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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  February 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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montgomery county, too and that is where we're going see the accumulation. doesn't look like we're going to see much in the city. you see the patch there? click on and that is where the heaviest snow is and basically right now, right on top of tread wreck county and in western secs of carol county. we talked a lot about this and we want to direct you to, again, our fox 5 weather app here and this is a droid loaded to the phone here and we're going to take a new photo and can you do this from the phone here and that is basically downloading it to the website and i am not a good photographer at all. and once it takes, it gives you the option to put it on to that website by clicking done and it will go to the website. super simple. if i can do it, anyone can do it. i am not real literate with this web stuff and this is just
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a mixture and we'll probably get a changeover to snow and that first look at the forecast is coming up. the d.c. snow team, meanwhile s on the job and trying to prevent problems. more than 180 snow plows started their routes. the crews will be working through the night and into tomorrow morning. d-dot started rush hour signal timing at 1:00 p.m. today and making sure traffic moves smoothly. we invite to you stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage on air and online. track the storm with our online radar, www.myfoxdc.comcom and download our weather app and upload your pictures there. it's all laid out for on you the home page. and to a developing story in montgomery county, maryland. a deadly accident in the 5300 block of albemarle street in bethesda and police believe a
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contractor's truck started rolling. he was pinned between the truck and wall. the investigators have not released the victim's name. he was 36 years old and no one else was hurt. another big story tonight, new information revealed in the death of university of virginia student yardley love. her boyfriend is on trial for her murder n. opening statements, we learned how he responded to learning she was dead and fox 5s paul wagner has the latest. paul. >> reporter: there are two theories on how she died. the defense believes it one way and the prosecution believes that she died another way. in fact, francis lawrence, the defense attorney for george yugley, told the jury it's going to come down to, quote, a battle of medical science. he said george yugley left love's apartment that night. all show had was a nose bleed. he never intended to harm her. the most the jury should consider is that it's
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involuntary pant in the opening statement to the jury, the commonwealth attorney said that y ardley love and the man were in a on-and-off relationship. and twice before dieing, they were involved in violent encounters, one in which he was seen choking love and the other involved love hitting yugley with her purse. chapman then told the jury saying he sent her an e-mail the friday before she died where he threatened to kill her n. an hourlong presentation, the commonwealth attorney told the seven men and seven women on the jury that she died of blunt force trauma to the head. the medical examiner found coptubeions at the base of her brain stem and damage to the artery in her neck. investigators found love's dna under his fingernails and his finger -- dna under her fingernails and he told the jury there is medical evidence showing she was alive for two hours after george yugley left
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her apartment, the morning of may 3rd, 2010. when police showed up at his door, the commonwealth attorney said he was not surprised to see them. and as the defense began its opening statement, francis lawrence placed his hands on yugley's shoulders as if to say it will be all right. he's lost a considerable amount of create weight and has been locked up. the defense attorney told the court that love did not die from a lethal brain injury but, instead, lost her life due to a tragic combination of circumstances. the facts will show, he said, that love died from, quote, positional shifting in bed. moving three times after yugley left the apartment and lawrence told the jury they will put experts on the stand who will dispute the findings of the medical examiner. he said that yugley had no intention of hurting love. he had no idea she was dead until a detective told him during a videotaped interview.
