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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn we begin tonight with a deadly car accident in landover, maryland. police say the driver who causes the crash and killed the woman did not have a license.have and that's not all. all there was a warrant out for juan sanchez' arrest. ar lauren demarco is the only onl reporter to speak with the man's family. she joins us live with the exclusive story. >>reporter: tony, shawn, juan sanchez' sister tells me that he was out of the hospital tonightt and in jail. she says that he was driving on a suspended license. according to the family, that certainly is the case. court documents say that he was arrested in 2014 for dwi andnd speeding charges. now sanchez' sister says that he was heading to workaround 9:00 a.m. this morning.. th he works for a pipe and sue agea control business when he was wh traveling here along 202, just 0 behind me when this crash occurred, a horrific crash. it closed down lanes for hours o today.
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sanchez was driving a blue pickup truck. he was heading south on 202 when he collided with a red gmc pickup truck, a very silent crash. the rear bed of the gmc landed in the roadway and the steering wheel of the airbag deployed, de separated from the vehicle and e landed in the crash. the driver of the gmc, 53 year a old angela jefferson was trapped inside. it took firefighters quiteuite sometime to cut her out and sadly she did not survive. the crash set off a chain reaction involving seven other vehicles, at least three other people were also taken to the te hospital. while some witnesses at the scene told fox5 crews that sanchez was driving recklessly, police have not confirmed that. they are still working to determine the cause of the crase at this time. sanchez' sister says that he th suffers from epilepsy. she says that he called his girlfriend to say that he wastht driving tot pharmacy for medicine. i got a call from his girlfriend that he didn't feel well.
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okay. he was going to get his h get medicine when this happened. so it's not something that he planned or he was reckless driving and just flew on the street and hit these people, noo okay in we don't know, in fact, if this is what happened because we haven't talked to him. don't judge until they knowthey what's going on for real.eal. okay? i know they're t investigating and i know the kno truth will come out. but it's not something that he h was reckless driving because of this or not.r we think that he might have a seizure at the time. sanchez' sister says that he wah currently working to clear up his situation with police. pol again, charges against him are e pending according to maryland state they sayat that he was driving without a license -- driving dr without a license now and had that outstanding arrest from 2014. meantime we went tot home todayo of angela jefferson, the victim,
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relatives, family was gathering there very distraught. he declined to talk to the media on camera, but here is more of f what sanchez' sister had to says >> we are very sorry for what happened. we understand how they might bee feeling. i'm sure he didn't mean this to happen. but it was an accident. it was an accident.n and i'm sure he probably feel fe like he rather be the one that died than this other person because it's terrible. we are feeling really bad, too, because we don't know what's going to happen. the maryland state police accident reconstruction team was out here for hours today. they are asking that anyone whoh witnessed the crash who have noh yet talked with investigators please come forward.d. that's the latest here in lain over, lauren demarco, fox5 local news. > fox5 is in al delphi,
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maryland where more than 100 people are dealing with a devastating fire that gutted gut apartments. tisha lewis spoke with investigators and is learning more tonight. >>reporter: we're learning a lot more about what exactly mayy have led to this fire that th injured three firefighters and two residents. essentially leaving this building here in this apartmenti complex in this condominium, leaving one of the buildings dark and empty. even so some of the residents say that they are returning forr the first time tonight trying tt salvage and get what's left behind. an emergency. i don't know. it says 9205, it's a fire. f it's a fire in my apartment. me, my parents, my mom and my dad. stay out. okay. we're out. out > everyone get out of the
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apartment. > the description is still nott good. we've been allowed to get inside and see if we can get any belongings, but still we're not allowed to go back in the building because it's still nott safe. tomorrow we might know somethink which isn going on. but they're trying to dry up and see if we can come back. my own apartment is completely damaged by water because i'm on the second there are and thecond fire was on the fourth floor, which is completely destroyed. really a devastating account ofc what happened.. now, the newlyç released 911 cl provides insight on what may have caused wednesday's catastrophic fire at this adelphi apartment building.ap the firear reportedly started in the kitchen of a fourth floor apartment before quickly spreading to surrounding units,u including units next door and do then quickly going up to the investigators say it was allll likely an accident and there was nothing suspicious about this
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fire. even so more than 100 residents remain displaced tonight after the building seemed unin habitable. gas and electricity remain off.f one day after these dramatic rescues played out oniven l television firefighters are reliving the tense moments and challenges. a smoked filled and normal blaze. i tried not to make them excited. they were honestly very good because whatever i asked them th do they were doing it for us. a lot of it they were trusting us. > now, one resident we spoke sp with said he suspects that he will have more information comen tomorrow about when they canan return. they are relying on the apartment's management for updates. many of the residents who live here were at work when the fire broke out. just imagine you work all dayl a and then you return back home only to find out that most of your belongings are destroyed. firefighters estimate the damaga to be at about $200,000. $
