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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this morning. hot spots at 6:00 on your friday morning. i'm road warrior hilary zalla. i'm on top of a possible fatal crash on u.s. 17. in hillsborough county an international airport. it is at airport service road. if you are not familiar with that it is near the lot. coming up in less than ten minutes i'll give you drive hour and we'll check the bridges. good friday morning. welcome to 10 news.
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>> i'm ian reitz. investigators continue their search for the scene for clues after a violent work place shooting in kansas. alleged gunmen killed people and shot 14 others before being killed by police. >> this is is second mass shooting we have covered in less than a week. people may be thinking of their offices this noon. >> reporter: every worker has a legal right to a safe work place. the government has a whistle blower protection program to help protect you. no one can say if this is the case. at this time we don't know what the motive is behind this heinous act. the sheriff reported there were
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take a look at one of the victim shares his horrifying experience. >> some people were shooting. next thing you know i got hit in the leg. that's when i turned and started running. >> ford has a lengthy criminal background including in florida. he spent time behind bars in miami county and dade county in the late 2000's for burglary and theft. i'll have more on the other victims at 6:30. this is thing everyone will be talking about today. back on the campaign trail. there were lots of fireworks at before super tuesday. for florida senator marco rubio and texas senator ted cruz this was the last to take the lead
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the gloves were off. >> this is a lot of fun. >> donald, relax. >> i'm relaxed. you are the basket case. don't get nervous. >> we are a couple weeks out from florida's primary. the latest quinnipiac poll shows trump is leading marco rubio by 16%. bill clinton will be out today campaigning for his wife, hillary. clinton has a big lead over bernie sanders in that state heading into the primaries coming up this weekend. president obama will be in florida today to talk about still package passed weeks after he took office. he'll be in jacksonville. crews are still assessing
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tornado hit punta gorda. the tornado hit wednesday with winds up to 96 miles per hour. many homes were damaged with many of them unliveable. folks in north carolina waking up to this here. several inches of snow this morning. that is certainly some welcoming good news for the ski resorts. even with temperatures dipping below freezing resort employees and visitors say this makes up for a dry december. >> once you get cold enough you can't feel it anymore. >> temperatures will be warming up heading into the weekend. organizers of the 2016 olympics are making sure the games will not be affected by the zica virus. their position is not helped by what is happening in rio. one woman contracted zica last year less than two miles from
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organizers are urging anyone going to the game to use mosquito repellent. melissa click was fired. she was seen on camera confronting a student protester on camera back in november. this is a decision some students say is a long time coming. >> it is a decision i have been waiting for a very long time. i think we all preferred her to resign in november. i was pleased that the board came to the right conclusion. looking ahead in the case of hulk hogan versus gawker. no word on whether hogan will be in the st. petersburg courtroom. he is suing gawker for
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we know a lot of you are counting down the ray's cames of the season. tomorrow is rays fan fest. it is set to be the biggest and best one yet. there is the kickoff of what could be a huge year for the rays. >> reporter: a lot of us sat in these seats and thought could this be the year we go to the world series. tomorrow you can be in the center field talking to the players before what could be their best year yet. we are five days away from the rays first spring training game of the season. everyone is pumped. we have the new players. we are coming off of a great previous season where the rays spent 28 days in first place. what better way to pump up the team than to spend a free day
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signing autographs and giving them your two cents about the upcoming season. duane staff says recent changes really inspired him about this team. >> they made move to upgrade the defense over the winter. what they really did was upgrade the offense. the offense got hot the last couple months. the addition with left-handed key. >> reporter: here's what you need to know about fan fest. it is tomorrow, saturday, 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. if you are season ticketholder you can come in at 10:00. to park. the best parking will be in lots six and seven. coming up, i'm going to tell you about interesting, unique opportunities you have never been able to do before as a
