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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 16, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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least one round hit a window on the second floor of the rear of the executive mansion. investigators could be seen today on the truman balcony, using a ladder to inspect the windows. the secret service said that the round was stopped by bulletproof glass installed behind the historic glass. although the evident is not complete, investigators believe that oscar ortega, who also goes by oscar ortega hernandez, used an ak-47-style rifle to fire several hounds at the white house friday night -- rounds at the white house friday night. they believe they were fired from constitution avenue, a distance of 7 to 800 yards. the suspect's car was found abandoned near the teddy roosevelt bridge with the gun inside and u.s. park police charged ortega with carrying a dangerous weapon. it was not until tuesday they knew for sure a round hit the white house. teams of police officers and federal agents searched homeless shelters in and around the city for ortega and they
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searched roosevelt island in the potomac river and the occupy movement encampments? mcpherson square and freedom plaza. >> they just asked me if i seen them and i said no, sir. he said well, you do see him, are you willing to report that you saw him and i said yes. >> and theyshod the picture of the gentlemen and asked if we saw them. learn not aggressive. they walked through and back out. that was it. >> reporter: law enforcement sources said this morning they thought ortega was homeless and still in the washington area. the secret service said in addition to the round that hit the window, a second round was found on the ground to the white house and the agency didn't say where. an inspection of the exterior of the white house is continuing. u.s. park police initially filed a charge against the man and said initially they had no idea what the motive was and
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that they found no connection to radical groups, although they confirmed he had arrest records in three different states: texas, utah, and idaho -- and he was previously arrested for domestic violence and drug offenses and assault on a police officer. law enforcement sources telling fox 5 tonight that there are discussions he could be charged with tap. ed assassination of a president. shawn? >> paul wagner, thank you. and let's pick up the next part of the story. joining us now by phone is lieutenant brad shields with the pennsylvania state police. thank you so much for joining us and we know you were able to arrest him in indiana, pennsylvania. what happened? >> we were alerted by the hotel employees. the united states secret service had been to the hotel a day or so and showed picture and requested that if he appeared back at the hotel,
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that they contact law enforcement, which they did. he appeared at the hotel shortly in the afternoon today and the hotel desk clerk contacted my barracks and officers were dispatched. >> i'm curious. did he resist arrest? did you have to break into his room? how did this happen some. >> he had not checked into a room. he was outside in that lobby area of the hotel. he did not resist and was taken into custody. he did not have identification on him. he was taken back to our barracks to be fingerprinted and positively identified and at which point, we have a positive indication of his identity and the fact that there were warrants for his arrest. >> and we're still learning about him what, do you know? is he from the
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>> no, the information is that he's from idaho. i have no idea why he ended up in indiana county. >> thank you so much, lieutenant brad shields, commander with the pennsylvania state police, thank you for bringing us up tonight. >> thank you. we're following a news alert out of prince georges county where police are investigating two murders. in oxen hill, a patrol officer found a man on morey avenue with gun shot wounds. the officer found him in the middle of the street around ref:00 last might. a few hours earlier, officers found a man shot to death near a playground near a apartment station complex in district heights. it's on county road. the man was pronounced dead at the scene and neither was identified. an 18-year-old college student in from fairfax died after being hit by a bus. it happened last night on the campus of james madison university, in harrisonburg,sa virginia. the victim was -- harrisonburg, virginia. the victim was jay walking when she was hit by a bus. students were sad to hear the
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news. >> it's tragic it came so close to hope. the first reaction was to text and call all of mien froms, make sure they're not okay. just worried about everybody. >> students have created a facebook page now in memory of wong. the police say the driver won't be charged. a new vote is saving a huge amount of money on the project to extend the dulles metro rail project. they voted to approve part of phase two. this agreement will lower the cost of the project by nearly $1 billion, including locating an above-ground metro station at dulles aspect and removes the requirement for labor agreements. the vote details the funding to build parking garages. fox 5 monitoring metro tonight and new concerns over safety. a new survey of metro workers finds a majority of them are observing safety concerns while on the job, and sometimes they're not reporting them. fox 5s john henrehan has more on this story. john? >> reporter: metro's management
