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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. i'm allison kropff. thank you for joining us today. new at noon we are getting our first look at tampa police officers and the body cameras they are using while on the job. what you are seeing is unexpected things that those cameras capture. take a look.
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the video shows the danger and harassment officers face every day. we are seeing crazy things people do to get away like crashing through that glass door. tampa police say given year 20% of officers are assaulted on the job and more are verbally assaulted. >> she was cutting up and calling me every name in the book and cursing me out. i told her ma'am everything you have done so far has been on camera. her mood suddenly changed. then she became very nice. >> the video captures tampa officers helping people. fixing a woman's wheelchair, saving a man who fell in the water. people in the carolinas and new york are cleaning up and assessing damage as a fast- moving storm moved up the
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eight people are dead. property damage is extensive. >> reporter: powerful wind toppled a massive tree in long island and flipped over a semi truck on new york's george washington bridge as severe storms swept through the area overnight. in the bronx an apartment building collapsed during the storm. the wicked weather caused problems on the water. in queens the coast guard air lifted seven crew members from a boat that ran aground in rough seas. air rescue was necessary after a coast guard boat flipped over as it tried to reach the vessel. the five-member coast guard crew was able to swim to shore. there are no injuries reported from either crew. in the south the storm system triggered deadly tornadoes. waiverly, virginia was hit hard. three people were killed there including a 2-year-old boy. three tornadoes were reported in north carolina. homeowners, farmers and
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power is out for thousands of people including 37, 000 who started without the lights in north carolina. people are told to leave their homes because of this fire in malibu, california. we learned a firefighter has been badly burned in this fire. she is in critical condition. kids in a nearby camp were evacuated. there is a rabbies alert in hillsborough county after a cat tested positive. this is the second case of rabbies in the county this year. first case was reported february 17th in citrus park of hillsborough county. republican presidential canidates square off in their 10 debate in houston, texas. it is their last meeting before super tuesday. marco rubio and ted cruz are poised to take the fight to front runner donald trump. fdot is moving forward with
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faster around tampa bay if you want to pay for it. the tampa bay express project submitted plans to the transportation operation. a group is hoping to stop the express lane and told board members it will negatively impact people who live near the border. when you think of the clearwater marine aquarium you probably of winter and hope and the expansion the aquarium has seen over the past few years. there is fighting going on behind the scenes because neighbors don't want the aquarium to grow anymore. 10 news reporter emerald morrow explains why. >> reporter: neighbors here on island estates say this $45 million expansion will be happening here at the clearwater marine aquarium will really hurt their property values as well as their quality of life. on top of that, they say it is going to snarl traffic more on the island. you know how congested it can
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as you would imagine that has neighbors fuming. they say the city approved the expansion without seriously including them in the expansion. the expansion includes a two story dolphin pool, a four story parking garage with space up to 440 cars. neighbors say this is their voices heard. get this, a new study shows since 2012, the aquarium has brought in more than $2 billion thousands of jobs. it is really easy to see why the city wants to push plans for expansion. in the meantime the neighbors who live here filed an appeal. they'll be meeting tonight at 6:30 at st. brandon's church. in clearwater emerald morrow 10
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under a bill passed the state of florida will rebury the remains found at the dozier school for boys. usf researchers exhumed dozens of bodies from the campus in its investigation. the school, 60-miles west of tallahassee closed down in 2011. it was shutdown because of allegation of abuse. homeowners are not allowed to set up a backyard gun range anymore. this comes after a bill was signed into law by governor scott. this comes after a man created backyard. building a home gun range is now a first degree misdemeanor. lawmaker caught up with a man on the run for 56 years after he escaped from prison made famous by the shawshank redemption.
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melbourne, florida in a trailer under the alias william cox. he was arrested last may. in 1957 when he was 21 years old he struck and killed a 24- year-old married father of three. he was sentenced to parole and violated his probation. it has been four years since 25-year-old lakeland police officer chrispin was shot and killed in the line of duty. today his family donated $10,000 to the fallen heros memorial. they hope to have it ready in december. hundreds of people gathered at the tampa convention center this morning to share a cup of coffee at the cup of compassion breakfast. it is annual fundraiser for the crisis center of tampa bay. they provide a host of services for individuals and families. it offers care and counseling to victims of sexual assault
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a day. >> one thing we do in the community is operate the 211 contact center. that is a number anybody can call with an emotional crisis or financial crisis. we need the emotional needs of the individual on the call. we work to listen to what they are going through and connect them to different community resources. >> the business leaders were there to support the center. during breakfast they heard emotional stories from people who say the center gave them a lifeline. a common landscaping plan, next the plan [ no audio ] it has been six years since the deep water horizon oil spill in the gulf of mexico. coming up, a new film explores what researchers found out. since pot became legal in colorado emergency room by tourists spiked. the reasons why coming up. what a difference a day makes. yesterday at the same time we were tracking severe weather.
