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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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parts of the deep south. we have tornado watches and warnings in effect right now. the national weather service is calling this a particular dangerous situation. this is rare when they use this terminology. when we see it does indicate a potential hazardous situation not only for tornadoes but intense tornadoes in a threes or ef four. at the time it works its way into the tampa bay area tomorrow it will be significantly weaker but our threat of severe weather is not zero. i will talk more about what we could see locally coming up in the forecast. it's probably a good reminder when severe weather hits make sure you are ready. way you will get the alert go. if you have verizon and live in sarasota county you numbers on your screen. the sheriffs office office said verizon is having problems with
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numbers if you have an emergency. there also at our website, wtsp .com. you can hear, a rally outside the headquarters for pinellas schools. a push to make changes at schools that of the worst in the state. we are there live right now jonathan, what is going on behind you ? >> a couple of dozen protesters trying to get the pinellas county school board to listen and make changes to what is basically the five were schools in the entire state. this comes from a massive tampa bay times investigation labeling of the failure factory. and essentially they say 2007 the school board got rid of integration and all the schools, which led to this situation. they didn't keep up with funding in the poorer schools as promised. there was massive teacher promised. there was massive teacher turnover and a lot of problems
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this investigation started over the summer. the national secretary of education is coming, the state of florida's also investigating. coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. we will have reaction from some of these protesters. the big story across the country tonight, apples stand against the us government. in about 30 minutes or so protesters will rally outside apple stores. they are not happy with the fbi's demand that apple tree software to hack into the iphone that belong to one of the san bernardino shooting suspects. but most people disagree. according to a pew research center poll, 51% say apple should be able to help the fbi. 38% say apple should not. 11% say percent say apple should not. 11% say they do not know what should be done. we are taking a closer look at why this case matters and why so many people are passionate about supporting apple. if you have an iphone, one of these apple supporters say it's
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one of these homes in a gated community. wanted for a serious crime police want to get inside his inside. so please go to the developer of your gated community and instead of asking for one keep your neighbor's home they want a key to every single home in the entire neighborhood. apple is saying, just like you want to protect your home, they want to protect the private information on your iphone. speemac courtney, something we should point out is that no matter what side you are on some people say the entire argument could be avoided if there was special software perhaps that was installed on the shooters county issue phone. speemac that's right and 10 news reporter, jenny dean is digging deeper into that and she explains how it can be used on your phone. >> san bernardino gunmen worked for the county as a public health inspector.
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software called mobile device management. large employers like the city of tampa have discussed software installed on nearly 1600 of the city issued smart phones. speemac for security, to provision of funds, to lock them and unlock them and to erase them if they are lost or stolen. speemac according to cbs news report san bernardino county have the software but did not install it on his phone. tampa's chief technical officer didn't want to speculate about why was the case in san bernardino but did emphasize the importance of the software and my why many employers maybe even yours put on all work issue phone. >> you need to have a bake basic will issue of security and be able to control devices and make sure that in the event can be deleted. speemac mobile device management is something the updating it several times year because the technology is constantly changing. speemac we want to make sure we are keeping up with all of the
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have in a complex technical environment. speemac the information technology security officer for the city of st. pete said they don't utilize mobile device management because they don't issue phones to city employees. however, they however, they do have security software on all city computers. speemac 10 news has been on top of this debate from the beginning. and every day there is a new development. you can track can track the apple - fbi controversy on our website wtsp .com. pres. obama is trying to come through on a campaign promise he made eight years ago. he wants to close guantanamo bay in cuba. >> if we don't do what is required now , i think future generations will look back and ask why we failed to act when the right side of history and justice, and our best american traditions was clear. speemac there are 91 prisoners being held in guantanamo right now. the presidents plan would transfer 35 of those those
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the rest, including the september 11 mastermind would under consideration. several high-profile terrorist being held in the us, this is different. congress would have to act to change a law allowing those suspected terrorists at when pres. obama visits cuba next month he could feel pressure from cuban guantanamo to cuba. their huge implications president's visit means to tampa bay and the us. mark rivera is putting that 5:30 p.m. new information tonight about an explosion in a neighborhood near seattle. no one has been able to find the couple who lived in the triple wide mobile home that was destroyed. investigators are trying to figure out what happened, because that could be even more people missing. the explosion was so strong that blew out the windows of other homes and a school nearby. police do not know if the
