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tv   10 News at 530pm  WTSP  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the governor is now asking the cdc for 250 more testing kits. expect to see more themes like this right here from charlotte, north carolina as strong storms hit the east coast. there is a tornado watch in tonight. high winds knocked over trees, crews have been working to get power restored. take a live look at punta gorda where the national weather service forecasters say afternoon. check all of the debris from these homes in the deep creek subdivision located east of i 75. shingles ripped from the roof , and trees turned sideways. in a rare move several counties in north florida canceled school for today in anticipation of the severe weather. it is something you might not expect you might expect during hurricane season, but otherwise it is not that common. 10 news reporter jennifer dean
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find out what it takes to cancel classes. it was predicted, and it came. severe weather across north florida. this correctional facility near jacksonville had to be put on emergency lockdown after strong straight-line winds damaged buildings and uprooted trees. their threat was so significant the several districts decided yesterday to cancel classes for today. manatee county is no stranger to severe weather. a tornado ripped through duet about a month ago, killing two people. and while schools went on as usual in our area, district safety officials were keeping an district safety officials were keeping i am conditions. >> she monitors the weather and we have an alert system that sends messages to principles by e-mail , and by text. speemac barber said it would be unusual to cancel school in advance of severe weather, but not unheard of. >> we tried to make decisions based on the best information we have available. and with the number one focus
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>> in hillsboro county a decision to cancel is not taken likely >> we rely on the national weather service an emergency operations center in hillsboro county to let us know a kind of whether to expect of a kind of impact it could have on the schools. >> we checked with pinellas county schools. they say school police monitor weather through the use of weather radios, alerts or emergency management and local meteorologist. each school has a a plan in place to keep kids safe during a storm. speemac you can get weather alerts on your phone. download the free 10 news wtsp app from your apple or android store. a bill is moving forward that would require law enforcement to have a body camera policy. offices would have to adopt cameras use. the bill the bill would not
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controversial technology that a resisted the scammers. other agencies tell 10 investigates they welcome the extra eyes and the cameras can help justify actions officers are sometimes forced to make. listen to these numbers. 240 crashes in five years that one single intersection hillsboro county. the intersection at gunn hwy., linebaugh avenue and carol what is dangerous and deadly. but but a fix is coming soon. it comes with a price, eight months of snarled traffic with 60000 people who dr. your everyday. the intersection is already extremely congested. just ask this driver. >> you only have one turning lane and when that one turning lane gets backed up all the way down, then you cannot really get over into the next lane that you really want to get into. or if you try to stay in your lane you have people trying to cut you off just to get around the traffic that wants to turn down linebaugh. so it is very congested.
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you about this intersection. if you drive here this is your matters to you before contraction starts next week. that meeting is at pennell elementary school. if you fly have you noticed economy seat to become smaller over the years ? but designers comfortable. what if you could twist and turn your seat and ease the pain of sitting in that cramped spot? does this. for five hours into the flight twisting. speemac this skeleton design will be padded and covered. the designer says the end result is a chair that adjust your body, and it is more comfortable to fit and sleep for long stretches of time. several airlines have shown interest in the twister, which is what it is called. which takes up no more space
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in about two years. it's a hands-on opportunity to learn what it is like to live with that even the basics. polk county leaders got the chance to see what it was like to be poor and struggled to keep a roof over their heads. the university of florida extension services hosted the poverty to promise stimulation event in bartel. commissioners and other county leaders did not have adequate money, transportation, bank access, or educational opportunities. speemac there might be a service in the county, but really it is 30 miles from from my house and i will be able to get to it. >> organizers say they hope this event will make county leaders more wet of the challenges low income families face every day. christie watts has been baking cake's since she was a little girl. these days the mother of two is baking for a very special
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road in beautiful zephyrhills speemac who doesn't like sugar? >> that person could be hard to find the christine watson loves sugar. so much she bakes for strangers. i hope she will really like it. i lost track of how many have made. this is my second take -- take. >> it's a group of over 8000 acres to make free birthday cakes for critically ill children. speemac a sweet 16 cake for a sweet girl diagnosed with a brain tumor a few years ago. >> i know what it is like to have a sick child. i had a son who died very early on , shortly after birth. so these families who are going through this, i might not know
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through, that i know some of the emotional roller coaster he that they are on. speemac so this is personal for you? >> it is. >> the finished product made it to release his birthday this she is tumor free. she got. she got her icing smiles cake for her birthday two weeks ago. >> it's really hard because she has like chemo and then steroids and then >> back and put a damper on birthdays >> yeah >> that's why icing smiles exists. to bring bring a few free smiles to those who really need them. >> icing smiles calls its
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>> the nonprofit is currently at 10,020 donated cakes. if you would like to learn about how you can get one, click on the on the road tab on our website, wtsp .com. take a live look this evening at the commute on the sky tend network cameras. moving along quicker than usual on i to 75. i cannot i cannot believe this is the howard frankland bridge. speemac a few clouds over lakewood ranch. the threat of severe weather is over. find out how long the calm will last. download the ted news app it is free in your app store. you can get instant traffic and weather alerts search wtsp.