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commissioned the new safety report, but they asked outside groups for help with it. it's a candid analysis of where metro might be falling short. although there had been fatal metro accidents before, the 2009 crash of two redline trains, which resulted in nine deaths, put metro under the safety microscope. the subway system's trains are still being manually operated while metro's automated -- automatec train system is redesigned and rebuilt. a new safety report takes a hard internal look at current practices in the rail and bus systems. an outside group, the executive board surveyed 98% of metro employees about safety. sixty% of metro employees reported observing a safety concern on the job. of those who saw something wrong, 70% reported the situation. which was usually an unsafe working condition. why didn't everyone report a problem? the survey cites fear of retaliation from coworkers as a
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reason for in the reporting. metro has stabbed anonymous employee reporting of safety concerns via telephone and e- mail. the report suggests continued emphasis on safety inspections, training, and communications. -- communication and the train rollback wreck of 2004 was due in part to the operators in attention. the now safety report points out that there are still no federal guidelines limiting hours on the job for either subway operators or maintenance personnel on the tracks. the report concludes interviews with employees, managers, and supervisors indicated widespread belief that these rules and practices did not adequately control fatigue. our metro passenger -- are metro passengers concerned about overworked metro employees? >> you know there is no federal rule for subway drivers? >> no, i didn't. interesting. >> should there be? >> yes. definitely. >> reporter: now, jackie jeter, the president of the union that
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represents metro workers said while there is some overtime for metro train operators, eight plus eight hours is extremelyerary. track maintenance workers, on the other hand -- extremely rare. track maintenance workers are asked to do a lot and that is a concern for the union. the safety committee meeting will discuss the report tomorrow morning. >> thank you. remember, fox 5 always monitoring metro. if you have a story idea, shoot us an idea at fox5 congress wants to give d.c. control over the own money. there is a catch. coming up, delegate norton joins us live in the studio to tell us why city leaders are saying thanks but no thanks. and a presidential candidate is on the defensive as new information is revealed about his connection to freddie mac. and wall street protestors vowing to keep up the fight one day after being ordered out. we'll have the latest on the occupy movement. plus, gary with the first look at the forecast. and thanks, guys. looks like more rain on the way even had evening and overnight
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tonight. we had to make's few adjustments to our forecast the next few days. we'll so you what that is. a first look at the forecast in just a few. and that is the rainy commute out there. foggy, drizzily. rizzily. 
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>> for years, d.c. leaders have been working for autonomy and being arrested for the cause. they turned down a proposal that would have given the city
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control over its own budget. the chairman darrell issa proposed giving the district more control over the budget if the city would limit the local funding. d.c. del great holmes-norton is here with more. it's great to see you. you have been outspoken on autonomy and statehood for the city. why did you, mayor gray, and chairman brown turn down the offer? >> this was a heartbreaker to turn it down. because, as i said to chairman issa today, we poke during a committee meeting and darrell came so close to what we want. >> uh-huh. >> it's close to my own autonomy bill. most of the ingredients, we can have a july fiscal year the way everyone else in the whole united states does. >> right. >> and we would not get a afternoon isments from here on and -- attachments from here on and there are switches we have
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to do and i am sure working with chairman issa we could have figured that out. this was a step much too far. >> uh-huh. >> we would have had to give over our most vulnerable women, our low-income women. they mean a lot to us. we're already singled out as the only jurisdiction that can't spend its own funds the way it wants to. this would have said you can't spend your own local funds the way you want to ever. this becomes a matter of permanent law. >> let me ask you. there are still people in the city who will say you passed on this wonderful opportunity, and we should not be spending government funds on abortion, anyway. >> we haven't -- on it, as it turns out. what was a good conversation, i think you will hear more of that tomorrow morning and chairman issa agreed to continue working with us. >> the discussion is not over? >> this is the beginning and
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not the end. and there is that bright future. >> you were gracious in your response. saying, this is the beginning. we have been through this for year, trying to get statehood and the autonomy for the district. do you really think? this is -- is this the first step here? do you think we can accomplish this? >> the next most important thing for statehood is budget autonomy. imagine not having control over your own. >> right. >> if week have the budget, it would be here to be decorated and by people who don't live here. that would be a huge step forward toward statehood. >> uh. >> and i have to tell you that and more than 20 years i have been in congress, we have never been this close. we're in the going to let this opportunity slip from us, but week not allow this bill to go through not only would it have had -- [ indiscernible ] we believe, not only would it have had abortion. >> uh-huh. >> we believe it would have attracted other completely