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but it is windy out there. and cooler temperatures are ahead. i'll let you know how low the
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since colorado legalized marijuana two years ago emergency room visits by out of
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doctors say experimental pot smokers aren't prepared to handle the side effects including hallucinations and anxiety. keep in mind colorado's visits are related mostly to recreational marijuana. a common household plant is killing dogs. the worse part is many pet owners have no idea about the danger. it is this palm. they are popular in florida because they require a low climate, they are low maintenance, affordable and are highly toxic. dori is a 7-month-old terrier who spent time in the emergency room because she ate the plant. >> they get sick quick and it can be fatal. taste. seed. most dogs who swallow the plant die of liver failure.
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to the root or put a fence around it. it has been six years since the bp oil spill. at the time researchers from florida and usf went to work. a lot of the research continues even today. next monday night in st. pete you can learn more about that research. there is a free screening of a documentary. 10 community kathryn bursch gives you a sneak-peek of the film narrated by matt damon. >> joining me is bill from the florida institute of oceanography. there is a film premiering next week that focuses on the 2010 deep water horizon spill and the research that's been going on trying to measure that spill's impact. thanks for your time today. florida scientists were involved with researching this
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we were there from day one and this film exemplifies how much work we have done. >> what are folks going to see and learn from this film? >> this is a documentary. it tells a story of the research and the potential impacts and what the future may bring. i think it will show evidence and the public will have an opportunity to ask questions. >> when this happened you have been involved with examining the impact of the spill and going after the muck. >> right. from the get go we had crews that went out from july and august of 2010 up to a few months ago. i primarily look at the mud, the sea floor. >> what do we have here? >> this is a sediment gore that was taken from a mile deep.
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the deep water horizon well head. we were able to compare natural records of contamination from the level of oil in the surface of the core. from that we can infer biological tracers and chemical tracers of toxicity and impact of the biology. >> you have 300 years of history there. >> 300 years of history, yes. >> this is important work to show what is going on and what is continuing to go on and to ask question to people involved. >> we'll have the actual equipment used on the vessel. we'll have people there to explain how this equipment works. it is a great opportunity for people to see what is going on. the gulf is very resilient. we don't know what the future
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we have to stay on top of it. it is a great opportunity. >> very good. thank you for your time. there is more information on our website at this movie premier. if you would like a tour of 10 news you can call 727-577-1010 or e-mail i'm kathryn bursch for 10 community. good thursday afternoon. it is cool outside. especially for the nature coast. 60 st. pete. tampa 62. we have seen that core air move
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front that brought us the severe weather. continue. the winds will continue through between a tight pressure great cent and coastal to our south high pressure is moving in from the north. high temperatures today are not going to warm up much. 65 davis island. here is the storm that brought us the rough weather as well as up and down the atlantic coast. all the snow across the midwest. you can see the area of low pressure sitting and spinning across new england. these clouds associated with the a frontal boundary. they are looking at high pressure building in. we'll have nice weather here. it is going to stay on the cool side. for the remainder of your afternoon winds out of the west northwest. breezy conditions continue. and staying a little elevated tonight but coming down
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temperatures today mid to low 60s for highs. by 7:00 tonight already 52 degrees with mostly clear skies. we'll see good cooling. then becoming chilly overnight. not good boating the next few days. we'll be quiet and dry. let's take a peek at the weekend. almost to friday. never too early to start planning. you can see it will be a slow start saturday and sunday.
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60s on saturday. little warmer by sunday. warming up to 73. showers and storms threaten you can always keep track. just download our 10 news app. it is free in the app store for your apple and android phone. in addition to live storm tracker 10 you can see all of our sky 10 network cameras and sign up for breaking news and traffic alerts. harlem globetrotters are in town. they stopped by the studio to show us soming signature moves. four years ago we got to know this 93-year-old
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detectives drove her to and from hearings at the white house. a few months ago code enforcement noticed her house was in need of painting. the two departments got together and decided to help her out. >> it was unbelievable. the things they are doing for me. i won't believe my house when i see it. >> officers and staff donated their time. as for the suspects in the home invasion four years ago he was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison. >> that is wonderful. god bless her. for 93 she seem to be doing well.
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