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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i'm meteorologist bobby deskins. it is mild. mid to upper 50s through most areas now. light jacket or sweating heading out. we'll see temperatures back up in the mid 70s. there will be a few clouds around. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy. bring your sunglasses. it will be on the sunny side midday. three day forecast coming up in ten minutes. here's hilary zalla. >> i'm road warrior hilary zalla. your time is 6:00 a.m. on your monday morning. i'm on top of a big hot spot in pinellas county. brian dairy road is shutdown after a driver ran into a pillar. that person has passed away. they are stilling investigating this incident. scene. i'll get you a detour coming up in ten minutes and we'll look
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good morning. i'm jeannie dean. >> i'm ian reitz. a car slammed into a support pillar at briar dairy road. an inspector is there looking at the overpass. 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck is there live. >> reporter: fdot here now. i want to show you the area of concern.
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that's where fdot is investigating to make sure this bridge is safe. the big questions this morning is why are cars still going over the top of the bridge if safety is a concern? at 3:00 a.m. the driver of this car was going extremely fast when he crashed in the support pillars under the overpass of brian dairy road. they shutdown this area because they have to make sure the overpass is safe enough to carry the tons of weight that it carries over top as well as the area under the bottom to make sure everybody is safe there. as we mentioned i called, texted and e-mailed the sergeants on this case to find out what is being done and why there are cars still going over top.
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i'm sarah hollenbeck 10 news wtsp. the presidential primary race is heating up in florida. you can start casting your ballots in person early today. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is joining us live in tampa. early voting gives you flexibility. there is a chance your vote won't count. >> reporter: that's right. here's why. if you look at this sample ballot the very first name on the ballot you see is jeb bush. this ballot was printed before out of the race. say you heard they quit the race and you see their name and think they are back in. if you vote for them, it will not count. ballots. for someone no longer in the race you vote will not matter. you cannot do it again.
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especially in the case of jeb bush. >> with his name at the top people will see that and may gravitate to it. i don't think it is unheard to see him get over 5% of the vote. that can be costly to marco rubio and lesser to ted cruz. could allow trump to have the pathway to victory in florida and winner take all in delegates. >> reporter: some of those votes could be for people no longer in the race. what happens if you cast your vote and it doesn't count does anybody even tell you this happen? i'm looking into that now. i'll have an answer for you coming up at 6:30. live in tampa emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. today is the home stretch before super tuesday, which is tomorrow. this is a day that could make
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rubio and ted cruz are hoping to stop donald trump's momentum who has a strong lead heading into the most important day of the primary season. they are taking aim at trump. >> i don't know david duke. i don't believe i have ever met him. i don't know him. >> no canidate can control what outside groups do. but in my view racism and politics. >> hillary clinton campaigned in south carolina on sunday hoping to capitalize on her big win in south carolina. army staff sergeant who killed his wife and a police officer in a washington, d.c. hours.
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on her face day on patrol in virginia. ronald hamilton shot and killed his wife and then open fire on police. >> i heard the shots back-to- back. >> two other officers were taken to the hospital. he lived with his wife and 11- year-old son. the boy was found unharmed inside the home. deputies will be keeping your child safe instead of police. it all stems from the video you just watched. last september zephyrhills police were investigating a shoplifting case. suspect in the video refused to come out of his house.
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officers have to show proficiency with tasers and fire arms. an investigation is underway this morning to find out what caused a fear at this county. it happened sunday in odessa off chesapeake drive. firefighters tell us two dogs died in the fire. the fire originally started in one mobile home and eventually spread to two others. it happened again. you might remember this cruise ship, the anthem of the seas. it had to be turned around before reaching port canaveral earlier this month because of storm damage. the ship needed to turn around to avoid sailing into another major storm in atlantic.
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norovirus outbreak on board. developing this morning the cyber attack of the irs is worse than initially thought. federal agency says scammers gained access to 700,000 accounts. that's more than double the previous estimate. the information stolen could include data used to file a false return and collect a refund. as you head to work this morning you may want to fill up. drivers are seeing the lowest gas prices since 2004. gas prices typically increase because of seasonal refinery maintenance which leads to reductions in supply. the national average for a gallon of gas is a $1.75. the bay area is cheaper at $1.65. have you checked your facebook feed? you probably seen lots of buzz
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>> it will be one to remember. here are the big moments you missed. spotlight, which highlights victims of the catholic sex scandal won for best picture. mad max series road was the most honored film walking away with six production awards. "the revenant" won for best directing and leonardo dicaprio won best actor. >> i do not take tonight for granted. thank you very much. >> brea larsson won best actress for her roll in room. it was all about the all white nominees. academy has taken several steps to diversify its membership. >> a lot of people talked about the acceptance speeches being shorter than in year's past. tampa bay is on an environmental watch list.
