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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 15, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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plus.> plus >> there's a big question mark q on your head and you can't doo that to the party. par >> a lengthy and at timesimes bruising gop debate.ebat the republican presidentialcan candidates slamming each other s once again and thela rivalry between donald trump and ted cruz heating up this morning. mi full highlights and analysis.s. >> powerball mystery. m who are those three lucky winners splitting that t $1.6 billion with a b.billion wa the latest on that recordord powerball jackpot straightt ahead. >> live look outside though on o this friday frida did we mention it was friday? ? it's january 15th, 2016.01 we'll have weather and trafficna coming up on the 5s at 7:05. 7 good morning to you, i'm also, o a siege. >> and i'm stevallison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.nevey. a 53-year-old woman was killed l at the intersection which became a scene of a mangled mgld
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pileup. pileup >> the man police say is p responsible is in jail this jaih morning but questions remainns r about exactly what was goingha on with him right before thisor accident.accide >> annie this morning joins usso once again from the scene with the latest on thestthe investigation. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodepgo morning, steve and allison. all you're right we still don't dont know at this point how the crash happened but it wasppenedb quite the mesuts out here atere this busy intersection inn i largo at lottsford and route r 202 just after 9 o'clock. 9 olo the tragic accident did claimt c the life of angela jefferson a 53-year-old woman fromold n f springdale.sp so, what we know right now for f sure is that police say theceayt man who caused this crash isrash juan sanchez of laurel,rel, maryland, and according toccdino maryland state police he was p driving without a license fromeo a dwi incident back in 2014 i20 and also there was a warrant a r for his the situation according toccordo sanchez's family he had beenfami working to clear up withit police.ce sanchez remains in policeli custody this morning with mng charges pending against him.. meantime we did speak to thepe o family last night who were very apologetic and also letls
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us know that sanchez suffersfe from epilepsy and was on his on way to the pharmacy for his medicine when this crash happened. take a listen. >> i got a call from hisrom girlfriend that he didn't feelne well, okay, and he was goinge wg to get his medicine when this happened.happen so, it's not something that hehh planned or he was reckless driving and just flew on thefleh street and hit these people. ppl no,, and we don't know in fact if fai this is what happened becauseec we haven't even talked to don't judge until they know what's going on for real. for ra >> reporter: now, the tragic multi car accident still being investigated this morning and t as you mentioned, steve, ittion was justst a mangled mess outess here at this intersection.nter the violent crash set off a o chain reaction involving about a nine vehicles and at leastt leat three other people were taken to the hospital. hpita while witnesses tell police that sanchez was driving dvi recklessly police have not he n confirmed that information infma with us so we are waiting for f
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more.more. meantime again sanchez remainsem in police custody and policeol are asking for anyone who wase w out here to give them a call.tha that's the very latest here in largo. back to you in the in >> annie thank you.. also in prince georgesso i county now dozens of familiesozn remain out of their homes hes after this massive apartment fire. it happened on wednesday ind adelphi.onadelphi. investigators released these t 911 calls that detail theail t frantic moments right before firefighters got there. the >> this is 911.>> this is 911. what is the location ofthe n your emergency.mergency. >> i don't know, what's that kno building right there? uh it says 9205ly it's a fire. f somebody apartment building onio fire. >> it's a fire in my apartment. >> is everybody okay.ry o >> yes. >> stay out. >> okay, we're out. >> okay, evey,ryone get out of the apartment.partment >> fire reportedly started in st the kitchen of the fourthhe frt floor apartment before quicklyei spreading to surroundingunding units. many residents who live in thein apartment were at work whent woh the fire started. s some returned home to realizeze
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most of their belongings werengr gone. firefighters estimate the loss at $200,000.200,000. >> a prince george's countye man under arrest this mgeorningm accused of murdering a womanan in hyattsville. police say marvin vasquez vas juarez was arrested in theesd in death of katherine half rad r dome her body was discovered on new year's day.ea police say that the murder wasr domestic in nature and the twodt of them were previously in a romantic relationship.atnship. juarez is held without bondout b charged with first and secondndc degree murder. >> ♪ >> the gloves were off oncelove again during last night's gopigg debate. de at times it was donald trump and ted cruz, their show. sho trump continued to questionion senator cruise ove cruz over his citizenship.zehip. >> who the hell knows if you can even serve in officers soffs you should go out get a declaratory judgment let thele courts >> in september my friendptembef donald said that he had hadad his lawyers look at this from f every which way and there wash a no issue there. iss
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there was nothing to this ts birther issue. since sent the constitutionnt t hasn't changed . >> [laughter]laer] but the poll numbers have.a. >> trump also tangled with jeb bush who questioned hisioned h controversial plan toiaplan temporarily stop muslims from m entering the country and marco rubio had tough exchanges witheh both chris christie and tednd cruz. we'll talk more about thet he debate with fox5's politicalit reporter ronica cleary at 7:30. 7: >> a look outside tuckerr pieing into his magic weather crystal ball. >> allison i have a healthh problem. >> okay.>> let's take a pause. >> january.>> janua >> dry. >> oh, yes. >> this is a problem a lot of people have. i can tell youbl about a reallya good moisturizer.go >> tell me what i need.l >> okay, thanks. >> you're >> i could ask you,ou too, steve --ste >> allison would give you aon wu much better answer. ans 37 in washington, 30 in0n baltimore. they're like cracking. >> i know.
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>> 28 in. >> don't forget the cuticlese ce either.ei >> okay, you'll have to showou'l me that. 28 in gaithersburg.ithsb 41 this morning ins mornin leonardtown. most of the region north andreon west at or below freezing. increasing clouds and thennd thn rain showers tonight but the the sunrise will be nice.e. sunshine the first coupleirst ce hours of the day and then the we'll cloud up in thel cl afternoon. rain after sunset tonight, probably 6, 7 o'clock there's your rain developing down into georgia and acrosss the northern gulf and thatrthe will be all liquid for us. overnight lows are going to be in the 40's. 51 today so enjoy another mild day. day. cloudy skies by 4:00 p.m. and.nd again rain arrives seven,en 8 o'clock tonight, will beto w with us for about 12 hours. weekend forecast looking good.rt then we have a lot of cold airlr to talk we'll look at that in just aoktt minute. >> all righty. thanks very much.anery mu >> uh-huh. >> let's check in with erin see how the roads r ickt'ss friday. friday. >> we've made it to >> we've made it. we've mad >> we need friday. fday. >> it's a long week. week. >> been a very long week andk a unfortunately for these folks tl sitting on 66 eastbound fridayny morning not off to a greatto g start right now. n there is a crash at the t
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beltway, delays back to 123.o you can see all lanes ofesf traffic at a near standstilltasl so please factor in at least l 30 to 35 extra minutes as youesy head out in manassas oras centreville making your way to the beltway this morning.orni we'll switch it over for aer for look at our cameras.ameras inner loop right now delays del because of no crashes to report. ror three lanes heavier -- through t lanes heavier than local to loct the wilson bridge. 27 miles per hour in princen pre georges. in prince george's county thisgs morning branch avenue let's take a look there. 29 miles per hour 301 a toou30 surratts road and that is andhat simply because of o no crashes to report. 270 right now you are slow from 80 to the truck scales. you can see that line ofse yellow. not terrible but congestionst definitely slowing us down. slo let's take a look out therek out show you how 270 south is shaping up.g shady grove to the spur right now you can see traffic. it's flowing okay.'s flowing o we'll let you know if anyknow increased volume starts tota slow things down. dn. metro right now on or close toor schedule and it has been on morning.rn let you know if that changeskn at any point. p you can keep up with me onh m o twitter at erin fox5 d.c. d
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>> it is 7:07. 7:0 changes will be maids to yours u child's school calendar in howard county. >> last night the boardt nigh decided to expand the number e of religxpious holidays itolida observes much fox5's melaniemele alnwick joins us now here ine i studio with more on the me on board's decision. good morning. mor >> good morning, guys nd mo guy december there was a lot of loto controversy when howard countywn actually proposed dropping twopn jewish holidays from thes from t school calendar. calen last night the board not onlyrdn put those back in but added muslim hindu and chinese holidays, too. it will take some shuffling ofno teacher workdays and other oth school breaks but howard county students will now haves i the holidays of eid, diwali and the lunar new year off. o whether to recognize or not to recognize religious holidays hol lab a big issue for many localal school systems. sys howard county board member ann delacy got to the point forhe p voicing her supporter for thesuh last minute proposal. minut >> there is nothing to study.. i go out of my door. d i see people who celebrate
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diwali. di people who celebrate the muslim holidays.olay friends who called me and are jewish felt the very same waysaw that i feel. f you either celebrate all orr none. >> now the addition of the holidays is effective for the 2016-2017 school year only. the board also voted to vot commission a study whether tothr make the changes permanent inere coming school years.michool now in some cases the new n holidays will remain teacherer workdays. this year anne arrundel countylu schools will be opened on roshsh that's a change from a decadesec old policy. pol and montgomery county publicgomu schools made nationalolmade headlines when they removedoved religious labels from theirla days off in addition to makingtm eid a professional day off. off by the way steve and allisonll state law doesn't actually aua allow schools to close to specifically for religious reasons. that's why howard county is har doing this data study so thathat they perhaps would have some i i guess more information on howti many students might be out on o a particular day to back upok u their decisions but a lot of
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controversy, a lot of peoplef po have feelings about this. >> you know it's going tonow snowball from here dependingre i on which way it goes.hich. >> and in other school systemsrc as well.el >> no doubt about it.doubabou >> thanks, mel. >> it is 10 minutes past the hour right now. developing overseas. ors >> end police statioindonesian r three then for an attack in jakarta. officials believe they havelievv established the den at thes of f those attackers.ose tackers. police say they found a flagy fn of the islamic state group in one of the accomplice's homes. m >> u.s. officials say those 10 u.s. sailors captured and then released by iran this weekiranh entered iranian waters after asa navigational error.rr defense secretary ash carterse said the sailors were nocrt on o covert mission. missi he said they were simplypl making their way from kuwaituw to bahrain less than a dayrain l after being detained the americans were back with their t american fleet. more on powerball.more still no word on who thoseho tho winners are of the $1.6 billion. >> but we do know where thee jackpot tickets were sold. sol
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a convenience store in chino hills california, a publics supermarket in melbourne beach m florida and at a family owned on grocery store in munfordrd tennessee. all three locations will beill paid a bonus for selling thenghe winning ticket.g ticke the first of those big bonuseson $1 million to be exact.onbe e that's already been delivered to the california 7-eleven. bonanza. >> in the meantime this is a great picture. pic this is the exciting facesing fs that you would have if youou just won a million dollars.. >> yes, you would. y >> this frederick couplefrederio katherine and ricardo claimedla their prize yesterday.ay. katherine said she was goingid i throw the tickets away because b she didn't hit the big big jackpots. a coworker said there was aas a million dollar ticket that wasiw sold at a wawa where shea ere bought her ticket.boug lottery officials say theofcial couple plans to use the none thn start a college fund for theiroe little baby, 10 month oldld baby. baby. get that head start. sta >> my goodness. >> buy a house.>> >> they got a plan. >> take a vacationhe and invests some money and ricardo saysardos
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you got to spend a littleittl right weigh. he would like to buy a newike truck, maybe a nice watch, too. too. little something for now anometi lot fongr later.r later >> they make me happy. congratulations.ratula i'm excited. >> allison and i -- go to ouro twitter pages. one of the viewers put the v check in between us. it looks silly but it's autt's friday. we can have fun. >> oscar controversy. what's missing among all thehe top nominees. nomin >> it's pretty obvious.ious plus it is panda time. we'll tell you when you can y finally see the national zoo's newest family member and notbe just on o it's 7:12.
