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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a teenager crumbled to the sidewalk in front of the don lobos restaurant. the manager frank ramirez heard the gun fire and saw people scatter except for a small group around the victim. >> i saw a gentlemen like laying down on the floor. crying and stuff. >> what was his ? could he speak? >> noer it was critical. >> reporter: one of the bullets fired shattered a pain of -- pane of glass in the front door. no one inside was harmed. georgetown as usual on halloween, was filled with police officers and an arrest that may be related to the shooting occurred within minutes. >> we did have an arrest of an individual carrying a weapon in the area. the person is charged with cpwl, carrying a piston without a license. there is a lot of work on that but we have that person in custody. >> reporter: the georgetown shooting was one of a spate of woundings across the city of the they started at 8:15 in the
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evening, a 16-year-old walking on florida avenue northeast near staples street was shot by a man wearing a ski mask who briefly stepd out -- out of a green suv. at 904time p.m., a 16-year-old boy and 19-year-old girl were wounded in the legs. over an your later, an 18-year- old female was shot in the ankle and police think those incidents might be connected. the georgetown shooting happened at 10:49 p.m. and at 1:35 today morning on baraby road southeast, a 44- year-old man was shot in the leg. five of the six shooting victims are expected to live. chief lanier said she's not sure spate of shootings is connect halloween, noting almost none of the victims were costume. homicides and shooting in the district are down, compared to the same 10-month period last year. after the gun fire in georgetown at the nearby foggy
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mountain metro station, it got crowded with young people. some of whom started fighting. the spokesman for metro said transit police quieted down the crowd and accompanied different groups as they left on various trains. no injury at or around metro was reported. >> all right. >> john henrehan, thanks for bringing us up to date. an a rubble county police want ton who beat up a 14-year- old and stole his halloween candy last night. it happened in glen burnie. a male punched a 49-year-old boy last night -- 14-year-old boy last night while trick or treating. several other suspects took the victim's candy and took off. anyone with information is asked to call police. we're following a news alert out of northeast d.c. tonight. police tell fox 5 that they're investigating a reported sexual assault inside a home on north capital street. they were called to the 5,000 block this morning about 9:30. police are not releasing any information about the crime and say that they do not have a is
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picture in the case at this -- a suspect in the case at this point. the jury is seeing video of detectives interviewing britney norwood. she was not under arrest at the time and had no idea she was being recorded. five days later, the police were suspicious of her story and paul wagner has the latest. >> reporter: it wassed with, march 16th. the police wanted britney norwad to come -- norwood to come back and get hair samples and her fingerprints. she was ushered into an interview room where the two detectives started to speak to her and they wanted to talk to her because by then, they were becoming very suspicious of her story. [ no audio ] a they began -- the tape began playing for the
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jury, norwood is seen sitting inside an interview room with one of the two lead detectives in the case. the two are exchanging small talk when she suddenly said any good news? she said it so softly, the state's attorney john mccarthy stopped the tape and asked the detective who was on the witness stand to repeat it. as the tape continues, detective drury answers her question by saying we have got a ton of doggone evident under there. a second detective can be heard saying we have a lot of calls and leads. you're one of our best sources because you were there. although norwood was not under arrest, detective drury had become suspicious of her story. he then walked her through everything that happened the night of the murder from the time show first left lulu lemon that night until she returned with jana to find a wallet that norwooded she left behind. earlier this day, david mcgill was called to the stand to testify about the bleed shoeprets.
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mcgill is a certified shoe print examiner and mcgill told the court that he found two shoe impressions inside the store made from blood. a bit odd, he noted o cross examination, since he was told there were two assailants and two victims inside the store that night. they came from brittany norwood's size 7 1/2 new balance shoes and a pair of men's size 14 reeboks. one of the lighter moments came when mcgill was asked to demonstrate how someone could bend themselves with plastic ties. with the jury watching, mcgill created a loop, slipped his hands through and with his teeth, pulled it tightly around his wrist and took less than five seconds. that testimony was important. the stat's attorney believes that britney norwood found herselfla thanight. bob barnard -- herself that night. bob barnard was in the courtroom the second part of the testimony and watched the second half of the videotape.
