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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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this is fox5 local new at right now at 10, a woman killede in a horrific wreck, police blame a driver who had no license and was wanted. why the suspect's family says h was behind the wheel. it's a fire in my apartment; me, my parents and my and my dad. new details about a massive fire that tore through an apartment building. how the psycho tips are coping tonight. the clash in south carolina. car fireworks fly in the final gop debate before the final debate shifts into high gear. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. we begin with this mangled mess. a tragic multi-car accident that killed one woman on route 202 it landover this morning. take a look, this man is accused causing the crash. police also say he did not have a license and there was aas
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warrant out for his arrest. fox5's lauren demarco spoke exclusively with the suspect's system. what did she tell you. t >>reporter: shawn, tony, she and the family told me that juan sanchez was taken out of the hospital and is now being held in custody by police in jail. they say that he was driving on a suspended license, accordingcr to the family. according to court documentsg that stems fromto an arrest in 2014 due to speeding and dwi. sanchez' sister tells me that he was on his way to workaround 9:00 a.m. this morning. he works for a piping and sue age control business. when the crash occurred justust behind me at 202 and locks fordd road. it had traffic tied up for hourr today with lane closures. i can tell you that sanchez' blue pickup truck was heading on south on 202 when he collidedlld with a red gmc pickup truck. it was a violent crash. the rear pedestrian bed of the
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gmc landed in the roadway andnd the steering wheel with the airbag deployed separated fromsa the vehicle and landed in the te grass. the driver of the gmc, 53 yearer old angela jefferson was trappep inside and it took firefighterse sometime to cut her out. she did not survive.urvi the crash set off a reaction with at least seven other vehicles. while some people said sanchez was driving recklessly peoplelyp have not confirmed that. sanchez' sister says he suffers from epilepsy. he had called his girlfriend to say that he was driving tot pharmacy for his medicine. i got a call from his girlfriend that he didn't t feel well.l we and he was going to get his medicine when this happened. so it's not something that he planned or he was recklesse driving and just flew on the street and hit these people, no.
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question don't know, in fact, if this is what happened because we haven't happened.happ don't judge until they know what's go on real. o i know they're investigating and i know the will come out. but it's not something that he was reckless driving because of this or that. we think that he might have had a seizure at the time. sea says that and chess has been trying to clear up his situation with police. again, charges are pending against him. according to maryland state police he was driving without an license and had an outstanding arrest. meantime we went to the home of the victim.icti angela jefferson's family was gathering there and they declined to talk to the media, but here is more of what sanchez' sister had to say.ay >> we are very sorry for what happened. we understand how they might be feeling. i'm sure he didn't mean this too happen, but it was an accident.
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it was an accident. i'm sure he probably feel like he rather be the one that died than this other person because it's terrible. we are feeling really bad, too, because we don't know what's going to happen.ap > the maryland state police accident reconstruct team was out here for hours today. they interviewed several people who witnessed the crash. they are asking that you contacu maryland state police. live in landover, lauren demarco, fox5 local new.w. > tonight, dozens of families remain out of their homes after this massive apartment firement wednesday in prince george'seorg investigators released a 9 # 1 call that details the momentsome right before firefighters arrived. fox5's tisha lewis is live on the scene tonight in adelphin with the latest. >>reporter: we're hearing moree about what may have led to this fire that injured threenjur firefighters and two residentsed and left a building dark can.a
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if you take a look to my left you can see this is just a sign of how massive this fire was. we.'re told 90 firefighters froe two different agencies had toad put it out. even so some residents are returning tonight for the firsti time trying to get was eye left behind. i don't know what that says, 9205, a fire, somebody called. it's a fire in my building, me, my parents, my mom and my dad. > stay out. >> okay. we're out. > everyone get out of the apartment. the situation is still not good, but at least we been allowed toe get inside and see if we can get any belongings, but still we're not allowed to go back in thecki building because it's still notl safe. until tomorrow we might knowmigh something which is going on. but they're trying to dry up and see if we can come back. my own apartment is completely
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damaged by water because i'm on the second floor and the fire was on the fourth floor, which is completely destroyed. the newly released 911 call you just heard provides insight onn what may have caused wednesday's catastrophic fire at this adelphi apartment thetm fire reportedly started in the kitchen of a fourth floor apartment before quickly spreading to surrounding units, including the units next door n and the roof. investigators say it was allall likely an accident and there iss nothing suspicious about thishis fire. even so, more than 100 residenti remain displaced tonight after the building was deemed unin habitable. gas and electricity remain off and one day after this dramatic rescue and search played out on live television, firefighters are reliving the tense moments and i was talking to him in a normam voice, trying not to be excited.
