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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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three people and hurting more than a dozen others. a bumpy ride for an accused thief trying to steal this charter fishing boat. how the crook wound up in the water with police - reeling him in. a possible compromise between the clearwater marine aquarium and neighbors. what's next for the expansion project. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm allison kropff. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist bobby deskins.
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catch for "port richey police"-- who say they nabbed a boat thief. he ended up overboard... begging to be rescued. "10news reporter kendra conlon"-- talked with a boat captain who was nearly "sunk by a thief"! it's a story you'll see -- only on 10 news. jesse zuban just bought this 42 foot sports fishing boat six months ago - and nearly had his livelihood stolen. zuban tells me the boat heist happened after closing time at seaside inn... when police say jason ewashko tried to take it for a ride
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snapping two pilings... before ramming to halt. the accused boat bandit was still on- board... when zuban hopped on a police boat.. he says watching as ewashko jumped ship and floored it... while still tied up... snapping two pilings... before ramming to halt. the accused boat bandit was still on- board... when zuban hopped on a police boat.. he says watching as ewashko jumped ship to make a getaway. they rescued ewashko and gave him a ride - to jail. florida has the most boat thefts in the country according to the national insurance crime bureau. it's todd schwede's online business offering rewards to track down stolen boats.
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in port richey, kendra conlon, 10 news wtsp we checked ewashko's criminal records: he's been arrested two times for dui-- once with property damage. if you're thinking about buying a boat-- or have a boat-- and want to make sure it's not stolen: go to the seen on tv section at wtsp dot com. right now -- a workplace shooting is under investigation in kansas. four people were killed, including the suspected gunman. 14 others were hurt during the shooting. gunman is from florida and has a criminal record in dating back to the the shooting industries's factory, a family-owned manufacture lawn it's in the rural kansas, not far from wichita. in the midst of the captured a wife re- uniting with her worker husband after painful uncertain about his fate. the sheriff says
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at excel. and -- there could be several crime scenes the factory, another location in hesston, where a person was shot in the leg, and the town of newton, where a man was shot in the shoulder. developing this morning, governor rick scott -- getting a first hand look at tornado damage down in charlotte county. he arrived around 7:00 thursday night and walked around communities hardest hit by wednesday's severe weather. you can see the governor here meeting with a disabled army veteran whose home was destroyed when an ef-1 tornado moved through his neighborhood. a lively presidential debate as the republican candidates battled it out for the final time-- before super tuesday! it pretty much turned into "trump versus rubio." and when you look at the latest numbers out of florida-- that's mostly how it's shaping up as well. donald trump
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out thursday. 44 percent of the vote-- compared to rubio's 28. it was explosive, at times the arguing devolved into noise. trump versus rubio, with ted cruz taking some big swings at the front runner as well. 10 news political reporter mark rivera takes a look at will that be enough to make a difference to voters on super tuesday? the first big snipe of the night on immigration and illegal workers...and the first big snipe of the night on immigration and illegal workers...and donald trump fires back at marco rubio. but the junior senator from florida kept up attacks with a fervor. rubio landed a some good punches...scored a few percentage points with voters but 10news political expert dr. lars hafner says...
