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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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bridge for a fellow tow truck driver killed earlier this month. calling out trump...the criticism he faces for a controversial endoresement. and keeping everyone at our beaches safe. the sand ahead of spring break season. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm lets get a look at meteorologist bobby deskins.
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truck drivers....for a fellow driver killed earlier this month. it stretched nearly half of the length of the howard franklin bridge. 10 news reporter jonathan petramala talked with drivers and the victim's family members who hope the drive will help send a powerful message. a show of respect as far as you can see around one hundred tow truck drivers passing by the spot where roger perez- borrotto was killed by a hit and run driver earlier this month. the "ride for roger" also itself, a moving message. 36 year old allison huffman has a history of dangerous driving including three dui arrests...while
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scene of a crash involving a death, the focus of family today was on the lives saved by borrotto while he was supposed to be off the clock and finished for the day something each one of these drivers face everytime they hit the road to help in tampa, jonathan petramala, 10 news
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huffman remains in jail....on a 375- thousand dollar bond out of hillsborough county.# new overnight. a fire breaks out at a pasco county mobile home park. it happend around 8 o'clock sunday night...on bella bella lane in odessa. according to investigators a mobile home caught fire...and the fire spread to two other mobile homes nearby. firefighters say 2 of the homes were destroyed. the third home only had minor damage. no one was hurt...but firefighters believe two dogs died in this fire. investigators are still trying to figure out how the fire started. crashed on a road in gainesville sunday afternoon. investigators say the pilot reported a fire in the plane's cockpit before it went down. the pilot and his passenger were taken to a hospital to be checked out.. they are expected to be okay. an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon is facing murder charges. police say he killed his wife and opened fire on three police officers in a washington, d-c suburb. officer ashley
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and killed saturday on her very first day on patrol with the prince william county police department in virginia. guindon and two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute when investigators say 32 year old ronald hamilton shot and killed his wife then opened fire on the officers. guindon -- a 6 year marine corp reservist -- was just sworn in on friday. this picture was posted to the department's twitter page welcoming her and another officer. it said "be safe". republican presidential candidate donald trump is facing criticism this morning after he refused to distance himself from a controversial endorsement. as reporter don champion explains...this comes just one day before "super tuesday". here's a look at
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world in your 60 second scan... the pastor of a dayton, ohio was shot dead during service sunday. now, that pastor's facing charges for witnesses say the when the suspect to the pulpit and opened fire. people were inside the church at the time of the shooting. in travis county, texas a dump truck was caught on camera barreling through a red light! into a car...and just barely missed several others. there was a big mess to cleanup -- but was seriously hurt. in cape canaveral... not the charm for space x.
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rocket launch was scrubbed sunday night for the third time in the past 5 days. the space-x c-e-o said on twitter that a low thrust alarm led computers to cut off the rocket's engines about a second before lift- off. that was after the rocket sat on the launch pad an extra 35 minutes longer than expected, when a boat wandered into its flight path.## right now we're learning "who" the boater is who drowned in plant city this past weekend. detectives say two men were on a boat on a small pond near turkey creek road and business lane saturday. the boat flipped about 50-feet from the shore. they say both men tried to swim to safety. jose perez bravo didn't survive...antonio lopez was able to make it to shore.## a woman in naples is blaming an e- cigarette for exploding in her mouth...leaving her with serious burns. the woman says she was sitting in her rental car and was vaping when her e-cigarette exploded -- knocking out her teeth. she ran to get help -- and that's when the car burst into flames.
