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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it came down like a freight train. >> a horrible storm system. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: stretching from cuba to canada, tearing apart homes and lives. that storm system has killed six people across the county and this storm system is not done yet. cars are underwater in baltimore and washington dc. high wind is the ultimate three people were
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and now what was once homes and businesses is left now with just shattered homes and shattered lives. >> the clean up will take weeks or months. it was destroyed all in minutes or less. robert and linda were watching a movie around 2:00 when the wind kicked up. >> the shutters started making a lot of noise and that i yelled at us that the tornado was hitting us and by that time it was over. >> we will start over again.
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the path of destruction stretched more than 2 miles. it took down power lines and trees and blew away school cages. more than 700 customers are without power. and they hope to restore power by early in the morning. let's go over to our chief meteorologist. >> this is the same system from battle creek michigan, tornadoes, severe weather, blinding snow from chicago to illinois, this storm is massive. it is 2000 miles across from cuba to canada.
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your full forecast. we have been working on these photo galleries all day long. and check out the storms from early this morning. the county commission is gridlocked on transportation needs. everything is on the table. that includes how much you will pay at the pump period. reporter: they are running out of time to fund transportation needs estimated over $9000 and the only hope they have is with the sales tax - - sales tax. >> reporter: but there is is a p roblem. the problem is that i am not sure the public is ready . >> voters would have to approve the tax on the ballot in november.
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embrace any further tax or fee increases. >> just as the pressure at the pump has gotten easier, not even that would put enough in the tank for county needs. >> it doesn't even generate the money necessary. it is an option, some additional cash. >> now the wheels are turning. $0.48 per gallon goes to federal, state, and local taxes and they have a workshop scheduled on the budget. >> a story concerns a lot of you
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mom and dad are taking - - army - - being charged with making up the whole story. the parents continued this charade for three hours, using resources to find the child. the driver is in jail for not pulling over and putting others in danger. >> i i saw him sideswipe him. it was pretty scary. >> it's a good example of irresponsible behavior causing people - - people to be put at risk. >> the boy and their sister - - his sister are currently in the custody of their grandmothers. a 62nd scam. a deal to supply aid to the
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money would go to fixing and replacing lead contaminated pipes . the white house is considering ryan sandoval to replace anson and scalia period he stepped down in 2009 to run for governor period three pregnant women have tested positive for the seek sica virus. and health officials say it can stay up to 62 days. five people have been hospitalized after salmonella. and it may be thanks thinks do you of thanks to alfalfa sprouts. the company has issued a nationwide r ecall. a a new mexican restaurant is closed after health and - - health inspectors found rodent
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it just opened in st. petersburg and they have already been closed down once by the state. now joe is uncovering major violations that could make customers sick. it is your emergency restaurant red alert. >> they just opened for business. >> reporter: many of them are first-time visitors and had no idea about this location and the emergency closure just last week. 30 violations including hundreds of rodent droppings all over the kitchen. >> is there somewhere we could reach the owner? >> i don't think so. >> we tried to talk to management about what is being done to get the problems under control but employees denied any issues. >> have these been cleaned up? up? >> you are doing something wrong.
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say that period >> take a look at this got the rodent droppings in the front station, we followed them like bread crumbs into the kitchen. >> there are rodent droppings all over the restaurant. you shouldn't have rodent droppings here. >> we were essentially kicked out of the kitchen but this morning we act on our findings period the health inspector discovered rodent droppings in the food with rodent marks on the corn husks. >> that sounds like a huge toxicity issue. and it is not something i would expose my family too. >> they closed after our visit. they did not issue a - - an emergency closure but health
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determine what will happen next. of this sales pitch? who is knocking on your door? snoo and the latest way hackers are breaking into your computers. >> how young is too young to pull the trigger?
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we all wonder if great deals are sometimes too good to be true. we found another incident where that was the case. and we found salesman opening the doors to your home to someone with a questionable past. >racy low prices. boost gives you data free. >> reporter: we will get back to him and his free service in your home in just a minute.
