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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and power lines. 20-30 homes have been damaged and 356 homes are without power. those who did without power. those who did not see the tornado sure did hear it. speemac while i was out there i heard what sounded like a freight train. oh my god it was just and that will only take about a minute. speemac >> we saw through the window my dad was like that in the closet. so we we grabbed the cat made sure they were okay. lightning. >> this is just a peace of someone pool screen somewhere. a lot of these shingles came from houses blocks away according to some of the homeowners. out here trying to assess the officials. they hope to have a report soon. in the meantime at six pm you'll hear from this he and his wife survived
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now they say this goes on. in the bay area you can see a very rainy day with tornado warnings popping up. it might've gotten stuck in this. downpour near i4 and 275 near lunchtime. traffic was much slower than usual this morning on you us 19 and palm harbor. all morning 10 news meteorologist, bobby desk and was tracking the severe weather. and what you just heard was by be tracking that storm the spawned a tornado warning, warning, minutes before the national weather service issued that warning. it's a reminder that when severe weather does hit it is so important to have our free 10 news app four instant weather alerts. you can can also get our weather coverage streamed live. it is completely free. families in pensacola are
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after hundreds of homes there were damaged. this top floors of two apartment buildings were torn off by winds and cars in the parking lot crushed by debris and trees. the gov. took a look at the damage today with the mayor. >> we are here to make sure everyone gets back to normal life as quickly as they can. everyone is going going to do their job and we're going to make sure that we can get that done. speemac further east near jacksonville part of the roof was blown off of a correctional institution. the inmates were put on a temporary lockdown when the storm hit. across the street a woman whose home was damaged said she's glad she was not home when a happen. in a rare move, several school districts are closed today because of the threat of severe weather. two are here are here in
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the other in jacksonville. it will take for school districts here in tampa bay to close. will have that answer coming up. the line of storms is moving into the carolinas, and virginia. a church. and as you can see not down trees and power poles. in louisiana tonight crews are searching for anyone else who might be buried in rubble in a mobile home park. two were killed and dozens hurt when a tornado sent mobile homes flying. another person was killed and mississippi. the midwest is dealing with a different kind of severe weather. a winter storm could drop a foot of snow in parts of illinois, michigan, and indiana. ahead of that, 60 mount hour that, 60 mount hour wind gusts in chicago turned up massive waves on lake michigan. schools across the midwest were closed today. and in michigan state government offices were closed but not the emergency centers that are helping people in flint get clean drinking water.
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hear because of the winter storm. airlines canceled hundreds of flights at chicago airport you can see this is flight misery map. lots of cancellations and delays in and out of o'hare washington. if there's a flight you need to pay attention to go to our website wtsp .com. under the travel section you can find any flight delays at dia or st. pete, clearwater. information about a reported missing child in clearwater. police found the young boy safe at his daycare. earlier his mother told police she left him in her car and that the car had been stolen. officers tracked and follow the car until it crashed. they took the driver into custody. the mother could face charges for giving police the wrong story about what happened to her son. a small plane is perched on offense in south florida after
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all of this is in hollywood in broward county. the neighborhood is close to a small public airport. the pilot is out of the plane. you plane. you can see it is perched on a flights. we are waiting to learn whether or not he was injured. if you you are a divorced parent listen to this. the courts could soon change the way they handle time- sharing when couples call it quits. 10 news reporter, eric glasser is breaking down the benefits and possible challenges the proposed law could create. speemac i didn't think it was right. speemac when terrace fossa got divorced 28 years ago the court assumption , that his now ex- wife should be awarded primary custody of their daughter. speemac i thought i was just as good of a parent if not better. speemac three years later his ex moved away with their daughter forcing him back to court to regain custody. but now under proposed change to florida's divorce law judges may have little leeway when giving divorcing parents anything other than equal time with their kids. the assumption,
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children. speemac family law attorney peter faron weighing the pros and cause. i want and it would give the parents often the father presumption of the right of equal time with their kids. but critics say in some cases the law will force couples back into court asking the judge to change the parenting order for any number of reasons. work schedules, challenges getting challenges getting the kids to school, or other serious factors. speemac if there's a psychological issue or drug issue. or if one parent is refusing to cooperate and communicate with the other parent. speemac. >> the senate bill sponsor says judges weighing timeshare would still have the same 20 criteria they've always used to decide what is in the child's best interest. the change they say would be starting with the presumption that an equal 50/50 split is what's best. the law would apply equally in cases where the parents are not married. so far the bill has moved its way through the state senate. it has not yet made its way through the house. but if passed a could change assumptions about what is best
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divorce. search crews have found the bodies of most of the victims of a plane crash in the mountains of nepal. 26 people including two babies were on board a plane like the one you see right here. family members of the passengers gathered at the airport today while helicopters flew over the crash site. the choppers had had to land several times during that search because of bad weather. the plane was on flyfishing only taken 20 minutes. the plane lost contact about halfway through the flight and the cause is still a mystery. from an interesting speculation tonight about gov. scott's role in the race for pres. after his win in nevada, the washington post started speculating about popular running mates for donald trump. one, gov. scott. scott was an early advocate of trumps message but he is not formally endorsed a candidate. a candidate. that will likely happen after the florida primary.