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say our area is one of the top ten in the world when it comes to climate change. a rock slide forced a busy part of i-75 to shutdown for weeks. we are tracking a deadly
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sunshine skyway bridge looking good. so far not seeing any delays. let's go live o our sky 10 network camera across the howard frankland bridge. not looking terrible yet. it is taking six minutes to cross. going into tampa there is not a delay yet. courtney campbell causeway and the gandy bridge looking good morning we'll pick up in the next 30 minutes. i'll keep an eye on them.
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>> light winds on the bridges. seasonal forecast for the next three days. 76 today. 75 is average. tomorrow warm spots will head 80s degrees. cooler at the beaches. a back cold front comes through on wednesday. we are only dropping back a few degrees in the 70s. cooler air is in place now. that will lift up. even after the front on wednesday we'll stay warm behind that one and another front on friday. it is monday february 29th. this is your eye opener. a look at the day's top stories at 6:00. >> donald is not going to make america great. he is going to make it orange. a new cbs news poll shows trump and clinton leading in key states. today early voting starts
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on saturday early voting sites including pinellas, pasco, >> and the oscar goes to. [ no audio ] for best picture. leonardo dicaprio won best actor. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. a man is expect. ed to make a full recovery after falling 20 feet over a cliff in california. they were able to lift the 31- year-old who fractured his leg to a nearby hospital. he was flying a helicopter and crashed on the rocks below. today a judge will consider throwing out model janice dickenson's suit against bill cosby.
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stories about her accounts with the comedian. she sued cosby in may claiming he drugged and raped her. she claims he called her a liar. 106 burmese python's have been captured in florida's month-long hunt. the longest snake was 15 feet caught by a hunting group from sarasota. 20,000 people took part in the hunt january 16th to february 14th. 30,000 cars and trucks take i-35 through tennessee each day. this rock slide shutdown the interstate causing major headaches for drivers. trees block the middle of the road. rocks are still falling. the slope is so unstable traffic will need to be rerouted for weeks. here's hilary zalla with a
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>> i'm on top of a serious accident on brian dairy road at u.s. 19. it is shutdown under the u.s. 19 overpass. frontage road is affected here. southbound lanes are closed. we know a driver rammed into the pillar of the overnight. the driver passed away. fdot is on the scene. 19. let me get you a detour along brian dairy road. your main alternate is ulmerton road to the north. a look at i-4 in polk county at polk parkway. things are quiet so far. if you are heading into tampa from i-75 on over to polk
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i'm just learning of an accident in san antonio in pasco county on i-75 going south after state road 52. all we know now is a car ran into a ditch. no main lanes are blocked. you can you are seeing delays on i-75 going south. you'll want to slow down passing this. we have police on the shoulder. sarasota and manatee county so far so good. no delays on i-75 yet. bobby? >> we are looking good visibility-wise. cooler numbers for hernando and citrus county.
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you can see the mid and high level clouds moving over. they appear. cloudy skies. they are acting as a blanket. it is relative out there. 55 lakeland and river view. sarasota 56. kids at the bus stop generally in the mid to upper 50s. a light jacket or sweater. we'll be dry and partly cloudy. we'll see temperatures in the mid 70s. it will be a comfortable day. very light winds this morning. most areas reporting calm winds. as we heat up later today, lunchtime and beyond we'll develop a sea breeze. see the northwest wind coming in off the water. even on the apollo beach side
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hours. sun support at 6:55. down at 6:30. we'll go to 76 degrees. 75 is our average high. residual seas. they'll come downturning northwest with the sea breeze. 5 to 10 knots. it is really nice on the bay and the sounds out there. our forecast model. i want to take you through tonight and tomorrow. it is a beautiful day. notice where the frontal afternoon. watch med day on wednesday. here comes the frontal boundary. partly cloudy skies. very maul chance for showers. another one looking similar as we get into friday. both of those keeps on the warm side behind the front. much. saturday 78. sunday upper 70s to 80 degrees. all week long, basically dry. mid to upper 70s. tomorrow. close to it again by saturday into sunday.
