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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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we are staying on top of three big happening stories right now. protesters showing support for apple's refusal to help the fbi hack into one of the san bernardino shooters iphones. demonstrators are showing up the stores right now in about 50 different cities. apple ceo says crating a master a master key could be duplicated and used on other phones. the cdc is investigating more than a dozen zika virus cases the doctors believe were sexually transmitted. that is supposed to be rare. more often the virus is transmitted through mosquito bites. to window to window washers are back on solid ground after getting stuck on the 65th floor of the new york city high-rise. washers were working outside the marriott courtyard manhattan when they got stranded. thankfully firefighters were able to reel them in with ropes. in a few weeks history will
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it it has been 88 years since a a march pres. obama is set to end that street. 10 news political reporter, mark rivera shows you the huge impact this will have for tampa bay and the united states. speemac you can't talk about tampa history without talking about cuba. that's fidel castro raising money here in ybor for the cuban revolution. since 1922, patrick manteca's family has published a newspaper in tampa. he said his pres. obama's slated trip to cuba is huge. speemac this is the thing going to china. this is carter camp david helping solve the problems in the middle east. this is big. >> four generations the pages
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of documented and the cuban embargo. pres. obama's trip is trip is pushing the reset button on us - cuba relations. speemac this is probably five times or 10 times bigger than the pope's visit. speemac for the bay area >> this is going to be a boon for thousands of jobs. speemac development for trade at port manatee, agricultural shipments and more. and even as presidential candidates, marco rubio and ted crews speak out against obama's cuba visit. >> it's an anti-american communist dictatorship. >> to this woman who roll cigars in ybor say they are excited about the future. speemac i don't like politics he said, but she she is happy and grateful president obama is going. she has family and friends she wants to see who still live on the island.
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to cuba got our website, wtsp .com and click seen on tv. the lone survivor in the shooting in kalamazoo, michigan is on a ventilator and fighting for her life. every go cross mother says the 14 -year-old girl is in critical condition. we are learning more about the man investigators say shot her. it is possible uber driver, jason dalton changed cars the night of the shooting. a man dalton picked up told cnn he was driving a silver equinox but heard he was arrested in a darker colored chevy. we were says dalton started driving in late january and had nearly a five star rating. dalton now faces 16 charges, including six counts of murder. two separate police confrontations in cincinnati sparking controversy tonight. one suspect was black and the other white. all caps fake guns. but butt when each man was confronted by officers one was tased and the other was killed. the case involving the african- american man started with a call about an intoxicated man waving a gun in the air.
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stumbling out of a crashed truck. it is not clear if he really was drunk. a witness started recording cell phone video as police surrounded him. could you hear the woman right there. she was pleading with the man to listen to police and to lie down. when an officer saw him reach toward his waist they fired nine shots, killing him. police say the said the time they did not know the gun was fake. >> he initially starts to go to the ground and raises up with his right hand and reaches to his waistband or you can see the reaction of the officers. they fire multiple rounds
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appropriately according to the situation. speemac just hours before the man, officers confronted released claim the differences one, a witness on the scene told them the man was holding a fake gun. and when they tracked him down they saw the orange marker on the front of the gun. a sign that it was fake. that is why they say they used custody. a lethal force expert says you have to assess how much time the officers had and how much knowledge of the situation they confrontation. that marine attacked outside of police have arrested two a 17 -year-old boy and 17 -year-old girl in connection with the case. christopher martin. the group says s him if he he tried to to ignore them. but you can see they followed him out of the
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hitting and kicking the marine veteran. police police say they are still looking for another suspect. doesn't seem to you like the us military is pulling more than its fair share of weight when it comes to isis? today 10 news this morning anchor, allison croft teamed up with pundit facts to check a claim that the middle east outnumbers isis 250 countries to one. speemac to the mac comedian political commoner belmar does not understand why isis is doing so well in the middle east when so many countries nearby with large militaries want it gone. in a recent hollywood reporter essay he wrote, why are muslim armies so useless against tran10. tran10 is not 10 feet tall. there are. there are 20 or 30,000 of them.
