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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon, i am allison kropff a i am 10news morning anchor ian reitz. we know that four people have died in the gatlinburg wildfires and crews are looking for others who are missing. as we update you, this is a look at some of the damage that folks are dealing with. >> the flames drove 14,000 people from gatlinburg. demarco morgan is in the heart of the destruction. >> reporter: parts of gatlinburg tennessee look like scorched ghost towns with
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>> we are still having because of the wind trees that are falling and they are taking down power lines. that is limiting our access into some of these areas. >> the flames hollowed out homes and buildings. many people forced to evacuate sought refuge in shelters. greg lanham and his family spent the night here. >> you are looking out of every window and watching for glowing in the distance. smoke everywhere. >> from mississippi about a month and a half ago. they only had time to grab their 14-month-old son william and his diaper bag. >> we don't know what to do. or what we will do. we don't have anywhere to go. >> officials say more than 400 emergency workers from multiple departments are working on putting out the fire and clearing debris. >> we're covering all areas for
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his community while dealing with his own devastation. >> i had an opportunity to drive through town and my house is gone. my business of 31 years is gone. >> strong storms and rain moved throughout the night possibly helping firefighters fight what is left and forecasters are predicting more rain for the day. so many people have yet to make it back to see if there places survived. demarco morgan, cbs news. here's what we know. more than 150 homes and businesses have been either damaged or destroyed by the wildfire. in the midst of the east tennessee wildfires on the other side of the state near nashville, 20 coworkers are remembering those affected by the smokey mountain wildfires. the group is splitting that $420 million jackpot. one of the winners says now we can do more to help those who
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blessing to a lot of people. the cash value is $254 million so that comes out to $13 million per each person before taxes. wondering what you can do to help those impacted by the wildfires. a lot of you vacation up there and maybe you visited in the past. we have a link for which you can donate on our website. also that information is available on the 10news app. deadly storms toward two parts of the se overnight killing at least five people and hurting several more. it also businesses in that area. a tornado in northeast alabama killed three people in a mobile home. for children at a daycare center were badly hurt. the operators who live in a mobile home went to that building for shelter. starting next year the hurricane hunters will take off from lakeland regional airport. the weather squadron will move its staff of 100 and a fleet of nine after may 1. the air force not -- will not continue macdill air force base
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there will be a booster revenues to become a center for heiskell and high wage jobs. president-elect donald trump tweets about the future of his business empire and announces two more patent -- cabinet picks. portman >> reporter: steven mnuchin is the pick for treasury secretary. his a foreman -- former goldman sachs director. the trump transition team also announced billionaire wilbur roth will be nominated for congress secretary. the president-elect said he will hold a news conference on december 15 to discuss plans to leave his business empire while in office. any series of tweets this morning mister trump said i feel it is visually important as president to a no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. it is unclear if the billionaire plants to turn over his business holdings to his
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transition officials tell cbs news the plan does not include a release of his full tax return. mister trump had dinner last night with mitt romney and rhines previous. romney wanted -- one of the harshest critics said they had a wonderful evening.>> these discussions have been enlightening and interesting and engaging. >> sources tell cbs news mister trump's considering romney and david betray us and rudy giuliani for secretary of state. e vice president-elect will travel to indiana to announce a deal with carrier to keep 1000 factory jobs in indiana. fidel castro's ashes being driven across cuba. the ashes started their journey today in havana. his remains will take four days to reach the eastern city of santiago which is 500 miles. crowds waved flags and chanted fidel as the convoy passed.