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weather into the first week of march. slightly above normal temperatures even with the front. you can catch our forecast on the radio. today is leap day. a unique day for anyone born on february 29th. we are sharing fun facts for the day coming up. we'll tell you about a change made at mercedes benz creating jobs on the assembly line.
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we are look okay on i-275 and hillsborough. it is not horrible. ipex to i-4 is 16 minutes. traveling manatee county north into hillsborough along i-75 through sun city center and river view it is taking 24 minutes from i-275 up to the selmon expressway. the ride home looks fantastic. partly cloudy skies. mid 70s. there will be a few clouds south of i-4 through the afternoon hours. nice and dry on the way home. 70 degrees by the time we get into 6:00. travel weather today quiet on the east coast. there is a storm system moving through the rockies. that's about it. you hear about companies getting rid of the employees to make room for robots. mercedes benz is swapping out assembly line. mercedes benz processes 1500-
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it comes every four years. and we have one today. leap day. in ireland today is bachelor's day. it is where women propose to men. the tradition began in scotland in 1248. the chances of having a baby on leap year is one in 1461. leap year babies are said to have unusual talents. >> there is a lot of freebies. pizza hut, hard rock cafe. it has to be your birthday today. big moments from hollywood's biggest night. we are live streaming through the 6:00 to 7:00 hour. facebook. >> come join the conversation.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist bobby deskins. we are looking at a nice start. out the door mid 50s. near 60 along the coast. on our way to the mid 70s for this afternoon. there will be quite a few clouds around. we are seeing the sun over the horizon. if you look at the top of the screen that's a hole in the
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winds are light. that's good news. it is not blowing around as much pollen. i'm talk about the pollen minutes. hot spots at 6:30. i'll road warrior hilary zalla. i'll on top of a fatal crash that closed down brian dairy road under u.s. 19 overpass. u.s. 19 main lanes are opened. live to sky 10 as you are heading out the door on i-75 at state road 56. captain al is on his way to report of a car that ran into a ditch along i-75 to south of state road 52. we'll get you an update coming up in less than ten minutes. good morning. it is 6:30. kropff. >>i'm ian reitz. county. this could have a big impact on
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brian dairy road is shutdown over the u.s. overpass. this is in pinellas park. >> the car crashed into one of the support pillars. 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live near the overpass. what are inspectors doing to make sure the area is safe? >> reporter: it could be several hours before it reopens. inspectors are out here now looking at the area where the car crashed into the overpass. it caught fire so it did a lot of damage. there is still traffic going over top. which is u.s. 19. that is our big concern. if there are safety concerns around this overpass why are cars able to go over it but not under it? police tell us after 3:00 a.m. a driver was going extremely fast when they crashed into
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or brian dairy road. the driver of the road died in the car fire. the fire department called out inspectors from fdot to investigate to make sure there is no damage to that overpass so cars can go over top of it and below it. they have to make sure the collision and fire didn't compromise the safety of the overpass. thousands of people use this every single day. live i want to show you a huge backup. you can see down here they are holding up cars at that intersection to make sure they can not come into this area. we are talking thousands of cars being rerouted this morning. it is really jamming up a lot of people's morning commute. live in pinellas park sarah hollenbeck 10 news wtsp. in a few hours you can cast your vote for the primary election if you live in hillsborough county or polk county. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live outside of the county center in tampa.
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>> reporter: that's right. that's because ballots like this were printed before people like jeb bush dropped out of the race. what happens if you come to a polling place and you come to cast your ballot and you make a mistake and your vote does not count? will anybody even tell you? yes, they will. there is a catch. election officials will let you know if your vote didn't count. that will not happen until after the election. which, by then it is too late. it is one of the criticisms of early voting. casting your vote for someone who is not running anymore isn't the only way your ballot can get rejected. forgetting to sign your ballot or having a signature that doesn't match what's on record can be a reason for your vote to be tossed. as much as early in-person voting provides a convenience to you there are a lot of things that need to be worked out for early voting. if you want to come out and cast your voting and you live in hillsborough county and polk county you can come out and do
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there are other counties who do not start until later. those had been pasco, pinellas, sarasota and manatee. they start early voting on saturday. news wtsp. canidates are certainly gearing up for super tuesday, which is tomorrow. 13 states and one territory are participating. this is the biggest day of the primary season. hundreds of delegates needed to win the nomination are up for grabs. donald trump is leading the states on the republican side. democratic side. this is a moving tribute by tow truck drivers for a fellow driver killed earlier this month. the tribute nearly stretched
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earlier this month roger perez was killed by a hit-and-run driver. he stopped to help two people who were stuck after he was off duty. >> when you turn that key and you put your foot on the gas you are driving a lethal weapon. you are pulling the trigger at any time if you are not paying attention. >> 36-year-old allison hoffmann remains in jail for leaving the scene of the accident. a year in space is about over for astronaut scott kelly. it has been incredible to see his pictures and learn about his journeys. when he returns to earth tomorrow from the international space station he'll accept the record with 340 days in space. previous record was 215. by completing this mission scientists hope to understand what health issues astronauts may have during a six to eight month trip to mars.
