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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the track can make money is if slot machine gaming is permitted on the premises. neither rose croft or any other location in prince georges county was among the five sites for slots approved by maryland voters in 2008. and legalized slots remain a issue. they show up to address on the bill that would flatly prohibit slot machines here. the bowie state professor talked about the economic benefits of gaming. >> and that would create 3,436 jobs. jobs would increase by 220 new employees to the county. >> reporter: some urge the council to keep the door open for slots. >> the state discussed the possibility of offloading the retirement of school teachers to the county and slots could bring revenue to buffer some of the financial impact if this occurs. >> reporter: others adamantly
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oppose the spread of legalized gambling. >> and i am concerned about the man who does and loses his rent. loses his utility mean, loses his house. stand in front and vote jeans in prince georges county. >> the bill was killed for now. the vote, 5-4. the couple passed a resolution counting on the state legislature to require a local referendum. if a slot's proposal for pg comes back in the future. but it was 5-4. the county is deeply divided. bottom line today, the county council refused to put a permanent thumbs down on slots in the future and, brian, can you expect the owners of this raceway to try again in the future and supporters, many taxpayers, want slots to try again and probably next year to somehow bring slots here to
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rose croft and pg county. >> what about the resolution asking the state legislature to require the local referendum. do i have have any legs in annapolis? >> i don't think so. none of the -- when the past did the statewide referendum, they were asking statewide voters as a whole, and they did not, the state enabling legislation did not give local options to say no. i don't see them in annapolis allowing pg to be treated differently. >> police are looking for the man you see here who terrified a woman in a fairfax county parking lot. the same spot where another fairfax woman was last seen alive. look at the left side of the surveillance picture. the victim is seen walking toward the car. the fairfax plaza shopping center last night. look at the man in the top left. he claims he climbed into her passenger side as he unlocked the car. another car drove off as she started screaming and behind
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the pillar before running off. and this is the same shopping center and the police are not holding this suspect to the death. >> and it might be illegal for kids to be out past ref p.m. in montgomery county. county council is considering a curfew. and they're discussing that bill tonight. wisdom. tonight is a private hearing on that particular matter. we have some information that may come out of the hearing tonight and councilman, you are talks about the legislation tonight that will kind of go look for the curfew and instead. explain that? >> the curfew is unidentified. the youth crime is down in montgomery county and that is a blunt way to get the misbehavior by a few people. what we really need is some
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targeted tool to use. and that is what the loitering prowling bill would do and that is to get piece say chance, the commune that is -- when they see a threat to intervine. before the actual damage happens. >> and this is. >> the problem, is it targets a age group and is lemed to certain hours of the day. that is a tool that is limited to only people under 18 and five hours a day and effects a lot of innocent people. they're law abiding and what we need is a tool that targets something that is a threat to other people. >> and one thing that spurred all of this, starting about the talk on the curfews, an incident on july 4th and you were saying that the curfew if it was in place would not have worked. >> right. >> and that was a gang fight in
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silver spring and turned out to be an isolateed event and the gang members gathered at 10:30 in the evening and that is before the curfew would have kicked in. that would have allowed the police to address that suspicious and behavior that was occurring before getting out of hand. >> what is going to happen tonight? >> we had a work seg on december 1st, the public safety committee is going to vote on the curfew and on the loitering prowling bill. >> and that has more support than loitering and prowling, more than the curfew? >> there is less opposition. the pta oppose the curfew, the fraternal order of police opposes the curfew and i think people concluded that the curfew is not the way to go and we need a different approach. >> thank you very much, councilman andrews, brian, back to you. >> thank you, wisdom. eight d.c. activists arrested with mayor gray are on trial. and hit with misdemeanor
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charges. and they can go to court instead. 92. and a trial in the maryland robo call scandal has been delayed and-by-accused of encouraging black voters to staying home while working for the former governor robert ehrlich. another aid charged with election conspiracy and that trial will start later this month. after eight months of uprising, the regime gunned down civilians. an amateur photographer caught the video of showing in the city. the morgue has received 19 bodies, all shot and they say between 70 and 90 people were killed yesterday. cereal -- syria will not allow media into the country so nothing is confirmed. the last six weeks, the last u.s. troops in iraq are scheduled to come home. there is still questions about the president's decision and members of the senate armed
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services committee are seeking answers. defense secretary leon pennate testified saying a rock -- iraq is ready to take back the security reins. some remain divide. >> sends a clear message to the iraqi people in the arab world and that the u.s. keeps the commitments. >> i continue to believe the decision represents a failure of leadership, iraq spree american and that it was a sad case. >> with america gone, iraq's neighbor iran will gain more power. things got heated between opinionetta and senator mccain today. they disagree over why president obama announced a troop withdrawal. the truth is that this administration was committed to the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops in iraq and made it
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happen. >> senator mccain, that is not true. >> well -- . >> can you can believe that and i respect your believes. >> and i respect your opinion. >> and that is not -- . >> and the outcome is not exactly as predicted. >> that is not how it happened. >> it is how it happened. >> this is about -- a lap an. >> we're not -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> this is about negotiating with a sovereign country, an independent country. this was about their needs. >> occupy wall street campers may have to go home. police are flushing them out of parks in new york. again, they win the right to stay. a live report coming up. >> and what would a major toll hike do to your budget? hear how much you may have to pay to use the dullet toll road. and another warm day today. a couple of showers are lurking south of d.c. make sure you pack your rain gear tomorrow. we have rain in the forecast. feldy, what do you have in sports tonight? >> everyone's blaming the quarterbacks for the redskins woes, whether that is not the only problem.