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they were honestly very gooder because whatever i asked them to do they were doing it for us. a lot of it was they were trusting us. > one resident that we spokee with said that they expect to know more tomorrow night aboutit when they can return. they are checking with the apartment' management for updates. many residents who live here were at work when this fires broke out. so then returned home and some of them say that most of their belongings were damaged. firefighters say and estimaterss that the damage was at $200,000, tisha lewis, fox5 local news. > police in prince george's county have arrested this man, marvin vasquez -- wars, i'm sorry, in the connection withnet the death of catherine alveolare owe. her body was discovered on new year's day. the murder was documentic inocu nature and that the two of themf were previously in a romantic
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relationship. wars is being held without bondh on charges of first and secondrs degree murder.der. > two men are in custodyus charged with sexually assaulting a woman at a motel in south arlington this week.ton police say the victim was an escort and did in the know thehe man. when she answered a knock on her door, the man attacked her president police want to know ii thcee suspects, jose rodriquez d el mar va last questions haduest other victims. police believe that the two men have previously targeted non english speaking people who may not want to report the incident to the police. > the rise in temperatures could bring a change tomorrow. let's get the details from sue palka. >> it's kind of nice to get aet break from the cole. we can handle winter with a cold shot and then maybe some milder temperatures behind that andat a that's certainly what we hadhad today. check out the high temperaturesp getting up to 53-degrees. that is bonus weather. not only is that 10-degrees0-de
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above average for this time ofte year, but it's a fulll 231-degrees warmer than we werew yesterday. it's not too bad out there ou tonight, either.ther we're still managing to hang onto a 40-degree read aing and it will be a good end to the workweek. we're at 40-degrees in the city. 43 at gaithersburg. a couple of other colder spots. we will head down into the 20s in the suburbs and probably right around 36-degrees. but it is a significant jump upp from yesterday. we're about anywhere from sevenn to 10-degrees warmer than we were last night.ight so not bitter cold in thethe morning. overnight we dr. parisian to 36, clear skies, light winds. a little bit chilly, but notut terribly cold. what is the change for tomorrowo we'll start out with some sunshine, but the clouds areuds going to be increasing in the afternoon.n. i'll show you our next weatheret system in the gulf of mexico. that is likely to move towardowa our direction and spread somesoe showers in here after about 5:00 on friday.on so if you have plans friday night to head downtown, you're probably going to need to keepto that umbrella handy.
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it looks like that rain will bel heaviest in the overnight hours, especially south and east of d.c. we'll time the rain for you houu by hour and talk about thetalk e minutes. > thank you, sue. still to come tonight, new details about a string oftrin violent attacks on metro. later, oscar outrage.utr the nominations starked a live panel of guests join us to discuss the issue on a fox5 unfiltered segment. one gop candidate is outraged ha didn't make tonight's prime time debate lineup. our big focus right after the break, the seven topple pollingg candidates vying for votes as we inch closer to the iowa caucuses. we're going to take you inside the south carolina presidentials debate in less than three minutes. >> heating up tonight. > not surprise.