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the remains of a 90-year-old leader. >> more about the plane crash that killed nearly all members of a brazilian todd soccer team. it may have lost power after running out of gas and some video here is video taken the moment the team was boarding the plane for that flight. authorities have recovered the black boxes and they appear to be in good condition. the number the plane has gone down to 71. four people on the passenger manifest had not boarded the plane. among those who did make the flight, the team forward stayed behind of a knee injury. with tears in his highs -- ic said it's difficult to wrap his teammates death around his head. to playing crewmembers and one survived the crash. here is what the park looks
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osceola. here is what we're talking about. the plans would triple the size of the concert venue at coachman park. the waterway here, there is a walkway currently and they are talking restaurants, parks and trails. sarah hollenbeck has a look at some of the plans they are considering. >> reporter: they want to do with this water. ways to get people to come down and see concerts. the problem isn't gett the beach but keeping them here in downtown and making them want to come here as their primary destination. a waterfront restaurant, a garden and picnic areas, trails for biking and walking, a splash pad for the kids at a massive area for concerts that can host a crowd three times bigger than the one city can -- at coachman park. those are main ideas that the city has, all for meeting with you. one thing they won't have room for is the harborview center,
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make room for all of these big improvements so we went online and asked you what would you like to see in downtown clearwater. we heard more parks, basketball and tennis courts, things the city is also considering. but by far the biggest feedback we got was about the number of buildings owned by the church of scientology. the city has had trouble in the past working with church leaders and buying the private land but recently the head of the church is that he is also all for downtown clearwater. and overhead gondola could be in the works to move people between the beach and downtown and the big question we all have is how will the city pay for it. they said they still haven't figured out the financing and until they get this part of the plan worked out. >> bay area museum is closing its doors. the story will make you cry and smile. cross country runner helping a competitor in this act of
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certain types of exercise could help you live longer. we are clouding up a little bit and we will see a few sprinkles getting going within the next 10 or 15 minutes. you will see very light rain but you can definitely see the cloud cover moving in across the beaches. how one we will get in spite of that and where we will see very light winds this afternoon coming up. 10news and the gh watch 10news at 11:00 i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull a together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts
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the arm forces history museum is closing. >> they said the mu they plan to close doors january 29. if you plan to hit the gym here something to keep in mind. there are certain exercises better than others when it
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longer. swimming, racquet sports and aerobics were the best when it came to preventing heart disease and stroke. this is a study in the british journal of sports medicine and a look that survives -- surveys on 80,000 adults. in minnesota it was who won or lost at the state competition that people are talking about. and incident terrifying and touching. how one runner dared to break the rules to help another.>> reporter: from first grade to crossing a high school stand, children are told to follow the rules. gracie bucher person knew how to break them. >> last year as a seventh grader gracie finished the two runners back from a trip to the state cross-country meet. >> i was pretty excited. >> she was still excited at the start of this year's section meet. until gracie sensed early in her race something was wrong. >> i thought i had to keep
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>> fast-forward to the finish line. gracie coming into view is in trouble. >> the wyndham girl is struggling. >> i couldn't feel anything and i did not want to fall. i wanted to 5 -- cross the finish line. >> then this. gracie pulls herself out. >> she is trying to finish and there is a site here. >> >> gracie's mother watched it all. >> you can go out and people were screaming you can't touch her. >> you can touch her. >> a high school cross country role. a rural that meant gracie would continue to struggle alone. >> you want to help them but you know that there are people helping them could be disqualified. as i wanted someone to do
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>> gracie's somebody is about to arrive.>> the mystery run to gracie is wearing the colors of mountain lake. you are with me. i've got you. >> she was like an angel the day. gracie's angel all but carried her across the finish line. >> she didn't stop and look people that were saying don't touch her. it was like she knew she saw somebody in trouble and she made the decision to help her. >> and in doing so broke the rules. >> i remember deciding. >> seen her -- senior liana was like gracie, disqualified. >> especially her last race in her senior year.
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i was in before that. i will remember this though. >> gracie was taken to the emergency room to a case of mono. >> i don't believe there is another sport that an athlete would be allowed to be on the field in that condition. and it took an 18-year-old girl to step arrival at mountain lake high school. >> the second was even more personal. >> there is no denying gracie's angel broke the rules. it is just that liana didn't forget. the most important world.
