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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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witnesses. it began with the shocking video of michael jackson's body on the gurney and continued with audio of the king of pop slurring so badly, he can barely be understood. >> will you be here to watch children. >> reporter: prosecutors say that dr. murray's 150 grand-a- month paycheck had him caterring to jackson's every whim, giving in to the popular with a powerful propofol which jackson called milk. attorneys for murray said jackson gave himself the dose while the doctor was out of the room. >> that was craig bosswell reporting. our coverage continues at the bottom of the hour. we'll go live to los angeles as fans react to the guilty verdict coming up at 5:30. another big story we're
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following tonight, another bomb shell dropped on herman cain's presidential campaign. a fourth woman came forward with sexual harassment allegations, detailing what she citizen aggressive sexual behavior by the candidate. tom, what is the latest? >> you know, all along herman cain has been saying he would not pond to anonymous allegations. now, at least one of the allegations is no longer anonymous. in new york today, a woman who was fired from a national restaurant association described in detail was an aggressive sexual advance by the man who is a front-runner of the republican presidential nomination. >> you admit what you admit you were inappropriate to people. >> reporter: her nam is sharon. after -- her name is sharon. after losing a job, she came to washington in july of 1997 to ask herman cain for help in finding employment. >> mr. cain said you want a job, right? >> reporter: but her attorney
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gloria allred said cain went far beyond career counseling. without her handle, cain upgradeed the room at the capital hilton to the suite where they had drinks in the hotel bar. >> instead of receiving the help she hoped for, mr. cain, instead, studied to provide her with -- decided to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package. >> reporter: after dinner at an italian restaurant, cain said he would drive her to the restaurant association's d.c. headquarters but instead parked the car nearby. >> he suddenly reached over and put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for mygenitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it toward his crotch. >> reporter: she's the first woman to publicly speak about allegations of sexual harassment against herman cain. the lawyer for one of the three other accusers said friday that his client believed she was not
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alone. >> there is an expression where there is smoke there is fire. the fact that there are multiple complaints tells me likely than not. >> reporter: herman cain denies sexually harassing anyone, saying he was falsely accused in the two cases the national restaurant association settled. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone. >> the cain campaign put out a statement saying that gloria allred is bringing forth more false accusations against the character of republican front- runner herman cain. all allegations of harassment against mr. cain are completely false and he has never harassed anyone. but sharon is sticking by her story. >> mr. cain, im procedure you, make this right. >> reporter: she did not file a complaint because she did not work for the national restaurant association at the time of the alleged incident. her attorney, gloria allred, said there are no plans at this time or about filing a
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complaint or a lawsuit claiming that her motivation here was simply to put a face on these allegations dogging him. >> did she explain why it took so long for it to come out? >> a month ago, she went to a tea party event where herman cain was the featured speaker and she went up to him and asked him if he remembered her. cain said he did and was whisked away by handlers. she made it clear her main motivation coming forward was the fact that she wanted to be the public face of the alga -- allegations and make it clear that herman cain's denials in her view, were not leading up to the facts. >> and thank you. more fallout from a sexual abuse scandal rocking the penn state football team. the former defensive coordinator is charged with eight counts of child sex
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abuse. the vice president and athletic director tim curly have under the influence been changed with failing to report the crime and lying to a grand jury. >> reporter: the grand jury report is disturbing. it graphically detailed the alleged abuse of eight boys, some as young as seven years ole. there are witnesses who heard and saw the abuse and reported it to schultz and curly who did nothing. they're charged with refusing to alert the police of the complaint and lying to the grand jury investigating the case. sandusky was arrested yesterday. from the late '90s-2009, he abused young boys if through a charity he founded for at-risk use. sandusky engaged in inappropriate conduct reaching from -- ranging from touching to outright sexual encounters. authorities say the grad student reported what he saw to the university officials but