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destroyed home were inside what happened. whether standard operating procedure or case of intimidation. three university of south florida students who were arrested during a black lives matter protest at the florida state fairgrounds earlier this month face a disciplinary hearing. only on 10 news eric glasser shows you what happened and why the university now calls it all a misunderstanding. speemac exonerated but still nervous. reginald glover, one of three university of south florida students arrested for trespassing during a black lives matter protest at the florida state fairgrounds earlier this month. 10 news there exclusively today is glover met behind closed doors with usf's initial review officer. speemac they had me wondering, what do they plan on doing to me as a student as a student based on my actions outside of this campus? >> glover and two other students received a letter demanding they meet with the
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responsibility, suggesting they review the student code of conduct. speemac all three of the students were terrified about their academic futures and they got these letters. >> you told us to be community leaders , it was to be courageous and it was to be brave and we are doing those things so why punish us for that.? >> the students were also referred to the disciplinary board by us of policing of the hillsboro county sheriff's office was there arresting agency. speemac they notify us and we notify those in need contact. speemac in a statement usf said the meetings with the initial review officer were not necessarily meant to initiate disciplinary proceedings, but rather check on the students well-being and whether they had been treated fairly by law enforcement. speemac i disagree on the part of civil liberties not just for this particular situation. speemac the attorney representing the students of all city is been a short by the university that this particular case ends here. but he is concerned that it may send a chilling message to
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participate in such protests in the future. four a complete look at the university of south florida's code of conduct go to wtsp .com and click seen on tv. your choice 2016. and republicans in nevada go to 30 gop delegates are up for grabs and that means it is an important night for florida senator marco rubio. we should point out rubio actually grew up in las vegas. but he and ted crews are trailing donald trump by double digits. crews is looking to get back on track after he fired his communications director for tweeting of false new story about rubio. taking a live look at traffic right now we are back up on the howard frankland bridge heading into tampa and this is why. crews are cleaning up a crash
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senior big developments in the case of a marine veteran attacked and robbed after having dinner. speemac tonight we have a major break in the car and caught on camera that has so many of you are outraged. several new cases of zika
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and in several cases involve pregnant women who could have only gotten it from a male partner who travel to an area where zika is a problem. there is a test to detect a but the virus. speemac scientist at scientist at a lab in texas are doing everything they can to find a cure. we want to check it out and learned that it is actually been studied for decades. >> white powder in this black dr. robert tash of the university of texas medical branch in galveston is known about zika since the 1960s. speemac until the virus really lot of cases. no one was really interested in zika. times have changed and now we realize how much we don't know. >> zika may be linked to the first defect, microcephaly. the condition is condition is marked by abnormally small heads in babies due to stunted brain growth.
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fight against zika. w h e r e dr. shen and rossi recently traveled and saw firsthand the devastating effects of the virus. speemac it is heartbreaking and critical. speemac the university of texas medical branch is home to one of the world's largest collection of viruses, nearly 7000 samples are stored at the facility. with the focus now on zika rossi and the team of scientists are working on a quick test to detect the virus in humans, and eventually develop a vaccine. speemac are we closer to a vaccine ? >> yes. every single. every single day that people like me and my colleagues we are one step closer to a vaccine. speemac the national institutes of health says there could be a zika vaccine by the end of 2017. speemac doctors are always keeping an eye out for the next disease that could cause an epidemic. scientist say the flu bug is still on the top of their list. we've made it easy for you to
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go to wtsp .com on the left- hand side there's a zika virus tab where you will find the latest stories. those pictures you showed at the beginning of the newscast >> i mean all eyes on the louisiana, mississippi and into alabama and the florida panhandle tonight >> we are tracking a really potent storm system that now has several active tornado warnings associated with it. the storm prediction center call this a particularly dangerous situation. it is uncommon wording. so when we hear this, that tells us this will be a rough night for you folks across parts of the deep south. right now it is in louisiana that we are singh the strongest storms moving their way into southern mississippi with a couple of warnings there moving toward the hattiesburg area as we see. we are keeping a close eye on this one. even locally even locally