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what happened? >> reporter: the key question was did brittany norwood, had jana ever given you a ride homer anything in her car? she said no, they had not. they fingerprinted her and that was wednesday the 16th, the interview was over. then, according to the detectives, britney's brother called back on thursday, september patrick's day, and said she left something out. there was something she wanted to tell you. and they set it up for 10:00 the next day on friday, and sat down and talked more. what it was was britney norwood saying that she moved jana's car. i don't know why i told you the other day, but you moved the car. the bad guys made me. even though she was covered, she said she was forced on top of jama's body, covered in her coworker's blood and the two men in the store allegedly, made her go out and grab jana's keys and move her car from in
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front of the store across the avenue and come back. the detective seemed bewildered. why did do you that? why didn't you go? she said i was scared, they knew where i lied. this is important. the police had found bled and couldn't explain it and wanted to know if britney norwood was inside and said no initially. the last witness was jana murre a mother. >> her mother was was asked factual information. did you have a daughterim inned jana, is this her cell phone and jacket, is this her car? she basically answered yes to all of those questions. that was it. nothing emotional and factual. jana's mother and did she have a between sister looking identical to her? no. they showed a couple of pictures of jana. >> and we're getting to the end of the trial and haven't heard from the medical examiner. we're anticipateing more testimony from the detective tomorrow. back to you. >> all right, very fascinating, bob barnard and paul wagner. thank you.
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stay with fox 5 for complete coverage of the trial. paul will provide constant updates on air and online. we have a link to his account on our home page, and you can get updates through your cell phone and click the mobile there at the top of the website to download our mobile apps. a congressman averted a major battle between himself and the district for now. darrell issa announced he promote error returned a bill that leaders believed would violate home rule. something changed today. >> reporter: the chairman of the city council picked up the phone and asked congressman issa to crack down on the practices. issa wanted to force officials with d.c. brown told issa the council was working on a bill
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of its own and assured him the couple would get a bill passed by the end of the year. >> with that commitment and from me to him, he was kind enough to say hey -- he's going to pull the bill and left it -- >> chairman brown said there is a round-table discussion on this issue on november 10th and then there will be a vote. the first vote in december. issa agreed to give the couple the time it need -- council the time it needs. >> thank you. coming up on fox 5 news at 5. secretary of state hillary clinton is mourning the death of a family member. and herman cain's presidential campaign could be in serious trouble. this as new details emerge about sexual harassment claims from the aft. we're kind of -- from the past. >> we're into the slogans, man. live for your or die and bring it. >> a strange speech from rick perry has some people wondering if he was drinking. we'll let you decide.
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gary. and thank you, shawn. it's gorgeous out. there will this ride and nice beautiful weather stay with us? we'll have a first look at the forecast. fair skies this evening. stay with us. the forecast is coming up. p.  ♪ ♪
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louisiana fresh catch. florida beaches. alabama beauty. mississippi outdoors. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. i'm glad we got that settled. >> very sad news for secretary of state hillary clinton. her mother dorothy howell
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rodham has died. she was surrounded by loved ones after midnight when she passed away. secretary clinton cancelled hear trips overseas this week to be at her mother's side. the clinton family is planning a private memorial service. mrs. rodham was 92 years old. him apcain is shedding new light on the claim. first he denied it and today he's starting to remember. tom fitzgerald, this is quite a change in story. >> reporter: it appears they decide to go on the offensive now after campaign officials wouldn't acknowledge knowing about the chas metcase and -- chasment case. the changing recollections are raising eyebrows and questions from legal experts. it's the timeline of damage control. >> i would be delighted to clear the air.