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and she is dead, dead, george, and you killed her. he replied she's not dead, she's not dead, no s her head cracked? i did not kill her. i never did anything to hurt her. i refuse to believe it. i didn't do anything last night that would have killed her. more new on the e-mail support the friday before she died. the defense said that that e- mail was shared by love to several friends and teammates and that she was not afraid of her boyfriend. the prosecutor was laying the foundation of the case after the opening statements were held and sharon love took the stand. that is love's mother and lexie love, her sister and a roommate. they came on the stand quickly and were asked a series of questions about right after love died, packed up the
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belongings and took them back to baltimore and basically laying the foundation of the case and that is where we are, shawn. >> what was george's reactiong opening statements in the testimony? >> he was extremely attentive and has been through the whole process. he was looking to his right, to his family sitting in the first two rows. he's looking over towards the loves on occasion, but he listened very, very carefully and appeared, especially when his defense attorney was making his presentation, that he was hanging on every word. >> such a tragedy for both families. paul wagner. thank you. investigators say he was in the position but tazed himself as such. and now, richard cruise is behind bars in virginia charged with a felony. beth parker has more. >> reporter: police say the 55-
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year-old richard cruise pretended to be a doctor and a colonel in the united states average. >> do either of those things? >> no, not that we found. >> reporter: a judge ordered him held without bond. police say that richard cruise was the part owner of a weight loss clinic called madam and monsieur that operated here on the second floor of the building in downtown leesburg. in january, they got a complaint from someone who said cruise was not telling the truth. they investigated and he is charged with forming a public record, advertising a weight loss center and using the tomorrow doctor and making false statements or title to the department of motor vehicles. >> if anyone recognizes him or thinks they were defrauded, contact us. >> reporter: the virginia board of medicine said that cruise is not licensed as a physician in the commonwealth. we tried to contact the weight loss clinic for a comment and received no response.
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police arrested a man accused in the car jacking at a wal-mart in clinton, maryland. the prince georges county police spotted the suspect on the beltway at northbound branch avenue. he bailed out of the car and leaving it there. the police eventually arrested him and recovered a handgun. a serious accident closed new york avenue northeast for hours overnight. the car slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer after midnight. the driver of the car was taken to the hospital. the police have not released any information on that driver's condition and new york avenue reopened in time for the rush hour. another ride-on bus caught fire and burned up. the latest happened yesterday morning and that makes five ride-on buses that caught fire and they're all the same make. john henrehan is works the story for us and joins us live with the latest. this is scary? >> reporter: no one's been injured in the bus fires in montgomery county. when you see the pictures, you will be surprised. in four of the five cases, the buses were totally destroyed by
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fire and, at this point, it's unclear what is causing the fires and this particular bus is being used every day. the bus system in montgomery county, ride-on, uses big buses and smaller buses to get around the narrower with streets. about 50 of the smaller buses were purchased from a company called international in 2007. the union representing drivers never favored the vehicle. >> and i don't like the bus because of the way it handles and the rough ride it gives, not only the driver but the passengers. it's a truck and you feel every bump, every little crack in the road. you feel on those buses. >> reporter: there is another reason to not like the international buses. five have caught fire and burned up. and there have been a couple of other smoke-only incidents. >> various causes over the course of the past few years
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from a crimped brake line to a stuck parking brake to an electrical circuit breaker. >> reporter: at one point, ride- on told the international buses -- pulled the buses off of the street and the manufacturer paid for repairs. another international ride-on bus caught fire december 29th and another on tuesday. the union that represents drivers and mechanics has had it. >> all of these buses should be taken off of the road in the name of employee and public safety. >> reporter: county officials say they have once again carefully examined all of the international buses and found no obvious problems. >> again, would lend itself to believe that it's a unique mechanical failure on this bus. we don't. >> why not take them all off? >> the problem with taking them all off right now is that we don't have sufficient coverage in the reserve fleet to cover all of the ridership that, that the public transporting a
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system demands. >> reporter: the 50 buses, two dozen remain in service at the moment. officials in montgomery county have had it with that model and plan to replace all of them. because of fiscal constraints, that may take a year and a half. >> at least they're going to replace them. thank you. and they're calling it a huge success. they arrested more than 551 people, seized more than $100,000 worth of drugs and got more than 50 illegal guns off of the street during the five- week initiative. officers from all units stepped up. the county announced the edition of a new inspector general. car lisa, costa will oversee all operations of the police department and make recommending as to incorporate best practices. bag tax looking like a longshot. the issue failed to get enough votes. they would charge 5 cents for plastic or paper bags and supporters could destroy to
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bring the legislation back. montgomery county and the district, you know, have a bag tax. the gop presidential race could go on longer than we thought. coming up, the candidates react to rick santorum's surge. and why the same group that went after the susan g. komen foundation is after allen. and -- ellen. and just ahead, can you get anything in a vending machine these days, including the morning after pill. which university thought it was a good idea. and let it snow or rain or something? gary's back with another look at the winter weather forecast. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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. >> the race for the republican nomination got more interesting today, following a triple win by rick santorum. voters picked santorum in colorado, missouri, and minnesota picked santorum and throwing a curveball at romney's supposed lock on the nomination. what does this mean for romney's campaign? >> reporter: in the big picture, mitt romney has the most mean, the most delegates into supertuesday next month. clearly, this is not the most welcome news by the romney campaign, which is trying to push the viewpoint that he will be the verbatim nominee. rick santorum won last night and big, especially among the republicans questioning romney's conservative credentials.