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the running game is non- existent and they rushed for 61 yards. and this is like 61. against the miami dolphins. how the running game can get better and how it needs to get bitter is coming up in sports. and we're back in two millions. stay with us. h us. 
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>> the toll road may not go as high as first thought. the washington examiner is reporting that the tolls will be $8 by twin 19. the tolls will play for the metro rail project. part of the drop in the projection is from a deal that cut $1 billion from the cost of the realign. >> a fresh look for the bus deck at union station. think about -- took four months to reconfigure it and new stripes and new signs, new crosswalks. the deck now hosts five bus lines because it relocated there and riders will pay a fee
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to offset the cost of the renovations. aaa said we're driving slower in the city. the group said onest is% of the roads they monitored drivers have eased up on the gas because of speed bumps and speed cameras. among the slower spots, the anacostia freeway, canal bridge, and 16th street. occupy campers have set up temporary homes all over the country. a decision in new york could change everything. the latest on today's ruling next. first -- >> after a year of living with this, i decided to get back on the dating scene and i would like my first date to be with you. >> this 26-year-old cancer survivor is ready to date again. she's going on youtube to ask -- [ indiscernible ] the guy who gets cancer in his 20s. it would make her happy. no word on whether the actor accepted. cepted. 
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>> breaking news right now. the police responded to an occupy protest near the entrance to chinatown in d.c. and we're hashing protestors gathered. we'll keep you up to date as soon as we get more details. a decision made this afternoon can change the game for occupy camps across the country. and a new york judge sided with police saying the protestors can no longer have tents and sleeping bags. let's go to craig bosswell in new york. this started with a rude awakening this morning, i hear. >> reporter: it did and good evening to you, brian. started out after 1:00 this morning when the police hook -- believe might be and let them
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work and that they were coming in to clean yet out. the mayor said this is a public safety hazard and isp sanitariy conditions calld into question. and the latest, brian, after that ruling from the judge that sided with the city and they can't bring that into the park. about 30 minutes ago, the park reopened to protestors and they are allowed to bring in small backpacks and they're not allowed to bring in the bags. the tarps. they're not allowed to bring in musical instruments. the large duffle baggy that bringing this and -- in and that mean too much material and you may hear cheering going on and what happened, there was a temporary restraining order. the judge ruled with the city
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saying that the park can be reopened, the first amendment right of protestors doesn't extend to them going on here on and on and on. >> and what is the end game as far as concerned there? have they got a game plan there? >> i think they're meeting to talk about that right now and they're trying to single file one-by-one, get into the park and that saying this is not a dismantling of the movement but not being able to camp out here overnight. it remeans to be seen what happens long-term, though it appears that they're in for an interesting fight. >> craig bosswell, live in new york. occupy protestors in program got rind up. and one of the mayor's aids quit in his own form of protest and dap segal said he was no longer the advisor and that
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support occupy okayland, not the 1% and the government facilitators. oakland's demonstrators have been cleared out because of increasing violent confrontations and health concerns. looks like rain manage in. >> and especially tomorrow. we'll have light showers south of d.c. and there is not much in the immediate area and being here and some comfortable temperatures, too. and earlier this morning -- and we have topped to 60 degrees by 6:00 and that is comfortable out there and there is the not much of a wind. as we go, you will see that it's getting cooler to the north and west. frederick, 55 degrees; martinsburg, 56; hagerstown and win chester, 57; and d.c. is 67