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>> reporter: first, herman cain is asked by politico if he faced a sexual harassment suit and won't answer. >> i think that that is. >> reporter: monday morning, he speaks at the enterprise institute and offers this on the way off of the stage. >> herman b. herman. >> reporter: cane appears on fox news, the first time acknowledging the suit and saying he was wrongfully accused. >> reporter: have never sexually harassed anyone. >> reporter: that afternoon, cain goes to the press club adding while the cases were settled, he was not aware they were settled. >> i am unaware of any sort of settlement. >> reporter: monday night, he gives his most detailed account to fox newss greta van us is tern. >> -- greta van sustern.
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>> and brought my hand to my chen and said you're the same height as my wife. my wife comes up to my chip. and that was fut putt in there as something that made her uncomfortable. >> reporter: at times, his evolving versions of the story has been at odds with his a.m. knowledge aft straight-talking foreigner head of godfather's pizza. in 1996, herman cain left godfather's pizza to become the chief executive officer of the national restaurant association, one of the most powerful tread groups in lobbying organization in the nation's capital. at the national restaurant association, he was sued sexual harassment by two women and he claims he didn't know the suit ended seems improbable to some legal experts. >> i don't think that is reasonable. >> reporter: john benhap is a law professor at washington university law school. >> it's unusual for him -- for him not to know the jist of the
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settlement if not the exact details. >> reporter: for now, herman cain is sticking to the story even as it continues to be refined. him apcain will be returning to our area tomorrow and first speaking in tyson's corner and later at the healthcare reform in alexandrea. >> we know he's not the first politician to be in the position. is he hurting his campaign? >> you're right about that, in his first run for president, bill clinton faced questions of his sexual conduct and won the presidency. ca in, this doesn't hurt his campaign. his campaign contributions hit a record on monday. all of this attention, as negative as much of it has been, so far has not seemed to derail his presidential campaign. >> i guess time will tell. thank you. and while cain leads in the polls still, texas governor rick perry is raising eyebrows
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over a speech in new hampshire. not what he said in the 25- minute speech but how he said it. listen to him. >> we're into those slogans, man, this is like live free or die, victory or death. bring it. if they print anymore money in washington, the gold's death -- going to be good. 12,$500 for every dependent that you have, you know, and this is some easy math, distract it, send it in, it's awesome. >> analyst -- analysts say rick perry is trying to find a personal way to connect with him and others think it's flat out odd. his spokesman said the governor is passionate about the future of the country. jimmy kimble will -- jimmy kimmel will serve as comedienne in chief next year. he's tapped as the many entertainment for the 98th annual event. the president, celebrities and various high-ranking officials and members of the media typically attend the dinner. proceeds fund scholarships and awards in journalism.
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and get our tickets now. >> you got it. >> and you didn't need the tickets for a front-row speech. >> yeah. >> and i will take this. and is this trend going to continue into the evening? >> should i show my cards? >> good deal. >> thy tonight like me to do that. >> you're not watching. >> yeah. >> and this is today we're talking about, by the way. the suits? is that what we're talking about? that is going to be nice. this is a great run and looks like it takes us through the weekend. remember last saturday, that is shaping up to be gorgeous every day this week leading us through the weekend. okay, and that is something to look forward to. the temperatures, 59 degrees here in the city; quantico, 59; everybody in the 50s and chilly. are all across the area and
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that is good. you can see? 65 degrees in chicago. how about that? that warmth is coming our way. this evening, real, real nice, 7:00 and 54. and that will be chilly for the late evening dog walk or stroll, and 49, 11:00; 47 degrees and wins 5 at continue miles per hour and i hope everyone will stick around for the forecast coming up. you will want to see it to believe it. >> we will. thank you, gary. the power is slowly coming back on in the northeast. two days after the rare october snowstorm and 2 million homes are without power. authorities are blaming at least 23 deaths on the storm including one in canada. most were caused by falling trees, traffic accidents, or downed wires.
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and talk about a rough ride. we'll show you how this frightening emergency landing by the airplane finally came to an end. and passengers who fly out of reagan national will be greeted by a new statue. we're going to take to you today's unveiling. 
