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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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horrific double mupd e murder. >> shante and her daughter were killed in front of their for the washington home. the killinger is on the loose. family friends attend aid prayer vigil last night. davis was a member at the church and was also a school teacher as brad bury elementary school in capital heightsch the healing process is just beginning and davidson area her daughter were shot before 7 a.m. yesterday morning. prince george country police say they are following up on a lot of leads and rights now no one is in custody. >> developing overnight we now know how a 13-year-old girl from blakdzburg virginia was murdered last week. after nicole level was kidnapped her killer stabbed her to death last wednesday. she disappeared earlier that day after sneaking out her bedroom window. she met her accused murderer virginia tech mesh man david eisenhower or kikk message eisenhower
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or kikk messaging app. his teammates faces several charges in the case. the funeral will be at 3 at the mccoy funeral home in blacks mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. >> we are also following developing news this morning out of fairfax country a routine traffic stop turned into an all-out police chase involving several local employment. it started before 1:00 this morning near fairfax country parkway. police attempted to pull over a vehicle and the driver didn't stop. at one point the suspect was drive in the wrong direction down interstate 95 the chase entered alexandria and ended in southeast d.c. near east capital street. police arrested several people. lawmakers in washington d.c. approved a bill that would pay residents a stipend not to commit crimes. the yearly stipend could be around 9,000 based on similar programs and cost the district
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half a million a year and they have not committed to funding the bill yet and if she does not the council would have to find that through new funding and council member mc duffy several times initially agreed to speak with "fox5" and later wroou application. the wild weather has caused hundreds of car crashes and spinouts. tornadoes and heavy rain and mississippi on tuesday. there's video that captures the chaos of the twister pounding aliceville alabama and high winds damaged several homes and business there's including the correctional facility. >> tough times in the weather
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development there. . >> if they're dealing with problems on the road. >> minnesota only got a foot. >> you know a lot of places that were supposed to got a foot or more snow didn't get. it they got two or three inchs in snow. in a lot of places that was a bust and energy stayed north and northwest and i'm sure they deposit bother them. 12 reports of hor tornadoes yesterday in the south a lot of that down through alabama that does not mean twelve tornado it's means twelve reports there could have been multiple reports on the same tornado. 43 degrees right now town. look how mild. there's nobody on our map here and frederick is 3. mar tipsburg is 3. back in and out cumberland is 3 back
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in and out cumberland is 39 slick sfrots this morning there could be slick spots around because of wet snow or just wet roadways and showers push through the areas light rain shower activity coming up i 5 and so this will not be a perfectly dry commute the way it's looking the heaviest of the rain is up to the north and north of baltimore you can seat trend here tracking out to the east and north east heaviest of that rain up into northern balt pour county and hartford county headed to southern sections of philadelphia and and up and down i-95 and through the city as well. and the bigger picture on the main line of where the rain is sent out into kentucky and western west vir ver return ohio and and it will be warmer and little energy come ago
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cross the atmosphere jet stream and whatnot that could provide us with rumbles of thunder later on as the line of rain showers moves on through. here's the forecast. listen i'll put a few showers in 8 a.m. and most of the rain comes in late morning early afternoon and we're left with showers in the afternoon and evening. temperatures today mid 60s mid 60s. february 3 here's erin cuomo with a look at traffic. unfortunately airport t. looks like we may have a few showers around for the xhorng commute. >> 4:35 i love the mid 60s great i'm not loving the rain along 27 0. you can see right now it's a little blurry here. here's a better view. traffic moving fine on the southbound side. again watch for ponding conditions as rain moves in in slick spots and you see the shine from the light rain own wisdom martin coming in this morning as well. and aside from that traffic light moving just fine frederick down to the spur and things on the beltway look going as well and we don't have any problems to report by the
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american legion bridge. traffic up erin outer loop and same story upper loop bottom of the beltway annandale and by coalsville and traffic picking up and looking okay despite the rain. let's look at maps now. aside from get ago view of what is going on and cameras are concerned the rain sdes spite the rain 295 problem fee and we have a construction zone that you need to be a ware of on 395 you need to be a ware of on 395. let's zoom in this. roadwork stays left in each direction duke and seminary road. right laipingz blocked by the construction. good news it's more folks at the worst in the 5:00 hour and metro gearing up at 5 on or close to schedule and no reported delays yet. as far as commute on 50 west a stalled report at calling ton road caution there and plenty of green as you move inbound towards the beltway. back to you holly and wisdom. >> help could be on the way for residents of flint, michigan dealing with painted water