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huger deal... may be what trump is saying... bucking tried and true conservative party lines...endorsing planned parenthood besides abortions...and catching flack from both rubio and cruz on his conservatism. catching flack from both rubio and cruz on his conservatism. and staying on top as the train rolls down to super tuesday. huger deal... may be what trump is saying... bucking tried and true conservative party lines...endorsing planned parenthood besides abortions...and catching flack from both rubio and cruz on his conservatism. and staying on top as the train rolls down to super tuesday. former k-k-k leader david duke is throwing his support toward trump saying voting for anyone else is treason to your heritage. if you want to see
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fireworks again-- or check out a complete wrap-up of the action, head to this story on wtsp dot com. royal caribbean sees it first lawsuit after one of its cruise ships was battered by a major storm earlier this month. the suit claims royal caribbean "knew or should have known" of warnings for hurricane-force winds in the atlantic before "anthem of the seas" set sail. the ship--with 45- hundred passengers--was hit with 30-foot waves-- and it's "propulsion system" was damaged. the cruise line canceled the cruise and returned anthem of the seas to new jersey. if you drive a nissan, pay attention. the automaker has disabled the app for its electric 'leaf' car. the move comes after an australian cyber security researcher found a way to hack into the car's temperature controls and review the car's driving record. nissan says there is no safety threat and a new app for the 'leaf' will be launched soon. time now is . let's take a look at headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. google will back apple in its battle with the f-b-i over iphone
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like apple, google fears creating a way for authorities to access people's private information on their cellphones. google makes "android software" for smartphones. apple has now filed its "formal objection" to helping hack into a san bernardino shooter's locked iphone. a breakthrough for some women who are unable to get pregnant. surgeons at the "cleveland clinic" have performed the nation's first uterus transplant. unlike other organ transplants, after having one or two babies, the transplanted uterus will be removed. sweden reported the first successful birth from a womb transplant in 2014. scary story out of chile. customs officials seized more than 100 ecstasy pills shaped like characters from the "despicable me" movies. they were found, coloring set for officials believe the pills originally came from the netherlands. two people were placed under house arrest after found the drugs. back to clearwater marine aquarium. not everyone is expansion plans. as 10 news reporter courtney robinson shares: hundreds are voicing concerns.
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motion. a bigger . better clearwater marine aquarium with some 70-thousand square feet of space and a three-story parking garage. but how it got to this point has an island divided. -- 205433 it is our jobs to make our elected officials uncomfortable enough that they pay attention to what we say 41 -- island estates residents showed up in force at st. brendan's. they're concerns are simple enough: traffic and transparency. -- 2102 40 there's a lot of potential favors that are probably taking place there's a lot of missteps in the process 48 -- residents are trying to stop it and they say it's not too late. peter kohut officially filed the appeal of the community development board's ruling but he's backed by hundreds. -- 21 0609 the island responded in such a way that they were really really upset and they really wanted and to take this as far as they could go they just don't want to see the cma expanded any longer 21 -- aquarium ceo david yates was
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he told us there were no backroom deals this plan came from island estates residents. -- 1956 if you come today or this weekend you'll have families with kids walking for blocks away walking across the street that's dangerous. our plan solves that all the cars and all the people are in our lot and nowhere else and that's with they asked us to do for a number of years and that's what we accomplished 2008 -- the group is also trying to raise money to pay for this appeal. to see that and what the expansion will look like ... head to and click seen on tv. there is a rabies alert out of hillsborough county. a cat tested positive for the disease after biting someone near "mallory square drive in westchase." it's the second case of rabies in hillsborough this year. the first case was reported in citrus park. during an alert like this, it's important to remember: make sure your pet's rabies vaccinations are up to date. never feed wild
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and if you think you've been bitten or scratched by a diseased animal, get help and report it to the florida department of health. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning, president obama is making his way to jacksonville today to highlight one of his administration's stimulus success stories. concerns for the summer olympics grows as a woman says she contracted the zika virus, two miles from olympic park in brazil. an unusual pursuit for police in california after a unicorn goes on the loose! we have video of the chase, in 20 minutes. still ahead on 10 drivers off our roads. new ideas to make our roads safer. throwing some serious shade! how a former supermodel is slamming the latest sports illustrated cover girl, for being
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toss to 10 weather xxx bobby weather