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>> a special unveiling at reagan national airport. a nine-foot bronze statute was revealed to the public. it cost about 9 had thousand dollars generated by private donations. the anti's authority spent 80,000 on-site preparations. the chairman of the reagan presidential board of trustee said there is good ran for such a tribute. >> reporter: to show the world that america could be a trusted friend, a dependable ally and a stung defender of freedom. that -- sta unch defender of freedom. >> indeed, statues have been
5:24 pm
erected in london, budapest and other cities earn the world as a tribute to president reagan's influence on the world. >> a frightening emergency landing for a plane full of passengers. it triggered sparks and small fires. it dumped fuel for an hour before the crash landing. you can see that that did slide. no one was hurt. the pilot there. >> when you see that. that gets along there. >> yeah. >> and you have to think that everyone on board knew what was going on. >> yeah. and still ahead, the link between heavy alcohol consumption and breast cancer is not new. there is new evidence on how moderate drinking can increase a woman's risk. find out if you should be concerned. do drugs like ritalin raise the risks of serious heart problems for children with adhd? we'll have the results of the
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>> prosecutors and defense tarns in the manslaughter trial for michael jackson's doctor conrad murray wrapped up the last day of testimony today without murray taking the stand. fox's craig bosswell joins us live from los angeles with the latest from today's hearing. craig? >> reporter: good evening to you. one of the dramatic moments in the courtroom behind us when the judge asked conrad murray if you would be taking the stand. he paused for a moment. conrad more a looking to the right and left. his decision will not take the stand. y that all called her final witnesses.
5:29 pm
michael jackson's daughter decided to testify. dr. conrad murray announced the decision to the judge while the jury was out of the courtroom. the two propofol experts wrapped up the final dave testimony, first, with the defense star witness, dr. paul white, revisiting the standard of care issue. >> is there a different between standard of care and standard of actual pro pra? >> yes, standard of care is the ideal. it's what we would seek for every patient. um, there are man circumstances -- there are many circumstances and i indicated a few where it's not necessarily possible. >> reporter: jackson gave himself a fatal dose of propofol and testified previously that he would never administer propofol as a sleep aid as murray did. the prosecutor completed the state's case by recalling dr. steven schaeffer and in brief questioning, testifying the standard of care should be higher in a home is thing and restated his belief on the amount of propofol given to michael jackson. >> in your opinion, does this
5:30 pm
absolutely rule out the hie possibilities is put forward by dr. white? >> absolutely. >> and is it cold front with the hie possibilities is put forward by the results some. >> it suggests that michael jackson received more propofol. >> reporter: after 33 prosecution witnesses and 16 events, both sides have rested their cases and the jury, the judge instructed the jury to return here thursday morning, 9:00 a.m. local time where they will begin jury deliberations soon. right now what is happening, the judge is meeting inside from the attorneys from the both sides, discussing what can'ts will be admitted into evidence and susessing what type of instructions will be given to the euro thursday, laura? >> let me ask you again, craig, to refuse for us, if he's found guilt oat manslaughter charges. what his potential sentence could be? >> right, and if convicted, conrad murray faces up to four years in prison and losing his
5:31 pm
medical license. >> craig bosswell, thanks for reporting tonight. tonight's health alert is for women. if you drink or ever took a drink, listen up. drinking in moderation along with drinking early and later in life can increase a woman's risk of breast cancer. dr. wayne frederick a surgical oncologist and the director of the howard university cancer center joins us to help us separate the fact from the fection. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: in april, a european study linked european to all cancers in men and women to previous alcohol consumption. we're learning one is breast cancer. i think this is stunning. many of us enjoy a glass of wine or occasional cocktail. should women stop drink something. >> i don't think the studies suggest we should stop drinking. i think it suggests, though, that the drinking should be consumed in roaderation. i think one alcoholic -- in moderation. i think one alcoholic drink was fine. i think like everything else in
5:32 pm