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>> ♪ >> pretty sunrise. >> great music i mean,>> that t gets you ready for the day, fory right. wake up everybody it's i seven:15.n: hey, it's friday.y,t's work a regular mondayrk a rl through friday, you got ah fr couple days coming off. o for all of you who do not, we w see you.ou >> nice kickoff to the t the weekend. i feel it. >> it should be a nice it saturday. tomorrow going to be aboutng tba 50 degrees. >> wow. >> get out and try out those new golf clubs you got for youof christmas. >> get out and frolic.rolic i don't golf.on't gol let me tell you something.ometh it made me crazy. it's frustrating.rustra >> people that pay every
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day -- >> it wasn't relaxing for me. >> in the clubhouse get your smoker's jacket. >> relax, can be back, do this kind of laugh. of l [laughter] >> oh, tucker. [laughter]ghte >> that's were you'll find us. . 28 in steve is a golfer.ol hey, there's a look across the country. let's see. we're featuring 20's in theinhe rocky mountain states.n s temperatures about where they should be for this time off year. ye i guess why i'm arshowing youm g that is we're going to have to another arctic outbreak acrosses the east coast by early next week.week i our highs monday and tuesday don't get out of the low 30's. today's forecast clouds increasing. a little sunshine to startin your day. you saw that in the live sunrise should be a nice one ni and then the rain you see down n into georgia will move in by early evening. e i think late afternoon earlyon evening, probably 7, 8 o'clock7o tonight we'll start to geto some rain. rain overnight and it shouldrn be out of here by earlyig tomorrow morningly of there's a quick look at your seven day. d 53 today.53 t and joy your mild day buty yo again it's cold right now.old rw
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most of the area is at or is below freezing or right around freezing. tomorrow looks great.ks gre if you want to go for that run t tomorrow afternoon and we do we get much colder with an arcticrc boundary sunday into mondaynto and high temperatures monday,tu, tuesday in the low 30's. 30' >> oh. okay, enjoy today. >> uh-huh. >> all right. >> today and tomorrow. >> today and tomorrow.ndomorrow. >> let's check in with erin.ri we know erin loves herves he fridays. >> i love my friday. l i have a noon lunch partynch pat planned because i feel we've i aren't it this week. f it taking a look at traffic and fortunately we have delays 66 d eastbound crash at the beltwayab it's moved over to ther to t shoulder but delays stillel really heavy back to 123.o 1 i'd factor in at least 35 to 35t 40 extra minutes to getinuteso through that area right congestion is just really setting us back. 270 south volume growing shadyei grove to the thepu you'll hit pockets ofockets stop-and-go traffic so usendc caution. leave that typical time earlyimr from gaithersburg rockvilleockvl frederick this morning. mning. we'll switch it back overch icko right now show you a look atw y our maps. inner loop right now through thu lanes little bit heavier heavi
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traffic than the local lanes to the wilson bridge.dg under 30 miles per hour.r 30es p check in at 27 right now.ow also in prince george's let's see if we can forward ourwar maps. i'll show you another look atero a slow down.slow dow inbod traffic on branchtrafc on avenue is definitely backingyacg up right now five north so s moving well to the beltway.eltw four inbound moving well froml o dower house roads to ther ho watch out for extra traffic ontc 50 inbound out by 202 andnd metro right now on or close to o schedule. i love to say that on ao say back to you steve and allison. . >> thank you very much.hank it's the day a lot of the people have been waiting foror including ourselves.urselv panda fanatics it will be a a long five months. but finally you can meet bei bei bei the little adorable panda p cub will make his public debut d tomorrow at the national zoo. >> i was going say bob getsng sb the best assignments.ignmts he already does but he ise there waiting to see the pandada himself. are you going to get a little l preview for us? maybe? >> reporter: yeah, on videotape right now.ow used to be a fonz member.z membe we let it lapse i guess. gue
7:19 am
we're here and the gazellesaz are lining up to get a look atk bei bei this morning. morni actually have to wait until w tomorrow morning, 9 o'clock o'co tomorrow, get your first look, o the general public will at bei bei. we showed some videotape weideow can show you the most recentec image of this little guy he'sgus 25 pounds now. as you mentioned he's almosted five months old. he was born back august 222nd. he's still nursing and heng and hasn't been outside yet so you're going to have to goo g inside the panda louse to seeses him. again the doors open ats open 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.k ni they're expecting long lines.ngl if you are a friend of theenof national zoo, a member of the national zoo family here, youhe, got an early look starting sta last week but this is the first time the general publicerb will be able to get to see him e and i'll tell you, he's apparently playful and strong. he's in commands of all four alf limbs but like even right nowevt if you go onto the nationalio zoo's web site you can link can into one of the panda cams. panda cam one lets you look at a bei bei and his mom mei xiang.i.
7:20 am
so, you can get your you excitement built up bynt bui up watching him and they're fun fun to watch. it'sto fascinating.cinating. she'll walk right over he's up and about and it'k s ani pretty cool to see but laying ln your own eyes on this adorable creature who is growing dailyown will be a cool thing as well al and again that starts tomorrow morning for the first timefor 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. here.e at the national zoo, guys. g >> so stinking cute. >> my goodness.>> m >> right? >> i got to dust off my old fonz membership too, b now is the time. time. >> tomorrow you won't need it.we >> i know exactly. exa >> thanks bob we'll see you in a hub.a hub. >> so awesome. asome >> so cute really.>> >> love it. >> meantime how is big sister doing? see? still ahead, right -- we forget aboutabout the -- >> but it's a baby.>> but >> it's the classic middle m child still ahead and back at theild a news now new video avenueeove police slooting in chicagog in a released.rele how the victim's family isily reacting this morning.his >> more fallout from that tha
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toxic water problem in pro michigan.igan remember they're having tohe bring water in in the had this concern now linked to the crisis comingth up. it's 7:21. e
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>> ♪ >> 7:23 right now. before we get to your forecastto we have breaking news coming out of hawaii right now from the pacific. reports that two military mit aircraft collided in midair mid off the coast of hawaii nearaii the island of oahu. o there are indications thens t aircraft are helicopters fromopf a marine corps air station inonn
7:24 am
hawaii.wa each chopper had six people on e board. we'll stay on top of this. t we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. right now no reports of repor injuries or casualties just the two military helicopters hip collided off the coast of la oft had a a o short time ago.. new video released of are of chicago teen shot to death by police and stein-year-old saidr- crick chapman shot in 2013 by a white police officer.ff officers were chasing chapman c who they believed was ath suspect in a ceyar theft.heft. officers say they fired after fr believing clap man wasbe reaching for ali gun. for a he was reaching for a smartphone box.. chapman's family has filed a fal federal civil suit again thel city and two officers involvecil in that shooting.oting >> flint accomplish begannt getting more help in dealing with its ongoing water crisis.ei we told you about this problemur with led in the water. l in thea the national guard is now sending more troops toing mo tro michigan city.miigan they will now be nearly threey h dozen national guard members m passing out water and filters f at the flint fire stations. stin meantime a new health concernh c is linked to the crisis. the c the governor announcing that t 10 people have died from two
7:25 am
outbreaks of legionnaires'sf disease in the flint area andint while it's not known if the contaminated water is theater ie cause, investigators are checking to see if the two may m be >> it's 7:25. 7 now we'll get a check on the forecast with tucker.ituc little warmup before things bore cool down dn ag >> about 50 this afternoon. we've got warmer temperatureswam to look forward to.kwa yesterday played it to the lowyl 50's. chilly start to your s reagan national 37.nal and much of the area herehe right around the freezingt ar mark, dulles 29, bwi marshall mr 30 to start your day so again,oa you want a jacket here early.e later today relatively mildely l but with more cloud cover. c i don't think it will feelill f terribly warm out there.t t nice sunrise. sunrise. clear skies at the moment ors at generally clear skies but we have lots of clouds on the c horizon here off to the southo s and we have the and those will start to stroll into our area s shortly here sino increasing clouds for your day today. and then rain showers get inrs here probably after i think most of this rain will w hold off until after sunset but we could have a period of ao pretty good rains around heres h between about 8 o'clock and 2, a 3 o'clock in the morning morning tonight as an area of lowaf lo pressure develops off the
7:26 am
coast. winter weather lovers too badeah we don't have cold air becauseeo if we did this would be justd be but a perfect placement for aor good winter storm for us butor u this will be all rain.ll r 53 today.53 tay rain tonight.ig and early tomorrow morning itw m will quickly get out of here of by saturday morning. i think we'll get somethin sunshine tomorrow afternoonomrof with highs about 50. abo 5 that will be nice. wile. and then that's an arc tuckn art front that could bring us a few flakes sunday.uny. look at your cold air pouring in the region. monday tuesday's highs in thesdh low 30's. get ready. more cold air on the way.d on t that's weather. traffic now with erin.n. >> 7:26 and we are peakingre pea outside on the road. roa 66 eastbound 123 to theth beltway down to ought teeno ouge miles per hour. we had an earlier crash sceneier cleared off to the shoulderho but we're still dealing withili heavy traffic left over delays e in fairfax so just be prepared a to add that extra amount of amo time to your commute this commut morning. so you're not running late.runnt so you can get out of work on o time and start your weekends.rte 395 on the inbound side down to 27 miles per hourto northbound from edsall road to t king street.tree definitely want to givenite yourself extra time there. 295 inbound backing up as well w prince george's inner loope ge
7:27 am
through lanes a little heaviere dipping under 30 miles per as we move over to another eo c in prince george's county inbound traffic a little bitff b slow on five and four so watch o for that one.ha that's your look at traffic. back to you guys. >> coming up a showdown in sho south >> republican hopefuls go headla to head in their first debate t ohef 2016. 2 our political reporter is here to break it all down for us. stay with us.
