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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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you would not want me to about. >> trump says he didn't hear or understand that question in the cnn interview. it is not stopping other purpose canidates from calling him out. >> how are we going to grow our party with a nominee that defends the ku klux klan? >> some of his supporters say we like mr. trump because he tells it like it is. bigotry is not telling it like it is. >> they are not the only ones. tammy fields spoke with a bay area expert on the clan says if trump doesn't know who david duke is he shouldn't be president. >> it is not like david duke faced popped up on the political horizon for 15
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david duke was on the political landscape for two to three decades in the united states. >> reporter: dr. paulson a usf professor who is an expert of theklan said duke was the leader of the k. k. k. >> there was no way nobody who had any interest in politics could not have know who he was or what he stood for and what he represented. >> reporter: duke spent time in the bay area in palm harbor. >> he built up a following with the knights of the ku klux klan. he came to this area a number of times in the 1980's to try to organize and expand his organization to bring in new members. >> i'm from louisiana. >> reporter: john davis is a trump supporter. he is from louisiana. and says he knows about david
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>> it is not a real endorsement. chris christie is an endorsement. david duke is a nobody. >> reporter: paulson's says duke's endorsement is something voters should pay close attention to. >> the vast majority of politicians l would quickly dissociate themselves as quickly as possible. i don't think donald trump did that. southern poverty law centers studied and monitors hate groups. you can search for 10 news wtsp in your apple or android store. polls are opened in hillsborough and polk counties. you'll notice the ballot was printed before some of the presidential primary. if you cast your ballot for one of those canidates like former florida governor jeb bush it will not count. people are going to see that to that.
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see him get over 5% of the vote. again, that can be extremely costly to marco rubio, lesser to ted cruz. but it could allow trump to have the pathway to victory in florida and winner take all in delegates. >> early voting in pasco, pinellas, sarasota and manatee county starts on saturday. no matter where you live we have you covered. check out the 10 news wtsp app for a voting site near you. army staff sergeant charged with killing his wife and a virginia police officer is in jail tonight with no bond. community and the country shocked to learn this is the officer's first day on the job. ronald hamilton is accused of shooting his wife and killing the officer. she was shot and killed after she responded to a domestic violence call at the hamilton home on saturday. mourners are remembering both women killed in what is called a senseless act.
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crystal came from a good family. >> she's been through so much with the marines and to have this happen over something so stupid. it is so sad. >> she was working her very first shift served in the marines eight years before that. hamilton is facing multiple charges tonight. new information tonight about the girl who survived the kalamazoo shooting two weeks ago. she is now breathing on her own and doesn't need a ventilator. she was shot in the head outside of a restaurant where six others died. uber driver jason dalton is facing charges in those murders. tonight changes are coming for pinellas county beaches. this is one of 78 signs that will be posted along the coastline to let you know about rip currents. you might remember five months
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up by a rip current across passe grille beach. 10 news reporter jennifer titus is getting answers as to why these signs will be nowhere near where that tragic accident happened. >> reporter: the first on 78 signs warning about the dangers of rip currents at san key park monday. the rest will be placed in two other county beaches and five county operated beach access parks. that leaves the 20 plus miles of white sand without any sign. including a spot off passe grille beach where a 9-year-old was pulled under by a rip current in october. it is up to the city to take care of their own beach property. we took the concerns of the st. pete beach commissioner. >> my plan is to do walk overs and take it one step forward. >> reporter: he said he talked with the county about having the same signs installed at every beach access on st. pete and taking it one step further.
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over here. 69th avenue. if someone is sick or ill they have an easy way to tell e.m.s. where they are. >> that's probably why it is safer. >> reporter: some beachgoers from manatee county and is used to life guards on her local beaches wonders if a sign like this is enough. for at least these signs for now, are a start. on st. pete beach jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. >> if you are caught in a rip current you don't want to panic or swim against it. instead follow it until the pull of the water weakens. then swim out of the current and you can swim all the way back to shore. important steps to remember if you are ever caught in one of these currents. again, remember go with the flow.
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good news for drivers on brian dairy road tonight. the crash that tied up traffic has been cleaned up. pinellas park police say a driver was killed after hitting a support beam under the u.s. that car burst into flames. the upper part of the bridge didn't have any problems or inspection. the area under the overpass was deemed safe. it is a florida murder case a father accused in a murder- for-hire plot against his wife will be able to see his two young daughters. a judge said mark severs can see the children who are nine and eleven years old. he was arrested on friday. he has denied any involvement in that. a judge ordered him held on $4.5 million bond. that's the same amount of money he took out in insurance policies on his wife before investigators say he
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plunging profits for lumber liquidators. the fourth quarter loss was three times larger than expected. their shares declined 36% since the beginning of the year. cdc found if you were exposed to certain laminate flooring from lumber liquidators you are three times more likely to get cancer than first predicted. the tallly is in. 106 burmese pythons were captured in florida's burmese hunt. the team from bradenton, here led by team captain caught the longest snake at 15 feet and took home a $3,000. the very same team won the grand prize of $5,000 for capturing the most snakes. a thousand people from 29 states took part in the month- long hunt. this is the second hunt the state held.
