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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> very pleasant young man but very goal-driven. he was focused on running, he was an outstanding runner. >> he was quiet. he had a good group of friends. >> but a law has changed. saturday the 18-year-old was arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder of nicole lovell. >> everyone is kind of shocked. they didn't think that he was able of that because he was quiet. no one really thought he would do anything like that. >> reporter: details are also emerging about the young victim who was apparently troubled. her mother told the washington post, nicole was bullied at school and on social media because of her looks. the biggest questions though are still unanswered. why was she killed and how did the 18-year-old suspect meet the 13-year-old victim. a second virginia tech student was arrested sunday, 19-year-old natalie keepers is charged with transporting or concealing a
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dead body and accessory after the fact. keepers is from laurel and attended hammond high school in howard county. the mother of a current whom and high school student says she's stunned. >> i'm shocked, poed. it's just horrible how two kids that just graduated that are so young in life and heart and they could kill a 13-year-old girl is just beyond me and i hope they get whatever they have coming to them. >> investigators in blacksburg, virginia have kept a tight lid on many of the details of this murder investigation. we still don't know how 1-year-old nicole lovell was killed. but according to these court documents we obtained today, a firearm was not used. now anñ autopsy was scheduled take place today, but it could be some time before we hear the results of that autopsy. both of the suspects were arraigned this morning. they are being held at the montgomery county jail in
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virginia with no bond, and they are expected back in court in march. reporting live in columbia, maryland. alexandra lim, fox 5 local news. >> just a terrible story. thank you, alex. fox 5 is in the district tonight where a northeast neighborhood has been the scene of a police-involved shooting. the latest incident happened around 2:00 this morning near the intersection of 53rd street and clay terrace. police say an officer tried to stop a man who was acting suspiciously. the man took off running and dropped his gun. the suspect ignored a command to leave the gun on the ground. that's when the officer shot the suspect who later died at a hospital. since last march dc police officers have shot four people in the same neighborhood, two of them fatally. >> this is an area that has got police presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because of homicides as well. there has been a lot of violence up in that community. we know that pcp is extremely prevalent in that community. so we can't have officers not be present in that community
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because their job is to help make sure that the community is safe as well. >> last week the dc auditor said the dc police department was abiding by use of force rules and protocols put into place after the justice department began an investigation of the department. >> also in the district, a dc fire lieutenant pled not guilty today in federal court to child porn charges. lieutenant earl walker was arrested last week. a grand jury in pennsylvania indicted him. the judge placed walker on home detention and told him not to go on the internet. walker is expected back in court in march. >> one of the women accused of sexually assaulting a man at a dc gas station was sentenced today. this video the incident happened back in october at a station near new york avenue. that had she was sentenced to 180 days in jail. the other woman seen in the
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video already received a similar jail sentence. and we continue to watch the last of some showers moving out of the area. i'm sue palka. the good news is this has been a fast mover and maybe it helps to get rid of some of the snow in your front yard. take a look at your radar. while the timing isn't great having this come through in the evening rush hour, it is just about out of here and it didn't amount to a substantial amount but it probably will help to reduce that snow in your front yard. let me show you where things stand right now. most of the rain is still down west of dc. looks like it's just about cleared 270 and now it will get a little bit cooler. before this frontal boundary came through, we hit 61 degrees today. cooler, drier air will come in behind it and we eventually fall into the 30s later tonight. but i don't think it's going to be below freezing in too many areas. we'll have to watch some of our western communities to make sure you don't have a
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refreeze. right now it's 49 degrees in the district, 43 in hagerstown. a little bit of fog maybe forming. i'm seeing some lowering visibility as the snow is melting and that moisture has moved on through. we'll keep an eye on all of that. we drop to about 36 in the district. watch north and west there might be some patchy areas of ice and refreeze later on tonight. much more on your tuesday forecast and the potential for another record high being set this week. that's coming your way in just a few minutes. >> tony? >> thank you, sue. a montgomery man said his home turned into a house of horrors as the state was clearing out his neighborhood after the big blizzard. he says his house was pounded by and damaged by a barrage of snow and ice from a huge snow blower. emily miller is here with the exclusive details. >> it was the middle of the night when the family heard these terrifying crashing sounds and their bedroom windows just smashed open and the children screaming their dad thought a big tree might have fallen on
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the house. it was apparently a maryland state snow plow that dumped all the highway debris on to their house. they heard loud crashes sounds. the back of his house was being bashed and windows were shattering. >> we heard the whole house shaking, the things hitting the sides of the house. we really thought these big trees are falling on the house. the kids are screaming blooding murder. we grab them. what's scary as we were moving in the house, apparently the truck was moving so i could hear the damage just following me. >> reporter: the only explanation was that the maryland state highway snow plows hit his house. >> apparently they had the augers aimed directly at the house. so all of the ice they were clearing from the shoulder of the road was being thrown into
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my backyard and at the house. >> reporter: there's a ton of damage. the top floor windows in the family's bedroom and there's huge pieces of glass all over the yard. the siding is cracked and the roof, pieces of it are on the ground. >> you can see the tree limbs these are all from the main road. all of this black snow and ice is from the main road. >> reporter: montgomery police responded the officer told him to call maryland state highway on monday he did that and was referred to the state treasurer to make a claim. they told him it could take months for the state to investigate what happened. >> i'm going nuts. i've got glass all over my backyard. i've got kids who live out here in the spring and summer. the state adds insult to injury saying we're going to investigate this and then we'll come help you. >> he will pay for repairs with his homeowners' insurance but he says he doesn't even know how to