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nothing was done. and in this case, it's alleged that top administration officials at penn state university after receiving a report about abuse in the shower by sandusky from a graduate assistant and the coaches at penn state football team, not only did not report that incident as required by law but they never made an attempt to identify the child. >> it's possible there are more victims and that the university's long-time coach joe paterno is not a target of the investigation into how the school handled the accusations. paterno has called the criminal charges shocking and thrilling. coming up at 6, laura, reaction from a former football star. >> the second mile is a non- profit group working with at- risk youth. jerry sandusky started that in
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1977. in a statement, the organization said that it doesn't believe any of the alleged incidents happened during its programs or evens. its website said it's provided, has provided thees iss to more than 100,000 children every year. we have more on click on web links. students at frostburg stat university in maryland are mourning the loss of a student and friend following a deadly offcampus fight. the victim and her alleged killer were both students at the university and beth parker has the latest. >> reporter: let me show you how close this happened. right now, i'm standing on frostburg state university property and you see the yellow house? that is where the stabbing happened. there are flowers at the scoop now. early sunday morning, she witnessed what piece say is a murder. -- police say is a murder. >> i was watching in bed and i heard a fight break out next door and looked out of my
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window. the girls were fighting and one hit the ground and never got up. >> reporter: first, she thought she was punchd. -- pucked. >> she was stabbed. >> she was at an offcampus party where an argument began in the kitchen and ended outside. the mom rushed to be with her at the hospital. >> and very helpful and caring. >> reporter: she was an r.a. here. >> and she was great, level- headed and did her job. she had it or would find somewhere to get [ cheering and applause ] er is for it. >> reporter: a fellow student is charged with murder and jim malone is her public defender. >> the parents are in deep turmoil and that is understandable. >> reporter: he's received many calls from concerned alumni and parents. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am angry, too. i share your outrage, your
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alarm and your grief -- your grief that something like this happened. >> reporter: the house has police tape on the front porch and some empty cups on the lawn. it was not a problem. >> i was amazed, you know. i am used to the noise. >> and. >> students could make it safer. >> speaking to the community and to our students, we need your help as well. as much as i would like to holdef stud tonight keep them safe every day, that is not possible. >> reporter: we don't know what started the fight. can i tell you that mccoy was found in the head and neck and temple. lyingens is in jail being held without bond. live, i'm beth parker. back to you. >> and are police saying anything? she's saying she's not the one who did the stabbing, that someone else did it. what is she saying?
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what are police saying about that tonight? >> reporter: well, we didn't hear much from police but had a chance to look at the court documents and when you go through those, they indicate liggens said someone else did the stabbing; how far, the court documents say there were multiple witnesses and a number identified them in person and in photos. police are confident they have the right person. >> all right, beth parker. thank you. and the redskins scored 11 points the last two games. >> uh-huh. >> it's time to hit the panic button. i say yet. -- yes. we're live with reaction to the skins fourth straight loss. >> and -- also, why a church is teed off with a nearby driving range. we have the story. and thousands in connecticut in the dark a week
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after the rare october snowstorm. the latest on the efforts to get the lights back on. and can you imagine being without power for six, seven day iss -- days up there? at least it's been pretty nice not too terribly cold. and that is our forecast as l. that is what is going on earlier those day. -- days. we'll have a first look at it in just a few. 