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will be inundated with postcards , gift cards to target, walmart, money for nothing period but often those numbers are too good to be true. you never know the kind of person you could be allowing into your home. we responded to three of the office to see how hard it would be to get the free gift cards. we outfitted ourselves with hidden cameras. the first company came through and we learned it was under investigation by the florida attorney general. the operator told us we would only need a brief test and would have to answer six questions. but he wouldn't give us the gift card unless we sat through a 90 minute presentation. and the next one wins the honesty award when he said that right away the system would not
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>> we always tell the truth about it. it is not hide and seek. >> reporter: he warned about other companies like best waterworks systems who told us over the phone without their product that our water was dangerous. this was the man on the other side of the call, a convicted felon who defrauded elderly victims between 1999 and 2004. he never repaid those victims, skipping out on $80,000 in restitution. they tried to suspend his driver's license but he still showed up in a new model black lexus. he gave us a lengthy and aggressive pitch. when we told him we weren't going to buy the system, he got agitated and left period courtney received similar postcards and when she responded, he repeated the same
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tapwater. but when we - - when he pulled up to give his pitch in person, we stepped into asked about his unpaid restitutions. >> the case was dropped. it was all dropped period >> you were convicted, right? snoo convicted, right? >> i've done my probation and i prayed my - - i i paid my dues to society. truckee drove off in that lexus got backwards down the length of the street. he did give us a free walmart gift card for $5. we didn't even get that from the first place. even after we talked to the owner about deception got the operator kept calling us back to schedule another brief home
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buyer beware. >> the offer should not have any affiliation with - - if the offers have no affiliation with the company, it is a red flag period for more information, check out the story on our website. and it is time for 10 weather. we are looking at facebook. people all over the country are chiming in to say that they had had warm with - - crazy weather. >> this system is 2000 miles across. we do have changes coming your way. clouds are clearing and the wind is picking up and that is the sound of the change coming here. this cold front is now sitting around alligator alley.
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west palm beach. and the low runs from cuba to canada and has brought snow, rain, and storms all across the eastern third of the united states. air is flowing around counter clock - - counterclockwise. tonight and tomorrow this convergence comes through right in that market - - right in that pocket. the wind pops up. and we've got another drive front coming in on friday that will offset the wind. look at the incredible snow from illinois and michigan. new york city, city, dc, moving into new england tonight. behind the front for us, things have quieted down as far as
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and today the rain gauge was around five inches, one inches, one of the higher amounts. we see radar estimates around 3 inches. there might be a pocket or two, close to 5 inches of rain. most of us are getting around 2 inches of rain today. temperatures now sit in the lower 60s for most of us. riverview, tonight we will upper fifties, and start the morning in the mid- 50s. and the morning lows are right back to where they should have been. the daytime highs will be noticeably different. cooler than what we have had in a while. and we should have mostly sunny
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or two around daybreak but it will get out of here around sunrise. one of the things we will watch tomorrow will be that wind. sustained wind around 20 miles per hour, that means it is gusting by the water and by the beaches. around 30-mile per hour gusts will be expected through the day period . sunshine and beautiful weather, but not the best day for boating. if you live by the water, small craft advisory runs until 10:00. heavy chop on the bay. and high tide at 3:28. a drive front is moving through on friday. and even colder air comes in saturday and sunday. we start in started in the 40s.
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cover. and i do expect 30s on saturday morning. we will see highs in the mid 60s and of course we rebound to the 70s on sunday. the next the system is not until the end of next week. and we will keep you updated on the severe weather period anytime you want to check out the forecast, you don't have to wait for a newscast. open the app on your phone and get it on your phone right now. if you have not downloaded it, it is free on the app store. a security flaw could allow
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connect your wireless device and take control of your computer. and wireless and bluetooth devices are not affected. a lot of you might feel kids and guns may be a bad combination. but some say that - - and some are still doing so anyway and say it is all about education. >> when our kids are not swimming, we drag them to swim lessons. >> they targeted kids as young as eight years old. a pair of local basketball teams try to keep their dreams alive.
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the timing is right and we seem to be getting hot for the playoff stretch. we are also taking off on the full game road trip period - . - - a four-game road trip. and jason erickson could be back next week and he is in today for the second day in a row and the heat is improving even without him in the lineup. the last few games were all victories . just five goals. >> they are the round one and two goals and allow that kind of focus.
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games. and we were talking about outscoring them but you will not survive that way. they are in indianapolis for the scouting combine. and he said he will meet with doug martens people out there. he is optimistic because he wants to stay with the box but he also wants to get paid. >> and we talk about the draft and his defense. >> we will certainly focus on defense this off-season and we will say for sure we will do it early in the draft, that i can't say that. the needs matchup. it is a strong group of players. but we do have a need here. >> and john and the crusaders in the semi final game with
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they are not looking good there. tied at 23 23 and they both had this guy, smith is 31 points and catholic wind up losing. and braiding christian could not get past yankee prep. they finished the season 32-0. and finally tonight, for women's basketball, the women's winners in tulsa, nice going. this is close to the end with the free throws. there you go. a win over the golden hurricanes. and we are going to port charlotte tomorrow to check out spring training. and eli is set to speak tomorrow
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>> he is close, close, i think. he is popular again. >> it is a long is a long story we do not have time for.
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finally tonight, he tonight, he is one cool canine. he spends his day chasing birds away from the runway. he was injured jumping out of the vehicle late last year. >> thank you for joining us. toes, noses,
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