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texas over the weekend. the pilot of the plane was killed when it crashed early sunday morning. three others were on board and they were killed. a flight instructor and two children. incident. >> a lot of debris. we don't know why it happened. people of hesstin, kansas are remembering the victims in last weeks shooting. a special service was held sunday night by local pastors. there was a candle lit for each victim killed, including the gunman who was shot and killed by police. >> we are here to grieve the reality of the darkness that often festers beneath the
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>> another 14 people were hurt by the shooter, cedric ford on thursday. starting today you'll notice something different when you head to a pinellas county beach. more rip current signs at all the beaches will be going up. the first of 80 signs installed at sand key park in clearwater in a few hours. signs are designed to make you more a wear of the danger and teach you how to break the grip of rip currents. if you lived in the tampa bay area for any amount of time you are probably seen your share of construction projects. according to a recent study tampa bay is one of the top port cities affected by climate change. our area is at risk of property damage because of winds and coastal flooding.
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wrapping up in hollywood. best directing went to "the revenant." leonardo dicaprio won best actor. brea larsson won best actress for room. chris rock hosted with his opening monologue all about the white nominees. comedian beats the diversity drum every chance he gets. you may remember eric piper, a terminally ill child who did a live interview in our studios. he celebrated his 10 birthday with a community event on sunday. this was put on by friends, family and neighbors who wanted to help eric. >> all these people care about him and love him. half the people we don't even know personally. >> donations are raised to help eric fight a heart condition.
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cross off his wish list thanks to generous people in our community. >> eric is such a great kid. so glad that happened. chris rock making headlines as the host of the oscars. he is trending for helping his daughter sell girl scout cookies during the awards show. birthday. we are keeping an eye on the a deadly crash that has parts of brian dairy closed in pinellas park. road warrior hilary zalla will
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good morning.
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this is a live look at sky 10 across the howard frankland bridge. northbound lanes coming into tampa before you get off the bridge. it is taking seven minutes to cross. looking at the courtney campbell causeway. pretty quiet going into tampa. lanes heading off towards memorial highway. your drive times here is seven minutes. sunshine skyway bridge looking quiet. bobby? >> looks beautiful. 6:43. it feels rougher if you suffer from allergies. pollen level is high. juniper, oak and nettle are the main allergens. children's run is this saturday morning in lakewood ranch. forecast is looking incredible. this is behind two cold fronts. 57 degrees and beautiful. our very own jeannie dean will be singing the national anthem
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fisher. >> good morning. it would be an interesting day for the lightning. nhl trade deadline is at 3:00. teams are heating offers. the lightning are in toronto where native kid and free agent have pleas to return home. barely an all-star on the roster. i'll be at their camp finding out why they believe they'll be contenders this year. we'll have that and more coming up on 10 sports tonight. we are on top of a breaking story in pinellas county. >> brian dairy road is closed because of a car crash. we want to show you a live look at the area. the fire department is working on getting and inspector from
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. anyone registered to vote in hillsborough or polk counties can cast their vote in the primary. hillsborough set up 15 voting sites opened 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and that includes the weekends. the florida primary is march 15th. presidential canidates will be making their final pitches to voters ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday contest. >> 13 states and territories will be participating. donald trump and hillary clinton are leading in key states. keep in mind hundreds of delegates are up for grabs. roughly 1500. this is a big deal. we'll keep a close eye on this and keep you updated over the next couple of days. lots of talk about chris rock's opening monologue. so many people are buzzing about the host helping his daughter sell girl scout
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kate winslet and matt damon held up cash to pick up boxes. he called out leonardo dicaprio come on. rock later revealed how much the girl scouts raised. $55,243 during the awards show. in flint, michigan one man asked if they could use the money to help the flint, michigan water crisis. >> just one of those people could open their checkbook and say here it is. >> it is incredible to see. for most, birthdays happen every year. on this day 180,000 people in the u.s. will celebrate their actual birthday that comes every four years.