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time for stories making headlines across the state, nation, and around the world. lawmakers on capitol hill are working to stop the pres. from closing the prison in guantanamo bay. house speaker, paul ryan says they are looking at the legal options and how to use those to block the plan to transfer two thirds of the detainees to us prisons. the coast guard officer testified at a hearing they did not believe the alfaro was at risk to sink in october. after getting the captains call for help it was clear the ship was in distress. all 33 crew members died when i went down near the bahamas.
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industry say they know why to cotto airbags inflate too much force. they say design issues and the room use of a controversial propellant are factors. heat, moisture, and humidity also make the airbags especially dangerous here in florida. ups is investing $28 upses investing $28 million in the same day delivery startup according to the wall street journal. it gets products from some of the country's largest retailers and brings it to your house. this gives ups a chance to see if there's enough demand for same-day delivery. on the hook. the $72 million and still facing hundreds of lawsuits. a st. louis jury decided dow come in johnson & johnson's baby power was linked to a woman's cancer diagnosis and eventually her death.
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talk of dangers but did nothing to warn its customers. >> varied within the pages of court documents is the story of jacqueline fox. >> she was a strong woman. speemac her son marvin set hers mother used baby powder as part of a daily personal hygiene routine. after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013 the family started asking questions. >> there are about 1500 women per year who died each year caused by talkies. >> victims from all around the country alleged johnson & johnson knew about the dangers of talk him powder but continue to sell it. failed to warn customers, and with misrepresented signs to argue it was safe. speemac use these history has known the state of reckoning was coming for many years. and they did their best to keep it quiet. fortunately the jury spoke and the truth has come out. speemac that jury awarded fox's family $72 million in damages. but dollars in damages. but they say her fight was
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other victims standing beside her. >> her whole fight was not just for her but for the other women >> johnson and johnson released a statement that says, we have no higher responsibility in the health and safety of consumers. we are disappointed with the outcome of the trial. we sympathize with with the plaintiff's family, but firmly believe the safety of cosmetic help is supported by decades of scientific evidence. the the company is expected to appeal that verdict. johnson & johnson faces 1200 pending lawsuits. coming up tracking a flu we will tell you which hospital will see a record-breaking number of patients coming into the emergency room.
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little cool questions for you. to marco rubio survive it to make it to florida for our primary was to mark can anything stop donald trump ? keeping drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. the latest county that could allow you to leave your car in a bar parking lot overnight without the fear of being towed. we are staying on top of tornado damage in the charlotte county neighborhood. while we were dealing with all of that severe weather, storms today, tornadoes , in the midwest something much different. speemac totally different. there they have a lot of snow. check snow. check out this incredible video whipping across the screen. wind gusts as high as 50 miles an hour in illinois today, which caused all sorts of problems on the roadways. deputies spent most of the day
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a lot of accidents when we have the sort of systems. we are buy no this. in the bay area of the threat has now moved on. mid-atlantic. still tracking some potential tornadoes up into north carolina and back to virginia. north and over into the great lakes region where we are seeing all of that style. it is been a busy day across much of the us. now starting to wind down, still seeing some rain near ft. myers. but around tampa bay and sarasota we the rain, now it is the winds that are starting to pick up again. especially on the coast. as we look at clearwater 17- gust of 22 in winds gust of 22 in st. pete and really starting to work around on the nature coast where we have sustained winds up around 25 miles an hour brooksville and closer to stronger offshore.