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have military of 5 million people so why do we have to all. pundit facts found that it's true that isis is outgunned by his definition of nearby broad. and syria. speemac when you just look at surrounding countries like neighboring countries, the number on the size of the militaries about 1.9 million or so was a pretty far off. but if you factor in the extra countries then you get to somewhere north of 3 million. >> to get the 5 million number, more added reserve us, not those on active duty. that and the fact that some of the surrounding nations don't actually share a border with isis stronghold. fact checker say more statements needed little clarification. pundit fact rates of mostly true. experts also tell pundit facts some of those militaries are fighting battles in their own
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handle isis. how a career on the greens is paying dividends. an eye-catching headline in a student paper. why some call some call this dangerous territory. a storm system moving across the deep south already producing several tornadoes. cat next its head toward the tampa bay area i will know what and when you will expect to see in the full forecast. here's a look look at the sky tend traffic network camera for your evening commute. it looks like there's an accident heading into tampa on the left-hand side still partially block new kennedy.
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time for stories making headlines across the state, nation nation and around the world. five people are dead, including the gunmen after a shooting on house fire in phoenix. investigators believe the sun shot his parents and younger sisters then set this fire. juris have convicted a colorado woman of cutting a stranger's baby from her womb. the case reignited case reignited the debate over the legal rights of fetuses. prosecutors say they could not charged i know wayne with murder, because a corner found no evidence that the fetus lived outside the womb. a student run paper is raising some eyebrows. it says donald trump represents the rise of the new hitler. the article also also featured the presidential hopefuls head on hitler's body. the collegium says the
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the university before was published. if your car has not been part of the toccata airbags recall, two soon could be. it could be as many as 120 million cars. safety regulators. the valspar championship just two weeks away. when when the tournament arrives at the famous beautiful redone copperhead, course fans and players will see a picture perfect layout. you may be surprised to hear that the story of the man behind all of that beauty is with bobby lewis on the road and palm harbor with the gulf coast that is change their life.
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copperhead is taking shape. every blade gets a cut and every petal is perfect. just how this guy ... expects it to be. andri is copperhead's assistant superintendent. this days it is his job to make the course the star. a far far cry from his first days on the course. speemac he was raking bunkers, walking the green and changing the cops. speemac i moved here when i was 20 years old. >> out of this change you then? >> i actually, i grew. how can i put it. i grew from a boy to a man. speemac copperhead was part of that growth, forcing growth, forcing him to learn a new language and work ethic. >> it deftly shaped me into the person he is today. when i first met him he was a little punk. speemac that was 17 years ago
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he was doing all the dirty work and doing trying to learn english. but that wasn't his only barrier. in addition to english, andre knew nothing about off. >> zero. absolutely nothing. you should see him swing a golf club. speemac despite that, that, he is thankful for the golf course for shaping his career and more. speemac would you say the working here has totally changed your life? >> yes it did. >> copperhead changes my life >> i was going to say. how to bobby get to do that story and not you. speemac andra has been working for four years on his web development degrees st. pete college and has an internship lined up for this summer. speemac the valspar championship arrested copperhead for march 7 through 12. coming up at six pm. she battled the effects of
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safety of her community. she and her neighbors have been pushing for a sidewalk to protect themselves for years. now the seniors voices are being heard. walked out and threats. police at your child's school. do you know how often it's happening ? i am taking a closer look and finding out with districts are doing to one county's plan that could shuffle students, and what parents think about it. we are getting another look at some of the damage done by the storm system passing over the south sea southeast. >> absolutely. these are unconfirmed reports at this point. but it does look like a tornado ripped the wall off this gold's
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no one was hurt him hurt. the roof peeled off as well and that was taken away so would not causing more damage if the winds pick up again. and that is very likely going to be the case. what we have moving through the deep south right now has been called a particularly dangerous situation by the storm prediction center. this is an intense storm system we are tracking. we have have a couple of active tornado warnings in mississippi in addition to severe thunderstorm warnings. so northeast of hattiesburg, mississippi moving over toward the state line there. eventually this works its way into alabama and later tonight and into the florida panhandle. locally, we are going to see a much more minimal threat for severe weather is a rose through tomorrow. but into the carolinas, our friends there will be dealing with another enhanced risk of severe weather. we are likely going to see more and stronger storms than what we are going to be dealing with. that is something we will be watching very closely as we
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absolute gorgeous evening. 75 in tampa. we actually did briefly hit 800. 76. 76 in st. pete, 79 in riverview and 81 in lakeland. 78 in lutes, 77 in odessa. warm temperatures that will continue through the evening. and notice our winds will stay up as well out of the southeast. we are continuing to pull in more moisture and our dew in more moisture and our dew points are going to be very high grade so we will have a lot of these storms to work with as they roll through tomorrow and that is bringing with it a threat of strong or even isolated severe thunderstorms. mainly in the form of damaging straight-line winds. before gets here keep setting up along the coast and throughout the evening it will try to migrate farther inland. mostly it will stay right along the beaches but still some patchy inland fog will be possible once again tomorrow morning. so we saw several streamer showers moving through. we are basically done with that. other than a couple of sprinkles we don't expect much going on through the overnight hours.