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> the stakes are always high during the presidential debates, but tonight is critical when yor consider this.this
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we're now within a couple of weeks of people actually casting votes in the iowa caucuses.cuse the thinking is this, people,eol especially the undecided are a really watching this very carefully. here they are the seven primerie time debate candidates, based on polling, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rub ', chris christie, jeb bush and chase okay. tonight they are televising tel itself debate from charleston, south let's go to some of the issuesse many cruz antrum p over thehe birth. rubio and christie taking aim am hillary clinton. >> the facts and the law herehee are really quite clear under long-standing us law, the child of a us citizen born abroad is a national born citizen. if a solder has a child bornorn abroad, that child is a naturalu born citizen.
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it's true. he never had a chance. now he's doing better. he's got probably a four or five percent chance. someone who cannot handle intelligence information appropriately cannot be commander in chief.hief and someone who lies to the four victims of benghazi cannot be the president of the united the you cannot give hillary clintonn a third team.d if i'm a nominee she will not get within 10 miles of the white house. an under card debate was hostedt as it always is earlier this evening. senator rand he didn't like that one bit. decided to boycott it. senator paul facing collapsing numbers wasn't part of either debate tonight.ight a 15 year old d.c. girl tonighti is facing charges.h she's accused of participating in a violent attack on metro last november. that attack is just one in an string of recent attacks on metro. fox5's marina maracco joins us
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now with the crime stats that metro just released. metro just released. pressing metro following the recent group attacks and fornd weeks metro has insisted that serious crime was at it's lowese since 2008. today, things have changed following a board meeting in which metro has back tracked and said 2015 serious crime wasas actually up. ered a series of mobmob attacks starting in late december and continued into 2016. metro says there are two groups of teens behind at least twotwo separate attacks. >> some of the attacks arere brazen in nature, the time they occur, the fact that five, six, seven, eight people committing these crimes.thes it is crazy. people come to our city. people live in our city we want to make sure they feel safe. a 15 year old involved in the attack. it was her mother who turned her
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into police. > thank you.ou. the latest now on that record power ball jackpot. we know three winning ticketsnig were sold at a convenience store in clean owe hills, california. a super born medical born beach, florida and a family owned grocery store in tennessee. each receiving a check ranging from $25,000 to a millionllio dollars. so far no winner has steppedas s forward. that could happen in the coming days. the jackpot was worth $1.6 billion. each winning ticket is worth more than half a billion dollarl no one in the dmv won the jackpot, but three million dollars tickets were sold in maryland, $2,450,000 tickets were also sold there and one on ticket won a $100,000 price due tot power play option. two $1 million tickets were sold in virginia, in salem and in virginia beach. it looks like the odds weree better of wings in maryland. coming up tonight, remembering one of hollywood most peoplableo
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villains. a twist in the shooting of aof philadelphia police officer. what we've learned about the row investigation. ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals.
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call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. > a maryland man stands accusea tonight of attempting to provide material support to isis. this is muhammad elsa now which's apt in edgewood. federal investigators say he received at least $8,700 from what he thought was the islamic state to carry out an attack inn the us. prosecutors say he used social media and other methods to tryry to avoid detection. he told agency he was scam isis out of their money. he says he never intended too carry out an attack. he was arrested last month. if convicted effaces more than e 30 years in prison.riso > the fbi says it's now investigating the shooting of a philadelphia police officer as a terrorist attack.tta edward archer shot officerhot jessie heart net as he satin
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side his police cruiser last thursday. archer ab allegedly told investigators he committed the act in the name of islam.isla archer used a stolen policee handgun to commit the senator pat my says the recentre attack shows yet another risk officers face. this is a very real threat posee by a whole new kind of terrorist organization. isis is a global risk of their ability to inspire terrorist attacks all around the world and make no mistake about it, thistt was a terrorist attack. > despite his injuries officer heart net was able to chase the suspect down and return fire.e. tonight we are remembering actor l alan rick man. he played most of the memorabler victims on the the stage and ond the the british actor died in london. he was best known for his rolo