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crisis. >> and new concerns about the zika virus the first case transmitted here in the united states but not by mosquitoes we'll explain what that's about after the
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>> a school teach airport daughter were snot killed in front of for the washington home. melanie alnwick is live with
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the latest on the investigation the latest on the investigation. mel, what do we know this morning. . >> we know this morning we're expecting an update sometime today from prince jorming counselee police ed why. he had a good indication of who they were looking to for. they didn't want to give out too much information. i can tell you de shante davis was living with aunt and uncle in the townhouse palmer road for the washington and yesterday morning was doing what a lot of working moms do. getting up. taking care of her family and getting her daughter dressed and ready to go to daycare before she went off to her job. she was a first-year teacher at brideburg elementary school teaching second grade in prince george county. last night her family was mourning the loss of this bright young woman and her beautiful little girl. there's a normal bible study that the family attends at the community temple church in shevly maryland. last night that became impromptu memorial service and
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prayer. not just for na shante and chloe but family members left behind so much pain and sadness there that only that church community could help them heal. it was before 7 pbg yesterday morning when apparently a witness heard some sounds muffled gun shot and screaming and we're told more gun shots and screams and that's when they saw na shante davis twlaz in the parking lot. what they didn't know at the time was that 2-year-old chloe was also shot still strapped in her car seat in her mother's car. when police arrived the baby was rushed off to the hospital. unfortunately she did not survive. the mother was dead there on the scene. really hard. her family stood there. family members we talked to said they did not want to leave that scene until her body was mercifully taken away after all of the investigation was done and i can also tell you na shante davis had to go to court
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recently just towards the end of last year she had to prove paternity and had to prove in court who chloe's father was and the judge agreed with that decision and also awarded some child support payments and that was all wrapped up towards the end of december and based on what i was looking tat looked like perhaps that first check issued and cleared and approved by the court just this month in january excuse me and really really hard there. we're not making any definite connections but it certainly is something i know police are looking at. but at this point they're not giving us any solid information as far as who they believe did this and they really want to keep any information that they have very close and they believe they will close this case very, very soon even as we know yesterday we saw that with interim chief hank stew with
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interim chief hank stewwinski and adjusting pain and determination in their voices and pain in their faces to do what they have to to put whatever resource they can on this case to bring them to justice. "fox5 local news". >> residents of flint wish wish will number washington d.c. today to attend hearings held on the environmental protection agency's response to the water crisis. some people are upset conditioning gress did not require rick snide to testify at the hearings. today he will propose using $30 million in state pupd million in state funding to help pay water bills of flint residents. for two here's the residents have had major issues with water including dangerously high level of lead that doused health problem for some. >> new details about the zika virus. the mosquito transmitted disease can be sexually transmitted. the first sexually transmitted case is reported in texas a patient reportedly had sexual contact with a person visiting
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a country where the virus is present. this comes a day after the world health organization declared zika a global health monica malpass. it's been linked to birth defects and now researchers are scramble scrambling to dch a vaccine. >> another check of traffic and weather this rainly tuesday morning. we should ask gary mcgrady. >> how many umbrellas do we need. one and one for a friend. make sure you have e for a friend. okay. it will rain maybe a thunderstorm activity come ago cross. a few showers passed by this morning. but a bit of a wet commute. certainly not dry. mild temperatures, too. so much to talk about. forecast coming up along with traffic, too
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>> a live lookoids right now. time 4:46 now. >> there's no traffic there. you can't really see the raindrops in the camera. they're out there. >> a few year here. most is to the north of us. maureen is missing. mature seen not here today. >> gary -- >> i deposit get that monica malpass owe she was not going to be here. she didn't ask me. >> she didn't? >> no. >> oh,. >> she asked you? >> maybe. >> maybe not. >> here's what's going on. showers to the knowledge of us. we'll have a few around. i'll show you that in a second. listen it's not a big deal but i want to point out that if you hear a rumble or two of thunder later on when this main line comes through don't be surprised. otherwise temperatures will be up to the middle 60s or so. other than that showers before the line gets here and a few showers after. i'll show you that on future cast in a second. tomorrow, rain moves through. dry, few clouds around.