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his family gave him a surprise party for what is technically his 21st birthday. >> for the last five years we have been counting down his 21st birthday when he is finally legal. >> on the years february 29th didn't make it in the calendar paul celebrates on the 28th or march 1st. here's hilary zalla with a check of traffic. pasco county we have a big road 52. a semi flipped on its side. semi. i-75 is closed heading south to state road 52 for a medical helicopter to land. serious injuries are involved. helicopter. this is something you'll want to avoid.
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take from state 52 south. this can be blocked for quite some time. it is hard to see the semi and the damage. we are on top of another big accident that we have been pinellas county. brian dairy road shutdown at east 19 after a person was killed crashing in the overpasco county. a pillar of the overpass. fdot is on scene seeing if it is significant. your detour here one ulmerton road north. that's your best bet to take that east or west. you have 110th avenue to the south. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera. morning rush hour. this is i-275 at hillsborough avenue. lights. your drive time is 20 minutes from the apex to i-4. sarasota
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we are not seeing any significant issue out there. bobby? 6:48. we have cloudy skies to get the day started. we have more clouds for the first half of the day. we'll start that way and we'll see more sunshine as the late morning hours wear on. that's not all rain. some is but it will fall apart before it hits the ground. that will get our monday started. you can see a break here. that's the reason why we'll see more sunshine later today. performing arts hall, look at morning. it was like that yesterday. especially around sunset. you can see a few breaks in the college. there is not a lot. 60 tampa. 55 lakeland. 58 river view and bradenton. becky in bradenton said her
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52 new port richey. 56 clearwater. here we go with your forecast models today. cloudy skies to get started. certainly closer to lunchtime we'll see more sunshine. we'll call it partly cloudy by this time. that will allow temperatures to warm. we'll go 70 degrees at lunchtime. 76 for a high today. those may come down a little bit to 73 because of the cloud cover. either way still a quiet weather day out there. with very light winds. none of the breeziness we had last week 76 degrees for a high today. 6:30 is your sunset. temperatures will slowly fall into the 60s to the 50s. this time tomorrow morning it is clear skies and mid 50s. we'll see a few patches of fog.
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once we get the fog out of the way it is partly cloudy. by wednesday midday, lunchtime, here comes the front. look at the rain. most to our north. not much for us. not only does that happen on wednesday but it happens on friday with another front. with only a 20% chance of rain. notice we are cool now. we start to warm up. when the front comes through on wednesday it stays centered in the northeast. we stay warm. we'll be warmer than where we are now behind the front on wednesday. extended forecast looks great. including your weekend. never too early to make plans for the weekend. 78 on saturday. 80 on sunday. again, mainly a dry forecast. that's going to keep pollen high all week long. keep that in mind. also, temperatures running about four degrees above average for this time of year. you can catch our forecast in the newspaper. we are in the tampa bay times and the ledger.
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you can find the five-day forecast there. just into our news room, florida department of transportation is telling us they did not find any major structural problems following the deadly crash on brian dairy road near the u.s. 19 overpass. this is a live look.
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let's check in with hilary zalla with traffic. >> you can see a live look at sky 10 with a semi on its side. someone is seriously injured in this crash. the medical helicopter is there. it is i-75 south at state road 52.
6:56 am
301 to old pasco road. bobby? we have cloudy skies. looking at more sunshine as the day wears on. that will get us in the mid 70s. quiet weather with light winds. disney has a new pricing system. it could cost you more or less depending on when you visit. for the first time disney world will charge based on demand. tickets fall into three categories. value, regular and peek. park goers pay the most during the summer and over the holidays. >> does that mean it will could down on the numbers? >> that would be good. we had a great weekend helping the american cancer society in sarasota raise money for cancer research. i joined emerald morrow, the emcee. this took place at fold entertainment. they had a circus atmosphere going on. a variety of performances.
6:57 am
it raised thousands of dollars for cancer resurgery. 10 news was involved. >> it was an amazing event. so many people there. everyone so passionate about finding a cure and raising money. it was awesome to see. >> it was great.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." on its biggest night, chris rock challenges the hollywood establishment. the comedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier. donald trump and marco rubio attack each other for the way they look. on this leap day meeting the oldest leaping lady. we begin this morning with a


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