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>> d.c. police reopened their
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investigation into two accidents near the convention center friday night where protestors say they were deliberately struck by a car. initially, policed that the protestors put themselves in harm's way and have witnesses to prove it. at the same time, the police say some occupy d.c. protestors turned aggressive and violent, using children to block the street. paul wagner joins us live in the newsroom with today's developments. paul? >> reporter: what was once a fairly good working relationship between the d.c. police department and the occupy d.c. protestors has turned to fingerpointing. after a number of incidents around a convention center friday night. protestors say d.c. police did a poor job investigating what they see is two hit-and-run collisions where the driver is in the cited. the police and the chief say some were putting themes in harm's way where they were getting aggressive and violent. a little over an hour after calling a news conference at the side of the two -- site of
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the two collisions and demanding order, three people struck by the car friday night were escorted inside the building for an introduce. heidi said the driver intentionally struck them near the intersection of seventh and new york northwest and they did not throw themselves in front of the car as the police claimed. >> and before we had a chance to get out of the way, he stopped that about five feet from us, grabbed his engine and threw up the hands. >> reporter: instead, they gave them citations for jumping in the roadway. >> i didn't jump in the car. he rolled me over and i ended up getting knocked out. i didn't even wake up until i was on my way to the ambulance. >> reporter: protestors there that night said the same car hit pierce and the sipple family. >> i was walking down and when i saw him here. i chased the car down seventh
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street and saw him hit the other victims. >> they say police refused to take their statements. in a statement today, the d.c. police chief cathy lanier criticized the protestors for what she described as people who have become increasingly confrontational and violent toward an uninvolved bystanders and motorists. and they show a woman being knocked down in front of the convention center. a protestor pulling two children into the street. and there is even video of georgia pierce, one of the people hit by a car, walking one -- blocking one of the doors to the convention center chief lanier declined to comment on camera. we're told by the police that the statements would be take know by the witnesses. we reached out to the driver of the car for comment but our calls are not returned. the man is from clinton, maryland, and he's not charged. >> paul wagner, thank you.
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they say the third time is the charm. not for the redskins, even with john beck. the team got the same results all losses. sports director dave feldman is live from redskins park. i imagine the mood is not too happy out there? >> reporter: mike shanahan is getting tired of the press conditions. today, he painted himself a little bit of a pickle. they asked him if he minded rebuilding and he said we're not really rebuilding and earlier he'd when i told kyle to come here, i told him it would be a rebuilding process and today, he's had again -- he said we're not rebuilding and the rookies that are playing, they're not as good as the vets and that is hurting us. yesterday, they got hurt, too, in the win-loss column and lost to the 49ers in a game that was not that close. france was controlling the game for most of the afternoon. late sib quarter, the redskins trailed 6-0 and back to the rookie and he is stripped and
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fumbles. whitner recovers one of three turnovers. al, smith with the tight-end bruce miller for a 30-yard touchdown. the 49ers took a 13-0 lead. the redskins offense unable to generate anything downfield and with that incomplete to paulson, the longest 17 yards and the redskins lose their 14th straight game and that is feeling like 49. mike shanahan experienced four four-game losing streaks and two have come with the redskins. >> when you have to play through it, you know. and hopefully that does not happen too many times and that is the nature of the game. and i always approached it the same way and we're starting off seasonal and had is tough. you put so much time in, and you know, the guys play extremely hard. so, you have to find a way to get the win column.
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and you can't go back to work. >> mike shanahan had no update and wide receiver niles paul has a turf toe and is going to be out a few weeks. let's look back with jim zorn. he coached the redskins in 2008 and 2009, had that better record through 24 games and mike shanahan. he was 10-49 and shanahan, 9-15 and in this hour, we'll tell you how and if the redskins locker room is keeping it together. >> thank you, feldy. on an upnote, he could be in that same position as the colts coach. >> that is true. and who do you think should be the starter? text your vote. text one for john beck, two for
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grossman. standard texting fees apply. leaders are teed off. more than 2600 golf balls landed on their property in one year. in april, someone on the church property got hit in the head with a bah. the church is now suing the driving rage for continuing public nuisance. it could mean a $25,000 fine. >> nice to play golf today. >> absolutely gorgeous and with the fall back, daylight savings time, it's darker out there than it has been. >> yeah, and that is the only thing about this time of the year that i don't like. >> yeah. >> and all right. >> it was not cold today. [ laughter ] >> it was great today. >> and gary mcgrady, what can we expect later tonight? >> more of the same. >> oh, great. >> yeah, yeah, it's going to be real nice out there. to be honest, i don't have a lot to talk about and that -- and today was gorgeous, the weekend is great and there is something toward the end of the
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week and does in the look like much and temperatures out there, you probably felt it, nice and comfortable today. we started off with very, very thick fog and we'll probably start off in the same spots tomorrow morning with fog and that could reduce the visibilities for awhile to as low as a quarter of a mile and that is soupy out there and in up to, clear skies and 7. clear skies at 9 and 11. and the temperatures dropping from some nice weather, a couple of bumps in the road had week and we'll share them with you in the full forecast in a few minutes. more than a week after the rare october snowstorm, more than 70,000 customers in connecticut still without power
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tonight and three mean lost power. they said it would miss the goal of restoring power to 99% of the customers and power may not be restored to everyone until wednesday. coming up, the virginia boy with autism missing for days in the woods finally goes home. and the defense learning the -- defense lawyers fight for the victim's medical roars. the judge rules on that request next. and we are following a developing story out of los angeles tonight. michael jackson's doctor guilty of involuntary manslaughter. coming up, we'll take you live to the courthouse in lafor reaction to the -- l.a. for reaction. on. 
