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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 28, 2016 11:08pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight -- the "ride for roger"... >> you put your foot on the gas you're driving a lethal weapon. you're pulling the trigger at any time if you're not paying attention. >> tonight the ride for rogers tow truck drivers tribute to one of their own killed on the job by an alleged hit-and-run driver. good evening. a tribute by tow truck drivers for a fell low driver killed earlier this month nearly stretched half the length of the howard frankland bridge.
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as far as you can see. >> we're memorializing. >> reporter: 100 tow truck drivers passing by the spot where robert was killed earlier this month. snit breaks your heart. it could be any one of us. >> reporter: the ride for roger. a moving message. >> + please move over. let us do our jobs safely. >> reporter: florida already has a move over law. emergency vehicles or tow trucks you're supposed to move over a lane or reduce your speed by 20 miles per hour. >> if the driver moved over a half a lane we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> reporter: 36-year-old alan huffman has a history of dangerous driving. while huffman is in in jail the know can yous of the family today was on the lives saved by him when he was supposed to be off the clock and finish for the decadeday.
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to keep them out of harm's way. and then he gets hurt himself. >> reporter: something each one of these drivers face every time they hit the road to help. in tampa 10 news wtsp>> huffman remains in jail on a $ 375,000 bond. >> a new -- a fire breaks out. on bell la bell la lane. according to investigators the mobile home caught fire and the fire spread to two other mobile homes. fierts say two of the homes are a complete loss. no one was hurt but firefighters believe two dogs died in the fire. investigators are trying to figure ot how the fire started. reason -- republican
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criticism after refusing to distance himself from a controversial endorsement. two days before super tuesday. >> reporter: republican front runner donald trump cammed in alabama sunday afternoon. earlier he appeared on sate of the union and refused to denounce an endorsement of -- >> i don't know david duke i don't blooe i've never met him and i don't know anything about him pm>> reporter: other candidates slammed trunk. >> there's no -- >> we don't have any place for white salespeople cyst in the united states. >> reporter: clinton also attacked trump.
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>> reporter: a new cbs battleground tracker pole shows clinton is ahead of sanders. sanders admits he's got work to do after losing south carolina democratic primarieses. >> we did really badly with voeters. >> reporter: trump is ahead in georgia and virginia but triled cruz in his oem state of texas. 155 dells are at stake there. >> time for stories making headlines. 06-second scan. >> we begin in dayton ohio where the pastor of a baptist church was shot dead during service. that pastor's younger brother is
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witnesses say the choir was singing when the suspect opened fire. 20 people with in the church at the time of the shooting. >> travis county, texas where a dump truck caught on camera barreling lieu a red light. the truck slams into a car and barely misses others. thankfully no one was seriously -- seriously hurt. >> the falcon 9 rocket launched was scrubbed tonight. the ceo said a low thrust alarm led computers to cut off the rocket's engines a second before lift off. after it sat on the launch pad minutes. a big change coming to two bay area schools when students
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different law enforcement agency is entrusted with keeping them safe. no more zephyr hill police officers. contract. two corporals will serve as the school resource officers. >> tomorrow ahead of spring break you're going to northeast more rip current warning signs. the first of nearly 80 signs is being installed at the park and clear water in the morning to make you more aware of the danger and teach you how to break the grip of rip current.
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coming in they're spending money in our restaurants and shops. they're experiencing our beaches and all that we have to offer. >> benderson park is a premier spot nor local and international sporting events. it was bachelor's degrey and it was a battle. see if the boat's winning streak can survive in boston. >> the little things that you can do for a big boost when it comes to your internet speed. >> it was a gorgeous week with -- weekend with sunshine. we're starting to see clouds moving into the area. those clouds are going to help keep temperatures a little more on the mild side tonight.
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back. do you ever team feel like you're not getting what you paid for when it comes to the speet spooed of your internet service. our news partners in seattle went out to test the connections and sometimes it's not the company causing slow downs. ie oovment you know netflix. >> always at the good parts. >> the timing. door. >> reporter: that seems like an first world problem. in our digital age it's about being connected. that's tough to do when your
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>> reporter: how can that be? fastest. >> up to 40 megs. for. >> six to eight. i'm not getting what apaid for. >> reporter: it's not always as simple as blaming the internet companies. >> the box of tricks. >> reporter: charlie is an internet expert. he says there's common problems. he diagnosed the problem on the fliep at nix's house the modem was on the third floor. the first floor connection was limited. >> you get an access point poochlt which boosts the signal. >> reporter: at melanies he found out she uses multiple device at the same time. that can bog down the bandwidth. >> every device should have at least 5 megabits allocated.