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owe sober snap. also hands gruber in die hard and as the wicked sheriff in nottingham prince of thieves. he was nominated for two tony awards. he was 69 years old. singer see lien's husband and manager renee died in las vegas. he battled cancer for years. y he helped mold di eon. mo the couple married back in 1994 and have three children. deon canceled her shows thisws week to honor her husband's memory. > the nomination this morning.n we're diving deeper into then controversy in a special versioi of fox5 unfiltered coming uping next. looking for a new job, you beater make a good firstfirs
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impression and make it fast. according to a new survey halfuv the bosses know within the firsf minutes of a job interview if a candidate is good for the position. bosses looking for signs likeign eye contact and smiles rightsmil from the get go.o. meantime it's getting a little cheap tore buy a house.ous the 30 year fixed rate mortgage falling this week. we're just now above 3.9 percent and still at historically low levels. investigators breathing a sigh of relief.ief. montana is a new study is showing montanao residents are the best att managing their cash. the study taking into account each state's average contractonr score along with this medianedia income. by the way, maryland residents coming in last. that's business. i'm charles pain. ♪
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> this eggs fox5 local news.ox >> and finally, we are pleased to announce the film maniesani selected as the best picture nominee. will the nominees for this
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year's cross areas were announced this morning and some are nobodies and surprising omissions. in fact, many outraged fans andn industry insiders took toto twitter to talk about the absence of diversity among the nominees, in fact, the # cross areas is still trending on twitter. our own movie guide kevine mccarthy expressed his outrage on good day c. >> where is creed? crude should be in this category as well. how do you not nominate michael b jordan. salon got an nominationment he's fee nominal in the movie. i loved him. he is great because of michaelih b. jordan. also ryan can you go letter, the 29 year old director. where is he in the best director category in here's the thing, i get so worked up at this. the academy is completely out of touch. that was kevin all fired upp today and tonight we are taking a closer look at the cross area
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outraged. were the best and most talented nominated or is this the case of the academy shutting the door on diversity. >> russell william, the second.. two time enemy winner. thank you for being here. >> thank you. > russell, i'm going to talk to you, you are a two-timeous area winner already.nner you also happened to be back. is this the out cry about the lack of diversity justified. >> it is justified because first of all there are always people disappointed in any major awardm show nominations. one of the biggest problems in any movie, generally there are 1500 to 2,000 roles that are eligible that get whittled downt to 20 nominations.. so now it becomes a matter ofmat who votes. this is how the academy works.
10:31 pm
even though i'm a voting memberr i cannot nominate actors.ors. i can only nominate within my branch, which is sound. if poet was in the nominating branch. we all get to nominate for bestr picture, but the actors have to do their thing. one people are nominated now iow can vote across the board.the one of the things we talkedalke about in the green room ahead of time was let's say last yearast with sell ma, it wasn't really a snub that ava didn't get a directing nomination because the full academy said that sell ma was worthy of a best picture nomination. i agree with your reporter thatt creed should have been in thehe best picture cadbury, nothing el. > let me ask you, and poet. let me jump in. do you think the out cry about a lack of diversity wereiver justified. >> some of the movies weren't that great. i'm going to go with a lack of diversity much it's not just the cross as. if you are a person of color you
10:32 pm
see it every day with everythinh that we -- we tend to be lefte out of a lot of things and thend when you say something you're pulling the raise card. 80-plus years of the cross areao and we shouldn't celebrate every 10, 15, 20 years that a person's color gets a nomination, let let alone an award. i think that's what has everybody so frustrated. some people will say the best people were nominated. actors like leonardo decap row, they deserve those roles, so why is everybody so upset about this. >> i would say if we divide everything as a matter of raisef are you saying if a white actor who gets nominated and doesn't win, does he or she feel better because a white actor didç win? because we don't get -- for instance, we did not get upset that ridley scott didn't get director even though his picture got nominated.