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undesirable and intolerable writers as well. >> what is the next step now? >> the next step is to find a way and chairman issa and i began this discussion today to get the bill through so that it would not have writers that the district can't live through, live with. >> do you think the gop is going to go for that, though? >> i think there are ways to get it done. >> thank you for coming in, d.c. delegate eleanor holmes- norton. hopefully it passes. >> thank you. a new report presented at the national press club is taking a closer look at the areas asbestos abate metindustry. a college student who spent a year working in that industry claims he saw the problems and the dangerous conditions firsthand. >> i'm talking about companies making workers do demoon walls with live 60s in them to cut corners. i'm talking about no brakes during the keep of work that osha refers to as heavy work
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all while wearing a plastic suit that i like to call a sweatsuit and about five pounds of safety gear on your head. >> there were lawmakers from d.c., maryland, and virginia at that presentation. the laborers mid-atlantic regional organizing creation created this report. new accusations against the obama administration and the failed solar company solindra. newly released e-mails indicate energy officials pushed solindra to delay and pushing employee layoffs, last year november 3rd until after mid- term elects. the company received a $528 million federal loan in '09 and closed the doors in august. congress is investigating the circumstances of that loan. gop presidential candidate newt gingrich is on the defensive today over huge payments he received from freddie mac. a former executive of the federal e vac housing agency said it paid gingrich $1.5 million over the past decade.
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gingrich claims he does in the know how much money he received from the agency but that was a consultant providing strategic device and didn't do any lobbying. how far, "the associated press" reports that the former fred make executive said that gingrich was hired to identify political friends on capitol hill who will help with the company. occupy wall street protestors facing a crucial moment one day after being evicted from the park. they made the home the last two months in lower home. organizers say they're far from finished in their efforts and promise they will get major attention tomorrow. fox news correspondent craig bosswell has more from new york. >> reporter: on a rainy wednesday, there are almost more police than protestors in ducati park, the first place of the occupy movement. a day after police raided their encampment, demonstrators said their idea is laryngologier than the park that called home for almost two months. >> they wanted all we have and weed in to come with all we had because it's not an occupation anymore but a revolution.
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>> here and in the different cities around the world. they're really wonderful and the have an use for people to come down. >> protestors are out, remove their tents and didn't allow them back into the park tuesday evening. a judge's ruling allowed them to come back to what the protestors remanned liberty square, but this time without tents, tarps, and sleeping bags. >> the first amenment is not about a freedom of speech but a freedom of assembly and freedom of expressing yourself. >> reporter: the city said it was a health and public safety hazard. >> the final decision to act was mine and mine alone. >> but protestors say they will not be stopped and while they plan their next move, an uneasy truth between the protestors and police lingers in ducati park. demonstrators are planning a day of civil disobedience and marches on thursday. they say angry city leaders will take part. leaders who publicly denounced mayor bloomberg for the surprise nighttime raid.
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craig bosswell, fox 5 news. and back here at home, i'll tell you what, what a difference 24 hours makes. i know we say that but really, it's rainy. >> yeah. >> cold. >> yeah. >> and iccy. >> one of those days -- icky. >> one of those days where you bundle up and stay in bed. >> i wish we were there and that would be more fun. >> exactly. >> you know what i mean. >> i trade, laura and i still had to get up and make the lunches. >> oh,. >> you're a good daddy. >> 6:30 comes early. >> i'm with you, mr. we're all with you. >> that's right. >> the kids will get you know, the dog will. with radar, let me show you. we have some showers and drizzle out there and we have some cells south of us for saint mary's county, the southern sections of calvert county trying to bubble up into a couple of thunderstorms. that is what i said. jumping the front, you see we get the blue and red line there and south of that, the temperatures are approaching 70 degrees. north of that boundary, we're in the upper 50s to the mid-50s
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and so we're north of the boundary, manly drizzle and rain. south of the boundary, that is like something going convictive with a couple of thundershowers down it and farther to the south, severe weather. real quick with sentinel radar, let me show you what we're experiencing. this takes you back 12 hours,ways of rain coming through and that is amounted to around .4 or a half of an inch at -- each at national. more is on the way. the drizzle and showers at 7, the drizzles and showers at 9 and showers at 11:00 and overnight, to. we have made a few changes to the forecast. we'll show them to you coming up. the weekend looks okay. we'll talk about that as well. >> we'll see you in a few. the small business administration declared parts of virginia a disaster area following tropical storm lee in august. now, low interest loans will be available to residents in arlington, faulkier, loudoun, and stafford counties, with alexandrea, fairfax, falls church, manasses and monasses park.