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the results show he, not romney s the best candidate to take on barack obama in the fall. no delegates were awarded last night, the former pennsylvania senator said that he is no building momentum. >> ladies and gentlemen, i don't stand here to claim to be the conservative alternatives to mitt romney. y stand here to be the conservative to barack obama [ applause ] >> i want to congratulate senator santorum and wish him the best. we'll keep on campaigning down the road, but i expect to become our nominee with your help. >> and there was more bad news. this poll on the critical swing state of virginia, according to the new survey out today, president obama has now inched ahead of mitt romney in virginia, 47-43%. you will remember, barack obama carried virginia into the presidential election four years ago. it's been viewed as one of the critical states that he will
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need to hold on to right now, laura, and this poll is fresh evidence showing right now that he's doing just that. >> and, of course, the president's coming off of good employment numbers, too. that could change this. >> and it remains to be seen. right now, if you look where it's heading, the unemployment numbers appear to be heading in a positive direction. you have a critical swing state like virginia and moving into the obama category and this far out, this is not welcome news to the republicans, looking at a state like virginia. >> absolutely, there is a lot -- a lot at play here. thank you very much, tom fitzgerald. the abortion debate is taking center stage on the house floor. speaker baehner criticizeed the decision to require all religious institutions to provide employees with contraceptives, even though that violates some church speakings. the speaker is urging the president to reverse the decision that the white house is pushing back. >> if the department -- and
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then the congress, acting on behalf of the american people, and the constitution that we're sworn to uphold and defend must. >> the president is committed to ensuring that women have access to contraception without paying any extra costs, no matter where they work. >> the house is in the process of taking the necessary legislative steps to reverse the president's mandate. federal regulators are investigating whether a pennsylvania college can keep offering the morning after pill through a vending machine. shippensburg university has had plan b in the machine for two years now, along with condoms, pregnancy tests, and cold medicine. the students have to pay $25, which is what the university paid for the medication. some experts have concerns that without talking to a pharmacist, students won't understand the possible side affects or risk factors. gary mcgrady in the web center now. talking about the change in the forecast we're seeing today.
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of course, some of us seeing snow. finally starting to feel like winter out there, gary? >> and just for one day. >> okay. >> and that wednesday winter weather wonder. >> right. into the 50s in some places in the 50s, i think tomorrow, and we'll get cold again this weekend. there is a threat of a little bit more that is coming up on saturday. right now, doesn't look like a big deal. let me show you again where it's raining, snowing and where you're going to get everything. this is our radar here and to give you an idea. from the city, the metro to the south and east, it's all rain and that is monasses-dale city. the commute down i-95 is wet, not white and heading to the northwest along 270 along that 70 corridor, you got a lot of snow flying there and you will start picking up by rockville and then you had to gaithersburg and germantown and in parts of frederick, it's starting to stick now. we have a report of northern frederick county, they have had an inch 1/2 or so and we switched to the snow machine that shows where it's snowing
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and click to the heavy snow area. from frederick it to the east and to the westminster, that is the heaviest snowfall. listen, earlier, i took a picture outside and i downloaded it just like that on the fox 5 weather app. it's a lame picture. since then,. >> gotten like 30 brand-new pictures that have been coming on in and our web guy put this on, a fab picture and this is what it looks like in d.c., no snow and all of the new pictures are coming in and this is cool. it's easy on the fox 5 weather app if you have the camera. can you use that and send them in. it will give us an idea where it's snowing and not snowing and this will upload to our website. you will easily be able to go and look through some. i can tell that most of you are wonderful photographers, unlike myself and most of that snow picture from the north and west this afternoon. it's not snowing a lot and we'll have a couple more hours of some now is snow and then it looks like overnight tonight
5:21 pm