10:33 pm
the cross areas were formed in 1929. patty mcdonnell was the first black person to win in you know this and this is a little inside baseball for somee of you, the way people actually get into the academy to vote,ote you have to have either been nominated, won one of the roles. >> correct. > or sponsored by someone whody is already in it. so if this started back in 1929, we know there was no diversity back then so hasn't thatthat tradition just carried forwardai all of these years so maybe that's why we see the challengeh >> that's definitely a part of it for sure. even though cheryl buy nicics has moved mountains.ount who is the president of theof motion picture academy. > is she black. >> she's an african american anf shrie came from the marketing ad advertising identify side.g i want to make sure your vieweri realize i'm not speaking for the academy, i'm just a voting member. >> i think what poet and i have been talking about off camera
10:34 pm
and we're going to bring it intt this discussion is that it is a business and the diverse roless that we do see on the screen, i can say myself there is h ' some roles that i think is are should have been nominated for beast of and of course ryan caution cou letter. when you look at the math of it, it's going to be a few yearsears before we can almost guaranty that every year there will be we overlook al hound dough who directed the clear best picture which was the rev informant. he won the year before for gravity. he's doing quality of films that very few people can match. so that's part of it.t. i know she's got something toto say. >> poet, people were saying,
10:35 pm
look, the best talent was nominated. every year we are not going to see a black person nominated in every category.ate so why not just accept it the way it is. >> because of what he just said, michael b jordan should have sho been nominated. so there's a lot of talent, great movies with a more diverse cast that aren't getting the nominations. you can't tell me in one handne well in a couple of years we'llr get if we haven't gotten it in over 80 years owe on. we haven'tow gotten it -- we have a fare amount of nominees and winners, but it's not going to be as competitive as shawn has said because of the history of the academy. and the only way that that history -- and then i want toa also get this point in that no one like myself with a permanena tan or not withins an academy or an emmy or a grammy withoutgram white votes. > exactly. because everybody needs everyerb vote. we have to p where it up here. russell, you are a two-cross
10:36 pm
area winner, you are also blackc how do we change this? or does it change? >> it will change, but againut a it's going to take time.e i had mentioned back stage in the labor unions that control the behind the camera crafts, even though had did i was in the acting union back in the 30s, i, don't believe there were anye black people in the hollywoodhol crafts before the mid-60s. so we're playing catch up inin every category. > poet, how do we change thish or is it going to change. >> i don't think anything iss going to change, not with the cross area winners, not with the grammies until we have a real conversation with raise in this cunt which. we have not and until you doyou you'll get a lot of talk like this. let's have real conversations about why. you can't tell me that someone did a suburb job and then they didn't get nominated and youte tell med it's not about their color, but we just made a mistake of some are the all the white people who did suburb jobs didn't get nominated, either.
10:37 pm
>> there were people.eop they're telling me to wrap up. certainly this is going to be a talker for years to come because i has been.een >> we won't be pass phid. > thank you both so much foror coming in > very good. coming up next, how youryour smartphone is trying to help yop sleep better. and victory for the man whose car was covered in ice for days. how crews finally managed to get it free. that's coming up. .
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heads up, if you sleep with youo cellphone or if you accidentally fall asleep with your phone in u your bed, pay attention to thish next story. take a look at this. see that read mark. the parents of a nine year old e girl in uk say a cellphone case
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left these burns and scars on sc her child's leg. it's believed the case crackedth in the middle of the night, leaked a acid out that burned her. after the mother reported this the case was removed from stores. >> apple wants you to sleep better. they added a feature to ios9.3 for i phones and i pads. the software has a night shift feature that will automatically change your screens from blue tt yellow lights when the sun goes down. scientific studies say s technology companies are making bigger, brighter, bluer screensc however, studies show that blue light can discorrupt the the person's sleep because the light increases alertness.s this is designed to offset that. the sleep experts always say it can hinder your sleep if you're on a computer right before bed. > it sounds like a great idea. >> they say break away from theh computer and
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>> which was easier said than done. > i was going to say. >> we're all on fox5 d.c. right. before we go to sleep. so we all know that, you know, people have smartphones, smart watches, how about a smart scarf. >> some has come up with a how a to that shows how to make a scarf that doubles as a thermometer.mete >> take a good look. you're kind of crafty. here is what you're going to need, a microcontroller, whatever that is. >> an led strip, temperature sensor and models and the factory for the scarf. if you do it right, there's a a practical side. this led thermometer will wil actually tell you how cold it it is. >> as if you couldn't tell yourself. >> it seems like a secret santaa gift. and i would buy it. > you'd buy it, it's a joke, jo though. > you have to have certainave skills to put all that together. you have to have a certain a
10:43 pm
something to want to wear that in public, too. > let's tell you what's coming up tonight at 11. it looks like women are waitingr longer to have kids these days. way back in the 70s, partridge family. name another show.noth >> san forward and son. >> back then women on average were 21 when they had theirad t first child.t >> not anymore. especially in the d.c. region, e that's brand new for you at 11.. we'll think of some other '70 shows as well. as >> happy days. > also on the way, daniel radcliffe writes a touchingç tribute to his harry potter co-star. > police say a man accused ofof causing a multi-car accident ac that killed a woman in princeoma george's had no license and was wanted by police.y tonight the suspect's sister is speaking out. the exclusive from lauren demarco at 11. know your financial plan
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won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted.