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breezy conditions. temperature will be 52 tomorrow temperature will be 52 tomorrow. still above normal. cooler buttock it won't take much to cool us offer from the middle 60s we'll have today. right now reagan national is 4 right now reagan national is 43. everybody is above freezing. dulles 40. bwi 40. we'll stay above freezing now until probably friday morning okay? friday morning the next chance to bring in temperatures at freezing or below. still down through the deep south. most of central alabama now is covered newspaper a tornado watch. some active warnings down there as well. that's where the most intense part this line is. the most dangerous part of this line. but there's still energy coming up. what we have to contend with here this morning a few showers okay? and here's where most of the vein. well north and northeast of us we get into a little bit of drying period. and there will be showers this morning and again kind of spotty. scattered about.
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most this rain will not come through until late morning early afternoon. again northern sections of baltimore country to hartford and southern pa that's where heaviest of rain is. this is 11 a.m. future cast. notice a few showers popping autopsy head of the main line here along i-95. an a couple of thunderstorms imbedded. temperatures upper 50s 60s. this will pass. by 5 6:00 most guests east of us. but, still, showers along i-95 i do believe afternoon and evening commute will be compromised by rain as well overnight tonight we dry out and tomorrow we will have a few clouds and a lot of sunshine too. winds kick up and it's breezy 5 winds kick up and it's breezy 52 for high tomorrow. lots of rain around today especially as that main line comes through. showers this morning. just a few. not everybody is wet at 8:00.
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46 degrees. we're up to 60 by noon. here comes the rain showers. the line possibly a little thunder mixed in with that and showers linger ago around. moving off east and still a few showers up and down i-95 even at 4:00 temperatures in the lower 6 0s. we'll max out 64 today. a few clouds and breezy conditions tomorrow 52. colder for friday 45. the weekend right now we touch 50 both days and we don't see super cold there. next week looks like cold. watch for that. showers possible on monday and tuesday. right now just looks like rain showers. probably maybe a wet commute morning and this afternoon too. that makes your job harder erin that makes your job harder erin. >> just take metro. that's advice then. >> yes. >> okay. no delays reported. that's not a bad bet. >> good news. >> not a lot of rain coming
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down. >> road spray can cause problems i was being dramatic gary at 4:50 this morning. good news light traffic out not affected by the light rain. inner and outer loop moving along around fine. no problems braddock road as you make your way out and you see the overpass looking good. we're dealing with ice yesterday morning in montgomery county. icy conditions causing problems icy conditions causing problems. right now 66 looking nice and eastbound traffic towards the beltway picking up and as you can see no delays to report. watch for icy conditions. temperatures are getting warmer especially on secondarys and we'll let you know if we have problem caused this morning like we saw yesterday. as you can see from the camera shots things moving nicely. grab that umbrella, though you'll need it. let's switch to maps. plenty of green 66 through fairfax. no problems annandale or springfield and all secondarys looking nice. same sorry downtown in d.c.. no major congestion. 395 roadwork stay nrevt both
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directions duke and seminary and good news even though you need stay to left left lanes are blocked not causing congestion. 295 looking good. early morning flights bwi and dulles and reagan national got you covered hit me up on twitter with any questions back to you guys. >> thanks erin animal control officers in mcclain are on the hunt for possible rabid fox. a woman was in her yard when a fox approached her bit and scratched herch the animal is described as red fox with bloody paws and bloody nose and acting lethargic. animal control wants foam be aware of surroundings and watch for children and pets. >> let's talk about more star power because it's been added to list of super bowl performance. >> lady gaga will kick things off with her rendition of the national anthem. 2016 shaping up to be a huge year for the acceptinger and
