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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm courtney robinson. we are on top of three big stories. a massachusetts teen who killed his math teacher will serve life in prison. he was severely mentally ill and not criminally responsible is what the defense argued. a judge called the death brutal and senseless. keep an eye out for a letter from the internal revenue service. the agency reveals twice as many taxpayers could have their personal information stolen than originally thought. nine pregnant women contracted the zica virus while traveling according to the cdc. three babies have been born here in the u.s. one was born with a brain defect. two women are still pregnant. they have not had any complications. four other pregnancies ended in miscarriage or abortion. new information tonight on
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violence in st. petersburg. city announcing plans to help gun owners keep their property safe and out of the hands of criminal. as 10 news reporter jennifer titus tells us, some say that's still not enough. >> reporter: this is what the city of st. pete is passing out at the police department for free. gun locks. for those that live here they say this is not the answer to help stop the on going violence. for glen thompson of st. pete he says not much has changed from 20 years ago. >> very, very violent. >> reporter: when it comes to violence on the streets. >> it is terrible. >> reporter: two months ago the mayor announced a million dollar initiative to curb decline. >> that's part of the reason the reverend has been brought in to work with the programs we are aiming at going after the young men. >> reporter: this is the reverend. the mayor says he is a big part
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the city is offering free gun locks to help owners keep their guns safe. violence. >> people in the community would say there needs to be more in those areas that are violence. the kids need places to go after school and stuff. it is not all about a gun lock. >> it isn't. we don't disagree with that. that's why there has been a dollars. we have invested more dollars than have happened for years in employment programs to try to help kids get a job and learn. >> reporter: thompson says that would be a start. >> i think they need to be more community program. >> reporter: in st. pete jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. >> st. pete police also started a new program that has officers focused on troubled areas.
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december 27th they have made 188 arrests. last week i showed you a clearwater man's new gps software that can track guns that are stolen. you can check out that story at click the seen on tv tab. inspectors were out today at a mexican restaurant where 10 investigates made some disturbing discoveries in the kitchen. we know it is not the most appetizing thing to hear at dinner time. 10 investigates bo zimmer has an update of health code violations. >> reporter: the cantina and mexican restaurant remained closed friday after we found the establishment opened and serving food to the public with rodent droppings in and around the kitchen earlier this week. restaurant staff at first tried to deny there were any issues when we first visited tuesday.
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on in this restaurant, have they been cleaned up. >> something is wrong. we don't have any reason to say that. >> reporter: there was no denying what we caught on camera. rodent droppings here in the wait station area with more in the kitchen. >> there is rodent droppings all over the restaurant. >> you should not be here. >> you should not have rodent droppings. >> out. >> reporter: state health inspectors showed up wednesday after our visit to find more rodent droppings including on the corn meal with rodent chew marks on the husks used to wrap tamales. they are working to clean up inside. on a follow up inspection in the last 24-hours the inspector found more droppings but said all were swept up during the inspection. we tried knocking on the door to find out when they were hoping to reopen.
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for you. next. bo zimmer 10 investigates. you know how angry you got when we told you about the marine attack in d.c. for no reason. another marine attack and left again. it appears he was attacked from behind. unfortunately michael schroeder remembers very little about that night. listen to this, surveillance video shows him walking through a parking lot headed home after drinking with some friends. two hours later he was in an ambulance. >> it is hard for me to understand. there was no reason for its. >> michael's twin brother thinks he laid on the cold pavement for an hour with temperatures in the teens. luckily some good samaritans found schroeder. he was face down with his head bashed in.
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and his cash was gone. donors stepped up and given $30,000 to a gofundme account for that u.s. marine's recovery. u.s. navy has stopped teaching sailors how to use stars to navigate. now with increased threats of cyber attacks it is bringing back celestial navigation. celestial navigation ended a decade ago after gps became available. now with high-tech threats the navy is bringing it back for an extra layer of protection. navigator's location. tampered with. happen. midshipmen are trained. cost $2,000 a piece. a bay area boy's story that
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born with the heart condition? listen to this. >> he is the one who spoke with fortune. now he wants to cross another item off of his bucket list. this sunday he is having a huge guess what? everybody is invited. noon to 4:00. there is an entry fee. it goes to help support eric's medical cost. we have more information of time. traffic alert for drivers in st. pete. contractor for the gandy project will be closing a portion of the road tonight and detour is lengthy. road warrior hilary zalla
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>> westbound lanes of gandy boulevard will be closed tonight and tomorrow morning. same closure will take effect saturday night between 9th street and 16th street. we can see it on the map the exact section of gandy. it is in the westbound lanes heading towards i-275. away from the gandy bridge. what your detour will be is tricky. what you'll do is you'll take a right on to roosevelt boulevard from gandy. then you can see on sky 10 you'll get on i-275. you'll head south and get off here at gandy boulevard. from there back to our map you'll exit at gandy. you can head east towards that section you cannot get to through the closure. this will affect anyone with evening plans. detour. our website. just go to click on traffic. looking live at florida southern college. it is beautiful out there.
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here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. world soccer leaders voted for
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fifa needed to replace the former president who resigned amid a corruption scandal. ceo tim cook told apple shareholders quote we are a stanch advocate of privacy. he made a case for denying the fbi's request to access i-phone data from the san bernardino shooter. cooke says it violates the first and fifth amendment. crew members on an asian pacific airlines cargo plane were able to put it down safely after landing gear malfunctioned. they were flying the aircraft from guam's airport. weight watcher stock prices are down 25%. company says a marketing campaign to make oprah the face beyond the scale program has been a drag on earnings.