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tisha lewis, fox5 local news. > let's take it outside again. we had a nice warmup today. temperatures were about 20-degrees higher today thanay they were wednesday and it looks like we're in for another relatively warm day tomorrow. tm i'm glad you added the word relatively waller. >> it's not going to be 80. 80 > our perspective changes so ca much as the seasons progress inn d.c. i was noticing with our currentr temperatures that it's actuallyc gone up two degrees in d.c. since 10:00. let me see what i'm seeing, it's 4 # in the district.i thstat is a nice change from tho last few nights. it's still pretty chilly in frederick. manassas is down to 28 and we will see suburban areas falling into the 0 #-s. we'll stay right about 36 in the district, which is not too bad. mostly clear skies tonight. the winds are on the light side. it will be a little bit chilly, but definitely not too cold. what should the kids expect for the last day at the bus stop and
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maybe a three-day weekend loom,e how nice thate- is, 30 to 38, to after school the range will be 47 to 52. friday is going to be a day that will be a little bit on the mild side. we will get up and above 50-degrees. we are also expecting to get a little bit of shower activity. we want you to be ready for that. not in the morning. clouds will build through the te afternoon and even by 5:00 it's still just cloudy with a temperature of 50. showers will come in, though, t mainly after dark and there will be around for friday night andht into the overnight hours. i'll have the timing for that hour to hour to let you knownow when you can ditch the umbrellam if you are headed downtown keepo it handy. > we'll talk about the sevenbou day forecast in just a little bit. > baltimore officials have approved spending $200,000 for equipment that will make policea vans safer. the new design will create morel space in the vans and includend seats that are accessible fromcs the side of the advance. the design also includes bumpers
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on seats to prevent prisoners from sliding. the changes come following the o death of freddie gray last april. he suffered a fatal spinal cordo injury while riding in the backc of a baltimore city police than va. the stakes are always high during the presidential debates, but tonight what's critical whei you consider this, we're nowe within just a couple of weeks oe people actually casting votes in the iowa caucuses. so the thinking is people, opening those who are undecided will really watch carefully tonight. the big debate. here they are seven prime time candidates, donald trump, ted cruz, mark rubio, ben carson, jeb bush. tonight fox's business network hosted the debate televiseed from charleston, south carolina. let's get to some of the fireworks. cruise antrum p. over the birthing.
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cruise was bond in cap. > the facts and the law here are really quite clear. under long-standing us law, child of a us citizen born bor abroad is a natural born citizen. if a soldier has a child abroad, that child is a natural born citizen. look, he never had a chance. now he's he has a four or 5 percent chance. someone who cannot handle l intelligence information appropriately cannot commandermd in dothan someone who died who the four damnlies in benghazi cannot be president of theid united states.en sta you cannot give hillary clinton a third team of barrack obama's leadership. > let's go back to the birther debate. cruz' opponents like trump think if he became the nominee cruise' eligibility to become president will be challenged in court. he was born in california gary,
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canada to an american mom and a canadian dad. the cons stew trustee says theue president must be a natural born citizens. the legal debate is over the constitutional meaning debate over natural born. this is not over yet. > no, it's not. > more american are waiting longer to start their families, these days, in fact, the average days that women are waiting to have their first time has raised an all time high. hig we say goodbye to l l aen rick man. hairy the touching words that his co-star daniel radcliffe has for the late actor. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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maybe some have come to hawg worse that you will confident enough to not pay attention. sad day in hollywood, harryry potter star allen rick man hasrk died at the age of 9. rick man passed away after a cancer battle which he keptpt private. he was a master of the screen
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and the stage and. today's rick man's harry potter co-star released. as actor he was one of the firsf adults on potter to treat meme like a peer rather and child. working with him at such a for midtive age was incredibly important and i'll carry the lesson he taught me the rest of my life. he was so talented.lent do you remember his first one. >> 1988, action movie.ovie > was that his fi(rst movie, e hard. >> he almost didn't want to doo shakespeare after that. > he was hans gruber. >> very good. > today we also learned selenide on's husband andd an manager lost his battle l withih cancer. the 73 year old was first diagnosed with throat cancert back in 1999.1999 last year see lien put herer career on hold to help care for him. the couple has three sons, a 14
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t0twins. and five year old > a former power ranger start was arrested and charged with his roommates' murder. carlos me dina stabbed hisis roommate to death with a sword inside their home last january. they were fighting over me dina's girlfriend.dina if convicted effaces 25 years. he is best known for playing the red power ranger in the early 2000s. > a little bit of a warmupwarm today. we are about to hit friday so what's the start of the weekendd looking like.lo we're off to a good start on friday. i think most of the day is going to be dry, but if you haveyou nighttime plans you want to get ready for a little bit of rain moving into the picture friday night and overnight ending before the sun comes up on saturday. speaking of the weekend and what we're looking. a lot of times people thinking about the beaches, do you knownw there's a hurricane in the atlantic? this is very unusual. it is not close by, but i want to show you where it is. it's far into the eastern