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[ jimmeka ] building cars that americans want. [ jamaul ] right here in america. hyundai is an all-american success story. ♪ >> we want to take you back to one of the top stories tonight. the guilty verdict in the involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. the jury convicted him after less than nine hours of deliberations. foxacy craig bosswell -- fox's craig bosswell has the latest. as we watched here, we saw the cheers outside of the
5:26 pm
courthouse and a screech inside. was the jackson family inside? if so, how did they this? >> reporter: exactly. good evening to you, shawn. i am told inside the courtroom, the verdict is being read that latoya jackson seemed to be the most emotional. all of the family members hugged the prosecutor after this was all said and done after the verdict was announced inside the courtroom and the jury was released. that is very, very loud cheers outside. in fact, i can step out of the way and we can show you what is going on and there is still a large crowd outside and in more than an hour, a large police presence here, too and not because it's a large crowd but this is a very, very busy street and narrow sidewalk. you don't want anyone to be bumped into the traffic. i would like to mention the crowd cheering. a lot of the people were gathered here since very, very early this mother and many chanting justice for michael. it seems those wanting him
5:27 pm
convicted outnumbering those on the side and who protestor, i don't see her or hear her anymore, but he's remanded into custody and will be sentenced tuesday, november 29th. shape? >> you should -- shawn? >> thank you very much, craig bosswell. we're following new developments in the case of the university of virginia student charged with killing his ex- girlfriend. the attorneys for george hugely will be allowed to see the medical records. the lawyers want to make a case that loved died because of a combination of prescription medication and alcohol. a medical examiner ruled that he died -- died from blunt force trauma to the head. they believe he slammed her head against the wall. and the virginia boy with autism and lost in the woods for a week is out of the hospital tonight. he was released from d.c. u medical center over the weekend and suffered a small hole in his esophagus and other minor injuries while lost. a volunteer searcher found the
5:28 pm
child in a creek bed north of richmond 10 days ago. coming up, the fda wants tobacco companies to put graphic images on cigarette packages. why a judge is blocking that federal requirement. and the hidden hep fla -- h1n1 flu epidemic led to the deaths of many children. that is coming up at the bottom of the hour with dr. oz. t is the featured $5 footlong™ of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh.