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the race for the republican nomination. the marco rubio's campaign even make it to the florida primary ? and will any of the candidates be able to top trump? we're getting answers and putting it together for you coming up at 6:00 p.m. a big endorsement for hillary clinton from senate democratic leader, hillary harry reid. we participated in nevada's democratic caucus over the weekend devoted his uncommitted. a job fair with a twist at the hard rock hotel and casino today. see if you notice anything different about this crowd. this was the hard rock's first ever hiring event for mail beverage servers only. they are looking for 50 new team members to meet an overwhelming demand. >> we are looking for people who are fun, fast, firmly, fresh, and focus. speemac i know have the qualifications and i will make an excellent addition to this team. speemac this team.
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wear this custom-designed the tampa hard rock is one of world. a live look at traffic from our sky tend network. you can see they are slowly is moving. this is i 75 near harney road. and you can see we saw storms moving across the area today. is moving in. you will get instant traffic download the 10 app for free from your app store just search wtsp. a family winds its battle with a popular household name but the fight is far from over. speemac why some people say johnson & johnson new one of
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and alert you need to hear. all of your secrets. it is a part of your car that is sitting out in the open for >> let's say you are headed park , with your car, and expose all of your personal it. speemac i think it would be a very bad thing if it gets into the hands of the wrong people. speemac how is it done? it's a website called that's them .com. enter your vehicle id number and your personal information
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range, phone number, even religion can be found. speemac it makes me really nervous that anyone could come up and take a picture of my then on my car and pull up that kind of information off of it. >> is it too much? not everyone is so worried about it. speemac it is really no surprise that such a thing would exist. even if it does pull up information on me personally , that would simply be because i put it out there. speemac nonetheless, the ease ease of information is now right at our finger tips. it's just one more thing to think about the next time you walk away from your car. >> personally, i don't really mind. if someone wants to know bad enough they are going to find out some way or another. at least that makes it easier for them. speemac one way to keep your
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section on its website. good or a website wtsp .com and scroll down to the headlines section and you will see this out form. the formal ask for your name, phone number, address and at out request. another warning about something you should be worried about. everyday things that might be exposing your information, specially the absent come for you and your android or iphone. a security firm found four out of five contain software that gives hackers access to your information. that number is even higher for the paid apps you download. security experts say when you download an app you also given permission to access other parts of your fault. four example, the alarm clock at that can also track cell phone calls or apps that can exploit ranking apps to capture information. all of this can include the pictures you take when you
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>> we really have to look at our phone and say this is really a personal computer the fits in our pocket. but shut down all the apps we don't use. let's delete apps that do not make sense and reduce the risk of being spied on. speemac laster apple crackdown on malicious apps by removing them from the app store making security changes. it was brutal this morning. and now those storms are gone, but it makes you wonder, what is next. speemac now the storm is heading up to the northeast and creating a massive storm for the great lakes and northeast tonight. but let's take a look at storm tracker tend we are singh the last few showers around highlands and de soto county. but as the cold front moves through the storms have moved off to the east we are ushering in a windy forecast for you tonight. colder air is on the way, but it does not happen right away. the.