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lives here in tampa bay. you'll want to hear that. it will make you super famous on twitter and instagram. i promise you that. that's coming up in 30 minutes. live at the trop sarah hollenbeck 10 news wtsp. starting this weekend there will be a new way to bypass traffic and get around downtown tampa. >> starting tomorrow water river walk to channelside. they are expected to run up to seven days aweek and carry 50 people at a time. a man tries to steal a boat and doesn't get too far. >> how the suspect ended up water. is there such a thing as too much exercise? why a new study says you may
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time you hit the gym. big waves turn
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every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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drive times from pinellas point drive to i-75 in manatee is 17 minutes. bobby? >> sprinkling in citrus county and hillsborough county. that has dried up. it looks like a nice stretch of weather over the next three days including the weekend forecast. it is on the cool side. 62 today. 65 tomorrow. 73 on sunday. watch the morning. especially tomorrow morning and sunday morning, this cool air
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we'll be in the 30s and 40s to get each day started. nothing like what they are seeing up north. 19 syracuse. falls. 6:13. it is friday february 26th. this is your eye opener, a look at the day's top stories. >> fired a few shots outside before he went in and ducked down and went into the building. this morning police in kansas are trying to figure out why a man started shooting at a factory where he worked and killed three people. officers shot and killed him. >> he doesn't know how to tell the truth. >> other than that i rest my case. >> can somebody attack me, please. a lively debate in texas
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now they are turning their attention back to super tuesday states. play ball. today the rays will have full team practice at spring training in port charlotte. they are back at tropicanna field tomorrow for rays fan fest. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. family and friends will gather today to say good-bye to the first of six people killed in a shooting spree in kalamazoo. old dorothy brown will take place. 45 year-old jason dalton has been arrested for the attacks and faces 16 charges. fifa will vote today for a new president in zurich. he is accused of making a $2 million payment to the head of
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researchers in boston say they discovered a key abnormality affecting the brains of people with downs syndrome. doctors found changes in white matter that alter brain treatment. surfers and swimmers in california are warned to be extra careful today on the water. large waves are pounding the beaches. this is from seal beach 20 minutes from long beach. four people were swept from the ocean not too far from there last week. one of them passed away. let's get back over to road warrior hilary zalla helping you get to work on time this friday morning. >> we are seeing some delays out there for morning rush hour. we are in the green on majors in hillsborough county. live to sky 10 at i-275 osborn avenue north of there at the hillsborough avenue exit.
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going down into tampa. you are only a minute delayed from the apex to i-4. a drive time of 16 minutes there along i-275. in pinellas county i want to let you know about construction on gandy bridge. that will take place tonight at 10:30. gandy bridge will be closed from 9th street to 16th street in the westbound direction. as you are traveling along gandy take northbound roosevelt boulevard, hook up with i-275 south and get back on to gandy. this will happen tonight at 10:30 to tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. if you have any weekend plans make sure you are planning for that detour. looking in sarasota and manatee county. so far so good. no accidents or major delays. we have some construction blocking the left lane on southbound i-75. this is south of state road 70. it is not causing any delays. as you are going through the
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move over because of the move over law there. looking in polk county we have this serious crash in lake alfred on u.s. 17 at vista driver. fhp is on the scene. there are serious injuries. it is pulled over into the shoulder. bobby? >> tracking a couple light sprinkles that fell apart. you can see a couple spots of green. sugar wood mills area into western hernando and fell apart off clearwater beach. that's the frontal boundary. that was the only shot of rain. we'll track it as it comes through. the line is right there. all this really is is a few clouds coming through for an hour or two. lots of sunshine and more winds picking up behind it. it is already cooler out there. the air is dry. it is a beautiful start. look at this from the theater first thing this morning. man, is it nice.
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there is a breeze in sarasota. it is warmer there because of that breeze coming in off the water. 58 new port richey. 59 st. pete. 54 sarasota. same thing in tampa. 46 in land o'lakes and mulberry. 45 lakeland. it is chilly for inland locations. inland spots have seen a 13 degrees temperature drop from the last 24-hours. you'll notice that stepping outside. light winds along the coast. that will pick up 10 to 15 miles per hour as the front comes through. bus stop forecast. i would have a jacket for the kids. it is chilly this morning. this afternoon it only tops out in the lower 60s. it will feel cool all day out there today. forecast model shows a small chance of rain coming through.
