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tv   10 News at 1100pm  WTSP  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and tomorrow, this campaign [ cheers ]. >> hillary clinton collect a big win in south carolina but can she ride this high all the way too super tuesday? >> hillary clinton is leaving south carolina with more delegates than she started with. her win marks her third victory in the first four contests of the 2016 campaign season but as reporter craig boswell explains, bernie sanders is not throwing in the towel, not yet. >> reporter: hillary clinton ran away with the south carolina presidential primary.
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clinton beat bernie sanders by a wide margin. exit polls show 83% of black voters went to hillary clinton and also dominated among women by nearly 50%. ann bolton hopes that she gets a chance to be president. >> the main thing that's on her mind is to see that the americans have what they need to have. >> reporter: with more than 800 delegates up for grabs, sanders looked past south carolina saturday and, over the next three days, is focusing on vermont, minnesota, massachusetts, oklahoma and colorado. sanders was in texas earlier saturday where he is fighting an uphill battle in the poll. >> if all of you come out to vote and you about i your friends and your neighbors and your coworkers, we are going to win here in texas. >> thank you, alabama >> reporter: clinton campaigned in alabama before returning to
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>> we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we are not anyone for granted. >> reporter: voter there is told cbs news that political experience was important to them and add that this helps clinton pick up a decisive win in south carolina. washington. republican presidential candidate donald trump arrived in tennessee along with former candidate chris christie who previously ran. >> he is 22 points behind . if he ran for a state office in florida today, he could not be elected as dog catcher. we'll beat him here. >> rubio says he can't win
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1200 delegates required to take home the republican presidential nomination. >> the next big events is march 1st, super tuesday. more than a dozen states and territories are holding elections almost 600 delegates are up for grabs. now. we are in for a chilly night. storm tracker for us. >> that's right. some areas already in the 30s. we have a very big temperature threat between brooksville, 39 degrees. san pete, 16 degrees warmer. let's take a look at what we expect for the tampa bay area. in fact, we'll see temps in the low 40s to mid-40s right around the time that you are waking up. but look at this huge jump from 6:00 a.m. to noon time. just about 30 degrees. the warmer weather is ahead.
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chilly night. >> much more ahead in just a few minutes. >> thank you, kate. developing now. a man drowns after his boat capsized in plant city. police say two men were on a boat in a pond near turkey creek road when the boat slipped about 50 treat from shore. both men tried to swim to safety. only one made it to shore. we are learning to learn the identity of those men. new tonight, a marine's mission is accomplished. he fought tampa international airport over a legal loophole over free parking for disabled veterans and won. jonathan petramala shows you now. >> reporter: he enlisted during vietnam but more recently, he got into a war of words. >> to me, they are nit-picking the wording >> reporter: he read about the free parking to disabled
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tsa knew. >> i don't want to pull in at midnight and the little lady in anything. >> legally, nit-picking, they were right, but it was just the idea of, come on, everybody in the state of florida has no problem except tampa airport. >> reporter: he called every airport in florida to see how they were handling it. only tampa international was stopping disabled veterans with dv tags from parking for free until legislators began closing the legal loophole and this started the media attention. >> reporter: he reached out to state senator nancy dieter who rewrote and sponsored the law. it passed unanimously. >> amazing. >> reporter: mission accomplished for this disabled
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won't be a problem anymore. >> law is waiting to be signed by the governor and will take effect july 1st. tampa international airport started allowing freeparking for disabled veterans. jonathan explains the law in detail on our website. and downtown lakeland was closed off today for a good cause. eagle runners used downtown for a 5k benefiting holland's regional health. it's an annual eventual that disease. up to support it. >> i just think it's always nice when the right idea with the right people and the right together. we can do some magical things. so i'm really looking forward to who you this grows. >> last year's run raised
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parts of a chemotherapy area at the cancer center. in st. petersburg now, a special celebration means that you will have another choice when it comes to the stamps you buy. the u.s. postal service unveiled the black history stamp. the staple many honored richard allen who is not only a minister but an educator and a talented writer. >> writing inspired reverend douglas and dr. luther king, jr. a man born into slavey, bought his freedom and found add church. >> he founded the african methodist episcopal church. six people from our community named champions for justice. they were honored for their
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justice, social advocacy, law enforcement, community and faith-based at vote ka -- advocacy. i was honored to serve as the m c. the luncheon was yesterday. baseball season's opening day is just a few weeks away but excitement already heating up for the tampa bay rays, all things to their annual fan fest. fans filled tropicana field this morning for the festivities. you can see them there. family has a chance to meet players like chris archer and snap some photographs with them. players even signed autographs. coming up on 10 sports, playing for a state championship and the most decorated class at usf ever have their days.