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fire adminstration showed many e- cigarette explosions over the years happened when the lithium batteries failed, the device overheated or the while the device was charging. happening today a big change coming to 2 bay area schools. when students step on campus in the morning -- a different law enforcement agency will be entrusted with keeping them safe... no more zephyrhills police officers at raymond b. stewart middle school and zephyrhills high school. the city of zephyrhills and pasco county schools are ending their contract there. now two corporals from the pasco county sheriff's office will serve as their school resource officers.# also starting today - ahead of spring break you'll start seeing more rip current warning signs at nearly a dozen pinellas county beaches... the first of nearly 80 signs was installed at "sand key park" in
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the goal is to make you more aware of the danger and teach you how to "break the grip" of rip currents.## coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning... early voting starts on today in hillsborough county. we take a closer look at how early voting could impact this year's presidential race. an investigating is underway in texas after four people, including two children, were killed in a plane crash. the 88th academy awards will be one to remember. if you didn't stay up, we've got the big moments that you missed. lots to talk about 20 minutes. ## does your internet speed seem slow, maybe not what you paid for? coming up, what's really causing your internet service to slow down. but first.. heading out to the farm for a very special birthday party. the inspiratinal story of eric won't
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'wheel famous.' you to eric piburn he calls himself 'wheel famous.' we first introduced
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'wheel famous.' we first introduced you to eric piburn back in january. remember -- he came to our studios to do a live interview with pat and vanna from wheel of fortune. it's the terminally-ill child's favorite tv show. that was one major check off his
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sunday, he got the chance to fulfill one more. 10 news reporter garin flowers was with eric for his very first birthday celebration. nat eric piburn has never had a formal birthday party.but his tenth year made up for it all. his tenth year made up for it all. nat - hundreds greeted the terminally ill land o lakes boy.the guest list included chubaca, r2-d2, spiderman, batman.a pretty distinguished list. sot goood and, the star wars his own light saber show. sot i loved it why the big party you ask.eric hasn't lived an easy 10 years of life and is still facing an uphill battle. he was born with a congenital heart defect and has pulmonary hypertension.
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bash was a challenge. sot this is what got us through this last week with the doctor calling us last minute saying we're going in the hospital on monday. his mother randi and the rest of his family and friends.were touched by the overwhelming support from across the country. sot this is for him and that all these people care about him and love him. half these people we don't even know personally. sot not a soul, not a single person. not danielle sullivan host of the event.nor her team of helpers knew eric before planning this party. they were drawn in by his positivity. sot it was him, it was his personality, it was his character, how vibrant he was in such a critical situation. penny foote hadn't even met him before this interview.but still worked to get sponsorships for raffles and a silent auction.all money that will go toward helping eric recover and fulfill his bucket list. sot he;s an incredible child, his spirit is amazing and i just wanted to help. the least those who know him and don't
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that makes them smile. in odessa, garin flowers 10 news wtsp. this past weekend marked the 7th annual two-day sarasota invitational regatta. the event at nathan benderson park brought in 65 clubs, more than 700 boat entries and 1500 athletes. some of those rowers came all the way from san francisco, canada, and germany. all of those visitors...make for a great boost to the local economy. benderson park is a premiere spot for local and international sporting events. the park will host the world rowing championships in 20- 17. do you ever feel like you're not getting what you pay for when it comes to the speed of your internet service? our news partners in seattle set out to test those connections -- and found sometimes it's not the company...that's causing the slow down.
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community! the circus-themed event you could find us at, celebrating a great cause. tonight on 10 news and cbs primetime.. supergirl at 8:00.. followed by scorpion at 9:00 and n-c-i-s: los angeles at 10. then stay tuned for 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests spike jonze and jeffrey dean
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i had the chance to mascarenas this weekend -- and emcee a fundraiser for the it took place at feld entertainment.. and the party had a circus atmosphere with a variety of performances... coming up on 10
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early voting starts today in part of the bay area. where you can go and why it's so important for our state. plus, tampa bay makes a top 10 list...but not in a good way. why our home is among the top regions threatened most by global warming. and the cyber attack into the irs may be worse than initially thought. we'll be back with another look at your weather and traffic, in three
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good morning and welcome to 10 news good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm jenny dean, in for allison. and i'm ian reitz.


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