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frontal boundary comes through. winds pick up behind it to the northwest. 63 degrees. that's it. the average high is 74. well below average for today. sun is up at 6:58. down at 6:28. we'll fall into the 50s for the evening commute. boating is not good. small craft exercise caution advisory. the boating gets better through the weekend as winds are out of the north 10 knots or so. cold start each day this weekend. tomorrow morning 30s and 40s. same thing on sunday. both days warm up nicely. 65 saturday. 73 on sunday. i have clouds and radar on the forecast model. mostly sunny skies all the way through. it will get warmer as we get into monday and tuesday. we are pushing 80 degrees tuesday. that's the best day. then we'll have storms. another front comes through late wednesday night. best chance for severe weather looks to be to our north.
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if you like cupcakes you'll be able to get one. all you have to do is push a button. >> coming up, the popular dessert chain coming to tampa with the famous cupcake atm. have you ever wondered what the president dead before he became commander in chief? has talking about his first job and the lessons he learned. live in downtown tampa it is a cool start. hopefully you are having a
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we are close to the weekend. see you back here in a few
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eastbound traffic is taking nine minutes from i-75 to i- 275. i-75 drivers let's go live to sky 10 at u.s. 301. going north you are seeing more brake lights. your drive time is 17 minutes from the selmon expressway up to state road 56. you'll need your sunglasses this morning and this afternoon as the ride home falls back down into the 60s. it will be mostly sunny.
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travel weather today the great lakes and parts of the northeast seeing lake-effect snows today. there is a storm system moving in out west. it will be later tonight into tomorrow morning. u.s. treasury department says puerto rico could see a government shutdown if congress doesn't act soon. u.s. territory has $72 billion in debt. they asked washington for a bailout. so far nothing is in the works. when you go back and think about your first job it is probably like a server, baby sitter or a store clerk. he may be at the white house different. he said his first job as a teen was scooping's cream at baskin robins. he is calling on businesses to recruit, train and mentor teens summer. >> you have to taste all the ice cream. you have to know what the flavors are like. >> i'm not sure an ice cream scooper and ice cream tester are the same. >> i think when people ask you
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tell them. i think it is part of the job. if you have a sweet tooth you'll love this. a popular dessert bakery is coming to tampa. >> you can order your favorite treat with a push of the button. sprinkles cupcakes famous bakery is coming to the bay area in hyde park. they have a cupcake atm. dessert chain started in california. it is located all over the country. this is the first shop in florida. no word on when they are set to open. we do know they are still hiring. if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend why not help someone in need. >> how you and your whole family can have fun and support a great cause. here's a live look inside the trop in st. pete. you can hang out with your favorite rays players for free.
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we have a cool start for your friday morning. 40s and 50s as you step outside. grab a jacket. we are looking at temperatures going up to the lower 60s for
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it will be dry today even with a cold front coming through. this morning's numbers are cold. it gets colder tomorrow and sunday morning. i'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. i'm road warrior hilary zalla. we have an accidenten i'm on top of in pinellas county on east lake road in the southbound direction at four lock road south of keystone. let's go live to sky 10. captain al is on his way to that accident. we are looking at tampa road at mcmullen booth road. southbound we have heavier traffic. coming up in ten minutes i'll get you drive times and a look at the bridges. good friday morning. it is 6:30. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. thank you for joining us. more than a dozen people in kansas are recovering after a shooter opened fire in several places including a factory where he works.