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run no more than four device. and charlie router was a couple years old. >> the old router doesn't have what it takes anymore>> reporter: there are other reasons for connect activity problems too. a virus, your cord less phone could be transmitting on the same frequency. if it's not your router or problem internet problems can get away with consistently giving you less than the top advertised speed. remember the commercials. that up to phrase is common. >> it's ambiguous. we are willing to accept things when we don't understand them. good sunday evening. i hope you enjoyed your weekend. lots of sunshine today. type lapse from our camera.
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we are enjoying the longer daylight as we head toward march. march 2 days away starts on tuesday. already cool across portions of the nature coast. 49 in brooksville where we're not seeing much cloud cover. we'll see temperatures drop little built by the way over night. not by much. a degree or two and quickly warming up by late monday morning. a warming trend ensues for the workweek. high pressure in the western gulf, actually the western atlantic. we're tracking moisture in the gulf of mexico. this will not reach land as far as any rain is concerned. you can see the weak impulse bricking clouds to the pam ta bay area. we will see patchy fog as well as partly cloudy skies to start your monday. getting the kids ready for school in the morning, a light jacket for the bay area and a
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citrus where we will see c temperatures. low temps dropping into the mid 40s. 58 the low in st. petersburg. monday afternoon milk mix of sun and clouds. ilt it will be quiet and qualm with holdup. 74. 77 brooksville. 78 degrees in clear water. 74 in an maria island. going to be a warm one. city. future cast keeping us nice and dry. east-northeast. by the noon hour we see on shore
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sea breeze circulation sets up. that will keep the immediately coastline cooler than areas say to the east of i-75. more sunshine for the second half of monday versus monday morning. if you thoop have monday off winds a r diminishing out of the east and shifting to the northwest during the evening. bay waters smooth. sun getting strong this time of year. use sunscreen. we're tracking high levels of juniper, okay and nettle. if you find yourself sneezing hopefully it's justal ler justice and not a cold. as we go out in time. when is the next time we will need umbrellas or see rain? not good chances of that. high pressure will scoot off to the east as it does so we will from the north. most of the energy with the
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scattered light hours with us. clearing skies late wednesday into the first half of thursday. here's your seven day forecast. 20% chance at a few scattered showers on wednesday. few isolated showers possible after 7:00 p.m. thursday and early friday morning and then guess what, we are looking at a another beautiful weekend. saturday and sunday high temps upper 70s low 80s with more sunshine. you can stay on top of the weather. download the 10 news app through your apple or android phone. you'll have access to live storm tracker 10 and also sign up for breaking weather alerts. >> the lightning locked in a big battle in bay town against bruins for second in the division while trade.
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>> just under
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lightning general manager steve yzerman. serious movers and shakers. getting the right shot defenseman and drun could be the ticket to acquiring one. both teams stooi tied for the second in the atlantic division. [ indiscernible ] equalizer. his 13 #129 season. him in the second. i remember my first day of skates. callahan two on none. callie the first of two in the game. lightning go up to 3-1. later in the period. steven awarded a penalty shot. money. six game back at center. six goals during that time frame. a scary moment. tyler johnson takes a puck to the head. bleeding profusely. johnny would skate off the ice
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john cooper said he needed a couple of stuchs. bolts win six in a row. 4-1. >> diamond. university of tampa shocked the filly ts. the fill fi lilies finish -- joe erso accepting the onner. former ray on the mound frl the phils. a's wor. -- easy workload. bottom of the 1st. phil load the bases. chopper off the glove. phils blade two. jumping out to 4-0 lead.
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top of the 3 rd. david, ut with three runs in the frame. 8-3 win. >> down in [ indiscernible ] log jam at first base. this morning they try steve pierce at second. the expectation is they'll try at first. >> ultimately a championship team that's what you want to have. you'll have to make difficult decisions. every team goes into camp knowing that. our front office has done a tremendous job adding people. it should be foun watch that unfold. >> i'm going to go out and see -- show what can i do and let them make a decision. as far as me believing in myself, i believe i'm the best first baseman on the team. and i want everyone else to
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>> taking on the nationals. thursday hosting the orioles. friday they get on the bus and take on the red sox. >> adam scott over came his bogey gappiest. -- yesterday. finished one stroke better than garcia. >> the track. nascar. running in atlanta. after the second caution flag. jimmie johnson running out in front of kyle busch. and eastern heart, jr.. they finish under green and johnson go on to take the checker tying earnhart senior. coming up tomorrow hit the road myself going done to port charlotte, check out the boys, the rays.
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all stars or sierp stars but they're expected to contend and you'll hear why they will. >> thank you, countries. back in a moment. get a busch gardens fun card now and let the fun begin. pay for a day, dive all year, splash all year, thrill,
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