life, if i keep it within moderation. and some of the benefits for some and the alcoholic drink a day. may be so obtained with all of the bad infects. >> that is what makes it confusing for all of us lay people out here. the study said drinking in moderation could cause an increase in risk of breast cancer. then we hear people say drink a glass of wine. there are benefits from that. how do we sort through what is right and wrong? how do we figure this out? >> i think a lot of this has material to be quite honest. i think still that that is safe to all of the data we have. one drink a day is fine and one man want and two in men is acceptable and clearly, drinking three to five drinks a day is suggested, especially the downer folks and even -- with the increase of breast cancer for a long time. that is concerning. i think more will be needed to
5:33 pm
verify this one. >> let me ask you, the study on the risk of cancer is linked to drinking early in life and later in life. is there an age rainfall where we should not drink at all? >> yeah, i don't think that you can draw that conclusion from this. i think one of the things that we have been concerned about in cancer is what type of exposures we give to our bodies and how long it takes to develop cancer. we're not quite sure what the answer to those questions are; therefore, i think the prudent thing to do is to practice the healthiest habits as described by the primary care physician throughout your life regardless of aim. >> dr. wayne frederick, surgical oncologist, director of the howard university cancer center, thank you for helping us out tonight. >> thank you. a new study shows the drugs used for hyperactivity are safe for kids hearts. the research published is the largest safety review ever on rita lip and similar medications. scientists followed more than a
5:34 pm
million children in young adults. the results showed no greater risk for heart attack, stroke, or sudden death and that is found in people who don't take the medication. it's a hot drug on college campuses but it's not being used to get high. many users believe the drug will boost brain power. it's called aderol. a prescription drug that is widely abused by students. sherri ly is here with the preview of the fox 5 investigation you have tonight. sherry? >> reporter: the thing is that this is a legal drug. if you have a prescription but, many of these users do not have one and that may be the fatal mistake. aderol is one of the top- selling precision stimulants to treat adhd. and it's now thought ever -- sought after on campus as a steady drug. it helps people focus and concentrate better. students can stay up all night, cram for days and with little or no sleep. there is a reason it's not given to anyone. it can kill you.
5:35 pm
yet, we found college students who say the drug is so widely used, it might as well be the back-to-school kit. the non-prescription use of aderol is common knowledge. they're bought, sold, and given away between friends with no thoughts of the potential dangers. some consider aderol a miracle drug. tonight at 10, we're going to look at the abuse and the deadly consequences of the drug. the downsides. it's also called college crack, laura. >> did you talk to students who are on this or taking this? >> i have talked to students and it's common, as i mentioned. a lot of people know it's happening and they don't seem to think that there is anything wrong with it. we're going to tell you why there could be. >> yeah, interesting. sherri ly, thank you very much. if you think a story that you think we should look into, give us a heads up. sunday your news tips to fox 5 or calls at (202)895-3130. an update still ahead on
5:36 pm
the 8-year-old boy with autism who went missing for days in the virginia woods. find out why doctors are not releasing him from the hospital just yet. a stain ole capitol hill reopening. four months after a kitchen fire shut it down. we're back in a moment. moment. [ malele announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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>> the virginia boy with autism who was lost in the woods for a week is still in the hospital tonight. doctors found a hole in the eight-year-old's esophagus. the grandmother said that she thinks it comes from something he tried to eat while lost in the woods. they found the child in the creek bed north of richmond on friday. a local lapmark is reopening three months after the fire. the restaurant and bar closed the doors in june after a large kitchen fire. the restaurant and bar area was in flames and there was some
5:40 pm
significant smoke and some water damage. [ indiscernible ] got replaced and we were able to keep some of the original -- and we opened up the skylight. a lot of the wood-- woodwork. >> the owners plan to reopen on friday. >> he got a start in the dmv. local high school students got a big surprise as a popular rapper returns home. >> and the forecast is looking nice the. gary's back with the extended look. we'll be right back.  . welcome to carmax.