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a medical break through, surgeons in cleveland performed the nation's first uterus transplant. this bolster's hope for women who want to get pregnant. a team took the organ from a deceased donor. the hospital plans to share more detailed next week. a baby in california is alive and well after a rare, very delicate procedure performed before he was even born. chris martinez talked to the baby's parents. >> reporter: just looking at grayson you would not know what he has been through until you see the scars on his chest. 22 weeks into his mothers pregnancy doctors discovered the left side of his heart was underdeveloped. >> you can imagine without half of your heart it is hard to survive.
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should have a small hole in the heart to help blood flow. grayson's was closing up. they turned to a rare procedure. a fetal cardiac intervention. doctors inserted a long, thin needle into the womb and fetus putting a small stent into his tiny heart to allow blood to flow back to the right side of his heart. the procedure worked strengthening grayson's lungs so surgeons could perform emergency open heart surgery ten weeks later when he was born. they converted his one heart chamber to do both. >> normally the right ventricall pumps blood to the lungs. now we are asking it to pump blood to the entire body. >> he was born november 19th. we got to hold him on the 27th.
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>> reporter: grayson's 3-month- expected. doctors say he should live a happy, healthy life. chris martinez cbs news. >> doctors say grayson will undergo a second surgery when he was six months old and a final surgery when he turns three. i'm dion lim. new at 6:00 a local police department is facing controversy tonight. are the officers inside this building trained to handle tense situations like this and keep your family safe? we are digging deeper. >> keeping our seniors safe should be, if not a number one, certainly a top job in tallahassee. >> a new push to protect
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it has been a busy week for your colleagues. there has been 127 tornadoes so far. >> february is usually a quiet month. the storm we were tracking covered 2,000 miles from cuba to canada. virginia was one of the hardest hit areas. people are trying to get back home and return to normal life. many of these were summer homes. i do want to show you a comparison with a few days left to go in february compared to last year. so far we are at 127 tornadoes across the country. this time last year three. the difference is the el nino winter we have been talking so much about over the last few days.
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for driving these big, big storms. we have a few quiet days on the horizon. as we take a look, temperatures tonight looking around 58 tampa. 54 crystal river. 5 a carrollwood. evening forecast i'm expecting upper 40s by late tonight. if you are gone from the house for a while know that a layer or two might be a very good idea. even colder for us north of the tampa area. we'll be looking at dade city. you'll get in the low 40s by later this evening. in fact at 11:00 we'll be 42 to 45 degrees in citrus, hernando county and pasco county. nowhere we have been so far this winter, but definitely cold. compared to the last few nights it will remind us it is still february on the calendar. 35 to start saturday morning in crystal river. 37 brooksville. 35 wesley chapel. closer to the coast and the
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44 largo and palm harbor. 42 river view. 39 new tampa. 41 lakewood ranch. 43 in sarasota. 39 in lakeland. after that it is another beautiful day like today. lighter winds with temperatures similar to what we had today getting back to the mid 60s. on the water moderate chop. offshore waves settling down to four feet. sunday fun day looks better. we'll mark that as the better day. starts cold in the morning. 72 and light southeast winds. absolutely fantastic. either day saturday or sunday, if you want to go to the beach it will be cooler on saturday. sunday a little warmer. however, the gulf temperature will not change. it is registering in the low to mid 60s. that's up in the last couple afternoons. seeing oak in the air, juniper and nettle. we are not going to see much
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days. you are likely seeing a yellow film on your cars. 75 monday. upper 70s tuesday or wednesday. horizon. it looks ominous. no storms in the way of severe weather. the next system and emergency looks to pass north. if that changes we'll let you know about it. not only in the newscast but you'll hear about it first on your phone. download the 10 news app so you can get an update on the forecast. it is a race against time
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we show you the rare generosity to help the girl with a rare genetic disorder. >> reporter: her smile with light all room. at two years old brooke has touched the heart of thousands. >> she has won everyone over being her. >> reporter: her family adopted her in china despite her deadly condition that required a liver transplant. >> they pursued her knowing she has an unlikely chance of survival. >> reporter: they have been waiting for months. ferris family got the call they had been praying for. a liver was available. it was a race against the clock. brooke had to reach the hospital in chicago before a certain time or she would be passed over.
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cancellation of hundreds of flights into chicago. driving or taking a train would take too long. private pilots offered their own planes. a memphis teacher offered to charter a jet. the weather kept pushing back time. this picture shows friends praying outside their home at 6:00 running out of options. that's when fed-ex stepped in putting brooke on a cargo plane. >> she said be at the airport in 30 minutes. plane and got pilots. >> reporter: a decision that may have helped save her life. fed-ex didn't want to talk on camera but sent us this happy to help brooke. now family and friends are surgery. big city together. >> the fact that the world gets
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>> that's what i'm talking about. way to go fed-ex! they really stepped up. >> those parents who save her life to begin with bringing her from china and getting her on the transplant list. >> she is out of surgery and recovering in the icu. >> family still needs $35,000 to cover the travel costs, er bills and the copays. they are spreading the wo (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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a pushing to help your loved ones get out alive in an emergency. from a controversial tazing to concern over trust, is a community losing confidence in its own police department? police chases are captivating but how do they offer [ no audio ] we are going behind the scenes next. a push to protect your loved ones. i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'll dion lim. lighted exit signs and fire extinguishers, chances are your work place has them, as well. what about assisted living
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surprisingly they are not held up to the same standards. 10 news reporter darren flowers is digging deeper. >> reporter: this demo shows how quickly a room can go up in flames. imagine your home not having the proper tools to protect you. >> they want these places to be safe. they are safe. >> reporter: currently florida law requires most buildings to have the newest fire safety equipment. >> like nursing homes and hospitals and daycare facilities. they have been updated every three years. >> reporter: surprisingly adult living facilities are not held to the same standards. they are only required to follow fire safety codes set back in 1994. tampa representative harrison hopes to change that. he is sponsoring a bill to


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