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strong storm start to work their way through. early-morning commuters coming your kind of off the hook it looks like. but around midday we will see a line of storms moving through bringing with it the chance of damaging straight-line winds and we cannot completely rule out an isolated tornado threat. although it it is not looking much more likely the fact remains up to the north as opposed to around the tampa bay area. be aware of the damaging wind gusts and frequent lightning with any of these thunderstorms. once that rolls through we are in a much calmer pattern and up to the north while the panhandle is bringing snow back into the great lakes region but still a very active couple of weather threats. absolutely gorgeous. chilly especially on saturday with highs only in the mid- 60s. it looks like those temperatures will recover and
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arrive tomorrow you have our ted news app downloaded on your phone. that will give you any alerts if there is severe weather issue for the area.
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winning the twin lottery twice. it is an unbelievable feat for one family, after being told they would never be able to have a natural pregnancy. >> but the story does not stop there. and we see how this very excited mom assuring experience
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speemac we did not think we would ever see the family greet created. >> 36 -year-old kelly and carry our best friends. they are also identical twins. speemac we traded classes in junior high for two years in a row. my twin sister and i did and we got away with a for the most part. speemac when they say they do everything together, they mean it. speemac then we had our first set of twins and she her first set of twins. speemac set of twins. >> with the help of in vitro fertilization, kelly gave birth to twins in october, 2010. 11 months later, kerry welcomed her ivf twins into the world. speemac growing up with always been super ) i think the more we can do together the more exciting it has been. >> last june kelly found out she was pregnant with her second set of twins through ibf. six days later the dr. said they were twins and kelly told kerry the news.
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idea that what if i was pregnant. speemac so kerry found an old pregnancy test from when they have their third child and she took it. speemac i don't even know what made me think i could be. there was nothing. and it was just a why why not and i found out i was pregnant the day she found out she was having twins. speemac dr. said the the odds of kerry getting pregnant were so low she was practically barren. speemac it was so low. she said you are basically on donor egg status. speemac little did they know not only was carried pregnant, but with twins. we're going to have five kids for years old and under and can we handle this. speemac the twin say all mine kids will grow up together close. >> will talk to each other 50 times a day and we still call each other and tell each other good night. luckily her husbands can handle it. >> oh my gosh. >> i'm stunned. >> really. i mean five kids i mean twins while. i'm glad they are going to be
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kerry and robert are building a house right next to kelly and dustin. they will need the support so the klan can grow up (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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it seems to happen all the time. schools schools placed on lockdown. but what is the real cost to you , your child, and the
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a lead lead contaminated lakes suddenly dropped. what gives. 10 investigates. a desperate plea from disabled seniors who just want to get around their community safely. now they are getting some help in their battle for a sidewalk. first a storage nine for every parent. how how often are police at your child's school investigating a threat, or dangerous situation? speemac 10 news did some digging and found school lockdowns are more common than they may think. take a look, just the school year alone, polk county estimates there are 20 lockdowns in pinellas. and in february alone take a look at this, pascoe county had three lockdowns with hillsboro county of 4 and manatee county reporting fivemac. schools are often put on a modified lockdown because of police activities near the campus. sometimes a direct threat like
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school can also lead to a complete lockdown. 10 news reporter, jennifer titus is getting answers tonight about what schools are doing to protect your kids during a direct threat. >> last week hillsboro high went on full lockdown after an object went through a window. and other students were evacuated due to a bomb threat. speemac anytime or something around our school that may affect students and staff we take that seriously and take precautions so we may go into a locked down or modified lockdown. speemac school districts say sometimes lockdowns have nothing to do a school districts themselves. in manatee county, five separate direct threats were investigated just last month. and in tampa, clint high had three in just one week read >> it is disruptive to the class. school body. speemac lockdowns take a toll not only on students but also to investigate. speemac sometime it ties you up quite a bit. speemac anytime there's a


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