will clear out a bit. the sunshine returns for tomorrow and this seems like we have winter in one-day increments this winter. shawn. >> i will take it that way. >> and that is not bad. no snowmageddon, right? one day at a time and get the fox 5 weather app by texting fox 5 weather to 29473 and use one of the bar code scanners to scan our qr code. can you can find it on our website, go to still ahead on the news at 5. >> the supervised visitation and he blew up the house and kids. >> the desperate 911 call made just moments after a deadly explosion that killed a father and his two sons. also, find out who is being blamed months after the deadly stage collapse in indiana. n 
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. >> a social worker pleaded with 911 to send help minutes before a father blew up his house with his two young sons inside. josh powell had lost custody of his children and was a suspect
5:25 pm
in their mother's disappearance in 2009. the social work her taken the boys, who were seven and five, for a supervised visit at his home in graham, washington. the social worker said the kids ran ahead inside the house and powell locked her out. she could hear one of the boys inside crying and she could smell gasoline. the dispatcher told her to wait. >> and have to respond to emergency life-threatening situations first. >> this could be life- threatening. he went to court on wednesday and didn't, you know, get his kids back and this is really -- i'm afraid for their lives. two little boys in the house, they 5 and 7 and there is an adult man. he has supervised visitation and blew up the house and the kids. >> the sheriff's department said it's not happy with the dispatcher who should have sent deputies much more quickly. the autopsy showed that powell wounded his children with a
5:26 pm
hatchet before all three died in the fire. seven people died when the stage collapsed at the indiana state fair last summer. new, the company that built the platform is accused of indifference to safety standards. the state labor department found mid-america $63 million found the -- fined the stage hand unions for safety regulations violations. coming up, more angry clients taking their complaints to a nationwide tax company. we are there as tempers flare. and ellen degeneres responds to the group who wants her fired from being jc penney's new spokeswoman. and did you dream of having a baby boy and ended up with a girl or vice-versa? why one expert said he can guarantee the gender of your choice. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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. >> the latest on the story that fox 5 broke. more customers of a nationwide tax prep company are coming forward. take a look. [ overlapping speakers ] >> they stole our money. >> these are angry clients outside of the office of instant tax service on h street northeast. melanie alnwick has more on this story. >> reporter: since monday, we have been documenting customer complaints. people saying they're missing money from their tax refunds. we got a call from some more irate customers. they did pick up their refund checks this morning but here's what happened when they tried to cash them. >> they checking it now. they can't cash it. >> reporter: tax refund checks issued by tax service -- instant tax service and tax tree were kicked -- kicked back wednesday. >> they won't honor it. >> like it's a voided check. >> reporter: the manager of instant tax service said the checks were printed with the
5:31 pm
wrong sequence number. >> i can't talk about this. the problem is that there is a problem with the check sequence and we're trying to fix it. >> the check sequence? >> yes, ma'em. >> reporter: he didn't want to give us his name. >> reporter: another client was also waiting for a refund check to clear. >> i don't have any idea what they did. >> reporter: the manager said he would bring them new checks but down the street, instant tax service was shutting its doors. >> they are thieves. that is the bottom line. they put us out of the door because they stole our money. >> reporter: police were called for crowd control. then, one by one, the clients were let in to get refund checks. it's not just wednesday's check processing problem, customers are angry about what they believe are hidden fees and outrageous charges to foil their tax returns. >> and they didn't give me any paperwork and this is what we took out, this deduction for this much and this is what we charge you for doing your taxes. no. >> reporter: the owner of the franchise is in d.c., maryland, and virginia told me the troubles are only with clients
5:32 pm
who came to them for holiday loans. he said there were some erroneous charges taken out of their refunds. and she got her check cashed, eventually, plus her second check to pay her back for the error and the franchise owner said he's doing the same for all of the clients with mistaken charges on those holiday loans. i spoke today with the ceo of instant tax service. remember, this is a nationwide company. the representative of their bank tax tree. tax tree denied to me there were any mistaken charges with the holiday loans. the ceo told me that many clients igovernment debt that are also taken out of their refunds. in addition to the tax prep fees and loan repayments and, of course, shawn, from is more to the story and we promise we will -- shawn, there is more to the story and we promise we will stay on it. >> thank you. ellen degeneres took time on her show to respond to a mom's group protesting her spokesperson deal with jc penney. the group called one million