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>> the federal government will not be allowed to put graphic images on cigarette packages. the judge with that ruling believes the tobacco companies will win a lawsuit claiming the requirement violates free speech. we want to welcome again dr. oz joining us live. thank you for being with us, dr. oz. what does this ruling today mean in the battle to curb
5:32 pm
smoking? >> unfortunately most folks smoke because they have self- esteem issues and they feel badly about it. trying to give them images that remind them how toxic cigarettes can be can be helpful, especially young smokers when most folks start smoking. these graphic images were going to be helpful in getting folks to see differently about the old-fashioned warning labels that most people don't read. >> your reaction to the ruling? >> it's unfortunate. i'm not a lawyer, i can't judge them on how the law is interpreted, i would think in other countries where graphic images are commonly used, we should be able to provide graphic warnings to get to the mind of the teenagers. >> let's move on to h1n1. children might be eight times to die from the swine flu h1n1 virus if they have the infect known as mrsa and had is even if -- that is even if they're on an antibiotic. tell bus this. >> reporter: what we're find -- tell us about this. >> reporter: what we're finding
5:33 pm
is kids with chronic illness and kids with miles per hour away resistent -- mrsa, a resistent bacteria, seems to get more deadly if kids contract the flu. the flu is more active as l. signifies the immune system is overwhelmed. we have the ability to block away the bacteria. if you add a bad virus on top, it's a challenge and that is one more study again suggesting it -- suggesting we should immunize again, a current government recommendation. it's important if kids contract us in, we're giving them antivirals, available and can be life-saving. >> and to clarify, dr. oz, is h1n1 included in this here's vaccine? >> this year's vaccine is the same as last year. it has similar coverage. >> okay, let's move to your show tomorrow. deals with a new legal drug that you think could kill you. you say it's called dragonfly. what does it do? how you can tell if someone's on it? >> reporter: unfortunately, one of the ways you can tell is
5:34 pm
they die. they die quickly and miserably. your kids know about this but parents don't. it's a legal drug. it's impossible for the government to keep up with the new synthetics. it's sold overseas, the kids buy it legally overseas and it's hipped to your house. without leaving your living room, they can bring in toxic substances. they go to pares and collins and high schools around the country, they tell their friends they have a legal product that will be a buzz. for some kids, it's a deadly buzz. >> and quickly, dr. oz, does it come in a pill form? what form does it come in? >> the liquid form and they put the droppers. that is why it seems inaccurate. one question for parents, please go to your computer browser, the kids, see what sites they're on. it's a best way to see if they're looking at the products sold. >> i know you will be covering that tomorrow on fox 5. dr. oz, thank you for being with us tonight. >> stay well. listen up, you might want
5:35 pm
to avoid drugs like tylenol if you have asthma. acetaminophen may make the symptoms worse for children and adults and may cause asthma. the report follows more than half a million which were this 54 countries. six and seven-year-olds who took the drug once a year were 60% to have more asthma of the the risk tripled for the age group if they took it once a month. and another heads up for asthma and allergy sufferers. stay away from air fresheners. the chemicals can trigger symptoms. a study found a third of people with asthma are extra sensitive to chemicals like the ones in air fresheners and perfumes. still ahead, a longtime singer reveals his battle with cancer. and 20 years ago today magic johnson made an announcement that shocked the world. we'll have a look back. next. 
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>> longtime singer andy williams said he has bladder cancer. he made the announcement at a concert this weekend. the 83-year-old is best known for his rendition of the hit moon river and hosting the andy williams show from 1962 to 1971. williams remained upbeat about his prognosis saying cancer is no longer a death sentence and vows to be among those who kick the disease. former heavyweight champion joe frazier is in hospice care. the doctors have not told frazier how long he has to live. frazier is known for being the first boxer to beat mohammad ali of about losing to him twice, including the famous thriller in manila match. it's been 20 years since basketball star magic johnson stunned the world announcing he's got hie. back then, many people didn't
5:40 pm
think they would be around the hall of famer much longer. today, he's one of 33 million people liveing with hiv. since then, he's been able to sustain himself with medication and created the magic johnson foundation to help educate people about hiv and aid. the redskins can't get it together. coming up, players react to a fourth straight loss. >> oh, oh. >> the son busts a few moves when he should have been busting in the kitchen. more of the video going viral next. and how long will the gorgeous weather pattern stick around? gary's back with the extended forecast coming up. up. 
