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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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manager presented the plan to the transportation organization thursday. >> we are enhancing safety, reducing congestion as well as provide better mobility by adding capacity. >> reporter: today's presentation was a courtesy to polk county. the proposed lanes will go along i-4 over county line to the polk parkway. you don't need the county's permission. the lanes will be built in the current right of way opponents of the project showed up to voice concerns that homes and land in hillsborough would have the lanes. thing. >> this project will be stopped and has to be stopped. we need to make sure people understand there is anothers on. we do have light rail. >> reporter: fdot is not ruling out that option and is leaving room for it. >> we'll keep a 44 envelope in
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speed rail or light rail. it could be any transit in the middle. >> reporter: for now express lanes remain in the development and planning stage. fdot hopes to begin design and construction in 2020. in tampa jeannie dean 10 news wtsp. >> we have coverage of the express lanes and we want to make sure you know how they'll improve your commute. road warrior hilary zalla shows you where they'll be. >> this map by fdot shows the express lane system. on i-75 the lane will start around gandy bridge travel avenue. on i-4 it would go from the downtown interchange in tampa to polk parkway in lakeland. for i-75 it would start at sun city center boulevard and go up to bruce b. downs boulevard. the idea is to give you the option to avoid heavy traffic. for instance, during peek rush hour i-275 in hillsborough
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4 usually takes around 30 minutes. if you use the express lane you could knock the time down to 15 minutes. here's another one. along i-4 from polk parkway in lakeland to i-75 in tampa, usually during rush hour it takes 21 minutes. if there is an accident it can be 40 minutes. the express lanes it knocks that down to 15 minutes. i posted more drive times and comparisons at click on traffic. i'm road warrior hilary zalla for 10 news wtsp. governor rick scott is in charlotte county looking at the damage done by two tornadoes. almost 100 mile-per-hour winds ripped roofs off of homes in just seconds.
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but this roaring sound. i mean it was just so intense. >> thankfully no one was hurt. today people in the deep creek subdivision had a hard time going through wreckage of homes. of the houses damaged 11 are too dangerous to live in. south florida wasn't the only state slammed by tornadoes. gulf states georgia, north carolina, virginia and pennsylvania had the storm move east. four people, including a toddler were killed in virginia and dozens other hurt. one man was killed by a fallen tree branch knocked down by a gust of wind. in north carolina homes along with a small airport were torn apart. that huge storm system bumped snow on illinois and the midwest. look at these roads near the illinois indiana border.
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even though they are used to this weather over there. up close to 40 vehicles were stranded for hours today until crews could help them get out. the northeast cars are also getting stuck after baltimore, record. you can see the reddish water that closed the parkway for the morning commute. water. the storm kept slamming new york city even being blamed for a building collapse. police think this home in the bronx was empty when it came down. people living next door were evacuated in case. wind and rain. in new york a coast guard crew had to be rescued after their own rescue fell through.
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this started with a fishing boat taking on water. the fisherman sent out a distress call at 2:00 a.m. a coast guard went out to help and got seven fishermen on their boat. the waves were too rough. it caused the coast guard boat to flip. five coast guard crew members all in the water. another coast guard crew was sent out to help. this time in a helicopter. it was a success. crew members were able to swim to shore. fisherman we are lifted from the water to the helicopter. when it was all over no one was seriously hurt. air travel is a nightmare because of the massive storm. airlines are easing up on the rules to avoid making it worse for you if you are traveling. many of the airlines temporarily dropped fees so if you want to change your flight because of bad weather you can without paying a penalty. united and southwest canceled or delays hundreds of flights today.
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to pay attention to head to under the travel section you can find any flight delays at tia or st. pete clearwater airport. people in southern california are nervous about staying in their homes because of a brush fire. dozens left their malibu neighborhood this morning. the fire spread in a spot that fire crews could not reach but helicopters dropped water on the fire. it is now 75% contained. social media is trying to put a stop to the islamic state. isis supporters don't like it. they are making direct threats against facebook ceo and twitter ceo. both websites suspended accounts and deleted contents that promotes violence and terrorism. the propaganda video was posted to the deep web. it shows stucker bar and dorsey targeted by bullets. they claim they hacked thousands of accounts on
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them to isis supporters. it is your choice 2016. tonight remaining republican presidential canidates square off again in texas. this it is final debate before voters in 12 states head to the polls for super tuesday. the most important vote to-date of the presidential primaries. 10 news political reporter mark rivera is live in the news room with what you can expect to see. >> expect to see sparks fly rubio. they are in the position of fighting like mad to be the donald trump. the two have been sniping at more. keep in mind trump has wide margins over them both nationwide. >> a big question tonight, how rubio? >> if polls are any indication there is a new one in florida. it shows trump beating the
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rubio in his home state by double-digits. that can not feel good. speculation yesterday of rick scott as a vice president for donald trump. look for a potential vp pick if marco rubio drops out after super tuesday. we'll break it all down tonight at 11:00. hillsborough is setting up 15 early voting sights this week for the presidential primary. voting begins monday and runs through march 13th. in hillsborough sites will be opened from 10:00 to 6:00. including on weekends. early voting dates and times are different depending on the county you live in. we have links for election information for our entire area at breaking news coming out of
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a motor home fire causing major backups along u.s. 19. this is south of enterprise road. we know two northbound lanes are closed now. only one lane getting by as crews are still on the pavement trying to address. lanes reopen. tonight. another cold front on the way despite all the sunshine. we'll see if the bad weather comes with it. you can get instant traffic and weather alerts at the tip of
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like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. pants on fire. new video shows the dangers of e-cigarettes. >> this is surveillance video from a gas station in kentucky. watch there. the man at the counter, out of nowhere, his pants caught fire. and they just keep burning.
