >> summer: jumpy much? >> summer: hmm. yeah, you do look like one from the walking dead.


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