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will be a great day to get on tomorrow with winds still high. will be hearing those breezes if you live along the beaches and throughout the day tomorrow we will see those winds up around 15 - 20 hours -- miles an hour. always good to see after the storms a little bit of sun trying to peek through as we as you can see, those trees those trees are waiving so the winds of picked up as well especially along the coast. we are starting to see the cooler air filtering as well. 63 in in crystal river but we have temperatures over 10 degrees warmer than that as we look toward oma checking in the 70s for. the frontal boundary has moved through. the cold air starts working its way in. tonight to some extent, but really as we head into friday that's when we will start reinforcing the front in here and after that is when we will really see the temperatures drop. notice through the overnight
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come down to the mid to upper 40s. good indicator of where the temperatures could drop to overnight. but with stronger winds we see a little more mixing. we won't get won't get the colder just yet. but on friday will be another dry and we really see those upper 30s and dewpoint start to work their way in. it won't won't be that cold but we will see widespread 40s and maybe even upper 30s as we move into the weekend. so for tonight strong gusty winds that will continue through the overnight that will hold temperatures in the mid- 50s. pretty seasonal temperatures as far as morning lows. rain a few sprinkles possible. but it looks like we are certainly done with the storms. for most of us we the rain as well there may be a few heavy clouds of thicker cloud cover. that storm system as a whole continues to move off to the northeast. that frontal boundary working its way even further from us so we are in good shape but still folks along the northeast will be dealing with a little bit of
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mix and freezing precipitation for our weekend it is looking great. saturday is a little bit chilly. we are right behind that front and the temperatures have not started to moderate just yet. so we are on the gonna work the good work numbers up into the mid- 60s and mid- 40s to start. by sunday we will see things moderate a little bit and we sunshine. and a couple of chilly mornings so make sure you have your jacket have in the so the data get outside would be sunday. coming up, jim will have a look at a new potential round of thunderstorms we are tracking. in the meantime you can get updates 24 hours a day at your fingertips including any alerts if severe weather's issued for your area just go to wtsp .com.
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many parents and educators believe homework as part of learning and succeeding in school. >> but when does it become too much? >> this living room is now set up as a classroom. two years ago, the new yorker started homeschooling her sons and knees. it was olivia's workload in kindergarten that drove the change. >> everyday she had to do reading, writing, word works, and math. speemac it was very hard and i didn't like to do homework. speemac when children have too
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leads to a little time for kids to be kids. speemac you want to help kids to manage their time while. speemac dr. jimmy howard is a clinical psychologist with the child mind institute. she said younger children should get no more than 20 minutes of homework a day. that is in of homework a day. that is in line with the national pta's recommendation of 10-20 minutes per night in the first grade. and an additional 10 minutes per grade level after that. by 12 great. by 12 great, that's 120 minutes per night. >> their attention span is short, and they need to be doing other things. they need to be making and keeping friends and spending time with their families. speemac corneal agrees. but the time they save on homework or kids learn life skills. speemac they expose themselves to other things. speemac like museums, the park, park, swimming, and music lessons so her kids can enjoy being kids. degree in education. she she said she's prepared to
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not one but two confirmed tornado touchdown south of the bay area. we take you live to the hardest hit neighborhoods. he called a three-man race. it can marco rubio keep up the
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to the florida primary? getting results. prompts another bay area county to consider a plan designed to keep drunk drivers off the road. more more wicked weather moves across the state today spawning two tornadoes. right now pensacola still cleaning up after a tornado touched down overnight. schools were closed in jacksonville due to the threat of severe weather in charlotte county. multiple homes were homes were damaged by what we now know was a tornado. we begin in pensacola where we are getting a look at new drone video of tornado damage. you can see the roofs ripped apart, power lines down, debris scattered all over and many of these homes are unlivable tonight. speemac i pushed her in there and went in there behind her. and when she went down there
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store, was that powerful. speemac we didn't even have time to grab a flashlight or anything. we were trying to get the door closing get in the closet we are both pulling on and it wouldn't close. speemac the gov. spent much of the day walking around the hardest hit areas getting a firsthand look at the damage. in the jacksonville area folks are cleaning up after possible tornado touchdown there. there were reports of wins as strong as 60 miles an hour, knocking down trees and damaging buildings including a correctional institution. closer to home where confirmation the two tornadoes hit south of the bay area this afternoon. the national weather service says one touchdown in a field into wet and the same area where a couple was killed by a tornado last month. fortunately no damage or injuries today. a second tornado hit farther south ripping through the deep creek neighborhood in punta gorda.


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