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a woman helped him pull off his pants and she tried to stomp out the fire. you can see there someone comes out with a fire extinguisher. what would make someone's pants explode? this was an e-cigarette that was in his pocket. he posted the video on facebook and said just had an e- cigarette battery blow up and catch fire inside my pocket. you saw the fire and you saw him run out and how long that lasted. he wound up in the hospital with third degree burns to his leg and his thigh. this is just the latest incident. we have been talking about this a lot linked to the electronic e-cigarettes nationwide. here in america, not to mention worldwide. >> in miami a man wound up in a coma when a e-cigarette blew up in his mouth.
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exploded in someone's coat pocket. those cases were linked to the battery that overheated. it all might sound familiar. those are the same batteries found in hover boards which have been exploding and catching fire. >> in terms of the actual product itself, you are comparing apples to apples. what happens to the hover board and what happens to an e- cigarette. >> advocates say such explosions are rare and the american vaping association claims when charged under proper conditions the product batteries pose no more of a fire risk than similar batteries used in cell phones and laptops. vice president joe biden will introduce lady gaga at sunday's academy awards. gaga is nominated for an oscar for her best original song,
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she'll perform it live. he plans to use the introduction to urge americans to speak out against sexual assault. the song is from the hunting ground. a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses. nominees in five major categories will go home as winners no matter what. each will be given a gift bag valued at $200,000. >> some of the world's priceless toiletries, the most expensive items a ten-day trip to israel and $55,000. the celebrities that take them home have to pay taxes on all of those extravagant goodies. >> if you are a movie you can probably afford the taxes. >> it would be a cool trip. >> let's go.
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>> i'm tracking another cold front for friday. we'll talk about it. these are the waters. look how choppy they are. this is the inner coastal. you can see the white caps and northwest winds sending waves breaking over the rock wall. quite a cool day with in tampa. from one end of the state to the other it is not more than a ten degree spread in miami to pensacola. as cold air moves in we have cooler weather for you. how cold? we are tracking the next front. it is in south texas and atlanta. the storm that brought rain and storms yesterday for us still going out there around areas of
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we are seeing it in new york, ohio, west virginia, a lot of snow today. that system is out in the atlantic for us. this is the front we are tracking that will come in across the gulf tonight and early in the morning. no rain or clouds along the front. this will be a different story. a dry front is expected for us over land. temperatures 59 in brooksville evening. 62 lakewood ranch in downtown tampa. 61 st. pete and river view. looks like they are working on the fence line in the grand stands going in downtown st. pete for the race coming up. that should be exciting. it is to see the open wheel cars running in the streets of st. petersburg. 59 to start dinner time hours. mid 50s later tonight as we go through the evening hours.
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not as windy as earlier today. wake up temperature of 49 degrees. the front will be moving through around the day break hours. look at future cast. we'll stop this for a moment. a few clouds possible over the bay area. note, what we expect is the cooler air running over warmer gulf waters could produce some showers out there. for those of you making your living by the water you have a chance at a few showers at day break through mid-morning. don't really see it for tampa 75. this is more of off in the waters. a heads up there. our commercial fishermen and those on the water. 49 going to 62 for a high. we'll keep north winds 5 to 15 miles per hour for your friday. take a look at your forecast as we head through the weekend. morning. 43 degrees. another day in the 60s for highs saturday afternoon.
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climb. 73 for sunday fun day. near 80 degrees tuesday and wednesday. the next system we are tracking, not for another seven days on the horizon it is following week. there might be shower and storm chances. got to talk allergy report. we'll do that in the next half hour as well as talk about where you live county by county low temperatures saturday morning. will be colder areas. see you in 30 minutes with the details. tampa police offer up an eye opening experience. i'm mark rivera. at 5:30 why the department is showing you this never before seen can body cam video. distracted driving is a bigger problem than you realize. surprising number of people who admit they are putting your
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florida house approved the bill designed to encourage voters to get an emergency radio beacon. hit the water. if there is any trouble rescue crews can find you. you'll get a discount of $25 on registration fees. bill was inspired by the two teens here. remember them austin and perry. these are the 14-year-old boys who disappeared boating off the east coast of florida last year. lawmakers say the legislation will save lives and save families from similar heart break. royal caribbean sees its first lawsuit after a cruise ship was battered by a major storm earlier this month. the suit says royal caribbean should have known about the winds in the atlantic.
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on board was hit with 30-foot waves. cruise line returned anthem to the seas to new jersey. making it impossible to hack into a i-phone. apple's new plan to protect your information. >> reporter: was that conversation you had with an officer being recorded?
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good evening. i'm courtney robinson. >> i'm mark rivera. we are on top of three big stories. if you are trying to get through water expect delays. look at this breaking news. two northbound lanes of u.s. 19 are closed due to a motor home fire. one lane is getting around. both people inside were able to get out.
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the car they were towing was damaged in the fire. no word yet on when emergency responders will get it cleaned up. facebook ceo mark zuckerburg is responding after employees marked out black lives matter on the walls of the company. it was replaced with all lives matter. zuckerburg called the action deeply hurtful in an internal memo. university of missouri fired assistant professor following campus protest last year. me lisa click was suspended after seen asking for help to get a student journalist away from protesters. she was seen cursing at a police officer a month earlier. she said she regrets her actions. never-before-seen video of tampa police officer's body cam video. this is a video you might be used to see. this is meant to open your eyes. 10 news reporter jennifer titus


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