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♪ hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief of the united states.te that's not right much it's noths constitutional.tutial and we are going to kick your y rear end out of the white househ come this fall.come this fa >> if i'm president, there won'w be stupid deals any more.e. >> unlike another woman in thist race, i actually love spendingin time with my husband. >> ouch! >> all right.>> all the stingers and one liners alll around in the latest round of ru gop debates. 17 days until the iowaia caucuses.. republican presidential pre candidates facing off last nighn in prime time and under cardard matchup in the main event thingt got heated right away between be donald trump and ted cruz. two candidates clashing inda several heated he can changes.n. joining us now with more fox5 political reporter ronicaica cleary.ea what did you think last night. let's start with the under cardd >> both dough bates were dones d very well. moderator doctors very well.ell. carly fiorina won the under carc debate the second time she's won
7:31 am
under card debate. debat she stood out.ood one liners that are unforgettable. >> hillary clinton shot was heard around country.ard >> right. >> i feel like people have beene saying this every debate. that she's done so well in these but why is she not elevatingle herself in the public eye.. >> she d she popped into thed main debate and popped out. popt so many candidates i thinkid i t people are trying them all on al for size if you will. and they gave her a shovel she made the main debate it's hardth to stand out on that main stages with so many so peo there's one winner of thehe main -- of the under card butar not one of the prime time. t it's impossible. >> who do you think worked their way out of the the race lasteas night? anybody that we won't ww see any more of? i'm seeingeein john kasich who doesn't as muchh he tries doesn't stand out. stad >> i would have to agree i think prime time debate johnon kasich did not win by any stretch. stretch. i'd say he was a loser of theero under card debate.r rick santorum didn't do very v well in that -- in the under thd card debate excuse me. >> do you think at this point if
7:32 am
somebody tries to go with -- you either challenge donald trump ou you don't at this point.his p it's sad but that's what it's wi come to. do you feel if you don't go toe to tow with donald trump you're hurting yourself as far as ther public eye.ic eye. >> new york i think it's veryk t smart if you can stay a way from him. one person who managed to isaget chris christie.rise what it does it allows to youow continue to sort of do well, geg your points across, we saw ted cruz last night and we've gote' some sound from it with donaldd trump talking about that birthhr debate let's listen to that. >> but i would note that the birth er theories that donaldon has been relying on some of thef more extreme ones insist thatt t you must not only be born on on u.s. soil, but have two parentsr born on u.s. soil. under that theory not only woulu eye be disqualified. marco rubio would be b disqualified, bobby jindall jinl would be disqualified and a interestingly enough donald jd trump would be disqualified
7:33 am
because -- because donald's don' mother was born in scotland. stl she was naturalized. now donald --on >> but i was born here. >> on the issue of citizenship,p donald --na- >> big difference.ifrence. >> that was a tough one.wah i moon it got into this sort off constitutional argument aboutut birth right and citizenship. i think it did not help ted crud right this whole time leading up ted cruz really stayed out ofd t the drama. drama said he was a friend of donaldod trump and last night he had to h take him on because of thehe debate and i don't know if itw i helped or hurt.rur but we've got other sound thatoa you definitely want to heart toh where donald trump clearly wonly and it had to do with ted cruz c said about new york city. cit >> new york is a great place.. it's got great people. it's got loving people. wonderful people. pple. when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more
7:34 am
humanely than new york. y >> here's the question though.n. donald trump has been obviouslys touting new york where he's had' much success and he's been thert for his life.if but does that translate intolant iowa?io >> you know what, none of us know. this is such an unusual campaign season, and one of the things ti that people aren't talking about when they reference the polls ii there are a lot of undecided voters in iowa and new hampshiri right now.. so it's less than 17 days awaysa from the iowa caw last night's debate if you weree undecided i think really helpedd voters get a taste of each e candidate that's why theate 's y moderator doctors so well.. because however you feel aboutbt each one when you watched it,n e you learned about them and itndt will help voters mack theirheir decision. >> i did like the line from tedt cruz isophot going to take legal advice from donald trumpru somebody who argued cases in the supreme court versus somebody who's not a lawyer.aye in the bottom line who stood w s outlooks did not last night as whole? >> well, the winners were t win definitely i think donald trumpu
7:35 am
ted cruz, chris christie and and maybe marco rubio and then jeb bush did not stand out as yous y said john kasich did not stand out.. and i think with your question y about, you know, who made the out of it this was jeb bush's time to shine. to shi we've been waiting for it. i don't think it really happen happened. >> kind of seems like the last couple of months it's been likee i'll do it but i'm not going toi give it my a game. game >> feels like an effort.e >> it does at this at just a couple of weeks away froy iowa and that's when everythingh seems to change.ems to chang we'll talk moron nikau in thoset come week.eek. thanks for joining us thisng ust morning as always.moing check in with tucker barnes anda get a look at our forecast. fors >> steve, beautiful sunrise.un sun getting up 15 minutes agoina and we're featuring littleng sunshine to start your day. youd however, you'll want umbrella ie you'll be out later to needo after sunset tonight rainon showers in here could be heavydy at times overn let's go to our numbers, and here we government looking at, well, 37 in washington thisngtoi morning.morn much of the area at or belowr lo freezing locally. local you want a jacket early althougg
7:36 am
we are looking at highh temperatures near 50 byr 50 afternoon. not too bad out there.outhe chicago 42 this morning. morni 39 in columbus.nol a few days ago we had numbers here zero off to the north and a west. there's your sunshine to startis your day or clear skies. skies it won't last. las clouds off to our south and wess will move in pretty quick, and, then the rain you see down in to the south down into georgia wilw move in our direction late this afternoon ton night rain afteraa sunset tonight seven,ightev 8:00 o'clock tonight through about seven or eight saturdayatr morning. morning. that will be the timing on the m rain. it could be heavy at timese hea overnight.nigh 53 today.oday increasing clouds there's yourhu late day showers.howe i'll have a look at the weekende forecast and much colder air one the seven day. talk about that in just a in jut minute. let's do traffic and find outicn about your friday commute. >> unfortunately we're dealingte way crash causing big delays this is the inner loop out by 50. just before you hit route -- -- interstate 66 blocking the leftl lane left shoulder.t s because of that, we aree extremely backed up the inner i loop standstill traffic from the
7:37 am
springfield enter change inn annandale.. switch it over for a look at ouo maps and show you exactly whatcw you're up against.inst aside from that down to 27 milee per hour northbound 395 from frm edsall to king street.treet. be prepared for those delaysse l through alexandria.rough alexand things backing up a bit throughu arlington as well and prince pri george's county inner loop alsoa backing up heavier traffic inrai the low lanes to the wilson w bridge. once you pass the wilson bridgei get to the springfieldprgfield interchange you hit the wall ofl stopped traffic because of the o crash by 50.h by 5 aside from that inner loop tt in traffic right now in princece george's four inbound moving well to the beltway. te beltway. five northbound looking prettyle good and then in addition toitn that as we take look atk centreville road earlier crashec did clear out of the way but w delays remain 28 north from f yorkshire lane to new braddockwd road. best bet to get around that subtly road to 66.o metro on or close to schedule. l back to you steve and allison. >> coming you have kevin hartven and ice cube reuniting for thehe sequel to their hit movie ridee along. kevin mccarthy joins us from la.
7:38 am
>> oscar outrage continues.ontiu controversy over diversity withh lw academy awards. we'll talk to kev next. it's 7:38.
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> welcome back. 7:40n baltimore the first officer tried in freddielt gray' death is closer to finding outig if he'll have to testify againsa his colleagues. colleagues. baltimore judge scheduled ae jug hearing for a state motion thatt would force officer william porter to testify in trials ofyl the other officers involved in l
7:41 am
the case.thcas meanwhile, baltimore officials c have approved 200,000 inn spending to improve police vanan in virginia crystal citynia will soon be more accessible foe people with disabilities.isabile new deal reached betweendeeachet developers and the doj will require happened rails and accessible restrooms install inn the crystal city shops and crystal city underground.grou the change comes after a comfter complaint that led to theo the corridors currently violately v federal laws because of more o r accessibility on the pedestrianr concourse that spans nearly apal dozen blocks in crystal city. cy good news if you live in thn district and have a security sur camera outside of your home. today mayor muriel bowser will e sign a private security camera system incentive programam emergency act.ct mouthful. mo here's what it does. what doe it offers rebates to businessese and property owners and religious institutions whoon install security cameras.. they must also be registered with dc police much the mayor hopes the move will help to deter crime. cri coming up the worse cities c in the country for bed bugs.
7:42 am
we'll tell where you washington falls on this list but it's nots good.od. plus kevin hart and ice cube back to lead their sequel to a blockbuster hit they hope. h kevin joins us live from la froa his take on ride along two. camera that sees in 3d, neww multi lense technology is being developed and makers say it'sayi like 16 cameras and sensors sso working altogether. it allows for greater detail and better shots.. the light l16 is due out this i'm laura evans.m la see you next time in the fox5ox fast lane. ♪
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ 7:45 right now. that's tee isn't it. >> it is pretty. i >> off to a good start forttartr weekend.eken we love being able to say thatot on a friday.on ari >> we do.>>e d not too bad out 37 degrees to start off our city. good morning. mning >> that's in the city.he city. off to the north and west at ort elow freezing. fezin not terribly warm at the moment. 37 at reagan let's talk mild temperaturesratu leonardtown 41.own 4 and then north and west doinging the 20s at dulles. 25 in manassas this frederick 27 degrees.grs yeah, want a jacket here early.y we're featuring highs in the loe 50s later today. but i want to encourage to you get out today and/or tomorrow io you want the mild temperaturess because we're doing one ofdo those. the old slide downward. dnw look at daytime highs by monday
7:46 am
probably not above freezing forg the entire area here. a loft daytime highs in the higs upper 20s as we'll get big blasb of cold arctic air by late sunday.nd. sunshine to start your day. here comes the clouds off to thf south and west.south we those will stroll in heretroll e shortly and we'll be mostlyd wee cloudy by afternoon. after and then wet as we get into thet nighttime hours.hour i don't think the rain will geth here until ae fter sunset, so yr daytime hours we're in writ teet good shape but the rain shouldno move from probably seven,even, 8:00 o'clock and with us for a r time overnight it could be heava at times. t some of our computer modelingin trying to give us heavy rainain across southern maryland andaryd lower eastern shore here duringi the overnight hours.ight h all right. all here's our setup low pressure pe off the coast. cst too bad we don't have cold air r if you love winter weatherr wthr because if we did we'd be we' talking about wintry precip pci around here but this will be al rain. all rain for us tonight withgh t daytime temperatures in the 50ss and 40s to night. nig we'll be looking at all rain ani then it will quickly scoot offct to the north and east byast by tomorrow morning.orni tomorrow afternoon sunshine in n here and really decent looking l saturday for the middle ofdlf
7:47 am
winter. there's your future cast.ur fe a here comes the rain there we are at 9:00 o'clock.oc out tonight, make sure you planp accordingly bring that umbrellaa you'll want it.yo there we are at notice that heavy rain kind ofnd acts off to our south and east e there, and then it's quickly ouo of here by early tomorrow tor morning.mornin 7:00 a.m. tomorrow and i thinkat if you need to get outdoors, you know, you got lacrosse practice, erin --in- >> yeah. >> going to the bowling alley. going for nice walk in yourour shoes, i encourage shoes forge walks. >> are you making fun of myn ofm shoes. >> i like your shoes. le we're logging at daytime highsth around 50 with sunshine bysh tomorrow afternoon.rrow after there's your seven day.your sevn notice that cold air.cold air holiday monday. mday. daytime high martin luther king day 32 degrees. 32 degr >> i may be wearing sneakersers with my dress i perhaps lookoo like mall power walker from them knee down.ow >> yeah. >> that's what tucker iss referring. to 66 eastbound delays to thes o beltway we have a crash blocking a few lanes out by route 50 ast0 you make your way from the springfield interchange on the inner loop we are dealing withgh this big crash slowing us down s
7:48 am
all the way to 66.o 6 watch for big delays again yousn can see that left lane on the inner loop really backed up. let's switch things over rightc now and show i was look on 66. . 66 inbound also dealing with some very slow-moving trafficngf this morning.this m you can see all of those of t taillights as you head towardsha the beltway earlier crash by crh nutley street really slowed uswu down all lanes are stacked. stad waking up in manassas oranassas centreville i'd leave the housee about 20 oh 30 minutes early tos play it safe. s switch it over now for look atka our maps much aside from those t problems metro update for you. y blue line residual delays to largo earlier train malfunction at franconia. alexandria northbound edsallall road to king street stop and god traffic by the 14th street s bridge picking up traffic theref and again keep in mind innerd ie loop from springfieldm spngfi interchange through annandaleane not looking so good. good. inner loop as you make your wayy through the wilson bridge not nt terrible just heavier volume ono local lanes. outer loop top of the beltway ba new hampshire typical congestioo slowing us down same story 270r0 as you head southbound throughdg gaithersburg.rg. that's your look at traffic.lot back to you steve.steve.
