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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening. i'm courtney robinson. >> i'm dion lim. we are on top of three big stories happening now. investigators are still trying to figure out if bullying lead to a school shooting in ohio. the sheriff says a 14-year-old student pulled a gun out in a school cafeteria in madison township hitting two students. another two were hit by shrapnel. none of the students were seriously hurt. the school district canceled classes for tomorrow.
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continues to rise. new numbers from the department of health finds there are 42 cases in florida. all of them travel-related. five more were reported today. one of those is a woman who is pregnant. that brings the total number of expected women exposed to zica to four in florida. oscar winning actor george kennedy died at the age of 91. you probably know him best from the naked gun comedies. he won an academy award for best supporting actor in 1968 for cool hand luke. he appeared in the dirty dozen earthquake. two years ago the gambler. a consumer alert about a massive data breech at the irs. thought. hackers were able to get sensitive information using the agencies transcript program. that allows you to check your
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jan crawford shows you what the irs is now doing to protect you. >> reporter: non-even virginia tax attorney wayne sell was protected from hackers who stole his identity. >> somebody was trying to claim a refund using my social security number. >> reporter: the irs says it is in a latest of a series of disclosures. in may 2015 the agency reported cyber criminals accessed 114,000 taxpayer accounts. three months later the number grew to 334,000. this month the irs says there are as many as 726,000 victims. >> the irs is frankly not doing enough to protect us. >> reporter: hackers used personal information gathered from bank accounts to answer personal identity questions on the get transcript form. one possible culprit, irs approved tax preparers.
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irs approved companies failed to provide adequate security to customers. enemies. there are times we don't use security. >> reporter: irs says it is notifying the hacked taxpayers by mail as well as offering free identity protection for a year. online viewing and download feature of get transcripts has been suspended since may of 2015. irs is working to restore that are enhanced security to better protect taxpayers. jan crawford cbs news washington. >> irs believes the hackers are part of a sophisticated crime ring based in russia. one of royal caribbean's newest cruise ships were forced to trump home for the second time of this month. anthem of the seas turned around to avoid a severe storm. they should get back in the home port on wednesday.
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virus played a role but the company says it is because of weather. the count down is on for super tuesday. the day when a dozen states and one territory hold their primary election. all signs point to republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton expected to win. a new poll suggests those two canidates will wind up being the nominees. among the republicans donald trump's support beats his opponents combined. 48% support trump. more the democrats hillary clinton tops bernie sanders in the nationwide poll. republicans 661 delegates and 865 for the democrats. on the republican side carson and kasich could face serious
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kasich will be lucky to win his many canidates may be pressured to end their campaign. president obama calls him the quiet professional. today edwards buyers jr. was awarded the medal of honor for doctor in afghanistan. team six. killed osama bin laden. and afghanistan. he has been awarded five bronze stars and two purple hearts this morning as the president draped the medal around his neck buyers became the first active duty in the navy to receive the honor in 11 decades. he took a moment to recognize a team member who did not survive the mission. >> specifically for me my teammate, friend and brother,
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he was an american hero and a hero of that operation. he was killed during that operation. he died warrior. and he died to bring back another american. >> it is clear buyers lived up to the navy seal creed. i do not advertise the nature of my work nor seek district mission for my actions. members of the half century club like to call themselves a softball league full of gentlemen. after 83 years some things are changing. bobby lewis is on the road in st. pete where the old timers welcomed a fresh face. >> reporter: for years weekday mornings look and sounded the same at the half century club. macho men. the testosterone. >> we have moments. we definitely have movements.
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over 50 competed since 1933. and have ruled the diamond until now. ivan is proud. at almost 74 he is now sharing the field with the first woman in league history. his daughter, lynn. >> she practiced with us. now she is able to play. they accept her. it is special. it is special for the guys, too. >> i think the guys may have been threatened because she is better than some of the guys. >> everything is golden. bird from canada. who doesn't speak much english. here she doesn't have to. her game does the talking. >> absolutely not. anybody. >> if she is playing against us and she is up to bat and i'm catching she rips it up the middle for a base hit.
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in league history there is a woman on this side of the fence. at her first at-bat she smacked a double to the outfield. according to everyone out here lynn is one of the guys. >> i was proud we broke that tradition. she is going to be a great egypt. >> reporter: on the road in st. pete bobby lewis 10 news wtsp. >> i have to tell you i stopped by to watch them. from afar i thought it was middle school or high school students. they are so fast. >> and then you got close and realize something is off. >> you have to be 49 years old to play. club meets mondays, wednesdays, fridays in st. pete's north shore park. sky 10 network camera what looks like to be the howard frankland bridge. there is a back up.
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here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. defense officials say u.s. forces will do more to help
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retake the islamic state. secretary carter says our forces will provide more logistics and help build temporary bridges. the boston globe reports the older of the two brothers behind the 2013 boston marathon bombing passed a test to become a u.s. citizen three months before the attack. immigration officer did not immediately approve his application. one of the pope's to add visors says the catholic church made enormous mistakes in allowing priests to sexually abuse thousands of children. they are calling it a real life fight club.
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school. cell phone video shows the teen's brutal beat down. you can clearly tell they are wearing gloves and no protective gear. videos from from nevada union high school an hour north of sacramento, california. this is all happening in a baseball clubhouse. this videos just surfaced last week. the school districted opened an investigation. students tell our cbs station in sacramento those fights have been held for more than a decade. the school district is trying to identify the students and are looking into whether school disciplined. last night's academy awards finally handed leonardo dicaprio an oscar and crowned spotlight the best movie of the year. chris rock's commentary on diversity in hollywood has everybody talking tonight. it started moments into the show in his opening monologue.