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before an officer killed him. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is joining us live in the news room. do we know how the surviving victims are doing this morning? >> when we last checked five of the victims were in critical condition. one victim spoke out saying people were running around the factory saying there was a shooter. next thing he knew he had been shot in the leg. it is a frightening way to end the work day in a place where you are supposed to feel safe. here's what we know about the alleged shooter. sedrick ford worked at the factory where he shot many victims. he is no stranger to crime. we learned he has a criminal background in kansas as well as in florida. he spent time in state prison in miami-dade county for multiple burglary and theft charges. we still don't know why this alleged shooter went on this violent rampage. however, the sheriff did say there were things that may have
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he didn't say what those things were. they are investigating and have help from the a.t.f. and the fbi. back to you. a south carolina deputy is stable at the hospital after being shot. this happened a couple hours ago. the deputy was on patrol in goose creek after midnight and was shot as she was getting out of her car. police, at this point are still searching for the gunman. if you didn't watch the debate thursday night, maybe you don't even care about it it was the most interesting debate yet. you know there have been heated ones. marco rubio and ted cruz came out swinging at donald trump. the last time both canidates would have a chance to overcome trump in the polls before super tuesday. marco rubio, who trails donald trump in florida tried to call him out on healthcare. >> the biggest thing we got and the reason we have no competition is because we have lines around the state. >> is that the only part of the plan?
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you'll have so many different plans. >> now he is repeating himself. >> it went back and forth all night long. florida's primary is march 15th. big weekend for democratic canidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders. tomorrow is the south carolina primary. polls show clinton leading sanders by an average of 24 points heading into tomorrow. a charter captain tells 10 news he is grateful to have his stolen boat and business back. he took the sports boat from closing time. he floored it while it was damage to the boat. he watched the suspect jumping in the water to make a get away only needing to be rescued. >> he bailed off the side of the boat and the water is in the 50s. he made two strokes. grabbed the swim platform and pulled up into the boat.
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state for boat thefts. happening later today a possible compromise. clearwater marine aquarium representatives will allow the aquarium to expand. 200 residents packed into island estates last night to support the appeal. they are worried about the impact of property values and traffic. they don't like how the approval process happens. >> the city of clearwater are not looking out for the common good for the entire community. >> aquarium's ceo tells us the expansion is best for the aquarium and for the neighbors. he said a lot of residents have been asking for a parking garage for years. >> if you come today or this weekend you'll have families with kids walking four blocks away from across the street. that's dangerous. our plan solves that. all the cars are in our lot and nowhere else. that's what they have asked us to do for a number of years. >> if both sides don't come to
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tallahassee will hear the appeal. a judge found former bp rig supervisor not guilty for the explosion in the gulf of mexico. he botched a crucial pressure test that signaled trouble before the explosion on the deep water horizon rig. it is so tough to see that. it happened coming up in april. explosion caused millions of gallons of oil to spew from the gulf floor for weeks. we all heard regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. can too much of that be a bad thing? canadian journal of cardiology says high level of intense workouts can be toxic for your heart. researchers suggest exercising at high levels too long can do instructural damage to the heart which can lead to abnormal heart beats. the study is for everyone who maintains a high intensity workout. how would you like a chance
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it is your lucky day. you'll get a chance to do that tomorrow at tropicanna field. fan fest is back. this year the team expects the field. 10 news reporter sarah trop. fans will get a chance to do something they have never done before. it is definitely going to give them something to brag about. >> reporter: absolutely. of course you can get autographs and see the line that's here behind me for that. you can play games. how about this? how would you like to be in the seat that wade bogs hit his home run, that 3,000th one where the ball landed? you can pop a ball in the stands like a pro. how about that for an experience? you can get one-on-one time with your favorite players. you can take a picture where
6:37 am
ending game 162, what some consider the greatest night in baseball history. these are opportunities that fans could not have dreamt of doing years ago. fan. which was a long time ago. opportunities. i remember going to a game and this was a long, long time ago, in st. louis when duke snider was ending his career with the san francisco giants. i was down the right field line. he was playing right field. just to yell duke and get him after three innings to acknowledge that was a big deal to an 11-year-old kid at the time. >> reporter: this year there are tons of activities in store for you. there are free autographs from 30 mlb alumni. batting cages. speed pitch machines and tons
6:38 am
here are some things you'll want to bring. bring your camera. you can bring sealed food and sealed water bottles. don't bring alcohol, bags that are over 16 x 16 x 8 or canned drinks. this is all free. this is going to be the best year yet i'm told for fan fest. you do not want to miss it. live at tropicanna field sarah hollenbeck 10 news wtsp. this is a local story that has gone nation. we love it here at 10 news. remember eric pie born with a heart condition? he got to talk with wheel of fortune directors. >> everyone can attend. it is at old mcmickey's farm noon to 4:00. all kinds of family-friendly activities. there is an entry fee but that helps support eric's medical cost.