7:49 am
>> erin, yesterday's oscar announcements were met withmes e criticism and it's not the firss time. qu estions of best or leaseea diverse were nominated.. dominating the conversation. even the academy award president sounded off about thebout t controversy saying she was quots really disappointed that notot single african-american got an- acting nomination at this year'' oscars. it's the second straight year all of the nominees in acting categories are white.. the head of the academy is upses about it do something about it.m >> it's not just black actorsct and it's everybody. it's >> exactly. in today's fox beat lot of newne movies in theater today'satr including ride along twowo starring kevin hart and ice i >> so kevin is geeking out thist morning. i saw the picturemo you posted. i'm going to assume you'reme y sitting at the same table. the a >> he's at a >> i'll let you explain who youy would be sitting with if this t were to be sunday night. two of your favorites.. >> yeah.>> steve and allison good morning.r i'm live from the barker hangara in santa monica the critic cti choice awards will be held lifed on a and e on 8:00 o'clock onclk
7:50 am
sunday night the cool thing t these tables will move around mo obviously but right now, i'm, im sitting next to potentially stallone and bryan cranston twoo of my favorite actors work dag. i think stallone will win the t award.ard it will be awesome sunday night. apparently bb8 will beill presenting at the award showt td which is insane. ins. jj abrams will be here as well.l but more importantly for me youy guys know my favorite movie of f all called true romance. christian slater is going to beo somewhere in this building iin will be stalking him on sundayi night to try and find him. him the award show amazing much as i mentioned earlier i've been'veen watching this show since prettyt much college and i always wantew to be a voting member of the t broadcast film critics cri association and i finally becamc a member a few years back andack now i voted for this award showw this past tuesday which is suchs an honor, and you'll be able to see the winners sunday night live eight clock on a and e i'll have more all morning long from the barker hangar coming upomin
7:51 am
short. as you mced today there are somm big movies opening up. 13 hours, the benghazi film as f well as ride along two.long two i sat down with kevin hart and ice cube to talk about ridee along two which is in theatersat today.toda check this out. >> you have an epic slappingc sa scene in this movie. >> you are what i say you are.. >> sign of respect. res >> i cannot feel my face.el my >> i asked you how to do it. >> you would have to be here. h >> all right.ll right >> okay. >> all right. >> when i slap you, you feel the hand, turn your head. >> ready?>> rea? >> smack. >> did i get it right. >> i don't >> what is the art of the fake movie slap? do you ever y eve connect? how does it work? or what is the art to it?o i >> he's connect add lot.ecdd he never connected with me because you ask stunt man about his fake slaps and punches theyt got different >> you always got to bring thatt up. >> the art is selling it, isell though. selling of the fake punch. pun i think one thing i've gotten'vg really good at is being animatea
7:52 am
before and after the punch.heun like it's good working with cub because he's so believable in his --s (laughter). it's like that guy that gets mad when he bites his you believe that he's ready tott hit me, so the face before itefr comes and the selling afterwards is always bonus, but that -- the african scene is probably one oe the fun yesterday scenes i thint i've not only been a part of but i've seen, man. you got to fly. fly you would expect him to like just to smack the fly but heut gives me a full fledged pop pop right in the mouth. >> you created some of theed s greatest songs ever i've been following since nwa.nce n when you write a song emotionaln quality you have with the songue that you do, is it similar too emotional quality you have witht a character at all? >> um, empties what similar. you know, with the music you, you know, you're just -- all yoa
7:53 am
have is the audio so you have to be visual in your words.ds you know with movies, you know, the freedom to be three dimensional with what you'retou doing it's a different approacho i think you know with the raph r and especially the kind of rap n do, you know, it's just really,a you have to be descriptive forif people to really see what you're saying to say. >> guys, thank you very much, yu congratulations you guys. g >> thanks, kev.. >> good luck with your weddingio man. >> thanks. >> ride along two in theaterg today's. as i mentioned i'm here at the barker hangar in a santa monicac for the critics choice awards aa airing sunday night atri sun 8:00 o'clock.8:00 o tj miller is hosting a show. s i'm a big fan. new movie dead pool.d pool. more about the show all morningr long.long i'll be back in the 8:00 a.m.0 a hour and 9:00 a.m. hour thishis tweet me at kevin mccarthy tvy t i'll try to find some more coolo tables to sit at i'll be staying right here withr stallone and bryan cranston. cra >> let me ask you a question. since you are looking at all tht names there in the room did domo
7:54 am
the people who have to haveavtoe their backs to the stage are sge they the lesser stars or perhapr the producers or writers?s? >> that's a great question.stio i don't know the answer.know the the stage is right behind i think a lot of these tables te are going to chang eventually. obviously everything being set up. the show is not until sunday.un >> right. >> so everything is kind ofhing still in the work but the stagea is right behind us. it will be >> i can't see them putting slyy and bryan cranston with theiritt back to the stage. s >> exactly.>> >> we'll fine out together.ine 7:54 right now.54ight >> all right. a right. well, we are sure that you've seen the promos with all the hot young stars fox is going out to make greece live a major television hit i don't think d't they have to do too much muchuch will all love grease.ove gre here's your chance to travel tot la to share in the excitement et because it's a live show. sunday january 31 when greasehee live goes on the air.. >> how cool is that. >> i think it's amazing actual actually. >> you know you'll sing alongyo the trip includes airfare foru'e two, two ns ights hotel and gron transportation in los
7:55 am
all you need to take are clotheh for los angeles and your singini voice. to enter for chance to win go tg the contest page on between nowwn and 11:59 p.m. one winner will be selected byte random drawing on january 19t january 19th, 2016.y 19th, 2 the prize has an approximateprie retail value of $2,500 and is provided by fox broadcasting good luck if you go take lotsakt and lots of pictures and like a make us feel like we got to go t with you. ou we'll live through you.ugou >> steve, i'm feeling that we te need to do a sandy -- what's his name -- danny lip sync.c. me and you. y >> i feel like we need to maybee for the show itself.tself. >> all right.>> all >> tucker over to you. tker over we'll be practicing this weeke weekend. >> i need to >> when i win, am i going tooi t take you or steve?teve >> well, you need to know youno can't enter.t enter >> you already -- you already impersonating danny and thatg da makes you ineligible. (laughter).ghter). >> right. >> i'm out. >> okay.>> let's just say if i -- let me de
7:56 am
the i'm going get in trouble.uble 35 reagan dulles 27. bwi marshall 30 degrees. 3 want a jacket early.early. sunshine to start your fridayrri clouds will increase and rain showers, rain showers it will be just liquid as ourur daytime highs will be in the lol 50s and 40s to night. n live look at your you satellite/radar.r. sunshine out there early. o loutts of clouds off to our souu and west moving in and that batch of rain down into georgiao will move through overnightthro tonight. the good news i thinke it will be out of here pretty pt early tomorrow and salvage a pretty nice saturday with daytime highs tomorrow afternooo about 50.t tomorrow afternoon looks prettyp good. arctic boundary, cold air,ir sunday flurries and monday, mon tuesday look out.ut. daytime highs only aroundy a freezing.eezi get ready for that cold air. cod >> all right.ll. that's's traffic now with erin. erin. erin, i'm taking to la when iwhn win this contest. >> you don't understand i loveal grease. when i was in elementary schooll and middle school we used todo reaction all the dances. >> were you sandy.u sandy >> my best friend meghan wasendw
7:57 am
blond she insisted to be sandy i wasn't rizzo. it was my role.y r talk to meghan about it. she was strict. >> i'm not going to lie i can see that.ha >> thank you steve i i inner loop approaching 50 we 50 have a blocking left lane lost as you head out from the springfield interchange really a slow traffic.slowraff a pleasant surprise outer loopoo top of the beltway as youeltwayu approach new hampshire look howh wide open we are. usually it is basically ait parking lot. so we'll keep you updated on o your traffic but outer loop mucc better than we typically seemale that's your look at traffic. trc we'll be back in just a few. a f keep it fox5 news morning. morni we have made it to friday. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. back now at 8:00 o'clockt this morning. it is january 15th. one third of the powerball mystery now solved within the last hour we have learned theth idenjatities edof the e winnerso 10 to. to. we'll share more on that in jusn couple of minutes. mutes you know i have family inlyn >> i think they would haved called.ed. >> good morning i'm allisonini' seymour.r >> i'm steve chenevey.'m ste che welcome to fox5 news morning.nig we'll start this hour withts the latest on the breaking newsn from hawaii this morning. fears of casualties after two military helicopters collided id mid air off the island of aohu.h coast guard says debris fieldie has been spotted.poed the choppers came from marineine corps base hawaii which is on i the eastern side of oahu. oah