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get rid of all the glass. he just wants the state to fix their mistake. well we asked the maryland state highway administration about what happened here. a spokesman would only say they apologize but only if it's proven that their snow plows blew the debris into the house. emily miller, fox 5 local news. >> what a mess. >> can you imagine walking through your house and hearing the windows. >> no, that's pretty scary. >> straight ahead at 6:00, hackers may have hit uber. putting all of your personal information, including your name and credit card number at risk. >> and then the worst may finally be over for chipotle following that massive e. coli 'll tell you what the cdc is now saying about the company when the news at 6:00 continues. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like
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>> we have a warning tonight for anyone who relies on uber to get around. >> the security company has become increasingly popular, a pap lor target for cyber thieves. here is how it works. hackers send a uber an e-mail they won a free gift card. once they have your information, they sell it on the dark net. >> while you may check your credit card statements every month, a lot of us maybe don't follow our uber accounts quite as closely. >> security experts say uber information is more valuable than credit card information on the dark net because it is easier to use uber information than to use someone else's credit card information. >> that is scary. >> everything these days you do. >> you've got to pay attention. look at the bills when they come. the e. coli outbreak at chipotle is over. the cdc announced today it is closing the investigation. but investigators are still
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unable to pinpoint the ingredient that was responsible for the contamination. at least 50 people in nine states were affected by that outbreak. cookie lovers, this next story is for you. girl scout cookies are going digital. >> there's a brand new app called coco mobile. customers can buy cookies online. online sales are not accessible without an e-mail invitation. once you've received that invite, you can then buy a full case, half case or eight-pack sample letter of the cookies. >> based on the story we just good about uber. when you get invitations by e-mail, don't you look at them and go, i don't know. we'll see how that works.
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>> all right. did you forget about valentine's day? >> i have not, no. in fact, when i bought my wife's christmas present, i bought her valentine's day present. >> i don't celebrate valentine's day because i don't believe in it. but if you forgot, you're not alone. >> a recent survey found 30% of people who are dating don't think about plans until the actual holiday. while married people make plans 11 days in advance, 15% of people polled say they start planning 20 days out. the top gifts chocolates, jewelry and flowers. >> let me just say this, the reason i don't celebrate it, because i think it's a hallmark holiday. i think it takes more thought to make next thursday special. >> i get it. >> so when valentine's day comes and your husband doesn't give you anything, you're fine. >> i think it's lame.
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i'm impressed that you testified your stuff well in advance. >> i saw something i liked and said let me get this. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. the world health organization has declared an international health emergency over the rapid spread of the zika virus. the declaration is meant to increase the efforts to fight the spread of an outbreak. as well as to prompt research into research and vaccines. the virus is taking center stage regarding the summer olympics in brazil. the international olympic committee is ensthuring athletes and travellers that the games will still go on. they are urging them to be prepared and to use protection against mosquito bites. pregnant women face the greatest risk if they contract the disease. closer to home, university officials say a college of william and student contracted the skiirs while traveling in central america over break. that student's condition is not
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known. >> president obama is following through on his promise to try and find a cure for cancer within a decade. he asked congress for $755 million today for cancer research. last week the president signed an executive order creating a white house task force to focus on the disease. vice president joe biden is leading that team. the vice president's son beau lost his battle with brain cancer last year. a generic form of the cancer drug gleevec hit the market last summer. the drug maker offers a patient assistance program and is also launching a saving card program to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. >> more help has arrived in flint, michigan. a trackload of battled water from miami, florida arrived in the city this weekend. 1,500 cases of water were sent. this comes as the city's water crisis shows no signs of easing up and new tests show even filtered water is not safe for residents to drink due to high
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levels of lead. the flint michigan, michigan water crisis is hitting close to home for one former redskins player. >> jim lokay joins us now with chris wilson's call to action. >> who would guess that in this society, in this day and age we're worried about shipping bottled water to our own people. it's happening. >> it is infuriating. >> it really is. and chris wilson is one of them. he played parts of four seasons for the skins before heading to play in canada but his heart and soul are in flint. instead of running plays, he's running around fresh bottled water to a city that is so decemb desperately in need. >> get your free bottled water. >> how long did it take you to spring into action. >> i remember being on twitter and seeing when they first made the switch. people started ranting on social media and once that happened, people were skeptical to use the water and then there is a group here called the concerned pastors, they went out and got
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their own test done. >> who are people who want to watch this now and about part of your effort in flint, what should they know? >> they should know that the water is great. first of all the city of flint thanks you very much, but you can't put a band-aid on a gunshot window. the water is a today solution and we are still coming up with solutions for tomorrow. you can donate monday tarly. go to and you can donate there. >> this all started when flint found it could save money. later tests showed lead levels were dangerously high. fingers were pointed calls for leaders to quit or be prosecuted, but in the end there are real people at stake here.