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and that is cooler air trying to trickle in and we see temperatures in the low 50s, hanging on to a 71 in raleigh, though, schedule warmer air is pushed aside. it's not going to be terribly cold and around 60 degrees about sufficient:00. a few at 7, 9:00 with a temperature of 58 and a few showers at 11 and tomorrow is wetter than today and can you see what i'm tabbing about. not much to the panhandles of western maryland, west virginia, and to the is out here -- south here and into spotsylvania and prince william. they're going to see the moisture again, trying to move slowly the little whole and the bulling of the moisture is to the north and that is a frontal system that went by and this is
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in texas and will track the front that is why we have a better chance of rain tomorrow and some of you may get an inch of rain and tomorrow, 63 degrees and rounds of showers and heavy downpours. the best chance is south and east of d.c. and that stronger front is tomorrow and drop to 52 degrees and maybe some early- morning showers on thursday and blustery and much colder for tuesday. friday, 52 degrees and dreaming out of the 50s tomorrow. and this is the future cast. and at sev2348 morning and on 95, seeing the -- 7 in the morning and 95, seeing a rumble in some spots and to the south of d.c. by 5:00, dealing with some of it and that will take until thursday morning to kick it out of the southern and eastern suburbs. this is when the second front will come through and that will
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get coaler and the sunshine is back and mustero thursday and some significant rain is falling and in this area here in the purple, it looks like central virginia and in lower southern maryland and closer to an each and a half to 2 1/2 inches of rain and in that light blue,-to-ing about a half an much on to an inch and a half 6 rain and that is what we're dealing with the next 24 had to36 hours. the heavy rain, a temperature of 55 degrees and tomorrow, again, looks wet all day. the temperature of 66 degrees and maybe some heavy rain at times. tomorrow, we get it out of here, a couple of early-morning showers on thursday and stay on the chilly side the first part of the weekend and we warm things up by a good 8, 9 degrees on sunday with the temperature of 63 degrees. >> and quit bumping long that? >> and hang on to the umbrella tomorrow. >> a homecoming of sorts for
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two capitals. the team embarks on the longest road trip so far. one cap will not make the trip. dave feldman is next with sports. sports.
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>> good evening. today is an offday in the until. the skins are busy and sign dare open scott and stallworth, who they cut last week. gold steinand leonard hankerson put on season-ending injured reserve. the team waved another. the epality for the redskins to run the ball is the reason they have not win a game since october 2nd. sunday, they rush for 61 yards against the dolphins, the team armed 54 yards pergam during the current -- armed 54 yards per game during the current streak. and when they started the season 3-1. the team ranks second to last in the nfl and
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rushing. >> and i thought we did, you know, the season games and we haven't had that the last few five games and trying to get back to that and that is a group of people working together. the key is not, the production of the running game to me is -- and that is the key to be effective and we're not as effective as i would like to be. the capitals begin in nabville against the predators and a goalie for volkoun who played with the spreads from 1998-2007 goodbye. and volkoun will get the starting goal. one capital won't make the trip, defenseman mike green. returned to the lineup on friday after missing six games and suffered a groin injury and messed saturday's game. and dennis wideman will assume green's role on the power play and that is the second and third game of the trip. >> he's not making a trip.
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he's day-to-day and we're hoping that he joins us on the trip. right now, he's going to stay here and get treatments. >> and treatmenting. and rated. sometimes, you know -- late in the play-offs. >> and they begin sunday night with a 71-62 victory over unc greensboro. the first terp hoops game since 1989, not coached by gary williams. next up for turgeon and company. three games in puerto rico and that new coach is looking forward to the experience. >> you have to get away from home to bond and everyone goes to their separate apartments and things and we have all of our meals together. six days we'll be together and that will be a great bonding experience for us and for me to get to know the guys better. >> that game isd this against
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alabama. the -- is thursday against alabama. the nba will cancel all games through december 15th, according to a source. and that means now that 26% of the season's games have been eliminated. brian, we may not have hoops at all this year. and now you have the news edge. back here at 10 on news edge.   
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