8:01 am
each chopper reported with sixhi people on board.ople on board. we'll share updates with you asa we get them. a showdown in south carolinn last night. the republican presidentialial candidates squaring off againara this just as we are weeks awayey from the iowa caucuses an lot of heated exchanges a lot off disagreement between theeent b candidates. >> she did agree on something.. fox political reporter ronica cleary has the highlights fromhl the debate now.bate n >> reporter: the debates theyatt did not disappoint last night.i. now one exchange that weet expected and we certainly stoodo out donald trump and ted cruzndc they were talking about that birth i.e. controversy.. one unifying theme of theying evening a focus on hillarys on l clinton and how they willy w challenge her if they win then e primary. let's take a listen.. >> there's a big question markak on your head. hea and you can't do that to theto e party. >> well list season i've spentie my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s.he u supreme court and i'll tell youl i'm not going to be taking legal advance from donald trump. tru >> everybody on this stage is better than hillary clinton.n hi and i think the focus ought tost
8:02 am
be on making sure that we leave this nomination process as wilds and woolly as it's going to be b this is not bean bag, thesese attack ads will be part of lifel everybody needs to get used to o it, everybody's record will bede scrutinized and at the end ofane the day we need to unite behindn the winner so we can defeat hillary clinton. because she is a disaster. dte >> reporter: we are now less than 17 days from the iowa caucuses where we'll finally geg to see if the polls willl translate into votes for can't n candidates donald don did you watch the debate? who do you think won? i want to wao hear from let's talk about it on twitter.t you can find me on twitter attt ronica cleary. c all right.l ri back to you guys.ys. >> thanks ron any casm this morning also we're still looking for answers about what causedaud the deadly multi car crash in largo, maryland.d. >> 53-year-old woman was killede this was at the intersectionersn where you saw that mangled messm became a gruesome scene of cars just piled up. up. questions remain about what was going on with the man police sac is responsible. >> annie yu joins us this morning with the latest on theat investigation a lot of questionq
8:03 am
out there this morning as we mos learn more information.mation. annie? >> reporter: there are a lot questions out l the families fie also coming to the defense of o the driver of the striking str if you take a look out here now, now that the sunlight -- the sus is up, you can still see thell t glass out here on lots ford roaf where the accident happen atn route 2202 and lots ford f yesterday morning around aro 9:00 o'clock. we don't know exactly how theacl crash happened but it did claimm the of angela jefferson a 53-year-old woman from springdale, maryland. police tell us the man who caused this crash want sanchez z of he was driving without a licensc from a dwi that stemmed back tot 2014 and also there was aer a warrant for his arrest. a situation according toccorng t sanchez's family he had beenilhe working to clear up with police. now, sanchez this morningorni remains in police custody aftert being released from the hospitas last night. charges still pending against an him. meantime, we did speak with thet family last night guys and theyt
8:04 am
were very apologetic and also as let us know sanchez suffers from epilepsy and tells us that hes a was actually on his way to theot pharmacy when the crash occurrer here at this intersection.sect take a listen. >> i got a call from his girlfriend he didn't feel well, okay, and he was going to getet his medicine when this happened. so it's not something that hehih planned or he was wreck lesses driving and just flew on the street and hit these people.. no. no okay? and we don't know in fact if this what s what happenedt hd because we haven't seen talk tok him. >> don't judge until they know k what's going on for real. rl >> reporter: now, witnessesnees let police know yesterday thatht sanchez was driving recklesslysy out here. here. police have yet to confirm thatm in fact police are urging anyony who was out here to give them aa call. that's maryland state police toe provide a statement, and again, charges still pending against pg sanchez this morning.this mornig back to you in the studio.. >> annie, thank, thyou
8:05 am
meantime breaking news in the historic powerball jackpotkt to tell you a couple who claimed thated that they're the winners from mondaya forward tennessee appeared on television earlier this morningr they're identified as john and lisa robinson, and were joinedne by their daughter and attorney.e we should note, they have note n verified their ticket yet withkt the lottery, okay, but they hadh the ticket in hand and they play to return to tennessee immediately to verify their winners.s >> okay. they probably should verify itet before they take it and i would not be carrying that ticket in my hasn't to travel to tennesses from new york. >> two other winners had oer win purchased tickets at ahase california 7eleven in chinon chn hills and public supermarket right in melbourne beach florido have not yet come forward to identify themselves. so congratulations i guess tonss everybody who won.erybodo >> big congratulations.ul >> it's a good thing.good thing. >> wouldn't that be the mostth nervous moment of your life. l >> i'd be a afraid to hold it. >> it would be all wet from fro sweat. sw >> would if i tear it or drop i good i would put it in a littlel
8:06 am
box like little jewelry bock.oc >> excellent >> thank you very much. you these are things i think about. >> yes. when i win. when i w >> when you plan accordingly.pln >> yes. >> let's do the weather foreca forecast. chilly. >> um-hmm. >> not brutally cold. >> nope. >> okay. i'm fishing for something.hing >> it's like the couple he neede veer if you indication. >> 35 in washington.hito let's see.s see 30 up in gaithersburg.ur. so the deal is this.s thi it's chilly to start your day. y we will warm it up into the upper 40s lone 50's for daytime highs. a little sunshine to start youry morning, but clouds move in quick from the south and west,o, and eventually we get rain in rn the forecast.t. rain tonight.on so i'd say seven, 8:00 o'clocko' tonight the rain will move and be with us possibly heavy at times overnight before it getseg out of here early tomorrowor morning there's your rain'sr rai developing down into georgia and south carolina in our directioni for tonight. quick period ofiod pretty good rains around hereou later tonight. 53 mild degrees increasingasing clouds.ouds showers in after sunset tonightt about seven, 8:00 o'clock:0 tonight. we'll look at the seven day..tha
8:07 am
we got cold air on the seven sen day. we'll look at that.'ll look it's friday erin a. there's no frowns.o frown how is traffic looking? looki >> not so bad tucker right now 8:07. taking a live look outside. inner loop crash has cleared. cr this is as you make your wayay towards 50.tords we still do have heavy delaysvyy back to the springfieldin interchange at 9 be prepared for that as you head up towards interstate 66. aside from that switch over outer loop right now very rare i get to show you such niceice conditions. pretty wide open by newe openy e hampshire a little congested byb colesville road.leoad. 295 inbound we do have crash at pennsylvania avenue. so watch for that one. delays extend all the way back towards eastern avenue down too 18 miles per hour as we take look at metro rightht now a couple updates for you. off loaded red line train did clear at mel center but residual delays to glenn montgomery. blue line delays to largo. earlier train malfunction at franconia. all on the lines or or close too schedule. more traffic in a just a few.n back to you.ou travel warning this morningi
8:08 am
for pregnant women.en plus why chipotle is closing its doors.oors. that's a bit. bit we'll tell was this is about. a. those stories and more whenan w we're back in 30 seconds. ♪ pop icon celine dion canceling biggest those she is t weekend after her husband died.d she is mourning the loss of her husband who also her former fme manager.ger. he lost his 16-year battle with cancer yesterday.teay celine put her career on hold tn
8:09 am
help care for him.are for couple has three sons a 14-year-old and five year old od twins. i think he was 75 years old.. meanwhile david bowie who died at the age of 69 his family has nouned private funeral serviceus will be held for that star and upcoming tribute concert to the late singer which was planned before his death will now be a two night event. eve it was planned as tribute to hio before it became a memorial mema concert if that makes sense. >> meanwhile bowie not adele ofe the top stop for video views for las rink was the most viewed mti video 11 million views on mond monday. all right. health alert cdc considering a g travel warning for pregnant pren women in nations where mosquito born illness is in brazil the seek today virusyu linked to brain damage in baby.b and in the last month, thatth virus has spread to several to s other countries.. cdc expects to have specificpeci information about travelrave guidelines of pregnant women can follow as early as today.