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an active role in the last year to fight the drunk driving epidemic, which has claimed too many innocent lives. and after 10investigates exposed how "tampa bar patrons"-- were scared to leave their cars overnight because of aggressive-- and sometimes illegal towing. we saw a need for change. investigative reporter noah pransky is back-- taking a look at what other cities around the county are doing to keep intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel. our stories have prompted a number of our cities and counties to consider known tampa ordinance that's supposed to bans tow trucks from parking lots the country go cities like austin have waived morning parking tickets for
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denver allows you to park in metered spots straight through the morning.. and green bay, wisconsin has toyed with the idea of free overnight parking for anyone who's got a placard saying they patronized a nearby establishment. vo one local crusader wants tampa bay officials to consider similar measures here, to do everything possible to discourage an intoxicated driver from driving home. ellen snelling, head of the tampa alcohol coalition, says we shouldn't be towing or ticketing everyone who make smart decisions at the end of a night out. "yes, it is personal responsibility. we want people to be responsible. but on the other hand, they're not! do you want that person to get in their car you don't stop them and they go and kill somebody? so it's our responsibility too." the tampa alcohol coalition is made up of representatives from law enforcement agencies, the nightlife industry, and other parties looking to curb high-risk drinking in hillsborough county. and that means doing everything possible to let intoxicated drivers know how to safely leave their cars outside tampa bars at the end of the night. "i think this is a priority. i would like to see reduced penalties
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think tank and look at all these other progressive ideas and see what we could apply here." snelling has started lobbying tampa councilmembers on the issue. we'll let you know what moves our communities make to keep drunk drivers off the road. noah pransky, 10 investigates. for more on noah's tow truck investigations - including tips on getting refunds for unfair impounds - investigates" page on trending now online, a story that has a lot of people talking! former supermodelcheryl tiegsis under fire after body shaming a current sports illustrated supermodel! plus-sized model--ashley graham is one of three women on the cover of this year's swimsuit issue. tiegswho is a former cover girl from the 70'ssays by featuring graham in the magazine"glamour- izes" full-sized woman... and that they're not healthy. she says a person's waist should be under 35-inches...but graham's face is beautiful. what to watch for...a chance for you to get in your swimsuit -- in the middle of a city street in tampa.
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its coming to the bay area... check this out... it's a giant slip- and-slide -- a thousand feet long -- that travels all across the country! the slide will be here on saturday, may 14th...along tampa's north boulevard at west palm avenue. tickets on the day of the event are 20- dollars a piece. but you can get early bird tickets online now for 10- dollars. it's an iconic movie.. made "again and again" through the decades. now, king kong is getting yet another lease on life - at universal's island of adventure. and we've got the first rendering of the attraction. check it out. you're looking at "skill island: reign of kong". universal says riders will be taken on adventure through a campsite.. filled with mysterious creatures. but as the ride goes on.. you realize - you're not alone. the multi- dimensional attraction will be one of the longest rides at universal. we'll let you know when an opening date is set. still ahead, it's you won't want to miss as a family is furry friend. what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, the amazing race,
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adventure for one furry friend. cheri and bruce stocker were reunited with their cat, nadia at chicago's international airport. the feline walked away from their wisconsin home just before christmas. a few days ago the family received word that nadia was found in naples, florida! coming up on 10 news this morning.. something you'll want to hear before working out. why some types of exercise may actually be bad for you. a famous dessert bakery is coming to tampa! where
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cupcakes. and rays fans get ready! fan fest is tomorrow. we have everything you need to know! whether you have 10 minutes or 30, we'll get you ready to start the day. news, weather and traffic when we
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your heart loves omega-3s. oil differ from megared krill oil. is easily absorbed by your body. megared.
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good morning and
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this morning. i'm allison kropff. this morning... investigators are trying to figure out what led a kansas man on a violent workplace shooting spree. the shooting left four people dead and more than a dozen injured. 10news reporter emerald morrow is in-studio. emerald, the suspect has a lengthy criminal background. yeah, and you won't believe where a lot of this man's crimes were committed. right here in of this man's crimes were committed. right here in florida. years before cedric ford went on this deadly shooting spree in hesston, kansas near wichita....he spent some time behind


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