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find out why police in california chase after a unicorn. it is video you have to see. we have it when we come back. let's take a live look at sky 10 over an accident at east lake road in tarpon springs. road warrior hilary zalla is keeping an eye on this for you. she'll have an update plus your bridge update.
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sunshine skyway is quiet. no high wind advisory. there is a front coming through now. if you look outside you'll see a line of clouds coming through. it is not going to last long. it gets cooler and breezier on the backside of that. that's what our friday will look like now. tomorrow we'll start chilly. low 40s. warm spots mid to upper 30s. cold spots similar on sunday morning. both days warm up. both days are sunny. how about 73 degrees by sunday afternoon? let's look at sports with dave wirth. day six of rays spring
6:44 am
st. pete green devils begin at 10:00 a.m. lightning open a four-game road trip at the new jersey devils. that's sports coming up today. i'm dave wirth. if you are about to leave we want to update you on big stories we are on top of. investigators in kansas are trying to figure out what lead to a deadly shooting in wichita. >> 38-year-old sedrick ford opened fire on separate people at three separate locations. four people died including the shooter who was killed in a confrontation with police. republican presidential canidates turn their focus to super tuesday states after a heated debate thursday night in texas. >> marco rubio and ted cruz took turns attacking donald trump on immigration, healthcare and taxes. close to 600 delegates are up for grabs next week. half the total needed to win the nomination. if you are a rays fan you'll want to check out fan
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fun is all taking place 11:00 to 4:00 at tropicanna field. admission and parking is free. jetblue did something different. it invited 150 passengers to reach across the aisle in an election-themed stunt. it is a social experiment. the travelers had a chance to went a free -trip ticket to a destination served by the carrier. to get the certificate they had to decide on a single destination by unanimous vote in six hours. flight took off from boston headed to phoenix. by. after compromises, listening to arguments they all agreed. final destination was costa rica. >> that is a great destination. >> they first started with do you want to go domestic or international?
6:46 am
then they went through a number of destinations. they were each given paddles. they had to hold them up each time they voted. they had to agree. >> that would be a cool place. >> you end your flight with a flight to somewhere else. >> the ceo said we want to see if people can work together. we hear about divisive natures in people and we wanted them all to come together. here is a story you'll enjoy this morning. come over to your tv. this video is unusual. this is a pony that got loose from a child's birthday party. people tried to catch the unicorn for hours all wearing her horn. somebody was able to catch her and brought her home.
6:47 am
you say it is not really a unicorn. >> i would haved loved to be on the other into hear the calls to police. hilary zalla is joining us now. is traffic picking up? >> we have a couple accidents. good morning. we want to start in bradenton with a serious crash at the intersection of state road 70 and u.s. 41. it looks like you may have lanes blocked heading eastbound on state road 70 and southbound on u.s. 41. you may want to either avoid that intersection or give yourself extra time heading that way. north of there in pinellas county i'm on top of a crash on east lake road going south at four lock road. we checked on this crash. it is not affecting traffic at all. you are looking good heading south on east lake road. live to our sky 10 network camera on u.s. 19 at main street. you can see north and south on u.s. 19 looking great this morning.