8:10 am
chipotle will close all of its doors for a few hours nextt month. the chain plans to hold companym wide meeting to talk about foodd safety. that meeting scheduled for february 8th. 8th it comes after the chain was made with e. coli outbreaks last year. ar meet log involve all staffvell s members. chipotle sales fell 30% last 30l month from the food poisoning outbreaks.ak federal government wants ton get behind the wheel of a whe program to get self-driving cars on the road.onhe r >> they say there are some fastm track policies to make it to me happen. the goal to prevent more traffia accidents and prevent fatalit fatalities. ntsb is on board working withng car makers to find out what thea government would like to see them do to help usher in self-driving cars replacing thee nation's cars with driver less e ones, though, is still decadeses away. that's okay.'s >> interesting concept, though. to a list now the districtn should not necessary be proud of. of. >> pest control oh orkin sorryct for this video but it ranked tha nation's capitol number three on the list of cities witness worse
8:11 am
bed bug that is up 11 spots from last year. yea pretty good the reason d.c. so high on the list orkin blames the number of tourists that come and in out o town. chicago number one and losne a angeles number two.. >> more on the republicancan debate. we'll check in with fox's chrisr wallace he has a couple of big b players on his show some ofhoso those deeply involved shall wed say.y >> a live look outside to senduo you to the break on this fridaya morning. weather and traffic on the 5's next.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ >> i love it. wait a minute a minute. m thank god it's friday! >> yeah. (laughter). >> yes.n. >> everybody enjoying friday.da >> we made never could have made it.haveadi it feels good to get to fridayoi and not just because steve and d were a part of the fox5 three tr day juice detox either.. >> congratulations to both ofult you by the way. >> how do you feel. >> i feel good.>> >> i feel good, too.. but now that i have a clean a ce slate like the pressure,, whatua is my first meal going to be.oi. i don't want to misseat >> i'm going to go all in. >> you are so disciplined aboutn this. i've been eating the danishes d and chocolate all morning.ning. >> um-hmm. >> they haven't touch anything. >> it does feel good.t fee >> yeah. yeah. >> you feel different?oueel >> i just feel lighter. lht >> do you recommend this toco people who have never done itr e before. >> it depends what you get outwo of it. i see it more as an exercise ifi i wouldn't do it just like --t k >> i see it as a jump start.p s >> it's a jump start toa ju stat healthier living. >> right.>> r >> now you feel like -- you f >> you feel like you did this t
8:15 am
you were able to do it for threr days now. now. now you kind of feel like i cann eat healthier now. n >> start over.. >> anybody watching they've juiced for last three days or whatever you call it. >> add nausea yous we've been talking about it.ta >> let's do mylk first five anya way -- the rest of us are proudp of you.of you >> what's this?his? >> ut-oh.t-oh >> what's this.>> what' >> i love this picture. fox5 first five photo of the d day. >> what's going on young man.go >> this is cameron, everybody. >> all right. >> check it out. it cameron is trios old and honoror of last night's republicanca debate he's got the hair. h he's giving us -- >> that's hilarious. >> best donald trump up tmp pregnant. >> look at his little face. >> he's nailing the face. f i'm going to put the out there.. cameron has a lucks serious heah of >> i'm jealous of that hair. thh >> i'm sorry, he's got beautiful head of hair. >> that's great picture andture turtle power, too. >> yeah, does he. >> what's going on, cameron? >> cameron parents are hanginges out he looks a little drum likek
8:16 am
right now. >> let's do his hair. let i'm glad because if that gotf tt them to send in this picture wee appreciate it. >> we love it. to zen us your child's picture e go to our facebook page five fox d.c. and send us your best bes presidential candidateandi impression.sion. (laughter).. >> on new trend here.rend >> so cute.te n election year after cameron we love your 35 in 30 in boston.oston. it is chilly around here to h start your day but we will be wl mild again this afternoon withon highs in the low 50s. there's look across the northth american continent, and we got t cold arctic air up in canada which will once again work its k way down into the mid atlantic as we get into the end of theino weekend. so today and tomorrow will beill mild but by sunday and monday ma you'll feel that cold once aga again. all right. sunshine to start your morning. if you need the sun, it f you ne to go out and get your 10 your minutes of sunshine.e >> good vitamin >> good right now we'll cloud uu by early afternoon andnoonnd eventually the rain you see doww into georgia will get in here. n rain heavy at times later ler tonight. toni the rain gets in here seven, sev
8:17 am
8:00 o'clock tonight be with ush overnight. quickly out of here ovtomorrow m morning. tomorrow looks good and thenks there's the cold air.s th sunday big holiday monday, 32 tuesday 34.esday cold is here to stay for fewtayw days early next week. >> all right. thanks for that picture. tictu that made me laugh. >> 8:17. let's check in with erin and ged a look at the roads on friday oi morning.rnin >> i can tell you it's a little bit quieter on our commute into the district than what wectn wh usually we had some crashes right nowriw taking a look at metro first. fr blue line residual delays tos largo for an earlier train malfunction at franconia asideia from that all other lines on oro close to schedule right that's a pretty good mews foroos friday morning.ay morni gw parkway we have crash at bell haven road little bit of cautioo through that area and innd in alexandria and southeast right t now 295 inbound crash at cra pennsylvania because of thatf ta delays back to eastern.. dropping under 20 miles an houri let's take live lock outside oue want to show you the beltway. by top of the beltway outer looper nice right now from new fro hampshire to colesville road. r we can show that you camera. yom you can see traffic on the innen loop and outer loop top of thepf beltway cruising along.. some leftover days right now.ign
8:18 am
you can see once you hit colesville you back up a smidgei we have some stop and go traffif just not nearly as heavy as normal morning commute.te maybe because it's a fridayus before holiday weekend. inner loop still jams betweens springfield interchange and al a annandale because of an earlierr crash that clear out boy 50 mucc that's your traffic.'s y back to you guys. to u gu >> erin, thanks so much.. we're quick al approachinguk the iowa caucuses and the 2016he race is on everybody's mind asd republican candidates fight toht emerge as clear leader in a saturated we're joined now by chris b c wallace host of fox news sundaya chris, good morning to you.ningu happy friday and i'm just goingt to give you the floor becauseor the lineup that you have is i really amazing. amang you must watch on sunday.un good morning. >> yeah. well thank you we do have ado ha fascinating we'll be talking to ted cruzru fresh off his performance in the debate last night. nig i thought he won one round o r against donald trump on the whole birth er issue whether orh not he's a natural born citizen and jill to be president. on the other hand trump cleaned
8:19 am
is clock when it came to the issue of new york values whenshe trump started talking about howo new york responded so bravely ba after 9/11 and that kind off silenced cruz. c we're also to be talking to pauu ryan the speaker of the house hh talk about how he had toe had t practice his poker face when he was sitting behind barack obama during the state of the union sn he wouldn't look like he wask lw upset about some of the thingsns obama said. s but he won't have poker face on sunday it will be interesting tt hear what he this of the obama a agenda and what the republicans will offer on their behalf.. so very interesting show.ertingo very interesting debate lastebel night.t >> it was.t was i should have perhaps startedta with that.with what were your thoughts aboutugs that. >> for you was a clear leader oo win are in out of the debate?eb >> i think the two front runners at least in the polls cruz andrd trauma happen good moments andoa bad moments but seemed tome t certainly continue to be the twt front runners separating sg themselves from the fee in terms of the other five i thought rubio had a good night.. both going against cruz goingz o
8:20 am
against christie and also just s as an mazing influence went citc make his arguments on whethernhe it's foreign issues or domestic issues, christie had a reasonably good night. i think becoming more and more r three or four man race. r jeb bush had a good night but it wonder if it's too late.'s too l if he'd had that kind of af performance in the first debatet back in august he might be doing i would say one other thing andt that is the next debate is twoo weeks from yesterday interday desmoines just four days beforee the iowa caucuses and i'm goingg to be one of moderators so i'mom looking forward to it. it. >> excellent. we are, too. before we let you go, you also have donald trump's campaignn manager on well this is we oftet do this in presidential leckntic years look at some of the peoplo men and women behind theind t candidates, and we are going toe be talking to cory lou want dand ski's trump campaign manager. the first question i ask him,, how do you manage donald trump? it's a very interestingnterti
8:21 am
interview.inteiew and to some dough you canh understand why trump pick himhym because he's a lot like donalded trump.. >> all right.>> all right. before we let you go, we have, v about 30 seconds i wanted to geo your opinion on this. opini on we saw carly fiorina come out o like everybody else againste agi hillary clinton makes sense.inte how do you think that that playa among women voters for her to to talk about the state of her marriage, for instanc >> well, look, carly fiorina has said, look, it's not monolithicc women's block. liberal women, conservativeseat women. >> right. >> independent women and i thini that to a block that would be favorably disposed to carly fiorina they like it a lot. l it isn't going to win deer to to hillary clinton supporters she t probably wasn't to get their get support any way.sut >> chris wallace we will bell b watching. have good weekend. gooek >> you bet. bet thank you >> still to come this morning,og it will be a great show sunday y morning. >> sure s big change coming toon one local school district nottrc far from the distract whye students will enjoy extra days d
8:22 am
off but something that's very controversial. >> we'll talk about that plusk bei bei's big dabebut.. when you can see the smithsoni smithsonian's newest familyn'nee member. we'll tell you next. member. we'll tell you next. ♪ life's waking up slow... member. we'll tell you next. ♪ and getting out fast. and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make mornings better.
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8:24 am
land getting out fast... and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make mornings better. ♪ i imagine the guys in the
8:25 am
studio jamming. >> yeah.. >> what is this thing i'ms ing playing, is this the base. b >> playing air a base. >> somebody is like --e -- >> there you y what are you doing, steve.ou d >> you got to play the drums. >> little desk drums.k >> that's the groove. t >> i'm the singer.ha >> that was a good song for to r you sing on. >> are there lyrics in that onet >> did you hear anything? (laughter).te >> but you are looking sharpkina today my man. m >> why thank you.hank you >> new suit? >> relative new.e >> it's all like --s all >> step it up a little >> you're looking good.lookg go >> looks like an athletic fit. >> well, are you saying i'mg'm barely -- - >> no. >> squeezing in it. s >> don't you like thequ suit.ui >> it's supposed to be a slimli fit.t. >> fashion cult at thathion particular time said it needs tt be snug. >> and we do have one.nd w as long as i'm not walking upngp and downstairs i'm fine. >> or doing jumping jax.pi j >> split pants.ants let's go to the forecast. f we're looking at mild m temperatures to start our frid friday. fr little chilly out there earlyy u
8:26 am
but mild this afternoon, yeah. about 50 maybe 52, 53 this t afternoon but right now 35 at5t reagan national. 27 dulles. bwi marshall is 30. i 3 there's your satellite/radar./rr clouds will quickly increase sos we have a little sunshine toine start the day but it will belyel cloudy afternoon and rainno a tonight.toni all liquid as daytime highs will be in the 50s here so we're w looking at all rain tonight, ana early tomorrow morning and thenn we shall be in for actuallyuall decent looking saturday withh daytime highs tomorrow about fief tow degrees.fief tow d much colder air gets in here byb early neck week.k w so again clouding dawn.inn. rain tonight early top morning.g enjoy those 50s because you will not see them any time soon. s as an arctic boundary brings uss some flurries on >> in the teens.>>the teens. >> daytime highs monday,ti tuesday, barely get to freezing. >> 18 degrees monday night, n tuesday night. b big coat. erin have you gotten your bigou overcoat yet.. >> i haven't. i needing to shopping. shopp i think we should hit some ofom the shops after work next week.o >> i suggest packable down it'ss
8:27 am
awesome.e. >> ooh, let's go look for one. . >> okay.kay. >> i got good rain boats. b i need snow boots, too. t stock up for the degenerate cenc winter taking a look at traffict inner loop moving along a lotg l better but leftover delays froma earlier crash by 50.crh by if you're heading from thengromt springfield interchange towardsw 66, just anticipate little bitat of slow down from stop and gopnd traffic. outer loop right now lookingig good. let's switch it back over andchd show you another look at whatatw you're up against much this is s look at the outer loop.oo we are moving along just fine be new hampshire you do hit a wallw of stopped traffic by colesvilll road congestion there.n tre symptom and go conditions.d go n but much lighter than what weha were seeing earlier as you can see right now traffic is easings a bit as we head towards ourds o 8:30 half hour. hou switch it over for a look at oua maps right now.maight now show you how things are shaping up. gw parkway crash at bell haven road caution around that area ii alexandria and southeast 29595 inbound a crash at pennsylvanial avenue. delays to eastern down too 18 miles per and if you are taking 66 on the eastbound side, 18 miles an houh 123 to the beltway. leftover congestion should beul easing soon much that's yourour traffic.traffi
8:28 am
>> still ahead big weekend on wd tap at the national zoo. >> plus, first time moms now older than more on new study on the age of parents coming up much firstirst time, al. a no need to look at me. >> first time. 8:28.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ here's a look at the white house this morning.this it is 8:30 right now. nice start to the day today. t look, the flag is not moving. that means we've ended our eed breezy conditions for at least t little bit.le b >> sure isn't. >> it's nice, right?>>s ni >> big changes to the howardhear
8:31 am
county public school calendar. >> fox5's melanie alnwick isie here to tell us what thehe decision was about they mety met about last good morning. good mor >> big news in howard county.d t they decided to add muslim hindu and east asian holidays to thes school calendar.r. now this was a bit of a surprise twist. twis in december there was a lot oft controversy when the county proposed dropping two jewishjews holidays from the schoole sch calendar and close only on state mandated holidays.ids well, next school year, all ofra them will be recognized.zed it will take some shuffling offo teacher work days and other a school breaks but howard countyc students will now have theehe holidays of he'd, due wally and lunar new year off. o thou recognize or not toecogni recognize religious holidays has been an issue many local schooll systems are wrestling.reling howard county board members hopp mutual respect will help spread understanding and acceptance ofd others. >> best way to alleviate thoseia issues especially in a county as diverse as ours is to embraceo a all of our cultures and respectr all of our religions.