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earth, but it could get cheaper or costlier, depending upon
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looking to visit a disney theme park this year? don't set a date without listening to this. disney is rolling out seasonal prices. disney say visitors need to check out a special calendar to see which rates are considered regular, value or peak. depends on how busy the park is. at walt disney world, a value ticket will cost the same price you are paying now. regular would add about $5 and peak days about $20. 10 news out in the community tonight taking part
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ian reitz and isabel mascareas were there. party had a sir cause is the moss circus -- circus atmosphere. and reginald roundtree m c the vegas-style night featured tickets from local bands. just about whatever you did tonight, you probably need add jacket on. chilly out there. >> it is, tammy. going to be chilly, especially by sunday morning. we'll have areas that will be dipping down into the 30s. hard to believe that march is just less than a week away at this point. you can see on our storm tracker 10 model, not a whole lot going on tonight.
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but we do have freeze watches in effect. just to our north. patchy frost possible there in citrus and fernando county. st. petersburg, 49. lakeland, 39 degrees and brooksville, down to 31 degrees this morning. and that's pretty much cold for anybody's standard, let alone here in the tampa bay region. it was a very pretty day today from our wesley chapel toyota honda. beautiful blue skies. we're going to keep the sunshine in the forecast for sun day temperatures, a big spread as i mentioned earlier in the show. 39 in brookville. st. pete, 39 degrees. bradenton dropped 2 degrees. dewpoints very, very low. when we hear dewpoints in the low 30s, that means that the overnight temperatures will drop into the 30s and we do
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into the 30s in citrus county. high pressure to the north and northwest so the clockwise flow giving us a north erie direction. the clockwise flow will give us winds out of the east and southeast. temperatures will jump nearly low. 45 the low for tampa. down to 39 degrees for citrus county. 36 inverness. spring hill, 38 degrees. patchy fog will be possible. portions of citrus county, hernando county and even pasco. so make sure that you bring your pets inside and cover your sensitive vegetation. lakeland down to 39 degrees. if you are hitting the links
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probably already have your tee time set but it is going to warm up dramatically all the way to 62 degrees a big difference from where we start in the low to mid-30s. wind on the east-northeast at 5 to 8. your afternoon sunday is going to be just put few. low humidity. lots of sparkling sunshine and high temperatures slightly below age. average high this time of the warmer. we'll see the mid- to upper 70s for inland locations. 77 in new tampa. mcdill, 75 degrees 73 anna maria. polk county, temps heating up into the mid-70s 75 degrees in lakeland. not a whole lot to show you with the future cast model. winds starting out of the east- northeast. we'll see a little wind change near the coast. onshore flow keeping temperatures a little bit cooler by the immediate coast line. as we head into sunday evening, we start to see some mid-and
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from the south. that's going to keep temperatures from dropping so dramatically as we head into your monday morning. taking the boat out sunday? seas two feet. low tide at 10:38. seven-day forecast keeping us dry sunday, monday, few isolated showers. i-75 and east. warmer, scattered showers and rain comes back into the forecast for friday, too. you can track the showers and storms make sure to download the 10 news app >> it's free for you in your app stores. three local high schools took their shots at winning a state championship in basketball. we'll tell you why this basketball player was compelled to run in the crowd following (phone ringing)
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welcome to 10 sports. packers have been homeless for two years as their gym undergoes renovation. largo packed up and practiced all over pinellas county but, today, they called the lakers center their home court. playing for their first after title game. jakarie allen putting the pack up by 4. but they would trail by 1. so check out the kicked ball. bobby round tree with a nice in front. 1:40 before the front.