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earlier this week we showed you
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quite a check out this car frozen in place in upstate new york. this happened after sleet and freezing rain hit buffalo. it took a few days, but a toe company got the car free from the ice it was in. once the car was free it left a memorable shelf ice. the car was driven on a flatbed track and taken to a warmer spot where it will eventually that you out. >> i wonder how long that willil take. > of course he was parked neark the lake, too. sleet and freezing reign didn't' do all that. the lake splashed on it, too. we certainly had some warmer compared to what we had. >> buffalo would have loved to v have what we had. 53-degrees today, that was aas nice warmup. i was a full 10-degrees above average and 21-degrees warmer than yesterday.este we're headed for the low 50sow again tomorrow.orro a little changeup late in the day.
10:48 pm
we'll probably have some rain pushing in, showers.n, it looks like the bulk of the next round will be in and out pretty quick limit although if you live south and east, overer toward the delmarva you're goini to get heavier rain than most of the areas in the and west off d.c. are going to get. the clouds are going to returnto tomorrow afternoon.fter we'll have a sunny start on friday and another mild dayild getting into the low to mid-50s. showers around by late evening. i would say after 5:00 a.:00 these are going to be moving up from south north. when i say 5:00 i'm thinking about the southern portion off the beltway might start about that time. the system is going to exitt really early on saturday.on most of saturday is going to be try dry as well.well colder on sunday, though. we're at 40-degrees. not bad to be at 45. at this is much warmer than we have been many nights this week.s if we compare this with 10:00 last night it's 14-degrees warmer than it was one. high pressure off the coast is
10:49 pm
making us a little bit warmera i with the southerly breezes and eventually that will tap aal little bit of thlye moisture tht you see in the gulf of mexicoxio and send it our way.way. > here in the district aboutbot 36-degrees. you know that's not too bad under clear skies and winds outs of the southwest at 5 to 10. no big winds tomorrow, either. a bright start, a cloudierudie afternoon, showers in for thethe evening. our temperature of 53-degrees tomorrow. so that is pretty lovely. you can see the clouds beginning to get a little bit closer. the rain that we're going to bee watching coming out of the gulfh of mexico and another system both of those two will be combining to send a little bitto our s way.ou i'm going to take you to the futurecast. pause this at noon and you can y see that eastou of the districte still a lot of sunshine.u we're picking up on some high clouds to the west.the by the time we get to 5, 6:00 some of the rain has moved n. i want you to see how much of thee heavy rain is going to slideto more tot south and look at all that heavy stuff. by 10:00 tomorrow night it's
10:50 pm
possible from the beltway on north and west it's not nearly as well. through maybe parts of charles county into california veer,nt over tot beaches.o e that's where some of the heaviest rain could be. by 6, 7 in the morning it's outu of here.of and you're left with some clouds on saturday. saturday looking pretty decent. here's our area of low pressurel that will send the showers in. you can see that's going to requesting prettily quickly outt of the region. the heaviest rain being more too the north we may only get a few tenths in the district. you may get more than that int the leonardtown area. > we're progressively getting colder. sunday, 39-degrees. very cold for monday at 32-degrees and your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast we're still cold much of next week.we our temperature on tuesday,
10:51 pm
32-degrees. a lot of football being played this week and i'll show you whau the weather is expected forxpe those four playoff games coming up at 11. shawn and tony, back to you. > thank you, sue. >> a 12 year old texas girl got suspended from her school after officials say she gave another student prescription medicine.ip the drug in question was an inhaler because the student was suffering an asthma attack. fox's nationally sole as has the story. >>reporter: asthma gets worse by every second. 12 year old dependent on herein hailer. she knows all too well the scary feeling when it feels each breath could be the last. tuesday she says another girl with asthma was wheezing, gasping for breath during a workout. she was huffing like really bad. i could hear it, me and mymy friend next to me could really hear it.