5:33 pm
moms said the retail giant will lose sales because it hired the openly gay made yen and claimed in a -- gay comedienne and that jc penneys was stepping on a pro gay bandwagon. >> if you don't me very well, you getting to know me, i want to be clear and here are the values i stand for: i stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. to me those are traditional values and that is what i stand for. >> degeneres told her audience she's proud that jc penney stuck by its decision to make her their spokesperson. conservative groups are disappointed in the susan g. komen's foundation to continue giving grants to planned parenthood. a former official for the breast cancer charity is unhappy with the decision. karen handel, the vice president of public policy, resigned yesterday. last week, komen announced it would no longer give grants to planned parenthood. after days of criticism, the group reversed its decision. >> i am speaking personally, i
5:34 pm
don't work for the organization anymore. i am very disappointed and i think komen would have been in a strong place had, you know, the organization stood firm. with that, you know, i respect the decision. that was their right to make. >> before joining komen, show ran for governor of georgia and detailed her pro-life message. for parents with a strong preference whether to have a boy or girl, some people can claim they can help get them what they want. one uses a method passed down for generations and another, the latest in medical technology. fox's ashley mastarnardi has the story. >> to leave it in god's hands. i have triplets and they all boys. >> reporter: it may not be for everyone. a gender selection expert and mother of four, calls it the egg cycle method. passed down by her grandmother, she -- her client's egg cycle based on their birth date and previous pregnancies. >> to let you know which cycle,
5:35 pm
this is the cycle for her to get, you know, to try to conceive in this time that the egg will attract the gender that she want. >> i always wanted to have a boy and girl. >> i think everyone should have a fair shot at having one of each kid. >> the ideal candidate is someone who already has children. the process costs $350. she has a 90% success rate with almost 1,000 clients. some in the medical community say those successes might be coincidental. >> and there is no prophet egg chooses the sperm. it actually is a real dialogue between the sperm and the egg before fertilization occur. >> reporter: dr. abner, the chief of the center for reproduction at lij, said he knows a full-proof, more specific way of guaranteeing a gender. it's a popular procedure called preimplantation genetics, diagnosis, or pgd. >> where you take an embryo and
5:36 pm
you remove one cell from the embryo and you, through a technique called fish, painting chromosomes with the fluid and color, we're able to tell the boys from the girls. >> the embryos are implantd into the mommy to be and that process costs about $10,000. still, naem stands by her method, which she citizen natural and cost-effective. >> and i'm not playing god. i'm not going to interrupt in nature. >> on long island. >> and a lot of people talk about that, about, you know, if they were able to make that decision. >> uh-huh. >> and a lot of people are against it. to each his own. >> and there is the spinning method, to. >> something about you put draino in a cup or something? i don't know. i heard -- there is all kinds of things. yeah. [ laughter ] >> things we don't want to talk about. you have seen the infa michelles with the --
5:37 pm
infomercials with the before and after pictures? one man said he transformed his body in five hours. >> i don't believe that for a minute. and plus, prosecutors make shock claims as they try to convince a judge to keep jerry sandusky inside his home. that is next. ñ [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope.
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is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ . >> more allegations of sexual abuse at a los angeles elementary school is that is already in the hot seat. this time, a teacher's aid is accused of sending love letters to an 11-year-old boy. it happened in 2009. at the time, the mother of the then fourth grader complained to school officials that the aid, a woman in her 50s, wrote several love letters, including one that said the boy gave her chills. the school's entire staff is being replaced after two other teachers were charged with performing lewd acts on students. prosecutors are asking a judge to force jerry sandusky to stay inside his home as part of his bail condition.