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>> breaking news right now out of oklahoma. there are reports of tornadic
5:44 pm
activity. and this is a live picture from mears, oklahoma. you can see what looks like a cloud. this is southwest of oklahoma city. the field office on the oklahoma city campus has been destroyed. at this point, there are no of tornadec activity in this particular section of oklahoma. we'll check in with gary and see what is going on there coming up. the redskins riding a four- game losing streak. the second during the short tenure. is the frustration taking hole in the locker room? dave feldman has the latest. have to be not a happy place these days. >> reporter: and everyone is frustrated, laura. if they haven't lost faith publicly in john beck the quarterback, mike shanahan said that john beck will remain the starting february when they
5:45 pm
take on the 1-7 dolphins and at no time yesterday did he think of replacing beck with rex grossman when they were dominated by the 49ers. 19-11 was a close score and not that close of a game. the redskins scored 31 points in the game started by beck and on one team in all three games and this led to a field-goal. beck has not been able to generate any offense. and 17 yards. late in the game, becknded the team's touchdown drop and connecting with a 9-yard score. the first touchdown in 25 possessions. today, beck held another emproperty use media session saying --m property use session saying he is still optimistic. >> football's football. and sometimes things go this way. those things that happened happened. doesn't matter. what matters is the game at hand and we're going to work to improve to be better and can't
5:46 pm
put points on the board and we can help our defense out. >> i think some guys are frustrated and that is a process, you know. that process, that were not jumping on our backs. it's not right for us to jump on their backs and they're struggling. >> coming up later at 6:00, we'll hear from the young players who have tried to step up and replace veterans. they have legitimate injuries and having said that, they're not playing well or offensively at all. >> all right, feldy, thanks for bringing us up to date on the situation there. >> okay. and at this point. we could probably get on the team. >> and now, now. >> them is fighting words.
5:47 pm
>> i'm just playing. >> even though i agree with you. >> see? [ laughter ] >> and out loud. before we started talking redskins, we were looking at ominous pictures out of oklahoma. >> everybody thinks of spring being severe weather season and this is the second severe weather season as we go into november and the early part of december and there is a potential for tornados and severe weather. look what you're seeing, we heed you in -- we showed you this is how they cover severe weather in oklahoma. they're flying the helicopter. what you're looking at, the bias of the clouds there, that is a lowering from the thunderstorms called a wall cloud and that is rotating. the reason the helicopter flying around that is because that is where the tornado comes from and looks look something is trying to spin up there and that can be the tv focussing on you and there is a report, a large tornado down here in
5:48 pm
oklahoma city this evening. oklahoma. it was southwestern oklahoma and you can see that and the problem is the storm. it's moving toward oklahoma city and underneath that, there is red and a couple of those southwestern counties there and they're still under a tornado warning and they're watching this very, very closely. again, they fly the helicopters and get on the storm. if the storm does anything, everyone can see it and knows that it takes shelter and most have a shelter there in oklahoma. they should be good there and this is a long linego into kansas and -- long line into kansas and texas, they're cable of producing tornados. again, november is a secondary season. they have the severe weather threat tonight in oklahoma,
5:49 pm
another severe thunderstorm threat tomorrow and for parts of east texas and oklahoma and now let's bring it back home and what we can expect. it's been gorgeous with temperatures into the 60s. we started with morning fog and we'll see that tomorrow morning. this evening, it's clear. the temperatures are on the cool side and that is really, really nice again tomorrow and sunny skies, nice blue skies and the temperatures are back in the 60s. today, we were 61 degrees. look at cincinnati, ask, right now and they were warmer than that for highs today and we fly back to the nation's mid- section here, 83, del rio and one of the reasons they're having the weather, amarillo, 52; dallas, 54. there is a big contrast in temperature and that is creating thunderstorms and the cold air is spilling into the nation's mid-section.
5:50 pm
and to the west of us, national is 70 degrees. we have two, three days of beautiful temperatures in the 60s around here and tomorrow is especially nice, the high pressure is controlling things for us and we see here in the midwest and on out of st. louis, eventually that will effect us and looks like it rolls through here late in the day on thursday. and early friday. a little fanfare and we'll get clouds out of it, may be a few showers and that will allow the much, much cooler air to come in behind that. enjoy it until wednesday, thursday, okay? clear and chilly tonight and with some fog this morning, it will lest and burden of proof off, sunny at noon and 65 and to 5 clock, we're dark. nice and temperature at 63 did.