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actress she won for her nrol american horror story hotel and will pay tribute to the late david bowie at the grammy's the calf haim will feature cold play, beyonce and bruno mars. >> that should be good. >> there's a game that wets away in that half time show. >> yes. >> every year there's great stories leading to super bowl. >> this one from our very backyard. robert mcclain is making history he's becoming first player from potuxan high school to play in the super bowl. jim la take has the story. >> well robert mcclain you could say the road to the super bowl is paved with gratitude. >> plenty of time to throw picked off at the 20-yard line. >> he's happy this happened to him. he doesn't take accolade like i'm the first gay or whoever made and all. he's low-key about that and i'm
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happy he's humble. >> the kid from potuxan knows how for the fat he is to be here after a season that began in you england cut in tpt and reconnecting with the panthers later a team that of the drad him in 2010. but it was playing for puxtuxon pap therz that cot hymn the path to nfl. >> it doesn't really happen to anybody coaches don't talk about. it for rob tort make that leap and be at the pinnicle!pinnacle and be at the pinnacle of profession and of all sports it's incredible incredible feeling. >> imagine being a dad and getting a chance to see your son in the biggest game of the year. bob mcclain says this is a moment to share with everyone. >> i have a lot of co-workers that talk to me every day about it and i'm happy the attention is about this entire area and my son going to the super bowl. >> and talk about a year for the school. for the first time the panthers hoist aid football championship of their own. so all eyes on sunday will be focused out west for a game in
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which mcclain faces off against payton manning. and that coincidence is not lost on dad. >> his first career test came against mapping on monday night football game september 18, 20 football game september 18 2012 day after my daughter's birthday and we hope we can get two or three more this coming sunday. >> see an opportunity, you know >> see an opportunity, you know, he may catch on fire. if we get an opportunity like that we'll all go crazy. >> and rightfully so. awesome. love it. >> we wish him best of luck. >> all right. gary. golashes on tap for today. >> something like that. protective foot wear. >> protective foot wear. >> i like it. >> how about that. >> because the rain is m cog and then all the snow that will met there could be puddleing and ponding and we're technically under a flood watch and we're not worried about that.
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as we get the rain through here we'll have to worry about streams and rivers and whatnot because we're doubling not only getting rain but a lot of melting and runoff. so that facilitates minor flooding out. there streams creeks, rivers places like that. keep an eye on. it 4 in town. dulles 40. gaithersburg dropped a little. frederick dropped and westminster coming in at 37. everybody is above freezing pardon me we don't have to worry about any of that non sense we have had a few showers come across though in places it could still be a little slippery and in the rain will start coming through a little more abundant as we get into the later morning and early afternoon. this is what we see right now. most of showers went on through to the north and northeast of us. but we still do have a few showers very, very light. a little drizzle, too, coming up i-95. so there's still a possibility of a few showers this morning before the main event comes in again late morning early
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afternoon and there will be thupdner spots temperatures will be mid 60s. fredericksburg, leonardtown approaching 70. wow. here's erin cuomo with morning traffic. >> warm temperatures, gary. right now taking a look at 457 debris reported in montgomery country icc eastbound after 370 at need wood road use precaution don't wanted to start your wednesday morning drive with a flat tire. it's an area you want to slow it down a side from that beltway look going no problems 370 itself. 66 eastbound in fairfax cruising along at speeds and same story vienna no problems arlington or alexandria. adds you make your way 95 northbound nice through dale city and lingering on 395 unfortunately both directions between duke and seminary it's not causing slow downs and seminary seminaries in the district are crash free. 270 the most rain comes down.
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grab your umbrella keep in mind the southbound side picking autopsy and speed between frederick and the spur. that's traffic. keep it to "fox5 news morning". 5 a.m. coming right our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up!
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