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>> because of things like this house dust cross-country rules are changing. runners who assist in injured or ill competitor will not be disqualified if medical professional is not available. it takes effect next season. >> it was incredible to watch. she didn't even stop. she reached down to help her out. in major she made it to the finish line.>> watching her continue and nobody doing anything. >> it was tough to watch.>> we do have a few things to talk about. cloudy afternoons with rain this afternoon. >> sprinkles. no widespread showers but we will get enough moisture to see a few drops through the evening commute. we are starting to pick up on that moisture right now on stormtracker 10. this will be an areawide thing.
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even then we're talking 10 to 20% coverage. most of us stay dry but we are warm out there this afternoon. already at 82 in tampa. with the esther cloud cover we are not gonna warm-up much from here so about 84 is where we will top out today. you can see that the cloud cover is settling in over downtown tampa from the suntrust financial center camera. it will look like this for the better part of the day but likely breaks in between. you can see on the future cast, keeping southerly winds in place bouts of sprinkles. hardly even want to say the word showers. we're talking about light rain and drizzle. from time to time breaks in the clouds. overnight largely quiet but still keeping southwinds in play which means we're still very warm as you get out the door tomorrow. topping out at 84 today. a good amount of sunshine and a mix of clouds. especially early on we will get more son later. and then kind of crowding
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time. still warm as you had outside tomorrow morning. temperatures around 70 degrees. then we tracked the next frontal boundary. it doesn't do much for us in terms of bringing the rain chances back. once again like today we will limit the moisture and we are talking about instead of 10%, to a 20% coverage. the next frontal boundary looks more promising in terms of getting some rain and i think we will managed to get some aggressive model in terms of bringing in the rain chances monday. it would be out by tuesday. still other models that are like let's hold off a little bit in terms of getting widespread showers in here. i will limit coverage to 30%. that could go up in the next couple of days. it is the best shot at getting showers in here for the next seven days. a stray shower possible ahead
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it is the second one we are tracking. the first moves in tomorrow. dry on friday. the first half of the weekend looks really nice. we will warm up to near 80 and we will start off in the 50s. early morning jogs and.watts are looking nice. the moisture comes back sunday followed by rain chances monday and possibly very early tuesday morning. >> it is a cool deal that's helping children in foster care across the country. >> sweet caroline is about to be belted out when neil diamond
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how does unlimited frosty's sound. you can get one for free anytime you buy something else at wendy's for a one-time payment of two dollars. if you buy the key tag, every $.90 on the dollar will go towards the davis thomas
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forever homes for children in foster care. mark your calendars for this one. neil diamond is celebrating his unparallel career spanning 50 years with a world tour and is coming to tampa. i'm excited. >> you can get the tickets at amalie arena sunday>> you can get the tickets at amalie arena sunday, april 23.>> it is working out. you have to wait until next week to get your tickets. >> you didn't show excitement until >> i was holding it in. i couldn't hold it in anymore.>> get your tickets. that is a cool concert. >> this afternoon a little bit of rain or sprinkles. >> sprinkles. don't break out the reindeer. a few drops on the windshield kind of thing and it will be a very -- of around 10%.
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>> victoria: i can't believe this. >> billy: i know this is difficult to hear, vick. >> victoria: is it really so hard for you to be happy for me, billy? is it so hard to accept the fact that i've moved on? >> billy: travis slept with another woman. >> victoria: don't say that! >> billy: it's true. >> victoria: travis would never do something like that. >> billy: you felt it. when he was on his knee proposing to you in the park, you knew that there was something wrong. i could see it. the doubt in your eyes -- i could see it. >> victoria: what do you mean, you could see it? >> billy: i was in the park that day. i couldn't hear what was happening, but i knew. i could see the hesitation in your body. you didn't trust it. you didn't trust him. and you were right not to. >> michael: objection, your honor! >> leslie: on what grounds?! >> michael: the whole purpose of this hearing is the question of joint visitation of the minor


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