8:32 am
>> these either all or none.r i cannot vote for anything that is not inclusive. >> reporter: the addition of the the holidays is effective for fr the 2016-2017 school year only.. the board also voted toed to commission a study whether to se make the changes permanent inern the coming school year.r. now in some cases, the new holidays will become teacher tch work days. days this year interestingly anne a arundel county schools decidedld they would now open on rash had a shana after being closed didle he go cades for that holiday. montgomery county voted toedo remove all religious labels froo days off making he'd a professional day. day we also talked about this states law doesn't allow them to closec for religious observance. they have high absentee rate rat that sort of thing to back it ui with and that's why the datahe here really becomes >> that study get the backgrouno info.. >> yup. >> try to back it up thanks melm >> here we go.e w panda fanatics a long five f months since little bei beiince entered this world it's finallyn
8:33 am
time to meet bei bei.i bei. >> the adorable panda cub will b make his public debut tomorrow at the national zoo.l zoo that's where we find our bobob barnard this morning, and it'ss not just everybody, right, it'si bonds members tomorrow?ro >> reporter: no, no new york city so many at the generalt tha public.publ >> tomorrow is everybody.rois ey >> tomorrow is everybody and anybody and right now, guys, it's bamboo breakfast time hereh at the national zoo. z allison you mentioned bei beionb big sister bei bei she's thehe younger sister of tie john whosn back in china.nhi the big sister of bei bei.. boo boo we're told loves it hee here. doesn't mind giving then' attention to her little bt rotho who we saw a few weeks ago.go show you video from a few weekse ago when the media was invited i into the panda house, and we mew bei bei.ei he is now five months old. 25 pounds.s. and very playful we're told butd strong as well.l. in command of all four of hisr limbs. he hasn't been outside out into the fresh air. zoo officials told theials t
8:34 am
washington post that will come when mother mei xiang encouragee here to go outside. out so anybody who comes here afterr 9:00 o'clock tomorrow open tow the general public 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow will beomor invited into the panda house ana look through the glass windowsla and get their first chance tost lay their own eyes on our newesn star attraction here inn washington. it is bei bei and he's doing really well.. growing and now ready to have a bunch of people staring at himah through the glass and eventualll outdoors when he's out into thet panda pen and so it's a a milestone and it's pretty prett exciting.exci you mentioned friends of thenedd national zoo, it's $55 and up annually free parking and invited to special events. e friends of the national zoo were invited in last week to takeoak look. lo but starting tomorrow it'sw i everybody and anybody comingdy n here to the national zoo on zoo connecticut avenue, guys.aven, >> i feel like we ned a webe new series the adventures of bob anb bei bei. >> that would be so good. >> wouldn't that be the greatesh thing report bob bob, bei bei b and boo boo.. >> bob, bei bei and boo boo. b
8:35 am
>> and boo boo. my god i love it. le let's get a beer.a >> you are just the man for the >> okay.>> o >> let us know where we can tunt in thanks bob.nksob good stuff from the zoo thistufh morning. 8:35 right now. ow bob has got the jacket on. still cold this morning, you may be able to shed thathed later today. >> little known fact they selloe beer at the >> i'm aware of that. that. >> i always go for the popcorn. >> i discovered the beer at thet zoo. zo >> by the way the staff therefft watches us every day.ry they love us. love . >> reagan national 35.nal quantico 32. yeah, chilly tepp cher out the there. you saw bob in the jacket. the e you'll want it as we are off too a cold start particularly northu and west still well below wl freezing lots of 20's out thereu but eventually mild conditions i for a few more days.e today and tomorrow look liketoml daytime highs 50 or better.ette sunshine at the moment but lotss of clouds on the horizon it wili be cloudy by early afternoon and then rainy this evening. eve rain will get in here after hera seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight andt be with us for the overnightveig hours.hour rain could be heavy at timesoult here as it's moving on throughh overnight.
8:36 am
keep that in mine again rainin after probably seven,probbly sev 8:00 o'clock tonight.'clock tong 53 today.ay increasing clouds late day evening showers arrive and agai it will be all liquid withd w daytime highs in the 50s. that's weather.ea we'll look at the weekend cominn up. let's look at traffic right nowt with erin. erin. >> 8:36. 8 taking a look at our traffic, wf do have metro updates for you. y new one off loaded orange lynnel train just cleared at dean woodw pect residual delays to vienna vienna. blue line commute on metroe expect leftover delays in bothai directions due to earlier train malfunction at add son road.. keep update.pd all other lines on or close tore schedule. as we take look at the gwk atheg parkway a crash at bell haven road caution around that area ii 95 a little bit of congestionstn northbound through lorton notort terrible congestion a across the wilson bridge on the inner loopp southbound crash at pennsylvanii avenue, 295 inbound some biggerg delays back to eastern avenue and taking a look outside thek e beltway we'll take a look one l much our cameras shown you howou thing are shaping up.hapi you can see the inner loope innp congestion is easing root to yo from thee 55 to connecticut.nect switching it over for look at lo
8:37 am
the outer loop.e our l traffic a little slow by col coleville road back by new back hampshire tracking lookly realla nice. i like what i'm seeing l we'll keep you updated much that'sh ts your traffic. back to you. >> still to come this morning ag age of first time moms is goings up. women apparently putting offng becoming mothers longer and longer these days.hese >> is it okay for parents to sell girl scout cookies fores their daughters? i say yes. but that's personal i suppose. why some are pushing backin against that idea this morning.i >> it's funny i haven't got the request yet.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ we talked about it al more womem in the united states opting tots start families little bit i in-these days than their moms ts did a generation okay. >> according new study from thee cdc average age of new mom all-time high 26 years old.. bet you thought it would be it l higher than that.higher >> i'll bet here in dc it'sdc i hire. >> i'll bet it is too.l be largely due to a drop in teenen pregnancy.egnanc northeast has had the highest average ages for new mothers in d.c., massachusetts the averagea age for entering motherhood 29o9 years old. o in new york and connecticut thee age is 28. okay.> well some girl scouts aren'tou a going door to door sellingoo cookies like they used insteadde they rely on the help from apro parent to step in and -- a - >> this goes back when i was ae we sold like cub scout stuff oro whatever.ever >> exactly. >> you always ask -- my moms as would never do it.neve i had to do it myself. >> that's the right way to doay it. >> i used to get really upsets
8:41 am
the ones who parents would sells it because they would win thewot >> that's the right way. not the way i've done it. >> experts say there's a probl problem. problem. it teaches kids things can beid done for them and that they don't learn the skills of doingo it on their own. o on top of that kids risk losings that sense of pride becomes witw making a sale on your own.r o but you know, al, if somebodyomb works -- if somebody else does it and they're co-workers byre s author's sap boxes -- bes >> they get a prize.a pze >> they get prize. the >> right. this year the girl scoutsth encouraging girls to sell thee o cookies themselves. the saying "although parents and and girl scout adults may assist, ii is the girl who should make the sale".sale". >> i say the barn goes with thee film where i grew up it was muc safer to go door to door goodoor t.ght. >> and sell cookies. andell coo. docket that in every part of thp country unfortunately.y rtunate. >> no. you have to go out.u ha it's a time thing. a t t you take it to work and you jusj leave it. i >> let me tell you something.omg >> partner with mom. mom. >> steve chenevey, every yearvea that my girls were in scout that is goes back to schuyler being g in second grade and she's ind si eighth grade now would buy likel
8:42 am
$20 worth of cookies.ookies >> a thousand boxes of them.m >> i would proceed to help you p eat so you're welcome .me. ultimately. >> it's a win/win. is a coming up actor johnn krasinski on his new movie 133 hours. >> not what you would expectu wc from the office star. oice st >> no. i like that he changed up his hs image going for a new kevin mccarthy joins us livenss from los angeles with that.hat. >> let's head outside on thisd friday morning. mni it's such a nice start to this t friday morning.or we want to you enjoy it with us. you probably are. you're probably out there and we're sitting in the studio. we'd love to be out there. it's 8:42.r
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> give a special special shoutc out to mrs. geraldine arabella mcrae because she is turning 100 years old today.. >> happiest of happy birthdays.h >> that picture steve and tuckec taken last sunday.. >> how fantastic does she look and 100 years old still dressinn up for church.or chuh. >> still dressing up for churchp >> looking on point. >> amazing that the hat andziha everything. so check it out. she has lived in her southeastta washington home for 50 years. ya she turns 100 today. tod here's the part, okay.t, >> you have to do the math.o th. >> let's break it's b under her little branch of thefe tree 134 children and grandchildren andre great-grandchildren.grea it breaks down to 13 children, d 41 grandchildren, 61 great-grandchildren and 19 great great-grandchildren.gran >> oh, my goodness.oodn >> the power of prayer has kepts her going all these years. years we salute you.ute y i mean --i mn >> true matriarch the. the. >> the obama family has givenbam her a the city of washington.ashi
8:46 am
she's amazing.. and happen to know one of herf r granddaughters but she, youheyo know, stands alone.. look, applause to you.lausto happy happy birthday and many my more. mo >> i would love to have dinnere at her house with everybody.vero >> oh, my goodness.oo you talk about the kidsdn tablee the kids table, the grandkidsndi table and great grandkids tableb >> that's amazing. >> may we look half as good. g >> a hundred years old.ld. congratulations.on. 8:46.8: tuck you think you can make itnm to a hundred. >> steve -->>te (laughter).au >> oh, steve. oh, s >> it will be tough call there. >> i should be optimistic but let's just say i lived well eare until life. 35 in washington.ashing 25 in frederick. 27 dulles. 32 fredericksburg.risb temperatures north and west.t. but we'll see milder air once o again this afternoon about 50.u5 maybe low 50s for daytime highs as the clouds will increase ande eventually rain showers willaise move in.move i we are going to have rainye friday night.fray night plan accordingly if you'll bef l out tonight you'll want the
8:47 am
umbrella good soaking rains skig around here probably aboutprly a seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight.k tg there's bigger look.bigger look. little sunshine here early. sunn the clouds will move in and then it will be t just plane rain fof us. if we have any cold air to tap r into we'd be talking about wintry storm air of low pressure perfectly pigged but not going g to happen this go it will be all rain for us.or you can see pretty good rainsns down into georgia. georg all right.all right. future cast let's put it inast motion. here comes the clouds and rainui showers. there we are at 8:00 o'clock tonight. you can see that rain movingthao from the southwest.outhwest rain could be heavy at timeses overnight particularly if you'ru washington southeast i thinkst i southern maryland, princear george's county and arundel county lower eastern shore heaviest of the rain and then it will quickly scoot out to the ot north and east by early tomorroo morning. here we are at 8m clearing upp and saturday looks good. tomorrow we'll have daytime highs about 50 with plenty ofy f sunshine in the afternoon muchnh here the setup fort end of thefe weekend another round of very of cold arctic air arrives by late sunday.ay boom, and our daytime highs, tuesday -- monday is a holiday y
8:48 am
don't get out of the low 30s.. so make sure your heater in good working order as we get intoetnt early next being.ext being. there's your seven day.e' 53 today.s 51 tomorrow. 51 t again, rah inn tonight, and thee we do look at that colder that c weather arriving by sunday.rivi particularly monday, tuesday tud going to be very very colde ve around here. guys much that's the latest l weather.we love to picture.lo back to you. >> let's fine out what theine ot latest is on good day d.c. d.c coming up in 10 minutes.inut here monthly holly and wisdom. >> we're live with new doughou tails about that deadly multiuli vehicle pileup in largo.n largo. what police are saying about the driver who hit those cars and fox5 tells exclusively -- talks exclusively rather with the r driver's family.. ly at nip a a new piece ofee the powerball mystery is solveds this morning winners they'rehey' coming for. >> fox5 political reporterep ronica cleary is here to talk tl last night's gop debate.op d who came out the winner? plus?p the viral video from the trump >> also at 9a, outrage over o those oscar nominations how the academy is responding tispoing morning. mornin plus we have a lot of big w name in the loft with us overuso the next two hours.