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wilson hopes the manner in which this is resolved makes turning tragedy into progress. if it doesn't make you mad, it doesn't matter who is at fault here. these are americans, these are our people. >> this is not something that you would expect to happen. >> hopefully they'll get it fixed soon. >> thank you, jim. >> time to find out what's happening. we've got some water in our area falling from the sky or it was a little while ago. >> we've had some showers moving through. but did you see another shower of a kind on saturday night. a lot of you alerted me via twitter and facebook that you thought you saw a fire ball. we've got some video evidence that was a beauty. 6:16 on saturday night, falls church resident alex and he had a dash cam up.
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so pretty impressive. it had a tail that was green and if you thought you saw something, yes, there is the evidence. tonight we're just watching showers move away and those showers have helped us in another department. and that is getting rid of a little bit more of the snow. reagan national ofthsly says nothing left on the ground. certainly there are piles that are up and around the region. we have got our 10-inch snow bank down to dulles and 4 inches at bwi. so a great loss of the snow and i think the rest of it will be heading out of town later this week. not so much tomorrow we got up to 61 degrees today. tomorrow will be closer to 50 degrees and tomorrow is groundhog day. tonight the showers have moved on through but there is a little bit of fog lingering with the melting snow and the warm temperatures that we had earlier. wednesday looks like an interesting day around here. could there be some significant rain with thunderstorms and potential for record heat with a high of 65 degrees? so lots to keep an eye on on wednesday and it's good that we have tomorrow as a dry day to
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let some of this rain and runoff to get into the sewer system. if you haven't done so already, i urge you to dig out your storm drains. the showers are moving quickly across anne arundel county. the few lingering east of 95 but these are going to be out of here. these are fast movers. cleared the district maybe a little more coming into northwest and this activity across charles county will move away pretty quickly as well. so from 61 we're down to 49 degrees. we do want to watch temperatures later tonight. not looking for a widespread refreeze but up to our north and west there could be some areas that are cold enough and below freezing that you might have patchy ice later. the district about 37, gaithersburg 32. but frederick we'll watch your area for a little bit of refreeze here. so showers exit, we drop to 36, some fog is possible for a little while tonight and then during the day tomorrow we should brighten up quite a bit.
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early morning fog in a few spots possible. cooler day with winds out of the northwest 5 to 10. boy we've been treated to some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. we want to show you tomorrow morning's temperature at 37 when the sun comes up at 7:14. thank you for this gorgeous picture on facebook and twitter so continue to send them in. high pressure to the northeast keeping us rather cool and then bring on the rain with a strong front wednesday, especially in the afternoon, especially the evening rush hour i think could be a little bit challenging on the road with some heavy rain coming on through and maybe a rumble of thunder. if we get to 65 we're going to tie a real old record from 1927 here in the district. and then the rest of the week looks like it's going to be significantly cooler, back down into the 40s. although nothing terribly cold for this time of year. >> i'm enjoying the warmer temperatures. i'm not a fan of the rain. >> wednesday will be interesting
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in the afternoon. we don't like to deal with rain. we're roird about small streams filling up quite a bit. watch yourself in the afternoon on wednesday. >> we'll be right back.
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they're joining the long list of imitators. a creative way to get their message out where to call if they have trouble. students will know the song so they'll remember. >> brilliant use of social media. >> we thank you for watching us tonight. that's fox 5 local news at 6:00. >> and of course we'll see you tonight at 10:00. stick around because tmz on tv is coming up next.  at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> blac chyna gets arrested for being incredibly drunk at an airport in texas. and minutes after that happens, rob kardashian gets in a bentley, drives 1400 miles to pick her up. >> i think it's hysterical she has to get so wasted. i have been boning rob kardashian four days. get me a triple! >> justin bieber did an impromptu concert. >> how many people thought you would like justin bieber? >> i think he likes the people he's performing for in the club more than he likes the teeny boppers he's performing for. >> me and oliva and nicki went to the concert and there were a whole bunch of people our age. >> all 30 years old. [laughter] >> dascha polanco, she's on "orange is the new black."


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