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severe weather with this associated with the storm tomorrow. it will not look anything like what we are seeing across the south. it will weaken substantially. in fact the strongest threat with this will be in eastern north carolina. but we are under a slight risk which basically means one or two of the storms could produce some severe level winds , upper and 60 miles an hour. it is possible we are keeping our eyes on it. we are tracking a few showers in eastern polk and highlands county. everything is light at this point although we had several streamer showers that moved on through. we are looking great as we look out over florida southern college with lots of blue skies. if you have been outside in the last few hours take note that the winds of picked up. we are are singh south winds anywhere from 15 - 20 miles an hour gusting to 30 in clearwater. so so pulling and a lot of moisture ahead of the system. yes. it will be breezy if you are heading to the lightning game tonight. and an isolated shower chance but we are pretty much done for the rain for now and starting
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chances are coming up tomorrow. through the overnight hours we are largely quiet through a lot of cloud cover and we will be tracking some fog especially along the coast. that will be moving inland during the morning hours. visibility along the beaches will not be great. and then the storms come rolling in. right around nine am it looks like for the nature coast. has shifted a little later from a we checked in earlier this morning. between 11 am and noon around the bay area is a i think when when we will likely get the most potent thunderstorms moving through then we this event by about three pm. it will be rough on the bay five foot-8 foot seas offshore with south-southwest winds and gusts up to 35. so deal watch is in effect with this. tomorrow will be a bad day to get on the water even after
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coverage of scattered showers and thunderstorms. again the isolated possibility we will see one or two severe thunderstorms. mainly for damaging straight- line winds. but for damaging straight-line winds. but we cannot completely rule out the isolated tornado threat. very windy once again on thursday. we start to relax things as we look to the weekend. but starting off chilly with temperatures in the 40s saturday and sunday morning. make sure you are prepared, download our ted news app for your iphone or android. is it a case of racial profiling? or just circumstance. coming up at 5:30 p.m. to fake guns, 22 different suspects. the african-american men this video shot and killed by police. the white suspect only taste. we will tell you how police explain it.
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obama's trip to the cuba is a very big deal for tampa bay. when andrei showed up 17 years ago he did know anything about english and didn't even know anything about golf and
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we have new video for you tonight of a crazy surprise in
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take a look at this here. a massive hornets nest. it is at least 5 feet tall and was growing, and is growing on top of an old couch. speemac you can even see the couch. >> i know. a family found this as they were trying to clean out and abandoned ... abandoned trailer in their backyard. as far as they know, no one has been inside for years. so this nest could have been growing there for the past decade. speemac just seeing that gave me chills all the way down my skin. i had my phone in hand and i was looking at it and i was like that's a hornets nest, it's time to go. we need to call someone it's time to get out of here. speemac the property owner said she plans to work with experts to get rid of the hornets nest. in case you're wondering about
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wasp. hornets are bigger and get much more aggressive when something or someone disturbs their nest. speemac good too. >> good to know. sorry if you are eating dinner right now. the new ashley global retail facility celebrated its grand opening. it is the global e-commerce headquarters for all of ashley furniture. the facility facility replaced half of ybor movie cold, about 7000 square feet. ashley starting it off with 100 employees. speemac most of you know us by ashley home stores. this is where we do all of the marketing, the the products, the visual, it, e-commerce is the biggest peace here at this location. >> that is a big deal. gov. rick scott was at the ribbon- cutting along with tampa city leaders and lightning owner. ashley furniture is the largest manufacturer furniture in the world. awesome work by officers in jacksonville.
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they rescued this 9-foot leather back turtle from a crab trap. there are about about 2 miles offshore when they spotted it. apparently the rope was wrapped around the turtle's neck and attached to the blue it. so whenever the turtle tried to dive below the water the rope got tighter. the officers found a way to cut the rope while keeping the turtle in the water. he is free again tonight. it did not take long. closer to getting justice for a veteran violently attacked outside of a make donald's.
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we are staying on top of three big happening stories right now. protesters showing support for apple's refusal to help the fbi hack into one of the san bernardino shooters iphones. demonstrators are showing up the stores right now in about 50 different cities. apple ceo says crating a master a master key could be duplicated and used on other phones. the cdc is investigating more than a dozen zika virus cases the doctors believe were sexually transmitted. that is supposed to be rare. more often the virus is transmitted through mosquito bites. to window to window washers are back on solid ground after getting stuck on the 65th floor of the new york city high-rise. washers were working outside the marriott courtyard manhattan when they got stranded. thankfully firefighters were able to reel them in with ropes. in a few weeks history will


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