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atlantic. it is very interesting becauseg this is only the second time we've ever had a hur contain this n january.uary alex has 80-mile an hour winds. it's going to raise tot northot and be no effect on the us. just interesting to note.note it is a record breaker.brea just a couple stats about january hurricanes because they do not happen very often. the last one you have to go allo the way back to one in 1938. that was before they named them. this one is also in the recordhe books as the strongest hurricane we've ever seen in january.janu hurricane alice in 1955 is thes last january storm, but itbu actually started in december anm then continued into january. we don't have to worry about alex, but in case you heardyou there was a hurricane out therer i wanted to make sure we set tht record straight on that one. this is what we're going to watching, the gulf of mexico. they'll get pumped in by this area of high pressure. that is going to give another mild day with increasing cloudsn in the afternoon and a chilling start in the morning.ning
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we'll probably drop into the 0s to about 35, 36 in the district. it's the rain you want to know about. 1:00 tomorrow, high cloudsh cl starting to come in. the rain starts to approach the area between 5 and 6:00. again, if you have the nighttime plans be aware that the heaviesi rain, north and west you might not run into that much rain. and this is long gone by they time we get into saturday. maybe you're planning to watch a little l football on saturday. let me show you that the samehe system that ill with be departing our area will also beo just getting out of new england in time for the new england patriots and the chiefs. 39-degrees is the temperature i there. i think most of that game willae be dry. now luckily we know that thistht game will be played inside, but in case you are wondering about the cardinals versus the packers, i think that game will be about 58-degrees, but very pleasant climate control i'm sure. the sunday games, the panthers and seahawks, that's going to be
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on sunday, 43-degrees. no weather concerns there andnd probably the game that everyoner in the entire world is talking about for sunday, bronc could hes versus stealers. i hope they can handle this,this 28-degrees. it's going to be a cold oneold starting at 4:40. > late week surface we'll chas' the rain out of here, as youas know and bring in a nicer weekend. your fox5 seven day forecast will show you while we have a pretty decent sunday does get colder. we may see a passing flurry, but no big deal. it byes in colder weather foror your three day weekend, martin w luther king observance onon chilly, but sunny to start most of next week. eventually we'll get up to 40-degrees. > i know you're with me, jim lokay, go steelers. >> i wanted to know if it was going to have any effect on the air pressure out in new englandl this weekend. we
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> tonight belonged tophic. the team honored him and his family before night's game. ovechkin did not add to the career totals.o no score did he mitt try. past ryan miller for the goal of the gain. ryan miller was the star goal i for usa in the 2010 olympics. cause i also added an assist. the caps win 4-1. eleven straight victories onvict home ice. > looking good. draft day for major league south carolina, d.c. united draftingfn this guy, mid fielder julienne burber. the club wanted him so much they traded up for the eleventh pickk he's are germany and he played soccer at syracuse which he says got him ready for the pros. they all physically good athletes.
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they are a different helpful and it helped me to get to where i am right now. > chip kelly is the new coachoh of the san francisco 49s which 4 means he missed just one regular season game after losing his job. it also means former skins mike shannon did not get the job. meantime the eagles going with a rookie head coach. his name is dug peterson and hee was a perennial backup quarterback.qu peterson is currently the offensive coordinator for the chiefs and they're still in the run and they play new england. it prevents a coach from taking a job until his team's season is over. had the redskins won, the coaches would have been in high demand. not bad for chip kelly, from philly to san francisco.
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>> no. there you have it. >> interesting. > thanks, jim.> still ahead tonight, the average age for new moms in the us has just reached an all-time high. we'll tell you honk long mostost women are waiting before they enter motherhood.othe some of the throw back thursdays photos you've sent us using # fox5 >> there's shawn. > eight l chuck brown
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so more women in the us are operating to start theirir families later in life thanfe their mothers did. d the average age of a new mom iss now at an all-time high of 26 years this is largely due to a drop in
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teen pregnancies. the northeast, by the way, hasas the highest average ages for new moms, in d.c. and massachusetts, the average age for entering motherhood is 29.29. in new york and connecticut, the age is 28.s what do you think about that? i'm not surprised by it at all. i think the big thing is a lot of people are getting married later in life, the my len yell generation. we did a study yesterday that said they're not interested in getting married and getting pregnants. also contraception is more ready used. women have more choices andhoic they're working on their careerr and waiting a little longer tooe -,qy:uz enjoy you to join the go to my facebook page and weigh in right now. >> goodbye. ♪
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> i got to tell you, i'm surprised at it but "straight outta compton" didn't get anything for best picture. >> are you disappointed that you guys got snubbed? >> not worried about it. >> it's a travesty by a racial institution. seriously, they screwed over "straight outta compton." unbelievable. it's insulting it wasn't p>> did you see it? >> no. [laughter] >> nick carter was arrested in key west, florida. apparently was extremely wasted. this plays out exactly like everyone who has -- maybe not done thp but you know friends who have done this. he goes outside, rips off his shirt, goes up to the bouncer and head butts his chin. >> i'm waiting for the part of the story that me and my friends haveon


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