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transfer to the store nearest you. so come find the one for you today... at carmax. busy day! yes it is! >> the cast is back on home ice after a disappointing two-game road trip to western canada and tone, a veteran is set to make his debuts. feldy has more for us. >> reporter: thank you very
5:44 pm
much, shawn. we'll pick on the anaheim ducks tonight. they did lose two straight. they being washington. and they finished 7-2 in october. y that on pace to win 63 games, which no nhl team did and they won't either. that is a very start, something i talked about with john er69 who left -- erskine. i spoke with the tough guy a few moments ago. john, how difficult was it sitting out watching the great start by your teammates? did that make it easier to watch? >> that made it easier to watch and when you hurt or healthy watching, it's tough. the boys put on a great show and we have to get back to winning. >> and you come back as a team who is looking to win. two straight losses, penalty killing is a problem and that is something you're going to help out on. >> and that is to show them
5:45 pm
what i do. my fellow game is to stay home and play physical and be a big part of the future. >> last year, career highs for you. the guys played. goals, points. and more of the same this year? >> i don't know go becames this -- games this year and looking to build on last year and having a good year. >> when this team comes together and obviously everyone chronicled how well you have done in the regular season and not going where you want to go in the post season, how seriously do you take the good start and how much does that matter how the team is playing some. >> ? >> we want to be the best and that is starting in every game. if our goal is to be the best and go from there. >> and fans will give you a warm response, you think? they haven't seen you since may. >> i hope so. seems like the last time and i have been working hard. i am excited. >> and erskine is, a gentle
5:46 pm
giant. mike green won't mess with anyone but thed this straight game with a right ankle situation and they have won five straights and that is the best in franchise history. live in verizon center, more at 6:00. back to you. >> and they can keep it going. thank you, feldy. paying a surprise visit to central high school in capital heights and not only did he perform, but he encued students to excel in school. when he was in school, no rapper would have marched in and epcorred them to believe in something. his new album is released today. >> yeah. and weatherwise, good news. >> you put all of the cars. >> and have that sprods for us, don't you? >> -- surprise for us? >> yeah. >> you have to stick around.
5:47 pm
>> and do not say that. >> it is. >> and that is accurate. ing up on thera radio? >> what she meant was this winter. >> yeah. >> and that is not a winter yet. he said that all of the time. >> gorgeous out there now. >> that is great. >> clouds we had are beginning to break up and not necessarily breaking up. dissipate and that is the correct use there and you can see the river and skies. it gets nicer from here. and the next few days and temperatures managed up to 61 degrees at national. that is not bad now and still sitting at 59 degrees for national. the temperatures will cool this evening. 54 at 7:00 and that might be a lingerring cloud. chilly at 11:00 and 49 and
5:48 pm
these are temperatures expected in the city outside in the suburbs by 9, 10, 11:00 and into the lower and mid-40s in some cases and that'll be dropping. the big area of high pressure is settling in on top of us and clearing the skies, licenning the winds up leave night and what we call radiational cooling. the heat the groups have accepted during the day will be radiating out of the atmosphere and especially the low levels will cool quickly and that is dry out there tonight and that is setting up tonight and that is to tell you it's going to be cold tonight and tomorrow morning. and that is nice. we haven't had to deal with that. as we broaden the view, a few hinges to -- things to talk about there. first the red light into chicago and that is coming up from the south and that is
5:49 pm
going to be here on the day on thursday and what else i wana to talk about is the -- i want to talk about is the blue line and cold air out of canada and there is a lot of snow flying and this is a full-fledged snowstorm again and into colorado the difference is once it moves through colorado, it's not vising us with snow long the east coast and you do not have to worry about that. for the next few days and we're going to be dry and fairly nice through the weekend and some colder tells are behind, that no doubt about -- colder temperatures are behind. that look at chicago and since natty, check out st. louis. 75 degrees there and i don't think we're going get that woman here. the warmest in the day is coming up on thursday. we're mid-60s and hopefully that will go up a little bit again. and all that warmth won't
5:50 pm
translate to the east coast and unfortunately, the cold air is coming in here. you can see that with 30 degrees and denver is 39 and they're expecting snow in there and clear and cold here and 32 and below in the subissues and some might be down below freezing and about 40 degrees in the city. the clear skies and the winds will be light. a morning chill, 42 and 58 degrees at noon and noose tomorrow afternoon, we'll do that again. here's the high pressure tomorrow, nice and comfortable, thursday is mild, temperatures in the mid-60s and we watch this slip by to the south of us on friday and there is no rain in the forecast there. the weekend looks good, cool or saturday and 56 and that is nice and beautiful and sunny and 60 degrees. and there is your forecast.