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home owners, business owners and renters are eligible to apply. powerful tornadoes swept across the southeast, killing one person and hurting a dozen more. this is the worst weather in the region since that tornado in alabama killed 250 people in april. the storm ripped down trees and destroyed hopes in louisiana, mississippi -- homes in louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. >> still ahead, police in missouri make an arrest as the search for a missing boy comes to a tragic end. the new twist in the penn state sex abuse scandal. what we have learned about joe paterno's pension and why his actions leading up to the scandal are raising eyebrows. .
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>> in the wake of a sex abuse scandal at penn state, the legendary coach joe paterno is out of a job but he might be getting a half million a year in pension benefits. "the associated press" looked at state public pension records
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and paterno has more than 60 years in the system, so he's eligible to receive more than 1 -- or receive 100% of the average of his 3 highest salaries. a separate report, "the new york times," reveals -- revealing that paterno turned over full ownership of their house to his wife in july. the attorney said that has nothing to do with the scandal, but part of an ongoing estate planning program. >> penn state named a member of the board of trustees to take over as acting athletic director. you may remember, dr. david joyner will take over immediately. former ad tim curly resigned after being charged with purplery and a report of a rape. and that stems from a report that jerry sandusky was molesting young boys. mike mcqreary saw one incident of abuse against the boy in the penn state locker room. he called his father and then went to coach paterno the next
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day but "the associated press" said that it has an e-mail he sent to a friend november 8th claiming he stopped the alleged assault and discussed it with police. mcqreary has not spoke publicly about the details of the case. >> a tragic end to a search for a missing the boy in missouri. the police charged the mother with his murder. yesterday, his body was found near a cemetery. the 20-year-old shelby dasher is charged with second-degree murder. prosecutors say she admitted to beating hill because he was crying and then she reported him missing claiming he disappeared from his crib. just so troubling. >> yeah. coming up tonight, we have a warning for parents. >> before you fill out your holiday toy shopping list, there is new safety data from the consumer product safety commission. plus, a controversial new ad trying to alert parents to the dangers of sleeping next to
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babies. does this ad go too far? we're going to go one-on-one with an expert at the bottom of the hour. stay with us. and they pounded to ground zero -- they responded to ground zero on 9/11. coming up, researchers issue a warning about the risk of the first responders and the risks they may face down the road. r. pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving in one place. credit and debit purchases, checks, bills,
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and other financial information. it lets you see the details as well as the big financial picture. so you can do more with your money. see what a complete view of your money can do for you at ♪ pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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>> i think we all know toys are all at the top of the holiday wish list. the consumer product safety commission released new data about toy safety. fox 5 money reporter melanie alnwick is here with all of the details. mel? >> reporter: there is good news and bad news this year when it comes to toy safety. recalls are down and some injuries continue to be a problem. it began in 2007. 25million toys pulled off of the market, mostly because of lead paint hazards. fast forward four years and the
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picture is brighter. >> you in toy standards in place are effective. -- new toy standards in place are effective. >> reporter: the lead paint limit is the lowest in the world and there are strict limits on other chemicals. federal law requires manufacturers to test and certify the toys meet the safety standards before they hit the shelfs. recalls in 2011, down to 34. >> and in most cases, a product is tested to see if rough play with the product when it fell apart, and with some sharp edges presented. >> and some perennial problems main. they become choking hazards. writing toys that can cut a child and toys that pose a strangulation risk. magnus, not intended as toys, are a growing threat. cpsc said kids are using them as fake piercings if swallowed,
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they can be deadly. >> and wouldn't you to be put at the top of the shopping list. >> and follow the labels, watch for small parts and enjoy the safety gear to keep your little ones safe this holiday season. cbs new -- they said 180,000 kids were injured badly enough to be treated at the e.r. last year. non-motorized scooters and the riding toys associateed with most of the injuries and choking continues to be the leading cause of death. latex balloons and small balls that are the cause ofef is deaths last year. >> thank you. we're more -- here, something most parents have done. cuddled up, sleeping next to their babies. a new antico-sleeping ad is causing controversy. we want to show you this. it shows a baby laying in bed next to a large butcher knife with the headline, your baby sleeping next to you can be as