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>> is hollywood racist? you damn right hollywood is racist. hollywood is sorority racist. it is like we like you, rhonda, but you are not a kappa. >> and he kept it up for most of the show. later on whoopi goldburg and tracy morgan joined in by inserting themselves into nominated films. he went on to compton to ask black movie goers their favorite white movie. hunters bag dozens of snakes in the everglades. 106 of them to be exact. is there a better way to battle evasive burmese pythons as they conquer the wet lands? we are getting answer. >> i'm annoyed. i know the citizens are too. there is your oven.
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tired of dumping. can anything be done to clear eyesores like this. it is the happiest place on earth. the cheapest times to visit disney tonight on "10 news at 6:00". what we see here in tampa in the bay area is to peaceful. nothing compared to the what is surfers get in southern california. >> in some cases these waves were reaching ten feet. most of the swimmers smartly steer clear of the waves. a few surfers decided to hang ten on the extra large waves. a surfer advisory remains in effect and several swimmers have been swept out into the ocean. that's not good. the waves are expected to die down as the week progresses. they'll likely pick up a hair
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the eastern half of the u.s. looking quiet. seeing a few snow showers up into the great lakes area back towards toronto and ottawa. we are going to continue to see that be the case as we head into tomorrow. looking around the bay area we are looking good. a few high clouds working in there. not expecting much more throughout the evening. certainly nothing in the way of rain producer. heading into tomorrow the tide will start to change a little bit. we look out over sarasota and we are in fabulous shape. we have gorgeous temperatures across the area. we have a beautiful sunset heading our way. look at this, not a cloud in the sky. we are at 72 tampa. 73 currently brooksville. 73 st. pete. clearwater dipping down the into the 60s along the gulf. we are seeing slightly cooler temperatures 71 sarasota. 73 safety harbor. 74 valrico. our dew points, which were very low over the weekend, they were in the 30s indicating dry air
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they started to come up. we are not going to see temperatures quite as chilly out the door tomorrow morning. it will be more in par of what we saw today. as a result our overnight lows drop down into the 50s. we have a couple good hours of comfortable temperatures here. we'll hang out in the 70s for the next hour. by 7:00 to 8:00 we lose that sun. and we start to cool off efficiently. not seeing much in the way of cloud cover. a few points will limit how much we can cool things off. tomorrow. we'll see gulf temperatures in the low 60s. still chilly on the water for a long period of time. air temperature is looking nice. lighter winds makes for a pleasant day at the beach when the winds are not blowing sand all over the place. if you are heading out for the morning run you'll start with temperatures in the 50s. 8:00 a.m.
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remember the spf 30 that early in the day. you won't be dodging showers. you'll be in great shape overnight tonight into tomorrow. we track a cold front that is moving through on wednesday that brings with it a chance for showers. notice we have a lot of snow back up towards the chicago area storms possible through the mid south. we'll be on the tail end of this system. notice how it really falls apart as it heads into central florida around the bay area. we'll talk about an isolated shower or two. a few sprinkles as the line comes in. that's going to be about it. we'll see a similar pattern setting up for friday. by the weekend done with the rain. both of those very weak fronts moved through. there is really no impact on our temperatures. we are well into the 70s this weekend with a whole lot of sunshine. it looks like that trend continues into next week, as well. you can get that forecast any time download your 10 news app
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she is five years old and wise beyond her years. >> coming up next, inspirational story of how this
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were about to introduce you to a young girl who reached a goal at the age of five. her motivation came from what no child should have to face. she had brain tumor. kathy marshal shows you how she let her creativity take control. >> this girl is the queen of focus. >> reporter: the focus of this
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impressive work to earn her a spot in her first art show at northeast portland's westminster church. >> she has an unusual ability to know what she wants and accomplish it. >> she identifies more as an artist than as a sick kid. >> reporter: her days as a sick child started last april. malignant brain tumor required a six hour surgery followed by months of radiation and chemotherapy. discovering art therapy in the hospital made it all bearable. >> she couldn't even sit up. she was playing in bed and putting beads under the pipe cleaner. getting that strength back she was so driven to create art no matter what. >> very creative. >> reporter: art therapist jamie comes to her house each week. today they cut and sowed stuffed animals. >> we made a lot of clothes. at one point she wasn't able to
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she was such an artist. she was just going to do that. now she uses art as a way to manage pain. she has a lot of pain from chemotherapy. >> there is an art show she was on the committee to produce. it was just perfect timing. i think it is meaningful for her to be alongside real artists, adult artists. she is very proud of that. >> she makes beautiful art. and the power of creativity and the power of her hands. it keeps her motivated. we have good news about her recovery. with her tumor gone and end in sight to chemo, she may start kindergarten in the fall. >> she has come a very long way.
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and to see her being able to find a creative outlet at that young age. i love being able to give you the good news.
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good afternoon. i'm dion lim. >> i'm courtney robinson. hunters are trying to thin out the python population and protect the everglades from the nonvenomous species. is the challenge making a dent in the population? 2,000 burmese pythons have been reported in the everglades and surrounding area. hunters caught 106. that's 5% of the estimated python population. we want to know is there a
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isabel mascareas is getting answers about what else can be done to protect the everglades. >> look at that. >> reporter: florida's second python challenge in the everglades captured 106 snakes. >> you can barely see that. >> reporter: deep in the brush pythons easily camouflaged. when caught can put up a fight. that's what the snake in this bag did. >> it kept wrapping up trying to twist out. >> reporter: the last challenge was in 2013. >> i love it. i like competition. i love the outdoors. i don't think we'll ever cure the problem here. there is just so many. animals. in the florida everglades


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