8:49 am
>> quick silva and mow, littlei mo are here to talk about their return to d.c. radio. >> at 10a william matt shatner, can i do it, joins us live andiv you know her from as the world turns gossip girl movies like independence day margaret cullee is here to discuss her new playp debut in d.c. d >> he won last com ming standing john help rin is live in the i loft. get ready to laugh. it's friday, so why not. >> we always are jovial whenia w it's friday. fday. good day d.c. a few minutes aw away. celebrating on friday.cebrat no doubt about it. abo it. sounds great, guys.dsreat in today foss' fox beat newnew movie depicting the 2012 benghazi incident hits theaterhe today's kevin live in los l angeles with more on that filmt and more on what he's doing in i la. the tucks is on.e tu i hope you clean it becauset beu you'll be wearing this everyweas single day now, kev. >> i bought this suit last night at h and m for a hundred buck. there's i'm wearing all weekendw long and going to the award show i'm here at the barker hangerker the critics choice awards willo be happening on sunday night
8:50 am
8:00 o'clock live on ae and e. right behind me this is thee tht stage where all the acts and presents everything will be e here.e he way is presenting atat the crit text choice awards choa sunday night and jj abrams. abrm a lot of amazing academy awardwd nominees will be here.l be h as you can see amy schumer's seat honorary dom knee bryanneeb krahn ton presenting alsolso nominated for trumbo academyo aa award yesterday for incrediblere performance in trumbo.mb you all know my feelings on thet academy award nominations thisit year if you want to see my video go to mccarthy fox.hy f crit text choice awards sundayuy night 8:00 o'clock.0 cl tj miller in dead poll will beol hosting the show. s this is is him. you can hear him talking rightkr now. moving on real quick a bigrealca weekend for movies 13 hours, the benghazi film opening up in theaters this, dark actuallyuay michael bay directed the movie i sat down with john krasinski yoy know as jim from the office tofo talk about the impact of that it human check this out. >> these guys understand whathat
8:51 am
they're doing and how dangerouss it is and that the fact thatt t they might lose, you know, thei, lives and lose their families fl and they do it any way.ey a lot of people don't know thata they were, um, not activectiv military.milita they didn't have knobble gig tog go. they just did it. jus they chose totter it and that'st the definition of true heroisme to me. m >> during these fire fighte fig sequences, what is actuallyall happening onset? are the guns g really going off? what are you firing? how does that work.ha r i think because of how epicw his story telling is peoples believe that a lot of it's nottt real. real a lot of is cgi with michael anl it's not the case.ot t certainly not in this movie. 99 persons of it was practicalct any time you see a fire and f explosion or gunshot it's us.shs that's actually happening to us. and so for instance there's a scene where i walk into awhe burning building.g bui that building is isr it was completely on fire.e. and we had to walk in and shoott the scene. s and that is super intense andena something i was very nervouservs about. abou but that's what was cool abouttt it because it actually got me to this very prime mal place wheree i wasn't acting i was actuallyy
8:52 am
feeling kind of fearful of my life. life >> as you play a father in a a n movie and as you are a father ii real life, do you have to put yourself in that situation andun wonder how you would handle itoe as a dad? >> i don't think you can avoid y that. i mean i think that that was the thing that connected mected me certainly to the this is anl guy who feels fee conflicted about whether or noth he should be traveling overseas any more and putting himself ini situations that could end like this.this because he doesn't want to leavl his family without a father.. and so conversations like that, my daughter was one -- i think - she was one when we one we started to shoot this. t yeah, the idea of thinking aboug her growing up without a fatherr you immediately can see hour powerful and how quickly you cay connect to that.coect >> when you shoot a movie like this that is so emotionallytial grueling but also this intenseoi in action packed andyou go homeo at night, can you turn the off? >> there were nights where it i was really who are sleep fromslo all the action and gunshots we e sometimes wrap at 5:30 in the0 n
8:53 am
morning blowing up a bus orng ur something like that and then yoi go to bedke and, yeah, it's touh to sort of inn every unwine but i think all the guys together, upping, we were in it togetherge and we were all really good at disengaging from the setet together. together. because i think if you werei th alone in a room it's tough. r t your thoughts kind of get to y you. and with this it was always -- y we'd always go have drink or gor have some dinner or somethingrom and talk about real stuff to geo us back to reality so we can gon to bed. >> 13 hours secret soldiers ofdi benghazi hits theater today's. d i got to mention something reali fast when i was in college i'dle go home or after college i'd god home and start watching theatchg critics choice awards every e single year, ton actually bectub standing here at the barker b hanger as voting member of therf bfca i voted on these awards.s. this past tuesday.ay just to be here absolutely incredible. amazing to be able to stand herr in this room among where these e amazing actors and directs andnd presenters be will be sittingeit sunday night live on ae and e8:00 o'clock.0 ock tj miller hosting. hos it will happen on this stage. ts i'll be back at 9:00 a.m. with.t
8:54 am
more about the award show, also, my interview with kevin hart and ice cube for ride along two. ren >> i'm not going to lie to you,i i had to look up tj miller i did not recognize him by name.e. being on the show silicon vallel dye watch the show which is a sh good show.ho what i did not know he went toet school at george washington university and was in a com a ws dough group here at gw in d.c.n you'll have to talk to him aboua that this weekend. >> wow! >> i will definitely bring thati up to him also in the dead poolp movie really cool, too.oo. i will definitely bring up thenu local connection to him when iim see him sunday night here at thh show. >> love that local connect.that thanks kev. wearish sure you saw the promohp with hot young stars fox will do grease life big televisionn antient literal system going tor be live. another local connection, the te star who her fiance' is, right. >> from the capital. >> from the caps.m e c here's your chance to travel toa la to share in all thathat excitement.extement. perhaps i under sold that. that here's your chance to travel to los angeles to share in the i t
8:55 am
excitement.exciteme sunday january 31st.. when grease live goes on thereai air. thank you al. >> grease lightning the triptnin includes airfare for two, two t nights at a hotel and groundd transportation at la to enter e for your chance to win go to tho contest page on fox5 dc's com/contests between now and 11:59 tonight. tonight one winner will be selected byey random drawing on january 19th 2016. is that monday?t mo >> i think it's monday. t >> monday, okay.hi>> mon prize has an approximate rowoxit tail value of 25 hun doctor hun dollars. it's provided by foxd broadcasting company. >> how cool is that.>> h >> good luck to you. >> take lots of pictures ands share with us.e withs. >> i hope you do -- hand jive,d, baby.. >> take your singing voice.. here's danny zucco with a look w at the forecast.ecas >> hey danny. danny >> yeah. >> what happen if they broughtei back the original cast to doast that live, wouldn't that be funn >> they probably won do all thee dancing.ncin (laughter).(laugh >> 40 in washington. wasngton. 36 dulles. bwi marshall 30 degrees.0 gr we are looking at low 50s0s actually with sunshine out therh warm up pretty quick but cloudsc will increase and then
8:56 am
rain tonight. tonight. just remember that we'll haveem rain aroundbe here overnightight tonight into early tomorrowrow morning.mornin and we'll keep 50s in thekeep 5t forecast for the day on saturdaa but much, much colder air on thn way.y so after a little morning mning sunshine today, clouds, 53 your daytime high rain gets in hereen after sunset talked aboutd tomorrow and i do want to mention again arc tech air for early next week.rly xt w daytime highs right around freezing by monday, tuesday anda wednesday.we so cold temperatures on the wayh all right. all ri that's weather.thater let's take final look at traffit with >> this is the secon ed nay rowr matched, tucker.mad, t >> yeah. >> right now taking a look at nt metro first. f train and date for you offte foo loaded orange line cleared ated den wood residual delays toay vienna. vi keep that in mind. m as far as your blue line travels concerned expect residual delayl both directions earlier train malfunction if you know add add son road. 295 inbound this crash should bd cleared soon by pennsylvaniaa weren't 8 miles an hour delays8 back to easternmi. aside from beltway traffic isffc easing outer loop top of theoo p beltway by new hampshire innerhi look getting back to normaloor earlier crash approaching 50 has
8:57 am
cleared.ea taking a thirty two closer lookr at the inner loop you can stillt see a red zone through annandaln but again getting back to b normal. back to you guys. >> all right.ig. erin, thank you very much.thk yo coming up outrage this morningsr after the lack of diversity atey the the oscars again this year. how the academy is responding. >> and captain kirk himselfir hm william shatner will join usilli this morning. we'll chat with him coming up on good day d.c.good it is 8:57. 8 good day is next. is next.
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♪ >> straight ahead the glovest come off at the gop debate. >> the constitution hasn't changed. (laughter).ah poll numbers have.bersav >> it was a long fight on theht south carolina stage and this ti morning some white househite wanabees may still be nursingur some bruises. we'll have a live recap.. plus still more questionsue than answers after that deadly a multi car pileup in largo thatla you saw first on fox, but this s morning, a driver is in custodyc we'll tell you why. oscar outrage.. >> only white actors can wins cw oscar for a movie that nobodyy saw. are the critics blasting blain hollywood's golden night for a lack of diversity.ty how the academy is son to go so what's becoming an almost annuaa controversy. plus a winter storm takingte aim now at the east coast but ea the big question this morning, i will washington get hit? good day at 9a starts now. ♪


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