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dangerous and the health department message, bed sharing with parents is not safe. some say the ads go too far. joining us for more on this is dr. david nelson, the professor and chairman of the department of pediatrics. thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> i have to say when i first saw the ad, i was taken aback and my first impression, that goes too far. curious what your reaction is? >> and this is the first time i have seen the ad. i guess i leave it to others to decide whether that is the proper marketing to use and that said, i think the message about cosleeping is important. anyway that the message can get across, that is the way to go. >> and to be fair how the space came to be. the milwaukee mayor said when he first saw the ad, he was concerned that were too provocative and raw and that he
5:34 pm
gets the calls about babies who die in the beds of their parents and he shutters when he gets the call saying it's a preventible death and i 78 curious what you know the rate of infants dieing because of sleeping ind about with their parents is nationwide. >> i don't think we know the exact rate. we know that since the early item 90s, when we started the back-to-sleep campaigns, advocating for babies to sleep on their backings, the fear of s.i.d.s. orp explained deaths has -- orup explained deaths has gone down dramatically. in the last few years, it's gone up. the data we have, the increase is due to something like co- sleeping or like having toys or stuffed animals and cribs, the bumpers, mattresses that don't fit. having babies sleep on soft surfaces like water beds.
5:35 pm
and those all contribute to the slight and real increase in deaths we have seen from the sudden infant death syndrome. >> the issue that parents are inadvertently rolling over on top of the babies or a matter of all of the covers and the mattress that may not be fit for an infant. >> it's both, actually. there is instances of parents rolling and being tired rolling on an infant and not knowing that they did it and there is some instants of babies suffocating because of soft blankets. it's really a whole group of things that caused this and the sad thing in many ways, this is all preventible and we should be seeing virtually no deaths of babies because of sleep bees. >> and dr. nelson -- sleep issues. >> dr. nelson, one question here. with my children, you know, you know the first three months at least are very, very sleepless and that can be so stuff. especially if you're nursing. we put them on foam inclines not to roll over and they were
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on their back to sleep. is that an alternative for parents in is there an any alternative quickly? >> not really. there are many things on the market. none of them seem to be that effective and our recommendation is pediatricians and the american academy is that these things to prevent it or keep babies on their side or what jeff, really aren't effective and -- whatever, really report effective and shouldn't be used. >>. don't put them in the bed with you at all. >> correct. >> thank you for giving us your insight on this. >> my pleasure. >> a coffee chain tells customers to go somewhere else to use the restroom. where starbucks can close to the public. >> and ambercrombie and fitch has a situation on its hands. what is going on here. back in a moment. nt. 
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>> new dangers for the first
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responders who worked at ground zero in the hours after the world trade center attacks. experts warn that they might be at increased risk for heart attacks. the workers who got there first may have inhaled more toxic dust than those who got to the scene after the 13th of september. in a study, the 19 workers who were there the first two days had more damage in their blood vessels than the workers who be careful you don't drink too much coffee at the starbucks next time you're in new york. the new york post claims the chain is closing rest rooms there and they saying starbucks can't be the public bathroom to the city anymore. tar-- starbucks is not commenting on this. they have to have a public restroom if they have more than 20. one of the stars from "the jersey shore" is beefing with another big retailer. mike "the situation" sorrentino is suing abercrombie and fitch. this started in august when
5:41 pm
abercrombie offered to pay the reality star to stop wearing their clothes? well, the situation is reportedly now seeking at least $4 million. >> situation. >> situation. >> i have never seen that show before in my life. >> i don't either. >> i have seen the abs before. [ laughter ] >> you can't help but notice them. >> i'm not saying anything. a paternity suit is dropped against justin bieber. he's not out of the clear just yet. hot 99.5 sarah frazier is here with more. ore. and we'll introduce to you the maryland man taking his unique talent straight to the bank. and cooler temps coming our way. gary's back with the extended forecast. st. 