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may will take a second front on friday that will bring in the coldest part of this. but as you take a look at how large this low is over kentucky right now in west virginia. look at the snow going on with this from illinois, indiana, michigan and of course into canada. and then the stronger storms up around the nation's capital and around north carolina from the outer banks in the central parts of the state that tornado watch is up for virginia. back here at home again the storms have moved through. so tonight we do not need rain gear. it will be windy as temperature start the evening around 77 in 77 in lake wales. 69 in tampa and st. pete. rain totals from the storms today over an inch to not far from 2 inches of rain for venus. wind gusts range between 25 - 35 miles an hour as we saw everything roll through. this is mahaffey, look at the
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going on right now. 67 in cloudy skies. with breaks in the clouds coming wind stays up around 15 - 25 miles an hour. the lows are about where we should be. the first front doesn't really bring in the cold part of this air, it is just shaving down the warm temperatures we have had and gets us back to seasonal lows. daytime highs should be in the low 70s. so we will be a little cooler there. thursday's highs low to mid 60s will be pretty common decreasing clouds tonight. variable clouds this evening turning mostly sunny by if not daybreak , shortly after. we will see 65 for a high temperature where the winds will stay up. i want to show you futurecast on the winds because that will be sustained winds around 10-20 miles an hour will be calm and all the thursday, closer to the water of course and no tree lines were buildings blocking anything from the western
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beaches and areas of the bay will likely have a stronger breeze through most of the day. gusts could be 30-35. small craft advisory issued for your beach and boating forecast. heavy chop and boating forecast. heavy chop is expected and waves around 5 feet - 10 feet offshore with northwest winds. they will decrease by late evening but most of the day will quite brisk. 922 p.m. dash a.m. as high tide. friday we will have mornings back in the mid-40s that should happen around midday friday. not really looking for rain or storms with that front. but some cloud cover possible in the few hours that that front passes by. and again, again, the coldest part of this will be saturday and sunday morning where we start in the mid- 40s. the afternoon high is actually rebounding nicely. 73 on sunday and the upper 70s by tuesday and wednesday. that's a look at the next seven days. download the ted news app you get weather alerts and a look at storm tracker tend or video
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check on how things are going. when is the last time you heard of schools closed due to the threat of severe weather? coming up, students into florida counties got the day off due to this. storm damage on the threat of more severe weather. so what are the chances of that happening here? it is being called the great homework debate. are your children bringing home too much work after school? we are digging deeper. since 2010 kids all over this country kids of been
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lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener
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new video tonight of a police officer doing everything he can to save a man trapped in
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you are watching all of that from the officers cam. this happened on the highway corpus christi, texas. texas. the officer saw the driver of the suv lose control then we watched as csu be slammed into a guardrail and caught on fire. he used his baton to smash out the window and other people obviously jumped in to help pull the driver to safety. the officer says all of those good samaritans left before he could thank them. police are still trying to figure out why the suv crashed. the driver was taken to the hospital and will be okay. maybe you haven't noticed it yet but facebook got a little bit of a makeover today. it will help you respond to post when like doesn't really do the trick. now when you hover over the thumbs-up button there are some more choices. there's like and there are analogies that represent love
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yet. it will take a few days for everyone to have access. make smaller airline seats were comfortable ? see the plan designer say will be a big win we continue to stay on top of the tornado cleanup, getting you back out there live to see
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three pregnant women right here in florida tested positive for the zika virus.
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the governor is now asking the cdc for 250 more testing kits. expect to see more themes like this right here from charlotte, north carolina as strong storms hit the east coast. there is a tornado watch in tonight. high winds knocked over trees, crews have been working to get power restored. take a live look at punta gorda where the national weather service forecasters say afternoon. check all of the debris from these homes in the deep creek subdivision located east of i 75. shingles ripped from the roof , and trees turned sideways. in a rare move several counties in north florida canceled school for today in anticipation of the severe weather. it is something you might not expect you might expect during hurricane season, but otherwise it is not that common. 10 news reporter jennifer dean


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