5:41 pm
the court filing came after complaints that the former penn state assistant football coach was seen outside watching children in the school yard from the back porch of his home. sandusky is currently on house arrest while awaiting trial on child molestation charges. he was hampered by an injury during a super bowl. it appears that one patriot player, well, he filled up enough after they lost to bust a move. and we'll introduce you to a hometown hitter trying to leave his mark on the local boxing scene. and gary's back with the latest on your winter weather forecast. 
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
. >> sugar ray leonard, the biggest name in boxing in the d.c. area. as the fighter, he won world titles in five weight decisions and a handful of other boxers are trying to leave their mark in the sport as well. dave feldman has more with our story. >> reporter: we're going to focus on one boxer, his name is
5:45 pm
jimmy lang, a local kid and went to bishop o'connell. he also starred in the first season -- season of the contender, a reality boxing series. which was appropriate in. in reality, booking is his life. >> and you have to live, eat, sleep, booking, fighting. you get them where they eat. >> and which means the body, you heard him inflict pain and does it hurt to get hit? >> yeah, it hurts and that is why people can't do it. >> reporter: big talk to go with bigger credential, 27 wins, 25 by way of knockout and four losses. there is no doubt jimmy lang is a key figure in local boxing. he has headlined 13 pro boxing shows at the patriots center, drawing some of the largest crowds in the country and this is something he takes great pride in.
5:46 pm
>> from boxing in the area and before we started this and that is a big deal. couldn't have done it without the fans and the people's reaction. >> reporter: on saturday in front of the home crowd, lang will defend his wbu junior middleweight title against galvin. he brings the winning streak to the ring and with a little confidence. >> and go to his body bringing his hands down and go upstairs. he doesn't get knocked out, he's tough and strong and i am ready. >> reporter: he helped put boxing back on the map locally, d.c.'s own took it to another level when he beat kahn for two world times in december. >> and there is some guys that are the real deal. you will so that boxing is not something in this area people
5:47 pm
don't care about. >> reporter: he had to be patient to get his shot of glory and the same rings true for jimmy lang. >> and getting a shot? absolutely i will get that and i am this close right now. i am better and stringer and have some good boxing in front of me. >> all right, thanks. he worked with the trainer, legendary trainer, angelo dundee for six years who passed away last week at the age of 90 and we wish lang all of the luck. back to you. >> thank you, great story. caught on camera, the new england patriot dancing the super bowl loss away and it doesn't stop him from hitting the stage or the dance floor and he joined one of the
5:48 pm
teammates on stage. he then showed off his dance moves at a club later on that night. >> i had a high ankle sprain. he can still dance, right in. >> and you see him trying to make the jump in. >> almost. >> almost doesn't count. >> i know. >> and -- >> let's talk about this one day of winter. >> and this is how we like it. comes in and this is wet for us and there is also the bit of snow mixing in here in the city and that may change and may get a burst of snow in town and that is not going to be a problem. the temperatures should stay at or above freezing and the pavement is mild and, of course, yesterday we were in the 50s and you can see here just in extreme northwest and
5:49 pm
with snow here and to mcclain and tyson's, and that is the dividing line from where it snowed and rained and that is to the east. a few more hours and that is looking like it's out of here and as we switch, we're look at the snow here and at the heaviest snow that we see. this is more towards moderate snowfall and that is up and down 270 and clarksburg to urbana and frederick and this is to the east and there is not going to be much more snow. what you have is what you going to get and temperatures are
5:50 pm
cold enough. the winter weather advisory is scaled back this afternoon. this morning, they issued it down to montgomery county and to louden county. they chopped a lot of that off and this is going until 8:00. just up along the northern tier of counties where there might be a bit of a problem. frederick 32; hagerstown, 32 and a half an inch to hagerstown and that is coating the ground in frederick. the northern sections of frederick county around thurmont, an inch to an inch and a half and in town, 38 degrees. at 7:00, still some rain and snow, 36, and that is some rain- snow lingering and some rain and snow and cloudy and 11:00 -- and we're going to touch freezing in the district. most of the snow stayed to the north of us and we're beginning to see the back side of the system crossing i-81 and that won't be long and before it's
5:51 pm
east of town and in terms of what we're going to get, just rain here and up to an inch of snow and that is into the west, with a few pockets up to an inch and up to i-81 and to the west, the higher elevations and they may pick up as much as three inches. the snow phase this evening, clouds will break up overnight and 32 in town. colder in the suburbs and watch out for a few slippery spots late tonight and early tomorrow morning and there we go. right into the sunshine for tomorrow and i want to show you the five-day forecast. we're 47 for a high tomorrow and some lower 50s by friday. the temperatures crash for the weekend. real cold and some rain and snow on saturday and then it looks like next week, the temperatures go right back up. so, shawn's down in the weather center and this is -- that is looking like more hours of snow and what you have is what you have and again tomorrow, lots of sunshine and where the snow was, that will melt away. >> and thank you, gary.