5:51 pm
we're going to the new ice room where we find laura. >> and you have to fess up on this one. we want to know how much halloween candy you have eaten. reporting the top diet busters this time of the year. butterfinger is right up there at the top and that is followed by snickers, kitcat -- kit kat and milky way. the sweet tooth won't hurt your welterweight goals who made that? >> one? >> exactly. that is my question. >> and try 15. >> i hoard them and put them in the bag and hide them in the closets so my husband can't get to them nor my kids and i eat them when i want to [ indiscernible ] >> no, i haven't -- . >> and that low. yeah. i will put it aside for my day. >> that is good. speaking of calories, apparently sarah frazier, hot 99.95 with us -- . -- 99.5.
5:52 pm
>> women don't count the calories. >> the fast bol of wean shows us -- three of wine throws us off. >> uh-huh. >> a bottle of chardonnay. >> yes. >> don't drink it and that encourages you to snack more because you're savoring and that is red, white, whatever you like. >> i agree. >> and what are you a fan of? >> chardonnay. >> and -- >> we're like that is fine. what jeff? >> and that is much easier to snack. >> exactly. >> and -- >> all right, flirting to boost your marriage. >> yes. >> and is this flirting with others outside of the marriage? >> well, of course. and that, flirting with your husband is boring. may be it's good and if you're bored, they're encouraging flirting outside of the
5:53 pm
marriage. >> okay. >> and they say they like being wanted and like the back and forth and not taking it further and just the flirting and the intersection. >> -- interact. >> do you do it in front of the spouse spouse? >> i believe that is in the work vehement. >> okay. >> and when you come hope, if you have had some flirting during the day, that can be a good thing. >> perhaps endorphines here, again. >> and first wine. >> we know -- . >> eat a lot. >> all right, a lot of people talking about kim kardashian. >> and yes. >> i mean, honestly, i have to say who captain see it coming. -- who didn't see it coming. >> the rumor is they're not going get a divorce but a reality show with couple therapy and that will continue and reunite. >> the whole thing is a money maker from the beginning. >> and i think people are tired of it. >> we have to play a quick gape. >> okay. >> and celebs are notorious.
5:54 pm
>> renee zellweger ken chesney how long does it last? longer or shorter? >> shorter. >> no longer for a month. >> all right. >> and you remember? >> oh, yeah, i do. >> how long were they married for? >> i the say -- i would say two months. >> okay. >> carmen elektra and dennis rodman. >> yeah. >> and how long were they married? >> don't remember. >> five days. >> and remember britney spears and jason alexander? >> 48 hours. >> okay. >> and people less than 72 -- married less than 72 days. >> are we happy? >> yeah. >> and -- that is all glee tonight. >> and -- >> all right. back to you. give us a look at what is
5:55 pm
coming up on the news edge at 6. consider this your warning. if you owe the district of columbia money, you better pay up. the man to collect on everything from overdue taxes to undue fines. the traffic revenue in alexandrea is not at the worst yet. parking problems are popping up. what some are doing to curb that issue. ssue. and he did the problem service and he decided it was not enough. that is why he's walking and walking and walking. [ [ female announcer ] at,
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5:59 pm
i have to go back to the philippines as soon as possible to be with my family. and that is -- . >> thanks for joining us tonight at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. right off of the top. do you owe the district money? you better pay up. several city leaders were angered as they watched our report on the man who owed the city more than $17 million in back taxes. they want ton why it took so long to go after him and he might be the first of many. fox 5s matt ackland is in the newsroom with the latest development. >> reporter: yeah, brian. today, two stayed wellers want more money to the district government. they don't care what type it is from debt and to parking tickets to those who live outside of the district and refuse to pay. the news was stunning when the d.c. tax office said the


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