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>> well, a maryland man is crowned the world champion of
5:45 pm
goose calling. he won the award last year, a native son whose talent is taking him to success at a very early age. dick krantz has more. >> reporter: meet the duck and goose hunting guide in maryland and canada. most of all, listen to him. he practices his calling as a hunting guide but also hones his skills for competition. he won a decorative decoy for winning the world championship again this year. >> they request to -- go to the world champion and i have three of them now, they go on the wall. >> reporter: he won a will something else, too. >> and 10,000 cash and most-of- all, a title. >> reporter: the prize money over the years helped him buy a hunting lodge in saskatchewan,
5:46 pm
canada. >> how old are you? >> 24. >> you're a young entrepreneur? >> yeah, if you can say that. >> how much of that do you ito goose call something. >> probably all of it and that is what got me started. that is how my hunters hear about me, through the goose calling industry. that is where they had started and now it's word of mouth. >> reporter: if the goes are smart, they will stay away as far as they can. from eastern maryland with the geese, dick krantz, fox 5 news. >> mitch said he helps 400 hunters a year bag their limit of birds in maryland and in canada. congratulations. yeah. did our floor director, did you say can you make those sounds, matt? >> yes. >> go for it. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh, the geese are
5:47 pm
coming. [ laughter ] >> there you go, matt. very, very good. >> and let's talk about the nasty weather we're having. >> this is completely true. if you were a goose hunter. >> uh-huh. >> this is the perfect weather. >> it is? >> yeah. >> i'm glad. >> and that keeps them flying low. >> oh. and they tend to fly low and with all of the fog and drizzle. >> that is cheating. >> that is not cheating, if that is what mother nature is providing. >> okay. >> you know, yeah, great. >> and i grew up in texas, they shoot things out of the sky. >> right. >> and everywhere in texas. and that is careery and cloudy andnasty and that is the case for the evening hours and into the early parts of the overnight and start with make hd and along i-81 and to most of 66 and to culpeper county
5:48 pm
and to western sections of prince killwell county, spotsylvania county, stafford county. that is the heavier rain and the blue and redline, we were talking about that earlier. south of that, the temperatures are aroundest is degrees. and -- around 70 degrees and there is more available enemy and they have been try -- energy and they're trying to break into a few thunderstorms. that is met the case now. -- not the case now. severe weather in southern sections of virginia. you see to the west here. that is a cold front and that is coming through overnight tonight, bringing a chill to the air. that will pick up the winds and that is more of a chill to the air. the temperatures today mainly in the 50s and with a few lower 60s. quantico, 62; and manasses, 57; you jump the boundary, look, columbus is 46 and detroit is 45 and that is what we're talking about here tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon and look to
5:49 pm
the south. richmond at 76 and 68 and raleigh, 76 and there is a lot of warmth and heat and moisture and they have had some big thunderstorms down there. the potential for severe weather this evening. the drizzle and showers at 7:00, depends on where you are. 58 degrees. and still some drizzle, still some showers at 9:00. the temperature falling into the mid-50s and showers by 11:00 and there might be some areas of drizzle and that looks like by 11, mainly showers again. some showers overnight tonight and low temperatures get to 48 degrees and winds will switch around more to the northwest. five to 15 miles an hour and and the temperature tomorrow is a bit of a moving target. as we progress through the day, the temperature is going to be going down with some of the colder air coming in. the change to the forecast is that we have a little bit of shower activity tomorrow morning lingering through the first part of the day. may be by one or 2:00, we'll
5:50 pm
have a shower in there. notice how the trend of tells is down through the -- of temperatures is down through the day tomorrow. this is future cast at 8:00, we dry out briefly and look what happens again by tomorrow noon. more showers manage across. the cold air is coming in. the future cast is trying to bring some wet snow late in the afternoon. i think northwestern areas may see, maybe a brief little flurry or light snowflake before it's all said and done tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. this is your five-day forecast. don't worry too much about snow, though. much colder on friday, saturday, and sunday, we cloud back up and temperatures will jump back into the lower 60s or so. wet overnight and at least wet for the first part of the day tomorrow. we send it to shawn and sarah. >> thank you, gary. we're in the web center with today's hot topics. justin bieber's off of the books. you tired of playing, you may want to head to new york city. hot 99.5 sarah frazier's today
5:51 pm