5:51 pm
how about this, the first, second week of november. 68 tomorrow and oned with, 67; 65 on thursday and cool off on friday, though. there is a chance of showers thursday afternoon and on thursday evening. if they hold off long enough, thursday's going to be real, real nice and dry for the weekend and cooler. >> a nice pattern we have going here. >> we like this and i was looking way out, 10, 12 days into the future. >> uh-huh. >> looking for trends here and i don't see real storms or weather coming. >> good. >> maybe not until thanksgiving. >> great. >> may be not until thanksgiving? >> man not until after. >> okay. >> thanks. >> and she's very demanding. >> whatever you would like. >> thank you. and one child's after- dinner chores landed him on the internet. check it out. look at the video.
5:52 pm
[ laughter ] >> he's good. >> that is awesome. great, great dancing there. you're watching franky bust a move from michael jackson's "smooth criminal" while he cleans up the dishes, his father hiding behind the doorway to catch him on camera without frank knowing. dad said franky loves to dance, of course, we can tell and despite his reaction to dad capturing him, he loves that he's famous on the internet. >> i love that. you know what? >> awesome. >> look great. >> look at that right there. >> you know ellen's going to have him on or something. >> she should. >> when my oldest son was in hose, we caught him in a moment like that. we put it on youtube and the the friends got a hole of it. he was angry with me and said take it off immediately, so i took it off.
5:53 pm
>> that is great. >> you know, you have to catch kids doing stuff like that, you know? >> a fly on the wall. >> exactly. and let's check in with brian and find out what is going on the news edge at 6. not at all. >> and yeah. >> that sex abuse scandal in penn state is getting a lot of reaction. we're talking to lavar arrington and the latest from harrisburg where two of the suspects appeared in court today. >> they fought for our freedom and oftentimes have problem finding job when is they come home. the president has a plan tonight on help out veterans. >> and how about a 15 miles per hour speed limit in d.c. neighborhoods? not just around schools. some city officials would like to see happen. we're going to see a closer look. see you at 6. at 6. .
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>> the allegations against herman cain are shining a spotlight on sexual harassment. a new study shows a disturbing trend in public schools. nearly half of all middle and high schoolers experienced sexual harassment over the past year. 87% harassed said after the incident, they had trouble sleeping and eating and often skipped school. d.c. school enrollment is on the rise. a new report shows enrollment is up 4% from last year. the school system has more than 78,000 students enrolled. officials say enrollment has been steadily increasing over the past three years. vincent gray reacted to the report saying it shows a new trust and competence in the system. >> and city council is considering a bill to recruit highly affective teachers and place them into low performing schools. the chance lawyer appeared to fox 5 morning news saying she supports the idea but moving a
5:58 pm
teacher doesn't always work. >> i want to treat teachers like professionals. we don't pick them up and move them from one place to the other. they're adults and we have to ask them what is it, what professional context are you best suited to be in? >> if the couple approves the bill for academically challenged schools, they will be targetted to receive the classroom help. >> yale's starting quarterback is a major dilemma. play a regularly scheduled game against harvard or interview worry a rhode scholarship? patrick wade is scheduled to review for the scholarship in atlanta. the problem is yale plays the rival harvard the same day. right now, witt is not sure how he will do both. if i'm his mom, i would say son you're going to go -- we have to work this out. >> yeah. >> i think the rhodes people would be understanding and ship the introduce around. >> maybe he could skyp, it? >> no, after the game or before the game. >> that is mommy talking.
5:59 pm
thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. >> right off the top, a sex abuse scandal rocking penn state. sandusky is accused of abusing young boys he targeted through a charity he started. two penn state officials are feeling the fallout. they stepped down yesterday after being charged with failing to report the abuse. fox 5s maureen umeh is live with the new details. >> reporter: and the former coach is accused of abusing boys as young as seven years ago and -- ole. while the former head coach has been sickened and find it troubling, he questions why others couldn't do more to stop the abuse. the former player who called sandusky a friend


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