6:48 am
if you are heading that way you are not going to run into any issues if you are heading out to get those deals. if you are heading to work there are no issues. live from sky 10 at a different story in hillsborough county on i-275 going south here at fowler avenue. this is where you'll have to definitely leave early. we are seeing about a five minute delay from the apex down to i-4. it is taking you 20 minutes to drive this stretch of i-275. it is stop-and-go traffic here. let's go to our maps. i want to let you know about a broken down car in pasco county at wesley chapel blocking a lane at state road 54 after bruce b. downs eastbound. in polk county i'm on top of a serious accident at lake alfred on u.s. 17. i know there are lanes blocked there. bobby? >> i'm tracking a weak cold
6:49 am
had a couple showers this and hernando. they have dried up. i don't think we'll see anymore rain from it. it is such a dry atmosphere behind the front. there is the frontal boundary. a very thin line of clouds. if you look out you can see them across the area. they are not going to last long. we'll see more sunshine than anything else. hooters of clearwater beach this is looking at the front. you can see the low cloudiness. it won't last long. the wind will pick up. this is a great view moving over top of st. pete. it will block the sun temporarily for this morning. temperature wise big difference is from the coast to inland locations. 59 in st. pete. that's our warm spot. 54 tampa. 45 lakeland. 54 sarasota. 43 in brooksville. the wind is still light now. there is a breeze at the coast. that's going to pick up out of
6:50 am
that frontal boundary this morning. allison was saying your hair is full of static today. that happens. dew point is going into the 30s today and staying that way through tomorrow, too. place. here's the forecast model. falling apart. it brings the front through and picks the wind up from the north and west. this is 11:30. 59 degrees. that's it. north winds 14 miles per hour. we'll top out in the lower 60s today and keep north to northwest winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. the average high is 74. we are not going to be close to that. sun is up at 6:58. down at 6:28. cool evening for sure. falling quickly in the 50s. then through the 40s. 43 tomorrow morning. as we wake up on saturday most
6:51 am
mid to upper 30s inland. that's saturday morning. this here is sunday morning. very similar. i want to watch this. jim will have the latest at 5:00 and 6:00. could be a couple degrees cooler on sunday morning because of the fact we'll have high pressure over top of us and clear skies. we'll keep it warmer heading towards the end of the weekend. another cool shot on that map gets in here late wednesday night into thursday. look at that seven-day forecast. that's our next chance for rain late wednesday. could see storms. best chance of severe weather is north. monday and tuesday close to 80 degrees. you can catch our forecast in the newspaper. we teamed up with the tampa times and the ledger. head back to their weather section to find the 10 weather forecast. a popular tv family from the 90s is officially back on tv today. beautiful sunrise in the
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courtney campbell causeway not looking too bad. off the bay side bridge no issues. our busiest bridge is the howard frankland bridge and gandy bridge going into tampa. courtney campbell causeway is not looking too bad. that is a pretty shot. the clouds over top is that cold front. they'll be out of here. we'll go mostly sunny today. we won't warm up much. lower 60s for highs.
6:56 am
lake-effect snow today in the northeast. it is quiet in the west. a legal fight over michael jackson's royalties continues. producer is asking for $10 million saying he was shorted on royalties. vice president joe biden is set to make an appearance this weekend at the academy awards on sunday. he'll introduce lady gaga before she performs her nominated song. since it will be chilly this weekend why not binge watch netflix. the tanners are back. 21 years after full house went off the air. family sitcom is officially streaming on netflix. revival is called fuller house.
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tanner who gets a hand to coparent her three boys and her teenager daughter. >> people binge watch and they start one episode and roll into the next one. thank you for joining us this morning. hope you have a great weekend. see you back here at 7:26. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." marco rubio and ted cruz tear into donald trump in the final debate before super tuesday. could this be a turning point? a gunman storms a kansas factory, killing coworkers. victims describe the chaos as they tried to run from the bullets. and spike lee is in studio 57. we will talk about the oscars backlash and creating change in hollywood. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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