5:52 pm
in the web center with today's hot topics. russell brand turns down katy perry, a military wife gets the surprise of her life and valentine's gift ideas and sarah frazier is here with more. let's start off with katie perry and russell brand. please tell me she didn't ask him back and he turned her down? >> no. this is unheard of in hollywood. they're getting ready to settle their divorce. after they get married, she's made $40 million he's entitled to 20 and he's not going to take a pen. >> that is a real man. >> he's a stand-up guy. >> good for him. >> all right. >> and we're moving on quickly tonight. let's talk about the valentine's day gift. >> the viral video, we understand it was a heartwarming viral video. a wife was not expecting what happened. >> so touching. husband's in the military and comes back and surprises her at a chick fillet. y that ordering food, he brings it over and delivers it. >> oh, job, and she has no idea. i love the reaction.
5:53 pm
[ screaming ] i love it. it's great. >> and they were in on it. everyone starts applauding. >> everyone starts applauding. her parents did know, of course, and helped set it up. what a great surprise. you have to love that. >> yeah. >> and number three on our hot topic list, hot valentine gift ideas for the man in your life. this is so good. we had to survey all of the men here and brian bolter is in on this, dave feldman, gary is in on this and here are the things that i village recommends for men, and we did our own. gin tonic bath salts were huge. the only guy that wanted these? >> yeah. >> was brian. >> really? he would be interested in it and this is huge. >> interesting. >> okay. >> and leash for a dog. >> my husband turned one down. he said no way am a walking a dog with those. >> and that is a huge no.
5:54 pm
the overwhelming consensus the men would wear them if david beckham wore them first. that was about it. >> they said no? the guys said no or yes? >> they would not commit. >> and that wine tote, garied no and gary -- feldy said not and gary didn't understand it. >> anyway. >> and -- . >> and that is is supposed to be the most popular gifts for men. >> thank you for the 61. >> you got it. >> and there is the wine tote. >> and that proves the differences between the guys in this building. >> okay. >> and i will take the bath salts and the totes any day of the week. eight sailors caught hazing their own. the graphic video that got them
5:55 pm
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction
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could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. . >> a fitness challenge at the white house putting michelle obama against talk show host jimmy kimel. the skit aired on kimmel's show last night. they did pushups, played tug of war and dodgeball. the final challenge was the potato sack race. mrs. obama won the race and the competition. now to a viral video that will make you think twice the next time you see the before- and-after ads. how the body transformation can be done in five hours.
5:59 pm
the trick is to take the after picture first. all you have to do is pump some iron, get the tanning bed, run on some body oil and look at that and that photo shop helps out, too. the more, the better in low light, stick out your stomach and snap the before picture. there you go. >> all right. >> and that is not the transformation from the bad body to the great body but the great body to the bad body. >> and that is prove for the proof of eating well and what that does for your body. and thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. we start with the weather alert. what is going out there? is it going to snow or not? >> reporter: and that is where you're watching and i am


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