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they led by as many as 21 as dillard goes on to win state pinellas county, first state hoop title since 1985. they made it rain early. green devils down 10. eely doing it again, second quarter. darius banks trying to lead st. pete back, throwing it down. but eely up 12 at the half. antoine read, the jumper, late in the ballgame. st. pete goes down. st. pete has not won a state hoop title since 1933. night cap, bay view facing coral springs in the aa title. river view down 5. off the miss, wright with the putback. river view down 3. 23 ticks to go. trayvon white the flush.
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check out d.j. bryant. the move. sarasota river view down 2. but demyron white too much down the threat with the free throws. six in the final minute. coral springs picks up the championship. first glance, the commodores win over the gators are this week. you would have thought that would have slammed the door on florida's big dance dream but vanderbilt followed up with an upset against kentucky. and so florida against lsu. a loss would mean they are out. robinson, 4 of 5 from behind the arc. gators cut it to 5. casey hill. down. florida now down 2 but that's
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lsu survives. florida drops back-to-back ballgames and the lady side, senior usf, bulls hosting tempo. what a game for this senior, strongfield, coast to coast, game high 20 points. williams 13. the other terrific senior, alicia jenkins with 18 points and is it boards. usf wins their third in a row, 76-62. they'll get a shot at number 1 in the nation, u-conn on the road monday. lightning walk into boston tomorrow tied with the bruins for second in the atlantic division with a game in hand. they happen to be the hottest team in the eastern conference riding a five-game winning streak. that game will be indoors, but colorado and red wings playing outdoors. colorado up 2-1. but no-look
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brad richards, yes, that brad richards, the former lightning conn smyth award winner. he nets the gamed-winner 5-3. red wings beat the avs. >> and annual fan feft, team was delayed nearly two hours from the way from port charlotte. well worth the trip, interacting with the die hard. playing the game, interacting with the kiddos and signing some autographs. >> cool thing, when i was younger, just being -- that's something that was really, really special. come here. all fun. free for people to come and do. no reason why you should not come out and have a good time >> i had a good time, being able to hang out with the kids and seeing the smile on their faces that we could bring to them. that's all exciting. to the third, third round of the honda classic.
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after the first shot found the water, his drop shot, well, this one does not have breaks and just keeps rolling into the drink. he took five strokes to get on to the drink. aqua driewm bogey 7. scott finished tied with sergio gas yard. >> what tremendous seen last night. senior night at oakland university in michigan. matt hooper by his side. hooper scoring 12 points for the game. after wards, he heads up the stairs looking for his father who has been battling cancer. he had a stroke. and there is dad, bringing his hospital bed, you know.
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>> you're going to make me cry.
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eyes, hormones know, too. dogs know. kids know. st augustine knows. debs know. guys who peaked in high school know. oh yea, this guy? he definitely knows. scotts bonus s. brand in the south. s good out here.
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the denver post is reporting that peyton manning will retire by the week's end. they tweeted that. no official word from the denver bronco. >> i know you will have more on that tomorrow. >> yes. >> chilly night yes. 37 degrees in brooksville. we could see some patchy frost, too. make sure if you are headed out early morning for church, maybe go out to breakfast, you will need your coats and jackets and warmer as you head into sunday afternoon. >> you have been warmed. >> yes. >> thank you, kate. >> thank you for watching us. be sure to watch us tomorrow night at 6:30.
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