10:52 pm
india who has played club volleyball and has copped withac the disease gave her herein hailer. the both ended up in the principal's office. india with a suspension and 30 days of allative schooled sch school. how could you do a kid like that. >> it's a prescription and one student's severity with asthma may not mirror that of the girle let her borrow hers. that could result in some prettr significant issues. the district says the 30 alternative school is an automatic punishment for sharinr prescription drugs until there'l a hearing to weigh all the facts. the final punishment can changen it could range from 30 to zero, it could literally be 30 days os no days. still, a very scary boss tech sc and her mother who feel any time at alternative school is
10:53 pm
excessive. >> my kid will be mixed withxe kids who are using drugs at schools, acting out in class, dog different stuff like that. and i don't want any of that to rub off on her. i was just trying to save her life. i didn't know i was doing anything bad. > stay with us. we'll be right back. a camera that sees in 3d. new multi-less than technology is being developed and makers say it's like 16 cameras andnd sensors working altogether. it allows for greater detail and better shots. the light l16 is due out this summer. i'm laura evans. see you next time in the fox5 fast lane. ♪
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go on sunday which happenedsu while most ofnd us were watching the redskins game making alex ovechkin. i'll have highlights at 11.
10:58 pm
meantime let's talk soccer right now. georgetown well represented. not just any draft it's a supplant draft. second over all pick by thehe philadelphia union no word onor how much he's making but his his agent says it's expected to be north of $200,000 a year, which is not bad for mls. selected with the very next nex pick. he's also going to philly. how about that. yea owe says he knows how far he's come. he says he's going to paying thy most of this opportunity. i am appreciative of the opportunity i'm given.. i'm looking forward to it. right now i'm still trying to enjoy the moment. tomorrow it's kind of like goine to college and it turns out your
10:59 pm
high school classmate is your yo roommate. a lot of excitement around the e d.c. united. a new stadium on the way. wa >> yep. congratulations. >> big day. > stick around, the news at 11 starts right now. no this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a horrific carr crash in landover, maryland lan killed a woman and leaves threee others injured. inj tonight the sister of the suspect explaining why herer brother crashed his car causing the devastation. dev we're back on the scene of a a raging fire which forced 100 people out of their homes. it's a fire in my apartment. me, my parents. plus the highlights fromrom tonight's i am passioned gopgop debate. this is fox5 local news at 11. . it is good to have you with us u
11:00 pm
tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn we begin tonight with a deadly car accident in landover, maryland. police say the driver who causes the crash and killed the woman did not have a license.have and that's not all. all there was a warrant out for juan sanchez' arrest. ar lauren demarco is the only onl reporter to speak with the man's family. she joins us live with the exclusive story. >>reporter: tony, shawn, juan sanchez' sister tells me that he was out of the hospital tonightt and in jail. she says that he was driving on a suspended license. according to the family, that certainly is the case. court documents say that he was arrested in 2014 for dwi andnd speeding charges. now sanchez' sister says that he was heading to workaround 9:00 a.m. this morning.. th he works for a pipe and sue agea control business when he was wh traveling here along 202, just 0 behind me when this crash occurred, a horrific crash. it closed down lanes for hours o today.


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