now is here for today's hot topics. >> yeah. >> what is the deal? we hear justin bieber's alleged baby mama is retract ising her story or something like that -- retract ising her story or something like that? >> this is good news for the biebs. show said she had his baby and demanding the dna test. it's quietly dropped. the attorneys came out and said we're dropping, dismissing the case. this is the catch, though. behind-the-scenes, they're still pursuing a paternity test. this could get interesting. >> oh. if it comes out positive, they are going to look for a settlement and some sort of pay. so, it's not entirely dropped, which was heard this morning. >> yeah. >> the latest from tmz is they're still doing a sort of quiet settlement. we'll see how that works out. >> that is big news. >> we know the x factor airs tonight. there is a rumor going around that the contestants are showing up with bug bites all over them. what is going on? >> the crosston hotel in l.a., a great story. some of the contestants have
5:52 pm
been staying at some hotels part of the week. >> uh-huh. >> and they have a house they all share. the news is they have been tweeting and sending pictures of their legs and arms covered in bedbugs. >> ew. >> the crosston hotel said they have had exterminators in there and they're not denying the story. can you imagine? >> yeah. >> they're going scratch and perform. >> maybe they should get extra sympathy votes, you know. >> eaten by bedbugs. >> we need sympathy these days. the fees are outrageous. if you go to this one particular place in new york city, no more fees? >> would you sit through a 15- second commercial for no atm fees? >> sure, i would. >> how about a one minute commercial? >> depyosemia time. this is kill -- depends on my time. >> they're going do commercials on atm so you don't have to pay a fee. they're going to start at 15 secs and we know how that goes. >> yeah. >> and reality is that you would have to sit through a minute commercial for $3, would you do it?
5:53 pm
>> depends on my time. >> then they're saying if you don't want to set through the minute, they'll give you coupons or vouchers so you set through 20 secs and can you use the vouchers. >> i could do this, maybe. >> seems like a lot of paper and now the vouchers. all of this stuff. >> and we need to sea the trees. >> don't do the voucher thing. >> all right. >> stick around, sarah is going to come back tonight when the x factor clears. >> we have one of the relatives coming in and they're going to chat with us and be on the 10:00 news. it's going to be big. >> for those of you who don't know marcus canty, one of the contestants from bowie, maryland. >> you got it. >> time is ticking for the supercommittee with different opinions and whether they can make their bunet cuts. the committee is trying hard to avoid another downgrade. and shocking footage as an occupy rally gets overheated and this woman is not ready to stop protesting yet. and the u.s. official becomes a target of a paintball attack. guess who? the edge starts in a few minutes.
5:54 pm
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>> culpep sorry one step closer for becoming a setting for a reality show. it would play matchmaker to couples in culpepper. they met for an official tour before making a final decision. >> anybody that knows anything about tourism in virginia knows virginia is for lovers and kill pep epitomizes that. -- culpeper epitomizes that. there are wonderful places and inns here, more wineries than you could visit in one trip. >> by the way, the show is looking for singles between the ages of 21 and 60 to fill out applications to appear on the show. >> going to be a fun one to watch. move over, george clooney. >> uh-huh. >> and ryan reynolds. there is a new sexiest man
5:58 pm
alive. people magazine crowned bradley cooper with the coveted title. the 36-year-old star said his first reaction, his mom would be happy to hear the news. he dated renee zellweger the last two years -- for two years, actually, and has been linked recently to jennifer lopez. he claims he is single. what do you think? do you agree? >> yeah. >> i think they haven't seen cojo, personally. look them up on the internet. >> you're sexiest man ally -- . >> no, cojo. but will smith. >> i have a crush on will smith. but kojo? >> he's your guy? >> my husband is my guy. >> anyway, all right. thank you so much for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts
5:59 pm
now. bullets hit the white house and the suspect crosses state lines before his time ends. we're live with the latest from pennsylvania avenue. plus. it's busy with some road construction. swal-marts coming to the district and not everyone is happy about it. first, on the edge, we're watching your money. seven days left. the clock is ticking for the congressional supercommittee to reach a deal that cuts spinning. some lawmakers want them to do better than 1.2 trillion bucks. tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: members of the self-named go big coarition said that $1.2 trillion is not enough savings and if the u.s. is going to be serious and make a dent, they want to see a 3 to $4 trillion worth of savings in one


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