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they really help fight back against the growing python population. we are putting that together for you tonight at 6:00. today is february 29th. it is leap day. for the lucky few who are born on this day, astrologers say leapers have unusual talents. chances of being a leapling are one in 1,461. eunice powell is one. she celebrated 25 actual birthdays. ^ she was born in 1916 making her 100 years young. she had a big party at her church today. she normally celebrates on february 28th. family members celebrated with her today. they had her picked up in a car from 1924. her daughter's get a laugh
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>> to think your mother is younger than you are. >> i'm almost 80. i have had my mother 80 years. >> she says the secret to her long life, the 100 years is her faith in god and moderation. not a day over 25. >> no. as we head to break want to take a live look outside our sky 10 network camera. you can see the north end of the howard frankland bridge. it is backed up on the right- hand side. it is good looking heading towards the cypress exit. best days to be outside and when you may want to play hookie.
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with the economy rebounding and airline profits soring you
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getting smaller? the push is on to fix that.. >> 10 news reporter eric glasser takes a closer look at how one lawmaker is trying to make your next feels-like more comfortable. >> reporter: if you have had it up to your head risk with shrinking airline seats you are not alone. at all. despite airlines making record profits. >> they want the money. >> reporter: the size of seats on the nation's airlines continues to shrink. squeezing out as much money as they can by squeezing in passengers. the time. >> reporter: u.s. senator chuck schumer says passengers are being packed in like sardines.
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in length and two inches in width since the 1970's. >> to get in your seat you almost have to be a contortionist. >> reporter: senator schumer is looking for a new minimum seat size. it is not just passengers who may be super tall or weigh a few extra pounds could benefit. >> i'm only 5'1" and my knees hit the seat up front. >> reporter: no immediate response from the faa or the airline industry. officials say this isn't about comfort it is about health and safety. the ability for passengers to maintain their circulation during long flights and to be able to get in and out of their rows quickly in case of an emergency. at tampa international airport eric glasser 10 news wtsp. >> schumer is trying to get this issue in the faa bill which congress must pass by the
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we have a cold front come our way. jim van fleet tell us about this. >> i know you have been enjoying the warmer weather. if you lived here long you know there are cold fronts that don't do much at all then there are the cold cold fronts. partly cloudy skies around wesley chapel toyota and honda. tampa international airport mostly sunny skies. 72 degrees. i'm sure you have been enjoying it. the mornings are not as cold as we have had. west winds ushering in comfortable low humidity and comfortable temperatures. dew point 50. humidity 60%.
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not tracking any storms. we have 78 in lake wales. 72 tampa. 73 st. pete. 75 river view. look at this great shot at downtown st. pete. doesn't that look fantastic. when you are in the 70s that's where you want to be in the marina. clear skies. a few fair weather clouds passing by. no rainmaking clouds. light winds expected. which will allow temperatures to drop through the 50s overnight. your evening will be mild in the 60s through most of the night. looking to start around 56 to 57 degrees. isolated patch of fog possible. otherwise clear, sunny start and a pretty day coming your way tuesday that will find us warmer. looking for highs around 77 degrees as we are going through the upcoming next few days. i think you'll notice it is almost more march or april- like. now we are heading into march tomorrow. these temperatures should be 73 to 75 degrees. we'll be above average for tuesday.
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see in the suburbs of county. 82 lakeland. 83 plant city. good day to be on the water if you live by that. there will be light winds east turning back west. generally staying under five to eight knots. very light winds for you. smooth conditions on the bay expected. low tides 8:13. you have likely noticed the oak trees are pollinating like crazy on schedule. that's expected in february and march yellow film on your windshield building up is the oak trees. that's will stay the course for the next couple days. typical of some of our prettiest weather is when we see our highest allergies. the cold front we are tracking, there it is for wednesday. not much.
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few isolated showers. isolated showers is the most aggressive we'll get with the wording on that. it is first half of the day. likely to have clouds wednesday after a clear day on tuesday. those will be gone midday. just isolated stray showers. might see another isolated shower on friday. this is a tried and true winter week forecast which is spring like for other people across the country. upper to mid 70s through sunday. getting to 80 on monday. any of those days phenomenal to of 7 days. if you want to keep up with the forecast you can do so on the go. you can look at storm tracker 10 on the wtsp app in the app store. a bigger breech than first thought. at 5:30 how hackers got their hands on your personal information that you meant for
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tonight, parents are outraged over this video of a real life fight club involving high school students. the big question?
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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this is cool. polar bears rarely give birth in captivity. this video you are seeing from
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the polar bear, the momma bear gave birth back in december. nasa is actively working to get more females interested in space exploration. nasa is pushing to their next frontier. at johnson space center the number of women haven't changed. back in 1993, 35% of women worked in clerical roles like secretaries. today that is 3%. 34% of women were in science and engineering. now it is up to 57%. the first female director of engineering says a diverse work force just makes sense. >> we are trying to solve hard problems. if we all think the same way. >> there is new interest to land new astronauts on mars in the 2030's. nasa's deep space astronaut class has four men and four women meaning a woman could be
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a member of seal team six is awarded the medal of honor. we are digging deeper into the incredible ways that hero gave back to his country.
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good evening. i'm courtney robinson. >> i'm dion lim. we are on top of three big stories happening now. investigators are still trying to figure out if bullying lead to a school shooting in ohio. the sheriff says a 14-year-old student pulled a gun out in a school cafeteria in madison township hitting two students. another two were hit by shrapnel. none of the students were seriously hurt. the school district canceled classes for tomorrow.


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